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I didn't look it up on the hows and whys, but wondered over the uses of glue mouse traps. Mice has been annoying lately, so I bought some traps, but couldn't get over the thought that I'm possibly making the mice starve to death when they get stuck? Unless the glue smell is killing them.

I'm sorry you guys, they got to go. And neither snapping their neck or crushing them is better. I kept seeing a baby in my washroom.

Anyways, it's the same old same old. I needed a break from work, so I took time off. I really was annoyed, and I was even more so when I came back because there's little care from those in each department. It just further blares a siren in my head that I should go elsewhere. But every time I job search, it's like I see things that I can't do. It could be just that maybe I've not been serious enough about it? Due to being strained by work?

Time off reminded me of that. I cleaned the house, I still kept sleeping early, I still think like I needed to get something, wasn't I even relaxed?

[EXCITEMENT! girlfriends]

On the morning of September 15, which I think is TODAY this evening in my time, this happens:

[ 一声入魂!アニメ声優塾」NHK・Eテレで“開講 ]
"Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!"

- Nhk: Shuumei Doki

- Shoko's site: Schedule info

Important Note: Takayama Minami does not use twitter, but the owner of this tweet is a big fan.

Or just read this article from MOON CHASE, heck check all of the blog if you're a Sailor Moon/Sera Myu fan: Shoko-Nakagawa-to-host-tv-show-shumi-doki-Masako-Katsuki-to-co-star-in-episode

My lady! (o >____< o)

Quote: セーラーネプチューン……(o.o) 何だっけ?」
"Sailor Neptune...what is that?"

Nakagawa Shoko was on the floor laughing, a hint on what's to come?

Youtube episodes are shared. I'm not sure what I'm more excited about. Maybe it's the results and how she influences others, seeing her personality more, or see what she says.

Which reminds me, she doesn't seem like a confident type, especially with appearance, which isn't fair because she is adorably chubby. But I hear the story on the effects of "actor's face" and "character image" a lot. She's also shy, the type who cries easily. I seriously want to draw a moe-looking SD Tsunade.

Furthermore, I see tweets such as "shock", "obaachan", and "debu" (kind of like "piggy" or "fattie"), and get a little annoyed because it seems like a serious thing in Japan. I can't go up and say "you're proportions are good".

I call my niece "fattie/chubby" all the time, because that makes her adorable. She does eat a lot (and STEAL my food) and laugh about it. It's genetic for her; she looks like her grandmother on father's side.

I'm just rambling.

I will look out.
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The wee babe is going to school next month.

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Terrible, shameful week...sort of. I recently lost another uncle, robbed at work, and I just...forget important things at home more than once. Being robbed was partially my fault, and I was upset with myself. You can't trust anyone as I work with too many disgruntled people.

Never easy )

There is plenty of potential. If you really love/want something, you have to really have effort. Treat it as a part of your life if you want to follow it, especially professionally.

Within a few hours, I can change, but stress does not mix well with art.

My quarters are in a jumble and I can't focus with niece around. Fortunately, after so much strain and effort, she will finally go to school. For me and family to go through such foolishness just shows how people are incapable of caring for children. Not trying to sound mean that she can leave me for a while. She can finally go to school because she wanted to (so she says), and it is healthy for children, so I don't understand why anyone would delay that.
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"If you keep eating so much, you'll get big and fat."

"But I need to grow. (>.<)" She's turning four soon.
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Well, as usual, a miserable week. I am getting extra frustrated with my niece, and it keeps me up late at night since that seems to be the only time I can get some peace and do what I wish. But I haven't been sleeping properly as it is lately. She says the darn-dest things that just melts the heart.

"No fighting, and no yelling."

"Baby needs a hug."

I want to quote as much as I can, but my memory can't maintain.

In the Watchlist World: Aldnoah ended, I haven't watched the Ronja final yet (I'm not in a rush) or the GARO animation final, Gundam Reconguista of G is over, and I finally watched Gundam The Origin.

I'll ramble about Gundam Reco another time, if that's possible. Not sure if I can even describe it. It is such a random show; I really can't believe how silly it was.

To quote another guy: "G Reco's barrier to entry is too much for me to recommend it to anyone. It'll be like telling people to run thru a doorway w/ unseen glass."Loved the comedy though.

