Mar. 13th, 2015


Mar. 13th, 2015 09:31 pm
doggiedynasty: (Annoyed)
Doesn't seem to be a nice thing on my friends feed.

Hate it when I hear things and it makes me upset because I know well that I got my feelings hurt or laughed at for just...saying/doing minor things online and IRL. I can name a few things recently. It's so unnecessary that, after hearing another's story, I conjure up past garbage inside my brain and make myself insecure. No better considering where I am now. There's no telling what gets spread around through workplace or family.

But hey, that's the brain. Spontaneous.

I guess when you're highly educated and either in management or about to enter management, it's acceptable to be rude.

I also learn that it's OK to cut off your girlfriend/boyfriend for asking dumb questions. A single one maybe? but then again, I know someone who doesn't leave her abusive boyfriend of a bad reputation so it works either way. Well, to that guy, all I can say that you had her as a girlfriend.

So we all asked this question before: "How doesn't people know this/that?"

I think the answer is simple: Just not engaged enough.

Today was just one of those tired weeks.


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