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I can't win can I?

Now sure if I can say if I should be more upset with myself or just how things are processed. I have little money.

All of this could've been avoided if I just had been more observant, but I rushed because I was too determined. This often happens. I rush because I wanted to do something so badly, and I was upset with being too distracted. I would have a plan laid out, but it isn't effective or isn't agreeable because I did not see holes. I did not one single important detail. That one detail or two would elude me for some reason.

And this is often the route to embarrassment.

....I would've been less upset if I had known sooner.

Back to square one. I hate myself sometimes.

On the good side: D.GRAYMAN has returned.
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So, recently there was a church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Nine African Americans, pastor included, were killed by a young Caucasian. 21 years old Dylan Roof. Very young I'd say, it's petty sad.

Family and friends of the victims faced the kid and said that they "forgive him".

I would NEVER. I think that is such a stupid phrase when using a Christian backing, and it sounds so absent-minded. Just like the parents of killers, like one man or young man who plotted to assassinate his family, and his father would visit him in jail saying, "I forgive you".

And God killed and rejected people over trivial things. Almost as dumb as "mental illness" at times; we either say "intention" or "mental illness", and the latter probing that the killer needed help. SO, let's say if the kid needed help as well? Because he was confused and needs therapy to fix himself. Influenced by the wrong people? This is especially so in the south. He had all the signs. He wasn't hiding anything.

Like he never intended to do what he did. The 21-year-old was a bonifide supremacist. There are people in the world who spreads about, through mouth and through literature, MISTRUST of those who look different than them. And also commit harm on such people.

I am going to assume that they say "I forgive you" in order to deter the anger that they feel.

"Blacks are causing me to lose jobs/running the world"? "Raping our women"? And shooting in a church?

Never. He could kill children. And even if he was "forgiven", the law won't forgive him.
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What can be reasons as to why someone doesn't care for an opinion of another. He/she:
- Doesn't want to pointlessly argue back and forth
- Has mind set on what's the truth
- Has quickly decided on the impression of the other
- He/she is in love
- Too busy
- Established a circle of friends
- Is upset
- Professional in a particular area of knowledge

Read more... )

But that is to challenge.

I'm probably not making sense at all.

That also reminds me, seeing someone on putting "Don't review my stories" in their profile.

Certainty, a review can have aimless material. It can be not a review, which is to assess what you read. It can be a flame for example, but there's no application to prevent reviews. So if you "review", that author will punish you for it.

I have kittens in my side yard (where I have an exit window with stairs from downstairs to surface), so I just let their mom take care of them. It is a charming sight for someone who is more into dogs. Been seeing mama wandering around my area many times before.
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This is related to This entry from before.

I probably don't know where I should be yet. It's probably something very unexpected. I already heard many stories about celebrities' past and how people go from here to there. How one man just wasn't sure where to go, but he went to a class and further pursued the specialty of that class.

But I thought of "what I wanted" many times and tried to take steps. Automotive, acting, anthropology (cultural study/human science), computer (which I was pushed to do out of an assumption only because I go on the PC a lot), pottery, art, etc. One time I thought, "Hey! I can so do geography because I was so into that when I was younger!" and when I did a class on it, it didn't turn out well. Why? I can't remember. Maybe it was too confusing?

I was just upset. I hate trying and failing many times. Having this euphoric feeling that I love something and can do it, then I end up failing. Failing in what I like; to think that I liked it or could like it.

I don't want to do it just to show people that I'm doing something. I don't have that kind of life time.

I have a feeling if I follow avionics, and I am a total plane geek, I'll just fail again. Aerodynamics is difficult. And to add onto my frustration, I'm stuck with a baby because of fools.

"I'm going to this-and-that college!"
"OH THAT'S GREAT! Congrats!"
"I'm taking classes!"
"I'm working here!"
"Good good!"

Doggie's Week was same ol', same ol'. And I am just sick of it. I was particularly upset yesterday and I can't even remember the reason. I can't look forward to a day off; yesterday, I was so tired, and had this hazy feeling when trying to sit down and read. My vision dimmed or I just wanted to fall sleep. American Sniper is still unfinished due to my time and my lack of motivation.

I read an article about "Most unhappiest jobs" and "truck driver" and "retail" were among them, and I remembered those two being the most common jobs posted in advertisement. Online?

