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I've been so bored in the present, so I had to go back like 15 years and watch a show like this. It's animated by MADHOUSE, so you can imagine it being bold and neat.

Ippo is a bit of a lucky dude who gets out of a pinch with spirit, but you can't help but love him.

Art wishes

Jun. 27th, 2015 08:02 pm
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What/who I wish to draw one day:

Any realistic Portrait
Any realistic automobile
Mach 5
Link (legend of zelda)
Anything Digital
Seiya characters (especially Gold Saints).
Gunstar Heroes
Anything Digital
Realistic sketch of my dog
Alphonse/Ingram (Patlabor)
Monster Rancher characters (Mocchi, Tiger, Zan)
Japanese armor/clothing
Anything with digital accessories.
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NEWS LINK: Passenger killed when Lamborghini crashes at Walt Disney World Speedway 24 year old driver?

It's a little surprising that something like this gets reported, and not so long ago I blogged about auto safety.

Never liked hearing about accidents and deaths at amusement parks, too ironic.

Lambo Supperlegga is quite a powerhouse. If we're talking going over 90 (about +145 kmh) easily in a matter of seconds, and can go much faster, that speed with circumferential force is a danger. I think this is a vehicle with 900 horsepower, all wheel drive, and I think a V10 engine. That's putting it lightly. Sure, many exotic cars are built with good tire grip and other gadgets, but even stock cars are built for safety due to their use in racing profession.

You look at a slender Lambo, and don't think safety. I could be wrong though.
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I'm up, and with head pain. From sleeping too much or just going through rainy days (but I always say that), and it's been quite rainy and windy. This morning is quite dry. It looks like a typical Spring day.

So I had a new long dream, and it wasn't angry. It didn't make me angry nor was it scary, but it was another "driving" dream. Actually, I bought a used sports car from a nice family, but it was just laying in their backyard? A white GT-R (apparently), but I don't think GTR's have manual gearbox.

Not sure what this means. Driving a car in a dream seems to imply that you have an ambition and you're taking direction, or you are free without worries. In most of my car dreams, I had trouble driving due to a fault in the car. I usually feel scared, but this time the fault was the gearbox. Despite that, I didn't have much problem driving. So the dream was alright.

And it was so funny. I could interchange the gearbox because there's a little "track" where the floor-mounted stick was. In other words, I had different types, such as a "H pattern" and a straight "automatic" pattern. I could pull one out and put new gear in. Thus the title's name: "Lego Gearbox". And the lady said something like "Take these with you too".


Recently, I did perk up. The dream is probably a sign.
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Some real doggie tales.

Because I've been receiving some rain and storm over here. Good ol' Michigan Spring. It just reminded me of the old days with my first dog, Ike. Majority of dogs hate thunder, but my dog didn't hide. He actually:
- Broke into my washroom
- Ran away
- Tried to dig under fence (and I think one time tried to slip between fence and house wall ~_~;)

That's all I can think of at the top of my head.

These Dodge Chargers are rampart in Michigan, and I swear are going to hurt me one of these days. They're variable in engine types, and they look like they drive quick.

If it's not a Charger, it's a Mustang. People drive too wild.
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Very random because...well, Formula One on the brain. Occasionally can catch European races on TV at work (and beautiful Ferrari models). And all I seem to blog about mostly is crap life and what I watch. Sometimes it's games and sometimes it's books.

What is the cause for most car crashes in competitive racing?

Is it mechanical failure? Or is it the fault of the driver (such as in overpass)? Weather?

2nd thought, what is the lead cause of automobile crashes? Alcohol? Distractions (phone, smoking, etc)? Weather? mechanical failure? Lack of understanding in the rule of the road?

This is all rhetorical. Maybe I can do a new theme here, something for me to blog on.

Also, I am finally playing ACE ATTORNEY! Pretty good.
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This is related to This entry from before.

