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I've been so bored in the present, so I had to go back like 15 years and watch a show like this. It's animated by MADHOUSE, so you can imagine it being bold and neat.

Ippo is a bit of a lucky dude who gets out of a pinch with spirit, but you can't help but love him.
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My niece is absolutely aggravating me. Due to an interesting day change, I get a few days off (hopefully). And I really could use a day for an appointment.

But what worried me was how much anger my mother's possibly harbored until last weekend. Enough to wish the death of Stink-Pest kind of like myself. If SHE was that angry, that just shows how much trouble that Stink-Pest is, and she's the type to believe in the Golden Rule.

It's funny how I worry about that and yet not my own character, and I continue to be irritated. No, second thought, I don't think I'll be changing soon. If love and support doesn't inspire another, then what's the point?

I'm so disgusted with what people get away with w/o remorse. No, it must be taking things for granted.

Hard to explain.

[ Gaming Status ]
Trying to figure out what the new Sonic Memory entry should be about.

Continuing my Fishing quest in Breath of Fire three, I'm entering the big ones now (Size is 100cm and over!). Such as the following: Angler, Devilfish, Spearfish, etc. The Whale in Kombatant is going to be a total and utter pain. I HAVE YET to catch it, BUT I think it's harder to catch than in Breath of Fire 4. I think I hooked it before; when I did, it dragged my line and bait all the way to the side of the screen. What can I do?!

[ Just a Sailor Moon Ramble ]
NICOVIDEO Blogger: Voice Actor Predictions



So, the Sailor Moon remake (anime) is going to air in the Winter of 2014. But we have nothing on it. No character designs, no info, just nothing. I hope that the studio is taking its careful time with it.

I probably talked about this before, but they may or may not bring back the original voice actors. The first anime was produced by Toei, a company that's the core of many popular shows that go down in history: Dragonball, Precure series, Gegege no Kitaro, Cyborg 009, Saint Seiya, Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin, DIGIMON, One Piece, Ojamajo Doremi.

Therefore! It may be likely that veterans are cast. Even if Digimon, veteran actors were given the main roles. Same with Toriko and ONE PIECE; even though, before the tv series, the ONE PIECE OVA has a different cast. PreCure casts many, but I think mostly as the baddies and the animal companions.

Cyborg 009 series is like TMNT series: Its cast changed each generation. So did Gegege, or is it just Kitaro's VA?

Dragonball is one of few series to actually maintain its original cast for years. Another is Conan, and Doreamon until later.

There is the other hand -- I still can't help but think that Sailor Moon may be passed to a new generation, to adapt today's anime, and so that new voice overs can follow their dream in being in a legendary anime. Also, some roles can't be helped, such as Kuznite (CV: Sogabe Kazuyuki, who is deceased) and Pluto (CV is retired). Saturn is on a hiatus; I think Mars (Tomizawa) is in and out ^-^;

That link above are just predictions (or wishes?) from a blogger. Or is it a big joke? Because someone picked Anno Hideaki for Sailor Moon (lol ^_^;). However, the person mentioned Anno being a fan of SM.

Inoue Marina and Sawashiro Miyuki are picked for Mars. Wouldn't Marina fit Jupiter? But Swashiro is also picked for Mercury.

A bit of bias here?

Also, Miyano Mamoru for...Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask? if he wasn't a subject of idol hogging. I guess the choice could've been Yuki Kaji However, FURUYA TORU is still listed ^_^; I still want Furuya because I want to hear Furuya be a jerk again, when Endymion is captured and turned. He was pretty creepy.

Heck, maybe the cast can get switched around. Maybe a mix of the old and new? What if Mitsuishi Kotono was someone like Sailor Venus rather than Sailor Moon?

I want virtually everyone to come back. Plus, I can see Takagi Wataru as a handsome bad guy again. He was the Black Moon Clan's Rubius.

VA Larry Kenny (Lion-O of Thundercats love that guy) did say once that what's the point of repeating something? Something along those lines, or "make something that's the same, sounds the same?" I understood.

But isn't the new SM going to be an adaptation closer to the manga? Wouldn't it be more like another chance?

I don't know. Just look at Dragonball Kai.

Horikawa, good luck!

Three English versions. A great example of voice changes and performance quality Vegeta just..makes me sick. Man...~_~; How can anyone find Funi DB good? At least Vegeta's? I don't care if I get flamed. That doesn't reflect pride or a prince-like air at all? It's not a nice testament to Horikawa Ryo either.

So what, are Piccolo and Vegeta wrestlers? Batman? On a personal level, even with dubbing, I try to see if I can tolerate it JUST a little. Because there are some things you can't imitate; as an actor, an imitation isn't what you should seek. It's how you know and portray the character.

But I seriously can't. I can't tolerate the Dragonball english dub. Teen Gohan I'm somewhat OK with.

Try to survive.

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Still going...

Day 07:The seiyuu you find easiest to recognize

I like to say Katsuki Masako again, but not always. Like many other fans, her bass voice can be confused with Yamaguchi Yuriko. Also, Sasaki Yuko?

