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I can't win can I?

Now sure if I can say if I should be more upset with myself or just how things are processed. I have little money.

All of this could've been avoided if I just had been more observant, but I rushed because I was too determined. This often happens. I rush because I wanted to do something so badly, and I was upset with being too distracted. I would have a plan laid out, but it isn't effective or isn't agreeable because I did not see holes. I did not one single important detail. That one detail or two would elude me for some reason.

And this is often the route to embarrassment.

....I would've been less upset if I had known sooner.

Back to square one. I hate myself sometimes.

On the good side: D.GRAYMAN has returned.
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Some real doggie tales.

Because I've been receiving some rain and storm over here. Good ol' Michigan Spring. It just reminded me of the old days with my first dog, Ike. Majority of dogs hate thunder, but my dog didn't hide. He actually:
- Broke into my washroom
- Ran away
- Tried to dig under fence (and I think one time tried to slip between fence and house wall ~_~;)

That's all I can think of at the top of my head.

These Dodge Chargers are rampart in Michigan, and I swear are going to hurt me one of these days. They're variable in engine types, and they look like they drive quick.

If it's not a Charger, it's a Mustang. People drive too wild.
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This is related to This entry from before.

I probably don't know where I should be yet. It's probably something very unexpected. I already heard many stories about celebrities' past and how people go from here to there. How one man just wasn't sure where to go, but he went to a class and further pursued the specialty of that class.

But I thought of "what I wanted" many times and tried to take steps. Automotive, acting, anthropology (cultural study/human science), computer (which I was pushed to do out of an assumption only because I go on the PC a lot), pottery, art, etc. One time I thought, "Hey! I can so do geography because I was so into that when I was younger!" and when I did a class on it, it didn't turn out well. Why? I can't remember. Maybe it was too confusing?

I was just upset. I hate trying and failing many times. Having this euphoric feeling that I love something and can do it, then I end up failing. Failing in what I like; to think that I liked it or could like it.

I don't want to do it just to show people that I'm doing something. I don't have that kind of life time.

I have a feeling if I follow avionics, and I am a total plane geek, I'll just fail again. Aerodynamics is difficult. And to add onto my frustration, I'm stuck with a baby because of fools.

"I'm going to this-and-that college!"
"OH THAT'S GREAT! Congrats!"
"I'm taking classes!"
"I'm working here!"
"Good good!"

Doggie's Week was same ol', same ol'. And I am just sick of it. I was particularly upset yesterday and I can't even remember the reason. I can't look forward to a day off; yesterday, I was so tired, and had this hazy feeling when trying to sit down and read. My vision dimmed or I just wanted to fall sleep. American Sniper is still unfinished due to my time and my lack of motivation.

I read an article about "Most unhappiest jobs" and "truck driver" and "retail" were among them, and I remembered those two being the most common jobs posted in advertisement. Online?

Looking through the newspaper, I read about new automobiles and lease for homes, and it's seems so out of my reach.

There's a used GT-R in Troy! (>.<) Oh, I know it's close to a dream to obtain, but I can dream. And it's a car, and it means someone touched it, and it was built for use. That would be fantastic.

Sometimes, I don't want to dream, I want to get there. One day, I want to tell a story that'll help others who feel depressed, feel stuck, or feel like they're at a wall. Able to answer those those "indecisive" questions.

To be that good friend.
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A peace officer may acquire and possess, without a license, an automatic weapon provided that the employer of the peace officer does not adopt a rule or policy prohibiting the acquisition or possession of such automatic weapons.

Opinion No. 6015 of Act 372 Michigan Law on FIREARMS.

Aside from my mental shredding from Mr. Williams...

People talk about "being for all races".

Members of the police force need a lot of consideration in people. If they are for justice, they are to protect and be the charisma of the society. Least that is what is supposed to happen. Commercial enforcement. But then, policemen come from all corners of the world. They can sign up and just not have a felony. They can have short tempers, they can have discriminatory impulses, they can have secret thoughts, they can hate their job.

Just like every person on your workforce.

Riots are very wrong; looting and causing a noise is wrong; discrimination is wrong; being too emotionally charged is wrong.

An unarmed kid, who apparently robbed the store (or was with an associate that did) and pushed a cop, was shot to death. But tons of people object that the boy was a criminal and deserved it. Just recently, a guy with a knife got shot to death after he didn't put down the knife and tried to approach an officer with it, ranting "SHOOT ME, KILL ME!"

