Mar. 31st, 2015

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Well, as usual, a miserable week. I am getting extra frustrated with my niece, and it keeps me up late at night since that seems to be the only time I can get some peace and do what I wish. But I haven't been sleeping properly as it is lately. She says the darn-dest things that just melts the heart.

"No fighting, and no yelling."

"Baby needs a hug."

I want to quote as much as I can, but my memory can't maintain.

In the Watchlist World: Aldnoah ended, I haven't watched the Ronja final yet (I'm not in a rush) or the GARO animation final, Gundam Reconguista of G is over, and I finally watched Gundam The Origin.

I'll ramble about Gundam Reco another time, if that's possible. Not sure if I can even describe it. It is such a random show; I really can't believe how silly it was.

To quote another guy: "G Reco's barrier to entry is too much for me to recommend it to anyone. It'll be like telling people to run thru a doorway w/ unseen glass."Loved the comedy though.

Gundam The Origin suffers from a lack of animation budget, and there are shoes to fill after being spoiled by GUNDAM UNICORN, but I think ORIGIN is pretty good. Violence AND comedy. Fantastic.

I am not sure why anyone would allow a guy with not just only mental issues, but insignificant amount of flying hours, to fly a commercial airplane, especially with many passengers. I am sure that you need to be an officer.

It's a shame.

Phone is giving me a little bit of sanity since I can't keep up with new console or console games, and life just sucks.

Peggle Blast gets harder or more unfair on the way up. I feel that it may end up like Candy Crush, and force me to slip it some pocket change just for a few extra turns. But I like achieving things through hard work, and that includes strong character and winning. and I'm paying through my data-loaded phone bill after all

I have no idea why I'm playing something as grueling as "Sonic & ALL STARS: Transformed" ON THE PHONE. I have to do easy mode ~_~ Why do I play racing games on the stupid phone? It's horrible! But yet, it's still fun from what I gather from it, and I may want it on console one day. Interesting themes (or mode) for the races, outside of battle and time trials, and the stages have different pathways. STILL, there are invisible walls, especially during flight mode and it's annoying.

Not to mention niece overlord wants to play it ^-^; Even though she has no idea what to do. She says, "can I have phone?" or "I wanna play car!" Is she becoming Petrolhead?


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