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...I did not know it. Or maybe I was just ignoring it.

But it looks like there is a lot of widespread misogyny in the critic world of video gaming.

There is enough to worry about when it comes to misogyny, discrimination in general. I can't put all of the details together because it seems so silly and blown completely out of propotion.
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I can't count how many times I've been sick this year, and I need to practice anti-earache remedies. Last week was a cold, this week is an another earache. If I'm going to have earaches after every hair appointment, I need to do something.

Also, tons of rain.

And niece overlord really loves french fries, and thinks I must come home with fries. "You have frai-es?" Yes, she's still stuck with me.

Glad I'm playing SKYWARD SWORD. Big entry on that some day on what I think of it so far. I don't regret picking it up.

I finished Yukikaze (book), so now I need GOOD LUCK Yukikaze.
But I feel like I need to read the first half again to make sure I full fathomed since there is a theme about inhuman/machine-like and human. It's more clearer in later chapters. If there's one thing I know: That Yukikaze is really broken. I think I understood maybe 70% of the plane's statistics?

I think, in particular, that "Faery Winter" chapter was pretty good.

And question of the month: WHAT DO YOU NEED A UZI FOR?!

On the bright and sunny side:

Loved my NES!
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A peace officer may acquire and possess, without a license, an automatic weapon provided that the employer of the peace officer does not adopt a rule or policy prohibiting the acquisition or possession of such automatic weapons.

Opinion No. 6015 of Act 372 Michigan Law on FIREARMS.

Aside from my mental shredding from Mr. Williams...

People talk about "being for all races".

Members of the police force need a lot of consideration in people. If they are for justice, they are to protect and be the charisma of the society. Least that is what is supposed to happen. Commercial enforcement. But then, policemen come from all corners of the world. They can sign up and just not have a felony. They can have short tempers, they can have discriminatory impulses, they can have secret thoughts, they can hate their job.

Just like every person on your workforce.

Riots are very wrong; looting and causing a noise is wrong; discrimination is wrong; being too emotionally charged is wrong.

An unarmed kid, who apparently robbed the store (or was with an associate that did) and pushed a cop, was shot to death. But tons of people object that the boy was a criminal and deserved it. Just recently, a guy with a knife got shot to death after he didn't put down the knife and tried to approach an officer with it, ranting "SHOOT ME, KILL ME!"

I thought you used a firearm against an armed and hostage situation, and used as a psychological weapon.

In Michigan Legislature, there are a few things that cover assault and battery such as following: inflicting injury, intentionally discharging an firearm by any means (and if with harmful results), stalking, etc. These guys are prone to jail time, misdemeanor at least. This should be kept in mind with both officer and victims.

Protesting and "using your voice"; is understandable, but the current situation with the rioting is not. Strange, since I love revenge stories in fiction. However, I can't agree with approving crime at all. Even if there's anger against the police, even if an officer blundered, gave out the wrong ticket, discriminated, or went WAY too far in judgement of using a firearm, I don't approve in using the same behavior.

Especially don't like putting a voting booth near where the boy was killed. For some reason, someone thought that this opinion implied that I didn't agree with voting.

That's what I've decided. This is getting out of hand. Police are using tear gas and assault rifles even.
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Well, my butt's been busy.

And this new week starts off with some nice racism. Course I'm being sarcastic; paternal shows are wrecking our brains. It's pathetic to begin with.

So one lady says that "black people always sleep around and get people pregnant". Which makes me wonder what episodes did she miss? I don't know the ratio nor care.

and one guy counters/complaints saying that "what about the white people are welfare? Most of them are."

Although the lady was super false, guy mentions later about how whites are the biggest crooks, liars and such.

Where am I really? Racism is no good, no matter what. Unhealthy; call it naive, don't fight racism with it.


Last week was also busy, and I told that stinkpest not to bother me.
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So, gay ban repel battle in Michigan. Just a net quote from CBC:

"A child needs both a mom and a dad in order to grow up and develop normally."

IMO, letting those children growing up in that very questionable environment is almost akin to abuse and neglect.