I probably don't know where I should be yet. It's probably something very unexpected. I already heard many stories about celebrities' past and how people go from here to there. How one man just wasn't sure where to go, but he went to a class and further pursued the specialty of that class.

But I thought of "what I wanted" many times and tried to take steps. Automotive, acting, anthropology (cultural study/human science), computer (which I was pushed to do out of an assumption only because I go on the PC a lot), pottery, art, etc. One time I thought, "Hey! I can so do geography because I was so into that when I was younger!" and when I did a class on it, it didn't turn out well. Why? I can't remember. Maybe it was too confusing?

I was just upset. I hate trying and failing many times. Having this euphoric feeling that I love something and can do it, then I end up failing. Failing in what I like; to think that I liked it or could like it.

I don't want to do it just to show people that I'm doing something. I don't have that kind of life time.

I have a feeling if I follow avionics, and I am a total plane geek, I'll just fail again. Aerodynamics is difficult. And to add onto my frustration, I'm stuck with a baby because of fools.

"I'm going to this-and-that college!"
"OH THAT'S GREAT! Congrats!"
"I'm taking classes!"
"I'm working here!"
"Good good!"

Doggie's Week was same ol', same ol'. And I am just sick of it. I was particularly upset yesterday and I can't even remember the reason. I can't look forward to a day off; yesterday, I was so tired, and had this hazy feeling when trying to sit down and read. My vision dimmed or I just wanted to fall sleep. American Sniper is still unfinished due to my time and my lack of motivation.

I read an article about "Most unhappiest jobs" and "truck driver" and "retail" were among them, and I remembered those two being the most common jobs posted in advertisement. Online?

Looking through the newspaper, I read about new automobiles and lease for homes, and it's seems so out of my reach.

There's a used GT-R in Troy! (>.<) Oh, I know it's close to a dream to obtain, but I can dream. And it's a car, and it means someone touched it, and it was built for use. That would be fantastic.

Sometimes, I don't want to dream, I want to get there. One day, I want to tell a story that'll help others who feel depressed, feel stuck, or feel like they're at a wall. Able to answer those those "indecisive" questions.

To be that good friend.
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A short one. Maybe my blog is a little boring due to work and just not watching a lot of TV. Maybe I should do more comic/show reviews. Like I did with gundam.

Everyone is talking about Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, etc etc.

Anyways, stuck with niece because...well, I don't want to get into it again. She's 3 now.

In a Nutshell (Sailor Moon)
Crystal is coming, and these are my small thoughts on the teaser:
- Not liking the OP at all. It has a typical youth J-pop rhythm from Morning Musume or AKB48. Matter of fact, it just further reminds of me of the Pre-Cure cast involved in the project.

- BGM sounds nice.


- It's like the brightest character design I've seen so far. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Maybe "good" in a way, like it tells me to expect something big. Like Usagi's eyes, which look gooey and want to bulge out.

I am fine with it though.

Here's a weird one: Riding a motorcycle.
And very slowly, as if I'm taking beginning steps to work. And for some reason my motorcycle had a thruster switch.

What could it mean?
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Like I said before, I am embarrassed at showing my work. But then, I came up with the idea of showing excerpt of stories using photos.


I did a fanfic based on Future GPX Cyber Formula, particularly on its OVA series "Zero". Only a few people, or at least I know about two (Car dummy Miki Shinichiro did one as well?), has done Cyber Formula fics. That is especially in English.

And since I was impressed with the series, the TV show being smart and about a boy and a machine, and the OVA being dramatic with interesting visuals (my fun slowly being thrown away like shoveled sand due to bad subs, repeated footage, and Asurada oversteering its tail nearly into a circle and passing through a curve successfully to pass also, no K-sensei...), AND since I like cars, I wanted to go for it.

Spoilerish about ZERO series, but if you don't mind )

RC Type!

Game footage. A nice rivalry against Knight Shumacher. There's also Kaga, Shinjyo, Hayato, and I think Hiyama Nobuyuki's character, Andrea. It's hard to tell because he has a scar on his forehead. Sounds like him. BGM is Identity Crisis.
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Oh, I just...