Looking through the newspaper, I read about new automobiles and lease for homes, and it's seems so out of my reach.

There's a used GT-R in Troy! (>.<) Oh, I know it's close to a dream to obtain, but I can dream. And it's a car, and it means someone touched it, and it was built for use. That would be fantastic.

Sometimes, I don't want to dream, I want to get there. One day, I want to tell a story that'll help others who feel depressed, feel stuck, or feel like they're at a wall. Able to answer those those "indecisive" questions.

To be that good friend.


Mar. 13th, 2015 09:31 pm
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Doesn't seem to be a nice thing on my friends feed.

Hate it when I hear things and it makes me upset because I know well that I got my feelings hurt or laughed at for just...saying/doing minor things online and IRL. I can name a few things recently. It's so unnecessary that, after hearing another's story, I conjure up past garbage inside my brain and make myself insecure. No better considering where I am now. There's no telling what gets spread around through workplace or family.

But hey, that's the brain. Spontaneous.

I guess when you're highly educated and either in management or about to enter management, it's acceptable to be rude.

I also learn that it's OK to cut off your girlfriend/boyfriend for asking dumb questions. A single one maybe? but then again, I know someone who doesn't leave her abusive boyfriend of a bad reputation so it works either way. Well, to that guy, all I can say that you had her as a girlfriend.

So we all asked this question before: "How doesn't people know this/that?"

I think the answer is simple: Just not engaged enough.

Today was just one of those tired weeks.

Team Ishida

Mar. 1st, 2015 02:29 pm
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Middle of the week, I wanted to rant about something. Sometimes I can't help but question others' stupidity, or how a person thinks, especially when it comes to being "a man" or "a woman' (AKA: an adult), or what "love" is.

But then, I thought "no" and stopped myself because it's just stupid. It's also obvious. I can't expect anything better from a particular person.

If I wanted to blog about a problem, I probably want to with the purpose of making others think twice. News articles can do the same.

Like I said before, I don't like giving off a bad impression too much, and I also said that it won't make me feel better. Social media can lead others through a lie, show only one side of a story, and personally those who complain the most are the others who cause the most problems. Least that's my opinion.

Right now, I need to learn how to not be frustrated.

What I do want to know is what's next for me? Thinking about it, I must be afraid of returning to school because of a few memories. I was into art (ie: Drawing, pottery) and automobiles, and I even, I can't even recall what it was. Something for PCs. It was highly assumed by family members that I was great with PCs just because I use it often. If I don't remember, it goes to show how much I didn't care. I prefer to use the PC for hobby or research.

No, I don't want to talk about Mr. Nemoy. Not in the mood. Made me a little upset.


Never played phone games outside of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja because I am just attached to console gaming, but I guess frustration got the better of me and I wanted to test the flexibility of the phone. Went do far to download Chess, Checkers and Sudoku.

"I need something to do while I take a breather" I just thought. I was especially looking for a RPG. So I foound Brave Frontier (header photo) and "Chain Chronicle (SEGA; 2nd photo). I am also playing "build games" such as Samurai Siege and Clash of Clans, but I just might remove them. I also briefly played Zenonia 4. While Zeno4 looked very interesting, I can't use the touch d-pad. Absolutely not. Not comfortable with it at all or any games that use it.

Being used to the conventional RPG with level grinding, Brave Frontier is pretty annoying because it uses a "fuse system" to make the characters stronger. They don't level up in battle. In the first photo are three five-star (or very rare) characters and it's still difficult. I even have 4-star Earth Pike Lance and I have to evolve him with a couple more materials.

Voice actor Ishida Akira (石田彰) voices over 40 characters in Chain Chronicle. Plenty of pretty guys or kids, but there is also burly dudes like Greg (above) and old men/veterans like Cervantes (Who says "Wakazo gaaaaa!" or "Greenhorn!"). SASUGA ISHIDA!

Not sure of the thought on the hero's name (you pick your own). I guess it's close to Aghanim, Athrun and Arslan.

Lots of Uchida Maaya too; apparently Yanagita Junichi (柳田淳一) plays a lot of loud or fired up characters, so far my fav being Dusty. Maybe I'll do another screenshot with Ishida characters one day.