I thought you used a firearm against an armed and hostage situation, and used as a psychological weapon.

In Michigan Legislature, there are a few things that cover assault and battery such as following: inflicting injury, intentionally discharging an firearm by any means (and if with harmful results), stalking, etc. These guys are prone to jail time, misdemeanor at least. This should be kept in mind with both officer and victims.

Protesting and "using your voice"; is understandable, but the current situation with the rioting is not. Strange, since I love revenge stories in fiction. However, I can't agree with approving crime at all. Even if there's anger against the police, even if an officer blundered, gave out the wrong ticket, discriminated, or went WAY too far in judgement of using a firearm, I don't approve in using the same behavior.

Especially don't like putting a voting booth near where the boy was killed. For some reason, someone thought that this opinion implied that I didn't agree with voting.

That's what I've decided. This is getting out of hand. Police are using tear gas and assault rifles even.
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Man fired after note to boss goes viral

Kiddo-Munchkin niece is sick and will probably stay with me all day.

Today's topic is "leaders" and what makes them? Including in game management. I guess it's a part of my week since I heard some talk about managers. And, I had a small talk with someone about "gamemasters".

Is there a difference between "reflecting by number of years or by your position" and "reflecting by your character"? When you're an adult, you're so stubborn and too used to your regular style. "I know what I'm doing" type of mindset. One can be stuck with a particular manner for many years w/o consequence.

If you're doing your duty, and honored by how much you do ("much" as in "amount"), do you still think you're allowed to behave how you wish? I try to see myself as a rookie all the time. There's always something to learn or to be reminded of occasionally.

The terms "success" and "being good" come with different meanings.

Next entry, I think I'll talk about another fiction I made since it's five years old.

Tron driving is a tough job.
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So, gay ban repel battle in Michigan. Just a net quote from CBC:

"A child needs both a mom and a dad in order to grow up and develop normally."

IMO, letting those children growing up in that very questionable environment is almost akin to abuse and neglect.

I want to see some evidence of this RATHER than form a subjective opinion out of fear of the nontraditional or the "weird".

Getting a little tired of this "unconstitutional" talk. It's starting to mean "it's against a legislation we've recently made", and not necessarily historical.

Here's a quote from the C.O.M ARTICLE I:
"No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws; nor shall any person be denied the enjoyment of his civil or political rights or be discriminated against in the exercise thereof because of religion, race, color or national origin. The legislature shall implement this section by appropriate legislation."

Same for U.S. Con.

Forget about it.
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「撃ちまーす」(uchimasu. Commence shoot)
「斬りまーす」 (kirimasu. Commence cutting)

I am happy to use the Yamaguchi Kappei tag again because that man is so adorable in Tokkyuger, the latest addition in Super Sentai. It was tough to part from Kyoryuger, I got to say. The verses above are for the gun and sword modes of the squad's switching blasters. First I thought it was "butemasu"? Ah well. Kappei speaks very appropriately, like a typical conductor, and it's funny how such a theme can mix with something action-based. "Please stand behind the dotted line. Thank you." "Enjoy your stay".

Youtube: TQG Blaster + the changer

"Tokyyyu Ichi-go! (Tokkyu #1) Scope!"

This week: Mostly sick. I was in bed a lot.

Last week: Bought Valentines Gift for mother and niece. I think I wanted to talk about a dream I had and something about the Olympics but I don't remember. I guess when I have even a tiny urge of blogging, I should write in a notepad of what.

Maybe it was going to be about the weather? Michigan .... Michigan is crazy, even this week.

"Sunshine!? MOTHAPHUKERS PLEASE!" This week was snow, sleet, heavy wind, sunshine, rain; they said thunder and lightning in forecast but I didn't catch it? Hit by everything. I feel like it's an omen.

Regardless, the snow isn't getting anyone a break.

[ Rider Gaim ]
DOggie x Kamen RIder Gaim. More on Lockseeds here, and pretty well detailed.


Got them from a bud after caving in At first I thought, "What can I possibly do with toys?!" because I don't....keep toys anymore. I guess they're pretty cool after all. Maybe the show version's are modified in some way but opening the locks doesn't make them talk. I have to cleverly push the back button with my hand to say the fruit's name. If the actors have to do the same thing then hats off to their dexterity.

The Strawberry Lockseed was gone as soon as I un-boxed them: The niece overlord grabbed it.