Wakamoto Norio is distinct as well. Also, Nakata Joji and late great Gouri Daisuke.

Takagi Wataru is probably the most distinct?

hmm...wouldn't "easy to recognize" be related to "typecast"? ugh. An actor's role isn't to be recognized right?
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I got this from [ profile] xlumierex. Here's the directions, quote:

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

I think this is the second time I did this:

Here's the five Lumie gave me.

Five things that associate with me )

All done.
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Yashamaru Taiyanotaki of Nintama Rantaro!

Eikichi Onizuka of GTO!

高木渉, 御誕生日おめでとうございます!
Happy 45th birthday to the prolific Japan V.A WATARU TAKAGI!

I think I deleted my SRW images so my better quality pics of Garrod Ran (Gundam X) are gone.

I need to watch those Legend of Legian Videos again, where he voices Vahn. I won't be here long so I'll just post a couple of fun videos:

Tobi's Whack-a-mole and mine/bomb techniques (NARUTO)!
Note: 1:08 and after is a Spoiler if you care

Here's a more serious and handsome Takagi: Ferdinand of the Super Robot Wars series.

He and Folka (Red hair guy in vid) are brothers and his mech is Valfor. Folka is voiced by Yasunori it's excellent.

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Commander Yanmark of Megaman X6

「フォーメーションうわぁーーーー!!!」(Formation UWA------------!)

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Replying to this:

* Reply to this post with ICON ME! and I will pick five of your icons.
* Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
* Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
* This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee...

Gaara gave me these:

1.) A colored picture of Gokudera Hayato from the comic Kakekyo HITMAN REBORN. I was starting to get into it thanks to a friend. Hayato normally doesn't wear glasses, but in this scene he was analyzing someone who he thought was an "U.M.A" (Unidentified Mysterious Animal. A cryptid?). Yes, there is comedy ;) I picked this icon because I wanted something to express surprise PLUS I wear glasses.

2.) This is Ike from the game FIRE EMBLEM: Path of Radiance!. I was looking for an icon for enthusiasm. Ths icon's art is from this classic video here: It was too humorous so I made an icon. No, I don't do drugs. "Fight for my friends" is one of Ike's victory quotes (CLICK HERE)

3.) Eye Shot of no indoor voice GARROD RAN, a character from the TV series After War Gundam X. I think he's a lovely character. The icon is from the video game SD Gundam G Generation Spirits when Garrod is piloting the God Gundam, using God Finger. He uses his original dialogue for the attack and it's fantastic, "HEAAAAAAAAAAT END!" (but it sounds like "HEEEEEEEE-TO EN-DAN!", makes me cool!). Also expected, because apparently he is called the "Mobile Suit (MS) Pilot of Flame" (炎のモビルスーツ乗り). If you like Garrod, I recommend looking for it. "HEAAAAAAAAAT ENDAN!"

4.) Just an icon of a pretty crescent moon. Cause you know, dogs/wolves and moons are often correlated.

5.) I was looking for canine-related photos and came across this wolf baring its fangs. I use it to represent anger.


Aug. 5th, 2010 12:35 pm
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Hi I'm back.

Remember when I talked about Seki Toshihiko's birthday? I didn't want to make another entry about it, so instead I edited the previous ones with videos. I also have a SekiToshi gallery on one of my photobuckets. I need to update it.

I also forgot to mention, the photo up there is Doi-sensei. Nice guy. I think his first name is "Hansuke"? I'll have to look.

CGI & Dubbing
In the same previous entry, I talked about Cats and Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore, at least a dubbing version. Dubbings really get me curious; I listen to German, Spanish, etc. Just to see how it turns out. Cause you know, you hear the voice of, say, Keanu Reeves, and you don't like expect him to sound different. Otherwide, there's a sense of incongruity.

Germany can make some nice dubbing.

Oh yeah, Takagi Wataru IS in the Cats and Dogs 2 Japanese dub. I can't remember the dog's name (Beet?) but its a science geek kind of guy.

Cats and Dogs looks kinda creepy. There's Toy Story with talking animals (toys) and there's this, that make it looks like real animals are talking and making very sharp facial expressions.

Reading Dedication
OK! It's doing bad.

Bad Acting and Directing
Just something I've been curious about. I don't mean B-flicks, but what about big names?
So Leonardo DiCaprio starred in a high grossing film recently and I am glad that he's doing well. Knowing that, I just remembering how he would get criticized on bad acting. Mainly from the girls -- who always love on Matt Damon and Johnny Depp.

On MAPLESTORY, my warrior has reached level 51! YAY! I'm really surprised by my dedication towards things. I will count this as a strength. I have a feeling it may take me a year of my life just to get to Fourth Class. Maybe four to six months for Third Class on level 70. I can't wait to be a knight dangit.

So what happens on Level 50? ;(

I'll tell you what happens. BALROG! (Video here). Scary stuff!

