Mar. 22nd, 2015

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This is related to This entry from before.

I probably don't know where I should be yet. It's probably something very unexpected. I already heard many stories about celebrities' past and how people go from here to there. How one man just wasn't sure where to go, but he went to a class and further pursued the specialty of that class.

But I thought of "what I wanted" many times and tried to take steps. Automotive, acting, anthropology (cultural study/human science), computer (which I was pushed to do out of an assumption only because I go on the PC a lot), pottery, art, etc. One time I thought, "Hey! I can so do geography because I was so into that when I was younger!" and when I did a class on it, it didn't turn out well. Why? I can't remember. Maybe it was too confusing?

I was just upset. I hate trying and failing many times. Having this euphoric feeling that I love something and can do it, then I end up failing. Failing in what I like; to think that I liked it or could like it.

I don't want to do it just to show people that I'm doing something. I don't have that kind of life time.

I have a feeling if I follow avionics, and I am a total plane geek, I'll just fail again. Aerodynamics is difficult. And to add onto my frustration, I'm stuck with a baby because of fools.

"I'm going to this-and-that college!"
"OH THAT'S GREAT! Congrats!"
"I'm taking classes!"
"I'm working here!"
"Good good!"

Doggie's Week was same ol', same ol'. And I am just sick of it. I was particularly upset yesterday and I can't even remember the reason. I can't look forward to a day off; yesterday, I was so tired, and had this hazy feeling when trying to sit down and read. My vision dimmed or I just wanted to fall sleep. American Sniper is still unfinished due to my time and my lack of motivation.

I read an article about "Most unhappiest jobs" and "truck driver" and "retail" were among them, and I remembered those two being the most common jobs posted in advertisement. Online?

Looking through the newspaper, I read about new automobiles and lease for homes, and it's seems so out of my reach.

There's a used GT-R in Troy! (>.<) Oh, I know it's close to a dream to obtain, but I can dream. And it's a car, and it means someone touched it, and it was built for use. That would be fantastic.

Sometimes, I don't want to dream, I want to get there. One day, I want to tell a story that'll help others who feel depressed, feel stuck, or feel like they're at a wall. Able to answer those those "indecisive" questions.

To be that good friend.
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First step.

I guess what is needed is a little hope, and a little negotiation.

But I also need to think. I need to find that place where I'm supposed to go.

Music time: Not heartbroken, but Brenda Lee had a pretty lovely voice. I could listen to her anytime almost.

"Want to be wanted".


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