Den-O Lock (upper right) says "Mister CLIMAAAAAX!" ^-^ Also "Iku Iku Iku ZEEEEE!" Of course! Momotaros!

[ Monster Hunter 3 ]
Clearly, I think K-sensei beats me more in MH. She has fought plenty of Star 5 monsters and I am stuck on a few now, one in particular being Diabolos the Sand Wyvern.

Last week having jumped out the sand and scaring the crap out of me (u.u).

[ So Far: Final Fantasy Tactics ]

Well, I'm happy that after so many years I can progress through this game. I am at Chapter 2 (and apparently there are only four), and I recall the bad reviews that I read. Now I feel a little disappointed because this must be another case of the final fantasy series pushing my buttons because of its difficulty. It's pretty unfair, especially when it comes to training.

Already killed my Chocobo. Those damned Summoners. What in the world?!

I can't explain the negative of the story too well.
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Not a single thing stands out to me from 2013. Or maybe am just waving my hand to it. What I mean is: "Stands out for me". Of course, there are various international and national events, but I don't feel like recapping. Probably a result of bad mood.

2014 is turning out terrible. Since New Years, I don't think I've been happy. I'm not going to bother ranting about how I need to continuously babysit for stupid people, since it's a waste of time. Also, I'll look misogynist + misandrist wouldn't I? I'm still trying to figure out how to work at home if it's possible.

Gonna start with this AWFUL WEATHER! Killing people, attacking health, giving us a hard drive. Just had a spin-out today even. Yesterday, it was so painful to go outside. I don't think I've seen such weather in years.

Here's something to start New Years:

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LINK: 13 States Will Raise Their Minimum Wage For The New Year

I'd say this is a bit reasonable, considering that in Michigan, we got people going on strikes from fast food part job jobs and asking for wages higher than Washington's...(o-O)

>>Someone has to work at Mickey D's, Taco Bell and Walmart. Why don't they deserve a living wage?<<

Justine Sacco Apologizes For AIDS Tweet

Of course, Twitter is addicting and the core of stupid. Sometimes, when we're so excited, we don't know what we're saying.

Looks like Super Junior has the potential of becoming the new 1D in Twitter trending? Okay, maybe that's exaggerating.
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So, here's some stuff I hear on the radio, aside from kids and security guards getting shot in their homes and cars.

- The 'Fight for 15' Grows
- 1-day fast food worker strike comes to Detroit

Invoking the people's voice is a good thing, but will this even work? Is it even necessary to risk? 15 an hour?

Which makes me wonder, how much do those in the military, both enlisted and officers, make? Since there is the potential of entering dangerous territory, I'd hope they're paid well. I don't get why anyone even consider, bring up, cutting pay for soldiers. Unless it was convenient.
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In Sports NCAA March Madness: MICHIGAN Wolverines defeats Kansas Jayhawks. Next it should be vs Florida Gators in the Elite 8.

IF there can be Ohio State vs Michigan, it'd be quite a rivalry.

Anyways, my week(s).

Pretty much tons of work, babysitting, and my dog biting me. Plus, I am growing curious about the novels of Yukikaze and Lodoss series.

Work, while I am happy to feel that I have a sense of good purpose again OUT of babysitting, is strenuous. I am easily becoming homesick. Haha, it's pretty typical; I can't go home and read. On the days off, I had the kiddo.

Just last night, I had a strange dream of my leg being infected by...something. It was disturbing enough for me to remember. Like a parasite? Like you could something crawling under the skin? Last thing I could remember in the dream was someone calling ambulance.

Last week, or maybe it was Monday, dog bit me after a long long time (u.u) It again made me question myself as a responsible dog owner, and I long felt like I haven't trained her that well in discipline and order. Of course it can and will happen to any pet owner, and it wasn't a bad bite, but I should've known. Also, I can't seem to be assertive enough; does my dog even consider me as a leader? So she bit me over some food. She was sticking her head into the food bag where she isn't supposed to.

Last week I watched and finished MACROSS PLUS (OVA ver.). Haven't watched it in years. This and Yukikaze pretty much shows how dangerous computers can be when they get too darn smart. It's just silly. Chiba Shigeru does not fail to humor me at all. It's the same as Seki Tomokazu in Gokaiger (see video below), which I'd like to watch! I swear, working in the kitchen, I was singing "Si si ha!". Am I going to remember the dinosaur's names and the gun/items?! I only watched five eps and there's tons of stuff.

Let's enjoy some SekiTomo! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOO KAI GA!"