I want to see some evidence of this RATHER than form a subjective opinion out of fear of the nontraditional or the "weird".

Getting a little tired of this "unconstitutional" talk. It's starting to mean "it's against a legislation we've recently made", and not necessarily historical.

Here's a quote from the C.O.M ARTICLE I:
"No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws; nor shall any person be denied the enjoyment of his civil or political rights or be discriminated against in the exercise thereof because of religion, race, color or national origin. The legislature shall implement this section by appropriate legislation."

Same for U.S. Con.

Forget about it.
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So there's debate over increasing the minimum wage to over ten. Thinking it over a little, will it be that much of a significant difference? Sure, everyone wants more money. For part time mostly, it'll guaranteed approx 200 a day, but we have to think about what we use our money for. We'll be able to save more money before the next pay day.

Still, I don't think it'll be that different will it? Especially if the price increase.

Even with two jobs. It feels like a waste. Vid time.

If I was this guy, I'd pee myself. He's NUTS! At least the crocs didn't rip that suit apart.

The Wind Rises (kaze tachinu) is in theaters
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A small convo with [ profile] marisha725 reminded me of something.

On what a pastor said, AND on how Phil Roberson got criticized and nearly suspended. Or maybe he did. I don't remember because Hell, it's like it barely lasted. Both disagree with homosexuality and they all said the same thing.

To keep it short: unconventional.

AKA: it won't work.

AKA: It's not productive.

AKA: It'll confuse society.

The pastor will kick homosexuality in the face anytime since he disagrees with the idea, comparing it to "what if a KKK member was interviewed?" "Are you going to suspend him for saying what it is to be expected?" And then he says, at the end of the 2013, to "forgive him"? Why? He's just going to talk the same ol', same ol' like he's always been for years.

"Speaking the truth" as he says. Discriminatory thoughts are always perceived as "truth" when experienced so often.

Cept Mr. Roberson had to be rancorous in his words. There's also his pre-civil rights era comments. If anything was WAY too conservative or anything based in the 18th or 19th century, I'd probably be in something equivalent to a caste.

I also don't understand antisemitism. I assumed that the majority of it was also based on religion and what the Jews did in the Bible. It's almost like anti-Japan and Pearl Harbor from young people. Still, I don't agree on one book encompassing our entire world. There are some good lessons, especially in the beginning, but in the end, it's all about believing one man being the key to peace. Is that assuring?

Especially with the various pastors I see and hear talking garbage, taunting gays and transsexuals. On the other hand, I heard (and was touched by) a story about how one pastor attended his gay son's wedding, then got highly criticized for it.

Strange Question
So, on Twitter, I saw this odd question: "Who's the thug: Richard Sherman or Justin Bieber?"

Only heard the word from pop culture and it's not of good taste at all. If I had to choose between the two, I'd pick the Biebs for shit-talking a cop, drinking and driving at 430 or so in the morning, being an arrogant douche, throwing eggs at houses, etc. Of course it could've been worse.

But if I had to be really serious, and pick outside of that...

MY VOTE would have to go with these two runts who RECENTLY:
- Lured a kid somewhere, shot and killed him
- Took $80 from him
- Threw the kid in a trunk and drove off

There there was the "afflueza kid" who killed four while drunk driving and not being punished for it. Oh yeah, totally upsetting.

What is....

Jan. 8th, 2014 09:00 am
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Why exactly is Dennis Rodman a mediator for North Korea?
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A combination of being angry and over-thinking.

So I didn't buy a Christmas gift for my mother or my aunt who often gives me things. So I'm berated. It'll just have to be a little late, that's all.

I was dead broke, and it is just discourages me even more when I see comments about how "lazy people are" when they work approx min. wage. Or how it's a "handout" to increase min. wage, or its not "worth it", or "a worker thinks he/she is being punished". Education/repaying loan costs money, so does insurance, food, and rent, so what is it to be expected?

"Get an education, get a new higher paying job, etc," or so I hear/see. Yes, I know that. A typical answer, a protocol that I believed for a very long time. It has the same rhythm as "kids need to grow up and leave the house". or the previous mentioned "you need to have kids at 25 and under"

Apparently, "higher paying", according to a comment, means "better contributing to society".