I'm in love. This is very good! It's Cyber Formula. I'm impressed.

The vehicle is v-Asurada (from OVA series). V is simply great. In ability and in looks; it is a favorite. One of the fastest cars in the series; another being Ouga (Phoenix fang).

BGM is "SOUL TWINS" by Kakazu Yumi from the CF: Road to Infinity Game series

About V:
Displayed in the video is also SPIRAL BOOST, an immediate second boost
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Originally posted by [ profile] doggiedynasty at Ether Vapor Remastered

I wanted to show this. "Ether Vapor" & "Ether Vapor ReMastered" by the company Edelweiss. ReMaster was released years ago for the PSP, but I am impressed.

I wonder what those floating devices are called? Those can't be the sensors?

EDIT: English version of the official website



Dec. 23rd, 2013 12:55 am
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I'm still surprised that it's almost Christmas.
Michigan's having its expect weather. Snow, rain, sleet, all you can expect as Christmas approaches. That's just my opinion when it comes to middle December.

Other than that, I think I'll feel better Post-Christmas or New Years.

Vid time:

Road Rage...

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Long time no sniff...

I can't say that I'm happy with babysitting. There are the rewards of the niece enjoying my company, despite her being very mischievous, but what's even more aggravating is the childishness, arrogance, and ill will of her parents. Or maybe I'm just annoyed by the mischievous.

Also, I'm totally broke thanks to vehicle maintenance.

Maybe in the far future, I can live in the U.P and ride a bike.


I finished Fafner in the Azure (蒼穹のファフナー; Fafner of the blue sky) tv series. So, this means I have to watch the movie "HEAVEN and EARTH" and the special "RIGHT to LEFT".

I don't think I can...

I don't want to hear "Soku Iru" again.

Fafner's story is incomprehensible. Eureka Seven, Eureka Ao, Fafner, Gundam, maybe I can't fully enjoy Sci-fi because I seemingly have low comprehension. Again, Fafner keeps being compared to Neon Genesis Evangelion, yet I can't compare the psychological deficits of Fafner with Eva, with the island being a fake paradise. I don't think they have the same intensity. Still, I couldn't stop watching. For some reason, it was interesting.

Again, in Sci-fi, you put in an atmosphere where you expect to know what's going. Or you just engage into the series with the knowledge that you already have: biology, nanotech, machines, etc. I guess it didn't fully help. Eureka and Fafner had this strange jargon that kept me guessing; what the @#%$ was a Mir and why was it so important I kept wondering? I have trouble finding it mysterious when it apparently plays a significant role. There's the German machines and connection system (that Soushi uses), then there's the security system named after a King of Israel.

And Soshi...why care?! Why care about him so much?!

Ugh, there is so much for me to research on.

Of course, I wasn't confused with everything. I was intrigued that the adults of Japan were unable to bear children so they made artificial fetuses on Tatsumiya. They are immune to the radiation of the first Fetsum, but apparently, they suffer from the effects of losing their minds when piloting the Fafners.

Here's more:

- What in the hell with Kazuki's mom?

- Kasugai. Nearly cried for him.

- Mamoru was a shock. I actually felt sorry for his parents

- Enjoy the court scene with Tomi's father (lol!)

In the end of it all, it's about aliens understating another lifeform. AGAIN! After all of that destruction.

There's too much to explain. The Festum attacks were always fun.

Tokusatsu and...
I have too much on my list, and it may be a good idea for me to put some series on hold along with Legend of Galactic Heroes. I actually progressed a bit in Hurricanger, which looks interesting. It'll be difficult to not watch Gokaiger, Zyuranger, Hurricanger, and morphin' time Gobusters for a while.

At the moment, it's Shinkenger, Kakuranger and Kyoryuger. I've reached the second season of Kakuranger, and $%#T's GOT REAL!.

