Sep. 14th, 2015

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I didn't look it up on the hows and whys, but wondered over the uses of glue mouse traps. Mice has been annoying lately, so I bought some traps, but couldn't get over the thought that I'm possibly making the mice starve to death when they get stuck? Unless the glue smell is killing them.

I'm sorry you guys, they got to go. And neither snapping their neck or crushing them is better. I kept seeing a baby in my washroom.

Anyways, it's the same old same old. I needed a break from work, so I took time off. I really was annoyed, and I was even more so when I came back because there's little care from those in each department. It just further blares a siren in my head that I should go elsewhere. But every time I job search, it's like I see things that I can't do. It could be just that maybe I've not been serious enough about it? Due to being strained by work?

Time off reminded me of that. I cleaned the house, I still kept sleeping early, I still think like I needed to get something, wasn't I even relaxed?

[EXCITEMENT! girlfriends]

On the morning of September 15, which I think is TODAY this evening in my time, this happens:

[ 一声入魂!アニメ声優塾」NHK・Eテレで“開講 ]
"Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!"

- Nhk: Shuumei Doki

- Shoko's site: Schedule info

Important Note: Takayama Minami does not use twitter, but the owner of this tweet is a big fan.

Or just read this article from MOON CHASE, heck check all of the blog if you're a Sailor Moon/Sera Myu fan: Shoko-Nakagawa-to-host-tv-show-shumi-doki-Masako-Katsuki-to-co-star-in-episode

My lady! (o >____< o)

Quote: セーラーネプチューン……(o.o) 何だっけ?」
"Sailor Neptune...what is that?"

Nakagawa Shoko was on the floor laughing, a hint on what's to come?

Youtube episodes are shared. I'm not sure what I'm more excited about. Maybe it's the results and how she influences others, seeing her personality more, or see what she says.

Which reminds me, she doesn't seem like a confident type, especially with appearance, which isn't fair because she is adorably chubby. But I hear the story on the effects of "actor's face" and "character image" a lot. She's also shy, the type who cries easily. I seriously want to draw a moe-looking SD Tsunade.

Furthermore, I see tweets such as "shock", "obaachan", and "debu" (kind of like "piggy" or "fattie"), and get a little annoyed because it seems like a serious thing in Japan. I can't go up and say "you're proportions are good".

I call my niece "fattie/chubby" all the time, because that makes her adorable. She does eat a lot (and STEAL my food) and laugh about it. It's genetic for her; she looks like her grandmother on father's side.

I'm just rambling.

I will look out.


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