Who are these people? Some of them need to just speak for themselves. I don't think I'm "owned" anything.

Something is wrong. Is this all inevitable?

Stings me since I don't like to have greedy inclinations. Now, I find myself being worried over the next steps. Or rather, it annoys me because I'm such a determined and easily motivated person (and can exercise patience), and I'm told that I can/will succeed. I like being free to do things and fight on my own -- and I get money put in my way.

Furthermore, I like my job.

An Interesting Link: Min Wage workers: 2011
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[ Gaming Status ]

Ordered Monster Hunter 3, so I may arrive next week at best. As for current gaming, I am surprised of Lego Star Wars. I own the "ultimate collection" with all movie episodes, so I have quite a bit to play. I just reached "A New Hope" last week, and I had the game since, I believe, two Christmases ago. My passion was getting better in Mario Kart and its unlockables...

but still, BUT STILL, I can't do it. I always had problems with Time Trials in various racing games. It seems so unfair.

Back to Lego Star Wars: SURPRISINGLY exciting, and even difficult at times. Not to mention, the familiar SW music and sound effects that we all know are included in the game. It's also funny; I never thought they could make the birth scene in episode 3 so silly-looking. I was actually chuckling.

As for difficulty, Jango Fett for example. So much is happening, like raids of enemies charging at you, especially with ranged laser weaponry. Lego Star Wars can really toy (pun) with you if you're like money/jewelry/shiny compulsive because one of the things you do in LSW is to collect lego pieces for unlockables. However, with so much going on, you die and have to collect the scattered pieces. And there are lego pieces in almost every corner, hidden in virtually every object from torches to desks. There is also puzzles and the wide level design.

[ TV Special: POKEMON The Origin ]

Watched the four episodes previous Tuesday.

I LIKED IT! I think I'd give it a 7 out of 10. If you ever played a pokemon game on a handheld, especially Red and/or Blue, then watching The Origin was a swift trip of nostalgia. That's what the majority of watchers would say: Nostalgia, from the music to some of the dialogue (ie: Oikido's soliloquy, Green's "See ya gramps", "The poke center is the building with the red roof").

Since it's four episodes, the pacing is quite fast. I mean, really fast. That's probably the disappointing part; I was probably the most disappointed with half of the last ep.

As for the characters, I am a little surprised that people say that Green/Gary/Blue is "too much of a jerk". He was always a jerk. He was very high-handed. It's just fleshed out a bit more in the show. Because you was always traveling, it's not like you met with him much doing your journey game-wise.

I liked Red's learning curve. He didn't understand how str/weak worked. I think the anime was airing in U.S when Red/Blue was released, so I think we already had an idea on how the fight system worked when we played the game ^^; But it was good to see. Also, Brock/Takeshi seemed to play the role of the old man from Viridian.

A strong point is the fluid animation of most of the fights. Not all, but most.

Spoiler photo of Episode 4

[ Kamen Rider ]
Gaim aired last weekend, but maybe I'll talk about it another time. Maybe after the second or third episode.

Gonna talk about OOOs and W (called "Double") because I wanted to pick up more KR since I watched KR Fourze and Wizard.

At first, I thought I wasn't going to like OOOs because it was strange, but I think I understand what the appeal is. It just might be human vs Greeds, or Eiji vs Greeds. Eiji Hino, who is KR OOOs, is the "my pace sense of justice" type, but he's stuck working with Ankh because Ankh's former pals are creating monsters (ie: The Yummy) from human desires. Ankh wants the Yummies to be created, and then destroyed to collect medals but every character, from Greeds to Kogami, want the medals. Furthermore, Ankh possessed the body of the heroine's bro. In all of this, there is the show's outlook on mistrust. what's the Kogami Corp in all of this?

Also, I want to see more of the Core Medal effects on OOO. What is Eiji's past?

As for Double, it is a detective show. We have Phillip, the mafia-like Sonozaki Family, and the show's serious atmosphere.