Akino Arai is too great. Macross has fantastic songs, and Macross PLUS's "VOICES" is definitely a favorite. I believe there are three or four versions to this song, but the acoustic version is my favorite.

Also, in the anime world, here is apparently the new approaching hotness o-O; For a commercial, and that's all there is to this new anime, people are QUITE crazy about it. Swimming men. Look out Michael Phelps.

With Sailor Moon music.
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I'll talk about my week soon. Here's a video:

The sound was made by a DJ from Detroit named Tom Clay. Well done Michigan!
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Wednesday. For someone who says she [Stinkpest] loves her baby so much, she certainty doesn't contribute much.

Anyways, last weekend was the Academy Awards. Usually, I don't watch it that much, or I just catch snippets of it. This time, I watched most of it since the baby (went home Monday night) was up late. So, the entire time until she went to bed, I watched it and cleaned. Since really, if I have to babysit SO MUCH in a week, I might as well remain active. Like a parent, I can't let a baby hinder my home duties.

I am uncertain of what to say about the Oscars results since i haven't watched any of the nominated movies, but Oscars can entice you to watch them because the elegant presentation. I really wanted to see Brave and Wreck-it-Ralph myself. Plus, there's the feeling of nostalgia. The new host was Seth MacFarlane, who made those kind of testy jokes. I didn't laugh out loud but found myself smiling wryly a lot. I don't want to criticize him harshly because of his Lincoln joke. And in the end, the First Lady awards the Best Film of the Year. Is there something wrong with that? So I hear that it's a problem.

Now there's the weather. Monday, lovely sunshine. Tuesday, CRAP SNOW STORM! Or rather, hail then snow. I thought the snow wouldn't stop.

In sports, Oscar Pistorius, paraplegic blade runner from the London Olympics, shot his girlfriend. He says it was an accident, public says otherwise. What can I say?

What can I say? Trying not to waste another week. So far, I can take a breather from the baby, and can focus easier. Can I get a lot done in one day?

Also, I'm going to watch Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the newest Super Sentai (or Power rangers) series. Combining that with Kamen Rider Wizard, I should get a good Tokusatsu watch. Might watch Junjou Romantica (or just 1 ep) too.
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It's Michigan time! aside from the Lions losing

LINK: "Right to Work" and the Middle Class

I was wondering about "Right to Work" bill and I can't seem to find much information, at least not much articles on how much of a "bad idea" it is.

I do recall an old proposal on whether, or not, to support equal worker rights (financial wise).
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AGAIN! AGAIN! Another Friday is here; I predict another boring weekend. I already wasted this week. There's one thing that I have to work on, and that is avoiding sweets and soda. Also, buying small things that I don't have to such as cocoa. I love cocoa and ice cream, but I don't need it.

Yesterday, there was a tiny bit of frost.

Election Day (Tuesday), Michigan turns blue and U.S President Obama achieves a 2nd term. When it all comes down to it, you vote for what you believe in. Of course!

I think the moral of Tuesday is "don't insult the country". I virtually hear the same thing from each side, and you wonder if some of things that are said are totally real. For example, prejudice about immigration, and the remarks about "fake rape" (ugh...).

Maybe I have to admit myself that there are people who do think that way, and can get into positions of power. To tell you the truth, my prejudice for teen parents, which I would complain about on here, really is out of dislike. It's especially increased because of a particular person in my family. I say this to admit it openly.

One thing that annoys me about Republicans and/or Conservatives is that they assume that a ton of people wants to be "government dependent". U.S.A is founded on the idea of independence. But why let government service exist? We always need a government; I can't imagine, especially here in U.S, anarchy or the like. You could say that I take the government's position for granted. It's there long before anyone, and U.S is still a young country.

Another thing that bothers me is the really unfair insults towards the U.S President. You're probably thinking, "The previous presidents were gravely insulted as well". Even George Bush Jr. was called a "Nazi" most likely due to being so steadfast to his beliefs, especially on facing terrorism. He would veto the Congress bills if he were against them. Of course. That probably can be said for everyone.

Current U.S President is Democrat; opposite major party, from musicians to radio personalities, make a living out of making him look like swill. Identity is questioned, he's blamed for many things, called anti-American, etc. Only because of polar opposites? You need to use anger, manipulation, and prejudice? I don't appreciate people being called Anti-American because of their political preferences.

Don't be like me with teen parenting.