Tokkyuger and fanfic project next.
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Ask YOUNG LINK: Never stop trying

An actress? A novelist? A hero? A manager? A game designer?

I'm still frustrated at the babysitting, and this thought occurred to me -- I am not aiming. The more I think about it, the more I feel I am just putting myself in one place most of the time, and being stuck 10 years behind. Someone with so much ambition, is easily inspired with a will to live, shouldn't have to work with so little result.

I'm often behind and I keep asking where I should go. Like I said before, I felt that I was doing the right thing tending to a little girl. Compared to someone who called said girl "an accident". A commitment is towards her, but I don't support myself.

I didn't want children myself. Didn't want a family life because I pursue answers to common problems. Overtake them before anything happens.

No, maybe, maybe, I didn't know what to do with myself. I probably should've been fulfilled 5 or so years ago. Of course there must be challenges.

It's like I beat myself up for where I am.
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"I'll make you think that I'm lying and I am"

"I want his life, to run from the police"
~ Stinkpest

Ten or so years ago and that hasn't changed. If you find someone who says stuff like this, or can't see what's in front of them, stay away.
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Skyward Sword review (so far) is next. This is just a ramble on how I've been doing. I said I wasn't going to talk about it anymore, but it's inevitable since it's going to swallow up so much of my time along with being a workoholic.

Read more... )

Despite all this, I'm a guardian w/o transferred custody. That's just it.

As for me, things might look up.
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Some people are just disgusting, and I'm quoting: "Having autistic kids that don't eat what we give them" Something along those lines. This lady had an ugly tone when she said it because she was mad at a fast food store. Reminds me of the crap I see on Twitter, like "remember when wheelchairs were not for fat people?" or something like that?

And it also just reminded me: courtesy is good after all. I don't think its regrettable to practice good mannerisms, whether you're told to do so or not (such as a part of your job). There are just some things not worth getting upset about. But one of the reasons why I gave up on online RPing was the attitudes of people in charge.

Also, I watched police drama PSYCHO-PASS Season 1 first episode. I've been spoiled on it a little, but it looks cool. It is different when watching thoroughly. Also, it has an unsettling theme that made me think of myself.

Basically, in this show, if you take too much drugs or maybe drink too much, or have any hint of a troublesome mental illness, you have a death wish. Because members of the Crime Investigation will deem you as a "potential criminal" and will wipe you out. I say "think of myself" because sometimes I think we're better off without a select amount of people when there's no learning from the past. Say like compulsive lying? So if you're an obsessive compulsive lying? Or maybe a psychopath? You have to go to therapy or a ward?

Nasty, but it's true. Urobochi Gen obviously thought of it while writing this show. He's a really...dark guy. And there are definitely a couple people I won't miss.

And to make it worse, they get killed so brutally on the show [PSYCHO PASS]. Not sure how the fate of the hostage will turn out, if they tell me that is.

Rid of criminals? Because of latent mental level.

What about the people who I quoted up there? No, I'm not suggesting that they should die.

When you get older, they suggest confining you to a home or some kind of atmosphere that is not like you know of. That's saying you can't care for yourself any more and you're deteriorating.
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LINK: Sex Offender/Pastor raps 14 y.o; God ‘forgave’ past sex crimes"

See what I mean?

If God "works in mysterious ways", I'll just stick with that and have faith. I'm frankly tired of his followers. I don't need to hear anymore.

This guy needs to go too
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Well, my butt's been busy.

And this new week starts off with some nice racism. Course I'm being sarcastic; paternal shows are wrecking our brains. It's pathetic to begin with.

So one lady says that "black people always sleep around and get people pregnant". Which makes me wonder what episodes did she miss? I don't know the ratio nor care.

and one guy counters/complaints saying that "what about the white people are welfare? Most of them are."

Although the lady was super false, guy mentions later about how whites are the biggest crooks, liars and such.

Where am I really? Racism is no good, no matter what. Unhealthy; call it naive, don't fight racism with it.


Last week was also busy, and I told that stinkpest not to bother me.
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Next year, this blog will be ten years old.

I am surprised. I suddenly thought of this entry because I lost my temper Monday again, and I remember saying that I don't like complaining a lot about personal problems because of a few reasons. One of them being that it shows how you're like on a social level. It can show your real self. Also, ranting won't change it.