Gundam The Origin suffers from a lack of animation budget, and there are shoes to fill after being spoiled by GUNDAM UNICORN, but I think ORIGIN is pretty good. Violence AND comedy. Fantastic.

I am not sure why anyone would allow a guy with not just only mental issues, but insignificant amount of flying hours, to fly a commercial airplane, especially with many passengers. I am sure that you need to be an officer.

It's a shame.

Phone is giving me a little bit of sanity since I can't keep up with new console or console games, and life just sucks.

Peggle Blast gets harder or more unfair on the way up. I feel that it may end up like Candy Crush, and force me to slip it some pocket change just for a few extra turns. But I like achieving things through hard work, and that includes strong character and winning. and I'm paying through my data-loaded phone bill after all

I have no idea why I'm playing something as grueling as "Sonic & ALL STARS: Transformed" ON THE PHONE. I have to do easy mode ~_~ Why do I play racing games on the stupid phone? It's horrible! But yet, it's still fun from what I gather from it, and I may want it on console one day. Interesting themes (or mode) for the races, outside of battle and time trials, and the stages have different pathways. STILL, there are invisible walls, especially during flight mode and it's annoying.

Not to mention niece overlord wants to play it ^-^; Even though she has no idea what to do. She says, "can I have phone?" or "I wanna play car!" Is she becoming Petrolhead?

Team Ishida

Mar. 1st, 2015 02:29 pm
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Middle of the week, I wanted to rant about something. Sometimes I can't help but question others' stupidity, or how a person thinks, especially when it comes to being "a man" or "a woman' (AKA: an adult), or what "love" is.

But then, I thought "no" and stopped myself because it's just stupid. It's also obvious. I can't expect anything better from a particular person.

If I wanted to blog about a problem, I probably want to with the purpose of making others think twice. News articles can do the same.

Like I said before, I don't like giving off a bad impression too much, and I also said that it won't make me feel better. Social media can lead others through a lie, show only one side of a story, and personally those who complain the most are the others who cause the most problems. Least that's my opinion.

Right now, I need to learn how to not be frustrated.

What I do want to know is what's next for me? Thinking about it, I must be afraid of returning to school because of a few memories. I was into art (ie: Drawing, pottery) and automobiles, and I even, I can't even recall what it was. Something for PCs. It was highly assumed by family members that I was great with PCs just because I use it often. If I don't remember, it goes to show how much I didn't care. I prefer to use the PC for hobby or research.

No, I don't want to talk about Mr. Nemoy. Not in the mood. Made me a little upset.


Never played phone games outside of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja because I am just attached to console gaming, but I guess frustration got the better of me and I wanted to test the flexibility of the phone. Went do far to download Chess, Checkers and Sudoku.

"I need something to do while I take a breather" I just thought. I was especially looking for a RPG. So I foound Brave Frontier (header photo) and "Chain Chronicle (SEGA; 2nd photo). I am also playing "build games" such as Samurai Siege and Clash of Clans, but I just might remove them. I also briefly played Zenonia 4. While Zeno4 looked very interesting, I can't use the touch d-pad. Absolutely not. Not comfortable with it at all or any games that use it.

Being used to the conventional RPG with level grinding, Brave Frontier is pretty annoying because it uses a "fuse system" to make the characters stronger. They don't level up in battle. In the first photo are three five-star (or very rare) characters and it's still difficult. I even have 4-star Earth Pike Lance and I have to evolve him with a couple more materials.

Voice actor Ishida Akira (石田彰) voices over 40 characters in Chain Chronicle. Plenty of pretty guys or kids, but there is also burly dudes like Greg (above) and old men/veterans like Cervantes (Who says "Wakazo gaaaaa!" or "Greenhorn!"). SASUGA ISHIDA!

Not sure of the thought on the hero's name (you pick your own). I guess it's close to Aghanim, Athrun and Arslan.

Lots of Uchida Maaya too; apparently Yanagita Junichi (柳田淳一) plays a lot of loud or fired up characters, so far my fav being Dusty. Maybe I'll do another screenshot with Ishida characters one day.