So I'm gonna work on creating that Hero Gladius!. I already know what to do and I hope I can succeed. Hey, I could use a holy sword. It'll make me feel mighty and like an actual knight.

Oh! Edo Rocket!
I was watching a little Oh! Edo Rocket since it's coming to the U.S. Funny stuff.
Main character is, I think, the boy Tayaka Sekiichi. Sekiichi (Japan)...his voice I got mixed feelings on. It's quite funny. It feels kinda deep/rough at times; it's so unconventional, it makes me feel like "it's bad and good". ;) Somi, I know you can do it.
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Back from Illinois/trips (t-storms)
It is Wednesday now, but I returned Monday (a little after midnight) to Michigan. Thursday, the power went out for the second time thanks to a T-storm so it was difficult to pack. So I tidied the place on Monday. I went on a trip with family, including aunts, older sister, and brother in life.

My aunt told me that she saw Transformers 3 filming around downtown Chicago, even Shia LeBeouf. And that was the reason why there was a ton of Saturday traffic. Lucky, I was around Milwaukee Street and Michigan Avenue and saw nothing! I heard that they'll be filming in Detroit too. Don't tear it up too much and no crashing into the Renaissance center.

Father said he never took me to Niagara Falls so I may be going there next month?

On the trip, and shortly before leaving I realized a few things: That I have trouble accepting the influence of God after seeing the behavior of other believers, that I have no patience for the very conceited, and really just don't have much faith period.

I should leave it that. Religion can be a sharp subject.

I wanted to regain a stronger ambition in a hobby.

Rented a bunch of books to see whether reading not only increases your knowledge but supports brain muscle. My issue has been that I thought that I had a bad memory and understanding. One book is on Detective fictions; it could be a lack of focus, thanks to noise and such, but I find myself having to read sentences over and over. I think I only reached twenty pages in just one hour or more than that. I also get annoyed when I see words that I can't remember or don't know the meaning to it at all. Maybe the sentences feel long-winded.

Despite the trouble, it made me remember a little why reading books is fun.

Here's some voice actor/actor stuff that I came across. Let's start with Katsuki (♡), and her revenge! I've been a little concerned because I have few ways of figuring out where she appears. But! According to 81 PRODUCE, Masako will appear in the Japanese dubbed version of Cats and Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore. And it turns out, that is she is Kitty Galore herself. "HA! HA! HA!"

You know what I love about this? Kitty is voiced by Bette Midler (♡) in english version. That's not all. I couldn't help but I remember something way back, whether it was here or elsewhere, when I had said how much Katsuki REALLY LOOKS like Bette Midler! Coincidence?. Another cool person, Tessho Genda will voice Butch! BUTCH!

The Japanese site has a trailer too. I felt like I heard Takagi Wataru in there too! Speaking of him!

This is slightly old, but he appears in the Japanese dubbed version of the game ALAN WAKE. He voices Barry Wheeler. Takagi does plenty of dubbing, game voices, animation, I can't keep up.

Kazuya Nakai...there is something that has been long on my mind but didn't mention - How I'm affected by "dubbing syndrome".

Mr. Swordsman Nakai plays Travis Touchdown in the game No More Heroes, the Heroes Paradise version for the XBOX360. While his voice and others weren't bad, I feel a sense of incongruity too much. You hear the English version too much, and you expect Travis to sound like a complete teenage dork. Second thought, he was well portrayed in THAT fashion, a tough teenage punk. Nakai..well, was not that. Entertaining though. Isn't that the most important? At the VERY LEAST, Nakai plays a moron well enough so I won't fully bash it.

The bosses were strange as hell too! Holly Summers is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa, who originally sounded tough. She sounds more seductive in Japanese. Second thought, she does sound like she can lead you easily into a trap ;) (I'm looking at you Travis). Sylia and Shinobu sounds fine I think. I think Bad Girl (Sanpei Yuko) is right...

I don't expect them to imitate the original probably have Takeshi Kusao/Fukuyama Jun all the darn time to voice these Justin Timberlake/Chris O'Donnell brats.

MAPLESTORY: Enter the Shadows!

On Maplestory, the ninja-like Dual Blades (explorer type) appear on Global version! I already have a name for mine in mind: shinpūji yai. Many of my names are English and based off of something with virtue or nobility. So far, I have an explorer (Fighter), A cygnus knight (archer), and an evan.

For Shinpuuji, I think it fits nice. The name is from three symbols: 真風司. Dictionaries are fun.

The first means "true", second means "wind", and the third means I think for an officer. Something like to preside or manage? "Yai" is from Yaiba, meaning blade.

There's a ton of bugs and maintanence, so I'll make one tommorow morning.


That's all. I'm hungry. Power loss spoiled some of the food.
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Before I go to bed, I'm gonna share this, since I'm such a big fan of the megaman series, especially their bosses. So, I've decided to look up and collect their seiyuu names, because of some reason I was always entralled by the Maverick's voices as brief as they were.

Seiyuu of Megaman X Mavericks/Baddies? X8 is bizarre! )


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