But I guess I like telling myself, "Don't ever do what this other person is doing".

Maybe the reasons are under my "ugly side" tag somewhere.

Looking back, I can't seem to remember anything blatantly discriminatory. As in, putting it down on text.

"Racism", "misogyny", "homophobia" (even though [ profile] fanficrants may disagree), "antisemitism", "xenophobia", anything with bigotry.

Or is anti-teen pregnancy = misogyny?

Majority of it was teen pregnancy. I guess "ageism" is discrimination too? The other is criticizing religion. Atheism? I don't know. I don't recall directly saying that "I don't believe in God", but my biggest issue is what religion can do to people's egos and that it's commonplace. So commonplace that what is considered "good", or what bibles and scripts say can be interpreted differently. Also, religion has its own sense of bigotry, or maybe that is our fault?

So ageism and atheism?

Which reminds me, Reasons of Anti-Semitism. I still don't get why anti-jew exists. There is this survey:

More than a quarter of the world is anti-Semitic

One quarter of adults worldwide 'deeply infected' with Anti-semitism

I am happy to be naive sometimes.
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I was supposed to meet my father yesterday and give him a gift. If anyone knows what's been happening...

You can't ever say that you never wished death on a person. You can say "you never openly admitted it" through speech, but you sure as heck at least once thought of it.

I quite frankly want this over.

Some people think they can get away with things that are vile and selfish because they are alive. And when they get hurt, they want sympathy for their tears. I'm not buying it because it happens over and over again. Call me a cruel asshole.

Read more... )

Since we're human. If you're aware that you did something wrong, fix it as soon as possible. Especially if you believe that you are following some religion. Give me a little faith in humanity here.

From all of this, there is potential of there being jail time.

After this is a better entry. A cool one.

A video of what the DARNED BOSS NIECE had be doing all weekend. No, this isn't my vid.


Jun. 12th, 2014 08:10 pm
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Don't ask favors from someone by showing spite towards them virtually every time.

^ This is for someone who blames ADHD for her behavior. Should that "impairment" make that person easily remember how she was treated wrongly, but can't acknowledge the good things that are done for her?

It's ATTENTION DEFICIT! ATTENTION HYPERACTIVITY! It doesn't mean you're stupid, at all, or your focus is defunct (unless it's really extreme?). This is the issue with those w/o mental def. awareness.

She's such a brat. What is it?


I'm sure there is a difference between:
- Not knowing
- Forgetting
- Just plain can't figure it out if I tried. Probably the most painful.

I'm at a case where I feel retarded. Yes, a "bad word", but I believe it this time.

Maybe its pointless or silly to say that I'm broke because who isn't at times? On another day, I can feel content with where I am and have faith in the future. It's just part of being human. Still, I'm not sure where I went wrong. I can't seem to figure out the key to more finance and moving elsewhere. Something is not right here.

What I really want to do is to be rewarded for the hobbies I've picked up. I really envy those who have work in video games, or seems to have a well-known hobby in video games (such as speed-runners).

But I can't find out how this all works. Especially with me working in customer service. So what do I often hear? Work more, go to school and find more work OR get married. What is it?

All in all, I think you should enjoy with what you're doing. The key to success is having fun. I just dislike enthusiasm being awarded so minimally.

And the tooth dreams are returning, which reflects insecurity.

Some interesting links??
ADHD: A sham? (I often think this way. Like, "Who cares? Wityh some effort, I can get through yeah?"

Are-all-recent-online-shooters-aimed-to-ADHD-kids? (What? Why? o-O If you like action, you do)

I don't think I'm that great with shooters or maybe I hate losing Its easy to shoot and kill someone, but staying alive is the tough part. Some are faster than others.

Definitely need work on fighting games.

Plenty of progress in Tokusatsu.

Finally meet Green ranger (Dragon Ranger) in Zyuranger (original Power Rangers) and I'm nearly done with Shinkenger and Kakuranger.
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Irritated due to constant cough and taking drops all the time. Can't seem to stop it even with nasal spray.

ANN: Kotono Mitsuishi leads Sailor Moon Crystal Cast

Annnnd there we go.

Not really an "ugly side" moment, but using the tag will make this entry easier to find for me. Maybe I should call it a "rant" because I am spilling my guts out with perhaps little to no logical backing or evidence. It is emotional and I'm all over the place.