Tokkyuger and fanfic project next.
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Since I'm forgetful and can't manage my time that well. Here is what's next:

- Mobile/Pad games: RPGs Chain Chronicle (Team Ishida Akira), Samurai Siege, Brave Frontier, Zenonia (very brief)
- "Munchkin"
- Tokkyuger final
- A new fanfic project?
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I would definitely put this in a top saddest song/greatest love song list. This seems a little too much for a pet song. This would fit better for my mom, but I like it anyway. Tammy Wynette's version is less sad.

[ More Morgie ]
She would've been 16 this year. TO carry something for so long, there should be a story to tell.

But do I have much of a story?

To have a pet )

I think I mentioned already that my niece is keeping me occupied, and likes to use my PC to watch videos. The best time to blog is when she's sleeping. Recently, there has been some carpenter work and tons of cleaning for the arrival of company.

With that said, I probably shouldn't tell a long story.
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My whole week was work and niece. I'm annoyed...

Somehow I managed to watch Sailor Moon Crystal in and out.

All I'll say is that this is the brightest stuff I've ever seen so far. Not into the OP theme though.


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I'm such a stiff person. This is how niece is killing me (u.u):

When I get home, my thoughts on Nobunaga Fool and Sidonia?

Four WTFs

Jun. 3rd, 2014 09:26 pm
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Doggie's here, and it's hot.

1.) So it looks like my niece's new favorite thing to say "I NEED!", clear as daylight when she wants food. She used to say "Give me some". Her "I NEEEEEEED" sounds so forceful and whiny. Then again, she was always bossy.

2.) So for Skyward Sword, looks like my Wiimotion adapter stopped working after a few days of playing. This is what I get for being a cheapskate. Bless Mario Kart 8 for doing well. I need to make a goal for better finance and catch up to the new generation.

3.) Two 12-Year-Old Girls Stabbed Their Friend 19 Times, Saying Internet Meme “Slender Man” Told Them To

Slender Man wants to chase girls. Why are you listening to a faceless thing with tentacles?

4.) Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary movie (SEE VID BELOW). WTF is this Japan on Milo? So Milo's movie VA is going to be Asano Masumi, which is really weird. She usually plays a girl/woman.

【浅野真澄/ミロ】 男性のキャラクターを演じたのですが、自由にやらせていただきました。青銅聖闘士の方たちは挑んでくるとき も、やられる時も常に全力で、それを受け止める黄金聖闘士の器も大きく感じましたし、とにかくみんなのエネ ルギーが凄かったです。
"I played a male character but let me interpret freely. I put all my strength, as well as the Bronze Saints come face me when I'm having, and I really felt how the Gold Saints are people of high stature. In any case, everyone was full of incredible energy."

It's just...what? o-O;

I can't take this seriously at all. Milo is such a strong character. Voice is pretty, but against a character who is loyal w/o question, hurting Kanon, and even fighting three Golds. What are you trying to do? It's not necessary. The movie is warped as it is. There's rumors that Milo might be a woman. We'll just have to see.

Other than that, I am totally happy about Camus! Total fix from the OVAs and actually feels like a Master.


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Continuing from "Dumbest Tweets". Same guy made this video. Thought of niece overlord

Well no, I don't want to taser her ^_^: the "mom" however... But probably the biggest problem is her begging for food (and her "back talk") And yes, kids are expensive.

What is his name?! "Xboxandre"? LOL!

They break your brain.
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Niece overlord used the potty all by herself.

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Okay, so, on Sunday, my popcorn caught on fire.

And lately, I haven't been babysitting. It's probably TOO EARLY (or too good to be true) to say this, but I might not be babysitting anymore. At least, not as often. I really don't know what's going on.

I have to give my mommy-pie some credit. Finally. She smacked the gavel and said the hell with it. At first, I secretly criticized her caring too much, but she was only doing what was right. But a camel's hump can only carry so much.

I've said it over and over: Niece's parents are idiots, even more so when it come to niece's "mom" (AKA: Stinkpest). Because hey, this should've happened in the first place. Was I supposed to babysit her on and off until the mom graduated? I think not.

And I despise helping someone so spiteful. I babysat niece so long, there is a slight empty feeling. Also, some worry.

