Apr. 11th, 2015

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I'm up, and with head pain. From sleeping too much or just going through rainy days (but I always say that), and it's been quite rainy and windy. This morning is quite dry. It looks like a typical Spring day.

So I had a new long dream, and it wasn't angry. It didn't make me angry nor was it scary, but it was another "driving" dream. Actually, I bought a used sports car from a nice family, but it was just laying in their backyard? A white GT-R (apparently), but I don't think GTR's have manual gearbox.

Not sure what this means. Driving a car in a dream seems to imply that you have an ambition and you're taking direction, or you are free without worries. In most of my car dreams, I had trouble driving due to a fault in the car. I usually feel scared, but this time the fault was the gearbox. Despite that, I didn't have much problem driving. So the dream was alright.

And it was so funny. I could interchange the gearbox because there's a little "track" where the floor-mounted stick was. In other words, I had different types, such as a "H pattern" and a straight "automatic" pattern. I could pull one out and put new gear in. Thus the title's name: "Lego Gearbox". And the lady said something like "Take these with you too".


Recently, I did perk up. The dream is probably a sign.


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