Frankly, I am happy that something is finally revealed. Not that upset like a raging fire, I'm just ready to go start.

I'll get this part out of the way first: I think the designs are cute Rei <3 . Everyone complains about how the necks and legs are weird, and something else about details on the jewelry? It is unusual, or maybe I should say it's a break from the common pattern of "school anime" (?) that looks lazy (ironically, spiky hair is difficult to draw? At least to me I don't have a prayer). You can see a handsome main character from miles away. Even though, I somewhat see the visual connection to Pre-Cure, which is one part of the fandom's ire, since Pre-Cure artist is a part of this project. We'll see how it is in animation. It is FIRST visual only after all.

As for the voice actors...SM: Japan Idol. Not sure if I can explain this properly.
Note even kidding: I was a bit depressed.

I do like Itou Shizuka and Koshimizu Ami in general. There are complaints about using fresh VAs for the picks of course; I know that Ami and Shizuka are semi-new. Quite sure that some of the older warriors, I think Tomizama-Mars, Pluto, Fucami-Venus, and even K-sensei-Neptune for example, had maybe around ten years AT LEAST before their start. Furuya was definitely in the business long before that, racking up main characters.

As for my thoughts: I talked about this before, and I talked about complaints from senior VAs such as Mitsuishi herself.

I am sad for typical selfish reasons.

The original five VAs for the Sailor warriors are friends, and it looks to me that there are concerns from even Japan as to why Sailor Mercury is not Hisakawa Aya, considering her and Kotono's recent activity.

I think Mitsuishi aided with the choosing during audition???? [Nico Douga?]

There were various discussions among the English-speaking fandom: "Keep the original", "they can't do it", "they're going to all be new", "re-cast them", "since it's based on the manga, the characters are different". Even if different, it's a VAs duty to adapt and perform the character.

I had two simple thoughts: "They'll come back" or "the cast is change and the originals will end up being parents or important supporting roles".

The change doesn't surprise me in the slightest because it happens a lot. Especially in American cartoons it does. The TMNT are changed virtually each generation; in new Turtles, Rob Paulsen went from Raphael to Donatello amazingly. Also, Marvel and DC heroes: how many Spider-Mans, Wolverines and Supermans were there?

This all reminds me about the rough truth that VAs can be easily replaced, and that juniors rarely perform with their coveted/motivating seniors in active roles. The seniors who deeply touched many juniors and got them into wanting to do voice work.

This is something that even Mitsuishi has said, and I want to find that article. I'm sure it's in my blog somewhere. For this reason, I am happy that Kotono leads the cast. Plus, veterans don't get the main cast very often.

It's a little bothersome on how many youths (INTERNATIONALLY!) aspire to be VAs, as difficult as it is. CDs, net radio, concerts/live stage events, etc. Yet, I virtually see a similar cast each time-- say Kakihara (柿原 徹也), Seki-Tomo, Kimura Ryohei (木村 良平), Nakamura Yuchi (中村 悠一; WHY?!?!), Shimono (下野 紘), Toyonaga (豊永 利行), Miyamo Mamoru, Hanazawa, Kamiya Hiroshi in lead-- in virtually every show. Studio affiliation?

On the other hand, I do get a little annoyed when I see a show with an unfamiliar name take up majority of the cast. It gives you a good idea that VAing has become popular. I don't pick a work just due to cast. I'll have to like everything--cast, staff/production, what it's about--it all must come together.

There seems to be the influence of Pre-Cure for most of the new Sailor Moon picks, since there is the attachment with director, script writer and art designer. Kotono still remains strong in the Sailor Moon image something about Usagi DNA. Lol, did I read that right?. Similar to the main cast of Dragonball, which were mostly retained for many years for some blessed reason. Lupin was like that for a moment.

I told myself for some security that a new cast would be important because, since SM is so well-known, it will give them a chance to "follow their dream". The new VA of Mars explains that herself. While thinking this, I also remembered an article about the cast change for Saint Seiya (Interview by Yamauchi Shigeyasu). Furuya Toru (Seiya) was very close to the cast that he was with. Kuramada seemed troubled with the change?

