Feb. 16th, 2015

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Ramble on TVアニメ『WING ITジョジョの奇妙な冒険』

Well, looks like I can't do "Jojo a day". I can't keep promises can I? No motivation. I mostly want to rest because my body sucks, and I'm already on weekly shows such as Aldnoah, super sentai and kamen rider, and the gundam series.

Last week (?) I finished Phantom Blood (PART 1) of the JOJO Bizarre Adventure anime, and I watched only one ep of Battle Tendency (Part 2).

Can't believe what I brought myself into. Probably give it an 8 out of 10. It's near perfect, especially when the voice actors I'm thinking Ueda Yoji passed out through Heaven and Hell and the animators are enthusiastic about it.

Some people can't explain JBA because of its ridiculous atmosphere (not like Gundam Reconguista. Orz), but it's filled with this nonchalant testosterone, sharp art, and shows that its author doesn't "write for kids". So he says. Knowing the latter, I expected some good. At some points, I asked "What's with the savagery?"

I guess it's nice and refreshing to see something outside the common anime genre. Because I am sick of school and kids. And machine jacking, sqeeking, magic, kids with swords (sans Johnathan) and harem. Also, the pace is quick. For both Part 1 and 2, Ep 1 doesn't pull punches. There are also strange details such as onomatopoeic symbols within the scenes (including the Stands but they're not in Part 1 and 2) and the Greek art-like arm-raising poses of the characters.

Well, like the title, it is definitely bizarre. I like ancestral stories, and it spirals around Dio and Joestar family.

Oh Mighty King Lord Emperor Dio is devil incarnate. Fucked up everything. He must be. He is so lacking in moral compass that it collaborates to the series' awkwardness. Seems to be little to no root behind it. He is just a demon with leverage over many. And to make thing, he's into that vampire and zombie shit. Of course this was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Walking Dead and Twilight. I think I saw a poll of "villain voice actors" and Koyasu was...probably TOP 3. At first I thought it was a bad choice, but they weren't exaggerating because of Dio?

Odd on how I can accept this when I sometimes like to see logic. I guess I can only explain Jojo in a way that it is like "sitting on a stool", getting shocked, and the whole thing just tickles your belly. It either makes you humored, worried, or upset fuckin' Dio.

Man porn but better? With a story to follow.


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