[ Others ]
Over affordable health premiums...that's all I hear. "No negotiations" and "healthcare". I won't say "Obamacare" because it's not like the Pres created his own medical institution. So the name is dumb.

Too tired to talk about shutdown thoroughly. It is quite unfortunate, especially for those who are affected by it. And shouldn't be. Definitely no veterans should be barred from going to a WWII site, soldiers shouldn't lack pay, etc.

Quite frankly, U.S can't live without a government. It was founded, or rather, no, U.S citizens progressed into a party-combined government. People talk about what's against the Constitution; to encourage a shutdown, or to even let it linger for so long, would be wrong.

It doesn't have to do with tons of control, which people fear, it's stability. It should be conservative. U.S isn't an anarchy, and no one is living 300 years ago.

And who is anyone to say that "one side" isn't negotiable?

By the looks of the approval rating, The U.S Congress is apparently more scum than a molded toilet seat.
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My week starts rough and ends rough. I had an ugly 'hate dream", which I didn't want to agree on, and my Sunday started rocky. Now I wonder about myself, and if my dream reflects myself. Or didn't I say before that dreams are mostly negative?

I almost didn't want to go anywhere.

Anyways...back to the title.

America is, apparently. And Britain isn't happy.

I'm sure most of us dislike war for obvious reasons, and either inside or stated openly, we have conflicting reasons over why we should go or why we should not go. First I thought, I agreed with what John Kerry said Liberals liberals, Lib-tards, whiners, dumbass, huah huah huah with "speaking to us [the people of the nation] for an answer" at the start of the announcement. I couldn't hear everything because I was in my car on a short break, listening to the radio.

Did America, and myself as an American, wanted payback for 9/11? Yes. Do I dislike violence? Yes. Do I like self-defense? Yes. Do I like to see innocent children and medical personnel get killed? NO! A one-track mind. Even in Hetalia (Axis Powers ヘタリア), America is portrayed with a "justice loving" stereotype. There's also a ton of other Japanese manga/anime and games; one that sticks out in my memory the most is my bro GALFORD from Samurai Showdown (Samurai Spirits) series! =D

But the question is: Why help Syria? Is America the Superman of the world?
And what would our image be if we did nothing?


More tipping politics scale. No idea why I was rambling about mentality )

I am not denying anything. I guess someone has to do it. Right needs to punch the Left radicals and Left needs to the punch the Right radicals. Wouldn't call it "news".

With that said, 50 years ago, MLK made his "I have a dream" speech.

I'm putting up a photo of Kaze Tachinu because:
1.) Airplane!
2.) Hirokoshi Jiro looking cool
3.) It's flat out cool
4.) Miyazaki Hayao's passion and pacifist beliefs
5.) I want to watch it

So Miyazaki is getting criticized for worshiping Hirokoshi as a hero. The movie is a tribute to the warplane engineer, his dream, and his struggle during the Depression and 1930s earthquake. Miyazaki spoke against the Prime Minister and his idea to revise the Renunciation of War of Japan's Constitution. Miyazaki was also against "re-writing the truth" (aka: reading only what we choose to know).

Banning of "Barefoot Gen" in children schools

I can't say anymore until I watch the movie. But, since Hiro was willingly building warplanes responsible for the historical incidents that make Japanese and Koreans alike sensitive, what is Miyazaki's view? What am I missing? Is it just Hiro's desire? No matter what his Zero fighter did?

Vehicles are flexible and don't have to be built as weapons. Even though, I TOO think that fighter planes are pretty darn cool. They maximum the effectiveness of aerodynamics, and look pretty sexy while flying.

Also, Miyazaki is retiring? Naaaaah, you wouldn't do that would you?

Which reminds me, I am writing a fictional story about a pilot who loves flying. He graduated from Officer's training and eventually became a fighter pilot, because he was inspired to love fighter planes. After a match against a rival, he mention that non-simulated air combat will be the test he needs to further pursing his flying craft. Before that, he questioned why America went to war and what did it mean to "be an American"?
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Japanese animator under fire for film tribute to warplane designer

"Why did smoking have to be included in a scene where the objective is to depict the couple's relationship, especially the woman's state of mind?" the letter said. "There must have been another way to express that."