I'm sad because there are very few times that even the veterans can enjoy this seiyu boom, as this business activity has increased considerably since 60s and 70s. Not necessarily for Sailor Moon, but for VAing entirety. Ogata Megumi (Uranus) seems to go up and down, balancing in between acting and singing, having landed roles in Danganronpa and Persona both animation and game series.

This argument might have to do with "pursuing the past" vs "pursuing current audience". Or is it versus "pursing money"? You're probably thinking that this is no different from 70s and 80s, with Akira Kamiya, Furukawa Toshio, Inoue Kazuhiko being at vanguard. In 90s, it's Hayashibara Megumi, Seki Tomokazu, Kusao Takeshi, and Mitsuishi Kotono. Just to name a few.

It is considerably different in terms of how things are relayed or achieved, and I am quite sure the amount of voice overs have increase.

Pointing back to the seiya interview:




* 13 years later: Degraded voice quality
* Fan complains about difference; performance is not heated enough (since the show is about boys)

I, quite frankly, thought Horikawa Ryo did great in Heaven's Overture. Why didn't Kurumada want a change?

Under the fans or otaku?'s new era pretenses and misunderstandings that whether the original sailor warriors ALIVE voice actors are active or not, it'll continue to be an anxiety because of the pattern of current VAs and the world of "idols". A generational anxiety? Their position in the current business -- how are things decided? What will be the outcome? Maybe I am just being a picky baby while its all inevitable. Sailor Moon is an important work that went deep in a heart. For Mitsuishi Kotono, I may see Sailor Moon and Misato (EVA); for others, they may see Murrue Ramus (gundam SEED). Mitsuishi is very entertaining and that hasn't changed.

It's pretty much like theater.

As for the Outer Seishi, after seeing some comments, I think it's utterly stupid for Ogata, Katsuki, and Minaguchi (Saturn) to return since the main cast changed. Pluto change may be inevitable as well as the VA retired.

It must be an attachment, similar to why we question "voice quality" (like Seiya above).

Still, I will watch it. I hope there isn't any slander towards Toei and the VA.

VIDEO: Clip from Saint Seiya Heaven's Overture movie
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THE IDPD: Giraffe kisses terminally ill zoo worker

I think that, after that story about the baby giraffe shooting, this gives me a little warmth. Despite it being so sad. I don't think I've ever heard of one story where a giraffe did one person wrong.


So, Fred Phelps died yesterday. After my last rant, I can't say that I care. I still can't believe, not allow, people inciting hatred/taunting in combination with holiness. And so fervently too. It doesn't matter which God.

I STILL can't believe the Westboro Church. I wouldn't be caught dead in a battlefield and you'll taunt gay soldiers at their funerals? There is no way. Course that's just one example.

Freedom of Speech my friend.
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A combination of being angry and over-thinking.

So I didn't buy a Christmas gift for my mother or my aunt who often gives me things. So I'm berated. It'll just have to be a little late, that's all.

I was dead broke, and it is just discourages me even more when I see comments about how "lazy people are" when they work approx min. wage. Or how it's a "handout" to increase min. wage, or its not "worth it", or "a worker thinks he/she is being punished". Education/repaying loan costs money, so does insurance, food, and rent, so what is it to be expected?

"Get an education, get a new higher paying job, etc," or so I hear/see. Yes, I know that. A typical answer, a protocol that I believed for a very long time. It has the same rhythm as "kids need to grow up and leave the house". or the previous mentioned "you need to have kids at 25 and under"

Apparently, "higher paying", according to a comment, means "better contributing to society".

Who are these people? Some of them need to just speak for themselves. I don't think I'm "owned" anything.

Something is wrong. Is this all inevitable?

Stings me since I don't like to have greedy inclinations. Now, I find myself being worried over the next steps. Or rather, it annoys me because I'm such a determined and easily motivated person (and can exercise patience), and I'm told that I can/will succeed. I like being free to do things and fight on my own -- and I get money put in my way.

Furthermore, I like my job.

An Interesting Link: Min Wage workers: 2011
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LINK: Women Should Have Babies By Age 25, Says Frustrating Poll

Says who?! Gallup (Poll link).

And why is it "ideal"?

I couldn't anyway because I'm busy watching a kid's kid w/o pay. I could understand health for both parent and child, especially with birth. But that's all.


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