What frustrated me more than watching the vigorous child I must be getting old was the methods of the parents. Niece had yet to go to daycare; the circumstances behind it would take too long to explain. EVERYTHING would take too long to explain, from reasons as to why I don't like Stinkpest to what I have been going through with babysitting, but you think that anyone with some cognition would consider their child's convenience, and not feed flames. So went spent days and days to find a place for the child to enjoy herself, spend her energy, do baby activities BECAUSE she is a smartie pants and is growing up, and not JUST spend time near the tv and being in the house. To be with other kids. although, bringing her home is the hard part. Typical of course


But no. For some dumb reason, the little wank provokes both sides. My family and the father's family.

I have too much contempt for Stinkpest, and she has too much contempt for me and my mother, the latter who over and over has been helping her (so did my father). It was always like that. Just no consideration for anything, whether they're sick or not. And, it just disgusts me when love and support isn't recognized.

All the time and money I've spent on the kiddo. When I come home, she runs to me with this big smile and hugs my legs. Then, jumps up and down. Cause hey, I spoil her. And if she wants crackers or chips, she points to it. She eats food from my plate, and she doesn't like it when I leave, even when I go to the mailbox...

But I gotta live my life. This was going to ultimately happen anyway, because she's not my kid. She's Stiknpest's kid and stinkpest is going to be the influence.

So I'M FREE! or am I?

I thought I'd get better sleep...


Kamen Rider Wizard. SPOILERS BELOW! GO GO!

Kamen Rider Wizard ending? )
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My niece is absolutely aggravating me. Due to an interesting day change, I get a few days off (hopefully). And I really could use a day for an appointment.

But what worried me was how much anger my mother's possibly harbored until last weekend. Enough to wish the death of Stink-Pest kind of like myself. If SHE was that angry, that just shows how much trouble that Stink-Pest is, and she's the type to believe in the Golden Rule.

It's funny how I worry about that and yet not my own character, and I continue to be irritated. No, second thought, I don't think I'll be changing soon. If love and support doesn't inspire another, then what's the point?

I'm so disgusted with what people get away with w/o remorse. No, it must be taking things for granted.

Hard to explain.

[ Gaming Status ]
Trying to figure out what the new Sonic Memory entry should be about.

Continuing my Fishing quest in Breath of Fire three, I'm entering the big ones now (Size is 100cm and over!). Such as the following: Angler, Devilfish, Spearfish, etc. The Whale in Kombatant is going to be a total and utter pain. I HAVE YET to catch it, BUT I think it's harder to catch than in Breath of Fire 4. I think I hooked it before; when I did, it dragged my line and bait all the way to the side of the screen. What can I do?!

[ Just a Sailor Moon Ramble ]
NICOVIDEO Blogger: Voice Actor Predictions



So, the Sailor Moon remake (anime) is going to air in the Winter of 2014. But we have nothing on it. No character designs, no info, just nothing. I hope that the studio is taking its careful time with it.

I probably talked about this before, but they may or may not bring back the original voice actors. The first anime was produced by Toei, a company that's the core of many popular shows that go down in history: Dragonball, Precure series, Gegege no Kitaro, Cyborg 009, Saint Seiya, Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin, DIGIMON, One Piece, Ojamajo Doremi.

Therefore! It may be likely that veterans are cast. Even if Digimon, veteran actors were given the main roles. Same with Toriko and ONE PIECE; even though, before the tv series, the ONE PIECE OVA has a different cast. PreCure casts many, but I think mostly as the baddies and the animal companions.

Cyborg 009 series is like TMNT series: Its cast changed each generation. So did Gegege, or is it just Kitaro's VA?

Dragonball is one of few series to actually maintain its original cast for years. Another is Conan, and Doreamon until later.

There is the other hand -- I still can't help but think that Sailor Moon may be passed to a new generation, to adapt today's anime, and so that new voice overs can follow their dream in being in a legendary anime. Also, some roles can't be helped, such as Kuznite (CV: Sogabe Kazuyuki, who is deceased) and Pluto (CV is retired). Saturn is on a hiatus; I think Mars (Tomizawa) is in and out ^-^;

That link above are just predictions (or wishes?) from a blogger. Or is it a big joke? Because someone picked Anno Hideaki for Sailor Moon (lol ^_^;). However, the person mentioned Anno being a fan of SM.

Inoue Marina and Sawashiro Miyuki are picked for Mars. Wouldn't Marina fit Jupiter? But Swashiro is also picked for Mercury.