Japan has more of a smoking frequency than the U.S., doesn't it? And if Mayazaki said that it was trend in even the old days then why complain?

I would like more detail on the criticism. Every time I watch the Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) trailer, I'm filled with emotion, and I want to watch the movie regardless that the Americans opposed the Axis Powers. Miyazaki was always against war, and I don't dislike him for diverting from his fantasy elements.

Korea, Japan, China, I see the same thing.

When I see derision against people from Asia, it's from people who PROBABLY never lived in the age of World War I and World War II. They never seen the attack of Pearl Harbor except through stock footage of documentaries, and news highlighting these notable events on their anniversaries. Koreans are understandable, but even they are inciting hatred in this current age.

It is true that abduction and slavery happened; it's also true that Americans captured Asian Americans and sent them through labor.

Are they offended? There's always a justified feeling that it was okay to bomb the Japanese, especially the atomic bombs. Just because they declared war on America. What if an American created a movie lionising Adolf Hilter or the German military when the Nazi Party took charge?

On a unrelated note, Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ) appears in Saint Seiya Omega.

I can't figure out what Sonic Memory to do next. I might enter the Game Gear-verse against with Sonic 2 or Triple Trouble, but not sure if I remember much. I definitely can't remember much from Chaos. I feel that my memories are shallow. I'm only wrote eight?

As for reading...

Moreover, because of its importance, difficulty in learning to
read crushes the excitement and love for learning, which most children have when they enter

How true is this?

Either I'm just overthinking, I blame MESO, or this is psychological? I was always a good speller and reader, but do I like to read?

I still have very old novels stuck in my shelf, unfinished. Jurassic Park, ripped and ended up in the trash, stayed with me for well over ten years unfinished.

So i'm going to look around and see if there any answers of what might be the case, and maybe solution.

Misunderstood minds: Reading diff.

There's also depression and anxiety? o-O; And DSM-IV?

More in another entry one day.
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Long time no sniff...

I can't say that I'm happy with babysitting. There are the rewards of the niece enjoying my company, despite her being very mischievous, but what's even more aggravating is the childishness, arrogance, and ill will of her parents. Or maybe I'm just annoyed by the mischievous.

Also, I'm totally broke thanks to vehicle maintenance.

Maybe in the far future, I can live in the U.P and ride a bike.


I finished Fafner in the Azure (蒼穹のファフナー; Fafner of the blue sky) tv series. So, this means I have to watch the movie "HEAVEN and EARTH" and the special "RIGHT to LEFT".

I don't think I can...

I don't want to hear "Soku Iru" again.

Fafner's story is incomprehensible. Eureka Seven, Eureka Ao, Fafner, Gundam, maybe I can't fully enjoy Sci-fi because I seemingly have low comprehension. Again, Fafner keeps being compared to Neon Genesis Evangelion, yet I can't compare the psychological deficits of Fafner with Eva, with the island being a fake paradise. I don't think they have the same intensity. Still, I couldn't stop watching. For some reason, it was interesting.

Again, in Sci-fi, you put in an atmosphere where you expect to know what's going. Or you just engage into the series with the knowledge that you already have: biology, nanotech, machines, etc. I guess it didn't fully help. Eureka and Fafner had this strange jargon that kept me guessing; what the @#%$ was a Mir and why was it so important I kept wondering? I have trouble finding it mysterious when it apparently plays a significant role. There's the German machines and connection system (that Soushi uses), then there's the security system named after a King of Israel.

And Soshi...why care?! Why care about him so much?!

Ugh, there is so much for me to research on.

Of course, I wasn't confused with everything. I was intrigued that the adults of Japan were unable to bear children so they made artificial fetuses on Tatsumiya. They are immune to the radiation of the first Fetsum, but apparently, they suffer from the effects of losing their minds when piloting the Fafners.

Here's more:

- What in the hell with Kazuki's mom?

- Kasugai. Nearly cried for him.