Annoyed #1
Playing Pokemon Conquest (PKMN: Nobunaga Ambition), I noticed that I can't seem to think ahead. Tactical RP game where I have to move the character and make sure that the moves can hit, or if the enemy can't hit me. Often it ends up like, "Wait, no! That's not it." or "No, wrong spot."

Maybe that's why I'm playing it so much. Training, progress, I hate losing, and I want to read the enemy and grow my army.

Curses Pokemon! Curses! Reading a lot about Feudal Japan, maybe I should try out the original "Nobunaga's Ambition" one day.

Annoyed #2
Writing! I hate thinking up something interesting, then I end up at a block...
My trail is straight-forward, and then it's like, "Wait, why would this happen?" I like cause and effect. Maybe it's my attempt to try and make everybody guessing. I can't seem to do it. Developing background feels so difficult.

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It's Tuesday; started off the week okay, but I still need to get myself fully motivated.

Tired now since I woke up pretty early to get to the voting booths. I have to thank my dad, for teaching me to go early, anywhere, when I'm devoted to things.

Will Michigan end up Red or Blue?

Speaking of Devotion...I play too much pokemon. I like to train (and I like the progress from that training), and I hate losing. That is why I keep playing. Also, the post-events of Pokemon Conquest (Nobunaga's Ambition) can end up quite long.
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Michigan is sunny, after what seems to be...eternal gray clouds and heavy winds.

I'm back. Boring week as expected. I went high, then I went low. Maybe because it's Saturday.

Yesterday was the birthday of voice actor, Ishida Akira. Maybe I can talk about him more another day. Amazing guy.

Two things weighed on my mind a lot throughout this week: Hurricane Sandy and the upcoming election. Seriously, the latter is only a few days! For some reason, I've been skeptical about where I'm supposed to go for voting. I assumed the same place as virtually always; however, there was one other place (during Kerry vs incumbent Bush Jr.), and it stuck out on my mind for some reason, creating my uncertainty. Feel pretty dumb.

Election Day is going to feel a little lonely; the days leading up to it has been somewhat, because I knew my father would be stuck like glue to these events, especially now. He's pretty humorous when it comes to his opinions, even though they felt very party-biased most of the time. But he and I (and mom) are really into personality.

As for Hurricane Sandy. Again, I am in Michigan; the core didn't reach me but I had rain and heavy wind. Compared to some storms that my area has received, I was lucky to not have trees fall near any wires, and to not have flooding. Lights flickered, but power stayed on.

New York and Jersey, stay safe and continue to persevere. It's great to see people put differences aside and work together to support a fellow man. On the other hand, it's sad to see that it's a crisis enforcing that, breaking the life that is taking for granted. In the political world, we have the President of the United States and the Governor of New Jersey, who are the opposite parties. The latter and his party barely accepts the activities of the POTUS, until now. He is praising the POTUS for assisting him with disaster relief (or the like); since Governor Christie did, he gets criticized by his own party?

Like I said, I like character. That's just ridiculous. Political polar opposites or not, what happened to "the right thing to do"?

I appreciate heroes and what they do to help others. That's why I like firefighters, law enforcement, soldiers, etc. I like reading stories about them when they do good deeds. I wish I was genuinely the same...but, I'm a coward.

And is NaNoWo even possible?

VID TIME. Music history

And while playing DEAD SPACE on PC, Mark's mouse doesn't work:

Also, I wanna mention The official Hakuouki dub.

...sometimes, my curiosity is bad. Sometimes I wonder, how is some of dub acting even acceptable to watchers? Some of the "Shrine of Funimation" fans still bother me.

[ profile] sinnesspiel and [ profile] munou_no_taisa would choke someone. MoF, if you guys see this, don't watch it. Turn away, now.
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Maybe it's too early to do "Doggie Week", but I predict boring days ahead. I was positive on Monday and Wednesday, but it feels like I haven't maintained that positiveness. Nearing the weekend, I feel a little down, because I feel that I haven't done much. And in most cases, I babysit on the weekend. Babysit and faith-checking weekend.

Throughout this week, strangest dreams. Pokemon, death, Saint Seiya.

This week's most notable news: Hurricane Sandy.

Pretty much, Eastern Michigan received some heavy winds and rain. More later since I'm occupied
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Much to my surprise, I found myself playing more Pokemon Conquest (ポケモン+ノブナガの野望; Nobunaga's "yabou" or ambition) than I thought I would.