I could use a new Kamen Rider series, but which one?

On an upside, I'm WATCHING PATLABOR!

Speaking of Michigan...
So, Michigan Radio...Detroit is bankrupt, police officers robbing drivers, U-of-M med student is shot, etc.

Ted Nugent is coming to his home of Detroit for a concert; American Idol was holding auditions in the same city.

What else is there?

Lately, I''ve been wondering about cats. Because I'm such a big dog person, and yet there are many cats that need homes, I just felt like I've been too ignorant. Maybe in the future, I can own a cat. SO far, I just adore the company of dogs. I'm the type who loves to come home and see someone delighted to see me...or so that's what it looks like.

For the longest time, I thought that a cat purred because it felt pleasant, but that's not the true case?


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In Sports NCAA March Madness: MICHIGAN Wolverines defeats Kansas Jayhawks. Next it should be vs Florida Gators in the Elite 8.

IF there can be Ohio State vs Michigan, it'd be quite a rivalry.

Anyways, my week(s).

Pretty much tons of work, babysitting, and my dog biting me. Plus, I am growing curious about the novels of Yukikaze and Lodoss series.

Work, while I am happy to feel that I have a sense of good purpose again OUT of babysitting, is strenuous. I am easily becoming homesick. Haha, it's pretty typical; I can't go home and read. On the days off, I had the kiddo.

Just last night, I had a strange dream of my leg being infected by...something. It was disturbing enough for me to remember. Like a parasite? Like you could something crawling under the skin? Last thing I could remember in the dream was someone calling ambulance.

Last week, or maybe it was Monday, dog bit me after a long long time (u.u) It again made me question myself as a responsible dog owner, and I long felt like I haven't trained her that well in discipline and order. Of course it can and will happen to any pet owner, and it wasn't a bad bite, but I should've known. Also, I can't seem to be assertive enough; does my dog even consider me as a leader? So she bit me over some food. She was sticking her head into the food bag where she isn't supposed to.

Last week I watched and finished MACROSS PLUS (OVA ver.). Haven't watched it in years. This and Yukikaze pretty much shows how dangerous computers can be when they get too darn smart. It's just silly. Chiba Shigeru does not fail to humor me at all. It's the same as Seki Tomokazu in Gokaiger (see video below), which I'd like to watch! I swear, working in the kitchen, I was singing "Si si ha!". Am I going to remember the dinosaur's names and the gun/items?! I only watched five eps and there's tons of stuff.

Let's enjoy some SekiTomo! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOO KAI GA!"


Akino Arai is too great. Macross has fantastic songs, and Macross PLUS's "VOICES" is definitely a favorite. I believe there are three or four versions to this song, but the acoustic version is my favorite.

Also, in the anime world, here is apparently the new approaching hotness o-O; For a commercial, and that's all there is to this new anime, people are QUITE crazy about it. Swimming men. Look out Michael Phelps.

With Sailor Moon music.
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A good last week, and I start off this week half accomplished and half discouraged. Sounds strange doesn't it? I was on a on-the-job evaluation for a couple of days and didn't make the cut because of physical weakness and pacing. Aside from that, I was told to have a great personality and that I pay attention to details. It was a lovely place too, people and atmosphere. I really wanted to work there; at least my resumes changes?

WHILE I understand this QUITE well and I carry no ill will, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I'm a little disappointed. I thought I just needed more time to make progress.

It was great to see niece overlord welcome me back when I returned.

Let me congratulate someone real quick: DANICA PATRICK! First woman to enter Pole Position in Daytona 500 qualifier!

I have to wonder. She has such strong physical and mental strength, despite being a racer. She isn't very tall and has little weight. I am similar to her even, and wanted to join the Sports Car club. Wouldn't my physique still be a problem?



