Jun. 19th, 2015

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So, recently there was a church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Nine African Americans, pastor included, were killed by a young Caucasian. 21 years old Dylan Roof. Very young I'd say, it's petty sad.

Family and friends of the victims faced the kid and said that they "forgive him".

I would NEVER. I think that is such a stupid phrase when using a Christian backing, and it sounds so absent-minded. Just like the parents of killers, like one man or young man who plotted to assassinate his family, and his father would visit him in jail saying, "I forgive you".

And God killed and rejected people over trivial things. Almost as dumb as "mental illness" at times; we either say "intention" or "mental illness", and the latter probing that the killer needed help. SO, let's say if the kid needed help as well? Because he was confused and needs therapy to fix himself. Influenced by the wrong people? This is especially so in the south. He had all the signs. He wasn't hiding anything.

Like he never intended to do what he did. The 21-year-old was a bonifide supremacist. There are people in the world who spreads about, through mouth and through literature, MISTRUST of those who look different than them. And also commit harm on such people.

I am going to assume that they say "I forgive you" in order to deter the anger that they feel.

"Blacks are causing me to lose jobs/running the world"? "Raping our women"? And shooting in a church?

Never. He could kill children. And even if he was "forgiven", the law won't forgive him.


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