What's going on? Pokemon entering my dreams. My string of dreams have been straight weird; I can only remember one or two. There was about my niece/nephews (or some kids that I know) dead. Family members were in the surrounding area and the feeling was morose. Recently in real life, and I said in real life, some kids were in a terrible car accident on their way to Cedar Point. I only remember hearing that one was thrown out of the car and one needed serious leg surgery, all because they drove past midnight even though they were told to get some sleep. This was in Michigan. Why so early? Cedar Point opens at 10a.

In another dream, the one niece that I often talk about was a pokemon...

The addiction...I can't stop.

In the news, I-96 shootings! A popular Mich. highway.

Am I a bad person?
Recently, I have been expressing my issues with forgiveness. I don't like being told that I'm an atheist. But frankly, I think religion makes us high-handed, which I don't like.

Maybe I'm just not a good Christian. Some shit I see or deal with, I can't find myself to forgive, Again, I'm not Jesus. Some things are just not influenced by "good action"...for the better

I'm good that Christianity (and many other religions) promote positiveness and "being good"

But Jesus was a supernatural person, and could get people to bow. Not me. If I I'm not rich or strong, I'm just nothing. I'm happy that...we're born to be open-minded, or we can choose to be that way. Or learn?

but that's not acceptable? From God? There are some things I can't tolerant and can't keep my cool with.
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Wada or Kada?

August is almost over.

This is Wada (Hua Tao) of Koihime Musou, voiced by Hiyama Nobuyuki (see tag). He'll say stuff along the lines of "BECOME BETTEEEEEEER!"

The sign on the desk (my memory is FAILING!) says "medical king" (医者王; ishaoh), a reference to Yuushaoh Gaogaigar (A show that Hiyama voices in). Like Wakamoto Norio and various others, Hiyama's characters are inclined to becoming video memes.

Because of the recent NARUTO (comic) hype, I'm nearly exhausted.

I'mm surprised that it's Wednesday; my desire was to wake up at 6a but I ended up waking up near 9. Wanted to get some typing in, some calls, some writing, because my week has been me being mostly selfish and worried.

Ehh...I'm kind of OK with unemployment, which gives me the focus to do other things. It gives me time to regulate myself and reflect; at the same time, I can get discouraged and my mind conjures up these feelings that say, "I don't want to work". Only because I was getting frustrated.

But I'm quite too young to retire.

I already talked about this on Plurk, surprised that the result didn't leave my neck ripped out. Because Democrats are the enemy right? Or low informed? Least that's what I'm told to be: Democratic.

In the dictionary, "liberal" is not a government term but is defined in one part as "broad-minded".

Anyways, I had the intention to watch the entire 2nd day (from postponed 1st day) of the Republican National Convention. I took a nap, my mistake, but woke up; listened to some of the convention on the radio.

Anyways, I've decided, since HISTORY IS FUN, I'm going to post info on the U.S Constitution, primarily its amendments (Bill of Rights being first). Since they love to talk about that, and it's going to be a refresh.

Bashing + RP retirement
So, I gave up on a couple of blog RPG games (if I can call them that), explaining that my lack of focus and interactivity in the game occurrences are a burden. I'm not that good in creating topics either.

I hate giving up, but it looks like I just don't have the same influence as other players who can easily gather pals around to play and create scenes. I don't have the same closeness with any person. Plus, maybe my choice also had to do with not only the game genre choice, but trying to completely follow what was important in the game. It felt like a weak point. It's becoming more and more apparent to me. I can turn around, and I'm behind.

Most interactive "impact" that I have is on [ profile] srwug_alpha_rp, where I play Bernard Wiseman from War in Pocket.

So, what did I mean by "selfish" at the beginning of this entry?

How should I say this? I don't want to leave Michigan. And I wanted my mother to stay home. She's originally not from America and wants to return to her old home, but I would have to go with her.

I feel like I'm a big loser because I can't find a good place for myself. I wouldn't be able to financially support anything. Again, I need to keep up with the "Doggie is Doggie" mentality and accept it. It's not like life goes the way we want to. I just hate the fact that I feel less mature than usual.

Also, to lose the "family house" (that's what I call it) means to put away all the memories that came from it. And, I can't say that I am the best in long-distance driving. I'm royally screwed if I move out of country. I don't like being in a place where I have no idea where I am.

Also, my dog has to go with another owner. Someone nice is going to take her.

I'm losing precious things.

Trying to convince K-sensei (Katsuki Masako) to play Mario Kart 7, but I can't get the sentence correct.


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