- Mamoru was a shock. I actually felt sorry for his parents

- Enjoy the court scene with Tomi's father (lol!)

In the end of it all, it's about aliens understating another lifeform. AGAIN! After all of that destruction.

There's too much to explain. The Festum attacks were always fun.

Tokusatsu and...
I have too much on my list, and it may be a good idea for me to put some series on hold along with Legend of Galactic Heroes. I actually progressed a bit in Hurricanger, which looks interesting. It'll be difficult to not watch Gokaiger, Zyuranger, Hurricanger, and morphin' time Gobusters for a while.

At the moment, it's Shinkenger, Kakuranger and Kyoryuger. I've reached the second season of Kakuranger, and $%#T's GOT REAL!.

I could use a new Kamen Rider series, but which one?

On an upside, I'm WATCHING PATLABOR!

Speaking of Michigan...
So, Michigan Radio...Detroit is bankrupt, police officers robbing drivers, U-of-M med student is shot, etc.

Ted Nugent is coming to his home of Detroit for a concert; American Idol was holding auditions in the same city.

What else is there?

Lately, I''ve been wondering about cats. Because I'm such a big dog person, and yet there are many cats that need homes, I just felt like I've been too ignorant. Maybe in the future, I can own a cat. SO far, I just adore the company of dogs. I'm the type who loves to come home and see someone delighted to see me...or so that's what it looks like.

For the longest time, I thought that a cat purred because it felt pleasant, but that's not the true case?


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So, here's some stuff I hear on the radio, aside from kids and security guards getting shot in their homes and cars.

- The 'Fight for 15' Grows
- 1-day fast food worker strike comes to Detroit

Invoking the people's voice is a good thing, but will this even work? Is it even necessary to risk? 15 an hour?

Which makes me wonder, how much do those in the military, both enlisted and officers, make? Since there is the potential of entering dangerous territory, I'd hope they're paid well. I don't get why anyone even consider, bring up, cutting pay for soldiers. Unless it was convenient.
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Came home, slept, and woke up too early. I keep dreaming about groceries...

This is a rough topic: Racism and name-calling. This really isn't a "rant/my ugly side" kind of entry, but it's still something to wrinkle the nose at.

Read more... )

No difference at all. I don't see it.

>> One reason the leftist rats hate the military and police so much is because they can't (yet) use them to forcibly disarm the population and kill anyone who resists.

Anyways, finished Z Gundam TV series. Soooo, why do people hate Gundam AGE again?

EDIT: I forgot one fundamental thing that actually spurred me to do this entry.

The fact that people make these tweets and hashtag the words "not racist".
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Foot pain, homesick.

This entry is mostly going to suck.

In the News
It was only yesterday that two bombs exploded near the internationally famed Boston Marathon, three people killed, one being an eight-year-old boy. My expressions were obvious shock, but it was only recently until I got a clearer view of the carnage. The footage of the explosions itself, the smoke, and the people running away were astonishing in itself. I hear about people being critically injured, had lost limbs. However, it was just today when I looked into the Free Press and saw a photo of blood everywhere on the streets...

Even K-sensei made a comment about it. "AWFUL!"

It's things like this that make me want to be in a federal service. And apparently the explosions were right at the finish line; I can't help but believe that it was right on cue for the perpetrator. Terrorism? Of course, on Twitter, Muslims are stigmatized; the word becomes a Twitter trend because of someone's negative commentary. In a post-911 world, we in America still can't seem to shake off that paranoia of Eastern religion.

I also see these words: "Hateful Democrats" "Republican horse droppings".

Politics are all in the same. I can love military, like rules, dislike guns, etc. Making decisions is liberal. When it come to these situations, crime committing and people dying, shouldn't party affiliation affect common sense? The name-calling is sad.

Japan: Seiyuu World feelings
Legendary Naya Goro passed away last month. I guess I didn't want to talk about it because it was too much that man BEAT CANCER!. So did Tsushima Takeshi from an unfortunate fall. The father of Romi Paku had died as well...I swear, her tweets and blogs can give me so many feelings. Then recently, the author of Zero no Tsukaima Yamaguchi Noboru passed away from cancer.