A bit of bias here?

Also, Miyano Mamoru for...Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask? if he wasn't a subject of idol hogging. I guess the choice could've been Yuki Kaji However, FURUYA TORU is still listed ^_^; I still want Furuya because I want to hear Furuya be a jerk again, when Endymion is captured and turned. He was pretty creepy.

Heck, maybe the cast can get switched around. Maybe a mix of the old and new? What if Mitsuishi Kotono was someone like Sailor Venus rather than Sailor Moon?

I want virtually everyone to come back. Plus, I can see Takagi Wataru as a handsome bad guy again. He was the Black Moon Clan's Rubius.

VA Larry Kenny (Lion-O of Thundercats love that guy) did say once that what's the point of repeating something? Something along those lines, or "make something that's the same, sounds the same?" I understood.

But isn't the new SM going to be an adaptation closer to the manga? Wouldn't it be more like another chance?

I don't know. Just look at Dragonball Kai.

Horikawa, good luck!

Three English versions. A great example of voice changes and performance quality Vegeta just..makes me sick. Man...~_~; How can anyone find Funi DB good? At least Vegeta's? I don't care if I get flamed. That doesn't reflect pride or a prince-like air at all? It's not a nice testament to Horikawa Ryo either.

So what, are Piccolo and Vegeta wrestlers? Batman? On a personal level, even with dubbing, I try to see if I can tolerate it JUST a little. Because there are some things you can't imitate; as an actor, an imitation isn't what you should seek. It's how you know and portray the character.

But I seriously can't. I can't tolerate the Dragonball english dub. Teen Gohan I'm somewhat OK with.

Try to survive.

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Lack of munchkin niece this week, for ONCE, because one parent is a spiteful idiot. Big surprise there. Such a shame; all I can do is NOT talk about anything nice. Just have low expectations and that's terrible.

However, despite "peaceful days", I've been so tired. The week has been cool and rainy on and off, so did it contribute to me wanting to nap?

Also, having awful dreams when I'm in a lot of arguments and getting insulted. In one, I got fired for forgetting something.

Yeah, I think that definitely reflects IRL: being forgetful when I'm busy with caught in something else. But why are the dreams becoming so disheartening recently?

Also, more coughing fits?

[ I WANT A 3DS! ]
Pokemon XY new Reveals

Look at this stuff!

I have got to give Tajiri Satoshi some credit. Whether anyone thinks that he's milking the Pokemon series or not, he's been dedicated to its theme and evolution. All it does is rile up my curiosity, especially since I've been so behind for so long. And I'm just tired of not trying out new things.

No one's too young or old to play games. Also, I want to try out Monster Hunter (there's one on the Wii...) and maybe Animal Crossing?

Liking the new Blaziken (Bashamo)

Lucario vs M2.

So, Genesect in the new movie? Does that mean it's a mega type?

[ Breath of Fire 3 ]
Because I didn't have to babysit for a while, I spent free time returning to video gaming. I still have a fishing quest to do on Breath of Fire III: To achieve THE FISH rank (9999 pts). I still can't believe that I found that GKS months before (photo here!). And I still have to find it in Breath of Fire IV. In MOST cases, I don't challenge side quests like for special items, but I've decided to this time.

Name of fish that I caught, and the largest size:
MartianSquid (80 cm)
Blowfish (20 cm) Missed it somehow...
Octopus (70 cm)
Mackerel (70 cm)

I was looking for the Black Porgy (60cm) too, but I can't remember if I caught it.

[ Tokusatsu ]
Picked up two new Kamen Rider series: OOO and W

OOO is extremely weird. ;) I'm gonna assume that the medals in us were made from carbon. The theme of OOO is greed and medals (core and cell types); and Irino Miyu voices Ankh, who for now, appears as just a creepy looking hand.

And Kamen Rider Wizard is almost done, yet it still feels so mysterious. But, a magician can't reveal its secrets though right?

After years of consideration, I've finally watched and completed the OVA Hades Saga of Saint Seiya. I'm glad it's over. I don't think I want to watch anything Seiya-related FOR A WHILE, except Omega.

[ profile] hanagoke was right...