Here's a song for her and me

Has nothing to do with encouragement or American football,'s still good. Gets me in a good mood. Apparently, it is a "reject" song?
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late night boredom with Niece Overlord. I am also watching an insane show called Killer Karaoke. Also, I heard of a strange thing on a radio commercial that is too difficult to believe. Unfortunately, I can't recall the name of it, but it's supposed to help with kids with rebelliousness streak or bad tempers?

Seemed too silly. There's no manual to take care of kids; I didn't want kids either, but ended up in babysitting.

Anyways, I wanted to show this. "Ether Vapor" & "Ether Vapor ReMastered" by the company Edelweiss. ReMaster was released years ago for the PSP, but I am impressed.

I wonder what those floating devices are called? Those can't be the sensors?

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It's Saturday and I'm attempting an all-day watch marathon; also, Maplestory training? SO far so good, I finished GARO (1st season), and I watched the Gundam Unicorn #5 and HELLSING Ultimate #9.


So, I have two "movie specials" (Byakuya and Kiba Gaiden) and Red Requiem (Full length movie) to watch before starting season 2 (Also 25 eps?). Goodness. SO much.

First season? Or my impression of GARO so far? I almost regret watching it sometimes ;) When eating. Like MS IGLOO, "GARO" shows the worse in people. Never seen anything like it, and so many ragdoll beatdowns too.

I have my questions but maybe I'll read about it later after finishing the series completely.


I'd really enjoy Unicorn a lot more if...

IF I could fully comprehend what's going on. When everything is put together nicely, it's a winner. Characters, combat, story, etc; Gundam is about mecha, politics, war, etc

Can I really become a good fan? Is this just a weakpoint of mine? Or maybe this animation is a mess and is getting too much credit. It's either that or I'm military fiction-retarded after all.

Gonna do seiyuu meme, and I have to update [ profile] katsuki_masako.

Time for comedy.

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What in the world?

A new dream that I can mostly remember. My week has been good, so I guess it's a reflection of that. Two words that describe it entirely:

Sports Cars & Ninja

Kinda cool.

Still, I have bad car dreams. During the dream, while in an urban city, my Ford broke down and the steering wheel snapped off. Then, my car was replaced by a black Toyota or Chevrolet.

As for was with a group, there was a mission, we were disguised (and had alias), and we infiltrated this convention center?

The race cars were near the end of the dream where I was waiting in line to get into one (like at an amusement park). The dream ended right before I got in! According to this, seeing race cars reflects a stubborn working nature. Or I'm in a hurry?

Race dream Meanings.

So I woke up pretty confused.

So why ninja and cars?

I assumed it reflected what I like. What does dreaming about ninja mean? I have no idea. What I do know is that I try really hard to research on them. The Shōninki (True Path of Ninja) is at my library. Amazing thing.

But my late fees are too high and I can't bring it home...

In the news, a NY Shooting at the Empire State Building?
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I spent last week recovering form my cold. Not much was happening, and the Olympics began! As soon as I got better, I was back on my feet and driving again, grabbing groceries, cleaning, etc. Sheesh, lack of rest.

Because July was terrible, it's like I forgot how it felt to be healthy. Still, I feel like something is missing.

Also, I need a new TV.

And you know you like twitter too much when you openly talk about constipation and diarrhea. I'm looking at you K-sensei. I wanted to tease her so badly..
"So, did ya go?"

Also, I watched and finished MACROSS Zero. Beautiful and strange; I watched it a long long time ago but never finished it. Shin Kudo seemed selfish at first, but that changed rather quickly. Omg, I love dogfights, especially F-14. That's quite not nice to put a F-14 against a variable fighter. In this case, the SV-51s, but Shin actually lasted a good while. And we learn that flares are apparently immune to OTEC weapons ^^; Takayama Minami wss Nora! ARKAN?!

I wonder if SV means Sukhoi Variable. I'm still...not completely used to CGI.

And, I remember that I can have really really bad curiosity (related to SCHOOL DAYS video game), and I can get really bitter when it comes to shooting deaths.

Video time!

Am I immature for liking this?

Macross ZERO's first fight!


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