I felt a sense of strength from particularly Romi's father and Yamaguchi. If I recall, I think Romi said that her father was paralyzed for many years. I thought of my dad too.

Yamaguchi...oh Yamaguchi. He was sick, in and out of the hospital, and was still enthusiastic about his work. That's all I can say. I was just sad. I wasn't really a fan of the novel, the little that I read from it, but I love enthusiasm.

NARUTO: Personally...
Quick thoughts on chapter 627. This is either...

While I am into logic, and staying in character, I'm going to disregard how considerably QUICK this decision-making happened because of the good potential that can come from it. Sasuke's decision is either a sign that he wants to fix the past of his stupid ancestors, or Kishimoto is just plain tired (lol).

But Madara and Tobi are just flat out problematic. So much blood spilled over...being unable to cope. Apparently, struggle or trauma is necessary for the sharingan to develop, but why? What about the byakugan? What about the hard work of Naruto and Rock Lee?

Madara had problems with being trusted. While that is understandable, he wasn't the kind of guy who could improve trust by adjusting his actions. The fear of the Uchiha was still alive, that's true; if Madara wanted peace, couldn't he set an example for Konoha? Why did you prove Tobirama right dude? Torirama's actions were radical as well, and he did act out of his underlying mistrust. That increased suspicion within the Uchiha.

Maybe it is quite difficult: to prove yourself.

Look at Sasuke in the beginning, like during and before the chuunin exams. Even now, aside from Naruto, who will trust Sasuke?

And it's like I said before in another entry, why in the hell is it okay to live in a permanent illusion?

Time for something happy.

MIO MAO and Family
Whelp...the niece made me watch a 24/7 baby program on TV, and there is a claymation short called MIO MAO (revived version), produced by Francesco Misseri, about two small cats. I can't believe how catchy the theme song is.

"Mio, Mao, Mio la la la la." Niece sings it too, if I sing it (lol). She does the "lalala" part.

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"It's what one petition on the White House website proposes." (Source...oh??)

Why would you even consider a petition?! I'm sure it's a joke, but it's just so bad.

I'm mostly conservative about it, but IF you COULD change it, could you at least pick a better song? Hell, I'll pick "The Locomotion" over this.
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I'll talk about my week soon. Here's a video:

The sound was made by a DJ from Detroit named Tom Clay. Well done Michigan!
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Wednesday. For someone who says she [Stinkpest] loves her baby so much, she certainty doesn't contribute much.

Anyways, last weekend was the Academy Awards. Usually, I don't watch it that much, or I just catch snippets of it. This time, I watched most of it since the baby (went home Monday night) was up late. So, the entire time until she went to bed, I watched it and cleaned. Since really, if I have to babysit SO MUCH in a week, I might as well remain active. Like a parent, I can't let a baby hinder my home duties.

I am uncertain of what to say about the Oscars results since i haven't watched any of the nominated movies, but Oscars can entice you to watch them because the elegant presentation. I really wanted to see Brave and Wreck-it-Ralph myself. Plus, there's the feeling of nostalgia. The new host was Seth MacFarlane, who made those kind of testy jokes. I didn't laugh out loud but found myself smiling wryly a lot. I don't want to criticize him harshly because of his Lincoln joke. And in the end, the First Lady awards the Best Film of the Year. Is there something wrong with that? So I hear that it's a problem.

Now there's the weather. Monday, lovely sunshine. Tuesday, CRAP SNOW STORM! Or rather, hail then snow. I thought the snow wouldn't stop.

In sports, Oscar Pistorius, paraplegic blade runner from the London Olympics, shot his girlfriend. He says it was an accident, public says otherwise. What can I say?

What can I say? Trying not to waste another week. So far, I can take a breather from the baby, and can focus easier. Can I get a lot done in one day?

Also, I'm going to watch Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the newest Super Sentai (or Power rangers) series. Combining that with Kamen Rider Wizard, I should get a good Tokusatsu watch. Might watch Junjou Romantica (or just 1 ep) too.


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