I like Morita Mazakazu, and I know that he likes Furuya Toru and Seiya, and he wants to play heroes like Furuya does, but I don't recommend him as Seiya. Man, the Bronze Saints sounded terrible (Hyoga, Shun, Seiya, Shiryu, Ikki). Sakurai Takehiro was Shiryu, and was maybe half good at times.

Seiya? Absolutely abrasive.

Hyoga...I liked Hashimoto's Hyoga, and this new guy was terrible. I don't like Konoshi-Ikki that much either; he lacks a bit of dignity.

And how am I supposed to find Master Camus believable? Who, in this version, is voiced by Kanna Nobutoshi.

Who thought of this casting?! Shiryu could not be helped I know, but they could've picked someone better. Least someone who could make things a BIT comfortable to listen to? Fortunately, Narita Ken voices Shiryu in SS Omega. So much better.


I liked Hashimoto Kouichi's Cygnus Hyoga for having a cool head and a passionate dignity in his performance. When he fights, he's entertaining. Hashi sounds like he probably did martial arts before.

Shun was...well, take some time getting used to. He sounds like a big baby; I don't want to spoil any more though.


Also, Furukawa Toshio as Thanatos.
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Last Saturday was dad's birthday..I wonder what he'd say now?

I've been sick for a few days but things still continue, even with work and babysitting. I need to teach that kiddo (niece overlord) to say "aunt" because she keeps saying "mama"!! She used to say "ada/ajan".

Had an interesting conversation with [ profile] heldogtertjie about Lemon Fanfiction, its content, and what is the difference between explicit and non-explicit mature themes, since the former is what doesn't allow. NC-17 fic are no longer allowed; however, there are still plenty of M-rated fics with love scenes that are maintained. Perhaps NC-17 under the guise of M-rated.

Also, we discussed why fics with mature themes are so popular? It is difficult to explain but sometimes, least for me, when you see an explicit type story I tend to get disgusted. A story with good grammar is roughly seen as a good story, and apparently untouchable to rules. Heldo made a M-rated story for NARUTO recently (her first story), but the story's reviewers somewhat bugged me, which prompted the discussion.

"Could you read my story and tell me what you think?"

"Er...(hesitant)" But I did, and I thought it was good. However, I explained that two main grips I had with lemon was the use of slang and character discrepancies. The discrepancies are inevitable when a love scene is involved so I had to put that away. According to guidelines, M-rated fics are described as the following:

Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with non-explicit suggestive adult themes, references to some violence, or coarse language. Fiction M can contain adult language, themes and suggestions. Detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature is considered Fiction MA [aka: NC-17]. MA is not allowed.

It also states in red: Please note does not accept explicit content, Fiction Rating: MA, and the rating is only presented for reference.

Too much to explain what we talked about. Here are some interesting Links (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK):

The 10 Most Mind-Shatteringly Awful Fan Fiction Fridays of 2009 (NFSW! R-18)

Godawful Fan Fiction Archive

5 of the worse!

Friggin' UnInvited!
I'm playing Uninvited (悪魔の招待状; a devilish invitation), and for a long time I always had a weakness in Point & Click search/puzzle games. I want to like it...but I don't want to check the FAQ for help. There are little hints as to where and how to progress. There are scrolls that tell you a little story about the betrayal of the master's disciple and how important items are locked away, but you're looking for your missing sister.

It's bothersome that not even process of elimination can help you that much in game. I like to think that every room is significant and that I should take whatever items that I can, especially items with a number next to them. I watered the plant and take the fruit, but what to do with the fruit? Give it to who or what? Hard to explain, maybe another time.

More in the game news: Possibly new Pokemon: Nobunaga's Ambition, also the excitement of Pokemon X and Y. I still don't have a 3DS...(=+=;) Slightly disappointed in finances.

Humor Vid time!

I kinda fear for Halloween at the job now.

SAKAKIBARA YOSHIKO! Who I affectionately call" Lord of Zeon" (ジオンの支配者; ロードオブジオン) in Wizardy Online: Earnest and too funny.

Here's what makes me happy: The original Son Goku of Dragonball, NOZAWA MASAKO! Finally appeared in America at Animazement 2013. "Voices of Heroes' World" Panel (long). What an interesting person! I just enjoyed listening to her stories, especially about her niece. Here's Dr. Kureha (ONE PIECE) and a Kamehameha:


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