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First step.

I guess what is needed is a little hope, and a little negotiation.

But I also need to think. I need to find that place where I'm supposed to go.

Music time: Not heartbroken, but Brenda Lee had a pretty lovely voice. I could listen to her anytime almost.

"Want to be wanted".

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New SM this Saturday and munchkin is away ATM.

Going to post these because they're so cute/humorous:

Also the popular PEACY reacts

As for me:

Well, when I began the first episode of SM Crystal, the first thing that came to mind was how bright it was -- how much effort was put into the art design. A lot of effort. It actually made me happy. It's

sexy. Like oozing sexy. (LOL) But then, the comic design were beautiful.

Even Queen Beryl is gorgeous from the OP. Like Oh my God o-O; And Watanabe Misa is going to voice her? What a crime.

Which reminds me: I remember thinking that if they didn't get Furuya Toru back for Tuxedo Mask, I thought of Kishio Daisuke or Namikawa Daisuke. Turns out Kishio Daisuke MADE IT IN! And he's Jadeite! Points!

I agree with the first video when it comes to the PreCure eyes. I actually have a tiny problem with it -- they are so bubbly and it's like they push out of the cornea. There is so much effort put into making those eyes and everything else so acute (Like I said, "Oozing sexy"), and making the mouths so small, its like Toei made this version more stiff than its classic 90s version. You can definitely see the influence of the PreCure artist.

Why "Stiff"? This all seems to lead the animation towards a LACK of gag scenes. Or maybe I should say that the gag scenes were turned down a few notches? The liveliness has went away somewhere, but I'm not upset. One of my high points in watching Sailor Moon classic WAS the gag scenes. I was like "What is this...I LOVE IT!" The gag is present in the manga too, especially when Chibausa arrives and when Usagi/Serena is with Mamoru/Darien.

Hopefully that'll change. Don't get me wrong, Usagi falling down the stairs, tripping over Luna, and kicking her house's door was good. Unfortunately, I have the instinct of comparing back into the old days. But I do tell myself that the comic was attached to beauty, love, and that friggin' ridiculous crystal.

And it is just the first episode after all.

I also agree with the same video: Stop using CGI. I am OK with it, but why? I liked the crescent moon!

Music is OK so far; I liked the first few minutes with the dream. I will miss the beautiful classic transformation music; from other watchers, it was said to be Pre-Cure-like too.


Gotten to a point where Mitsuishi Kotono needs to be protected. I even saw comments such as "This is just as bad as the original voice actor" or along those lines. Uhh...

I am reminded of my previous entry about the original voices, and after watching Crystal I think that I understood the meaning of letting the originals return as being "important".

We do look backwards too much. We look back at classic Sailor Moon (just like classic Seiya) and expect a similar quality as if the series was still airing. Thus, we call Kotono "old-sounding". In other words, an unreliable voice. For some reason, we HAVE to look for some discrepancies, something that'll tell us that this casting will ruin our viewing experience because she isn't like "back then". Some kind of bad pitch, a shake, or some "difference". I think that as an expert, Mitsuishi is going to take steps back into her old role.

Performance doesn't wither from age. Node issues or having a cold are possible, but Mitshishi has plenty of control over her voice. "Moon Tiara!" and "Tsuki ni kawate Oshioko Yo" (For the moon, I'll punish you) is still as fresh-sounding as ever.

When VAs recite their roles' lines on a TV show (ie: Daitarn Map) or CM after so long, it's still fabulous to hear. Usagi isn't as spazzy as in her classic version, but I'm sure when things heat up, we'll see Kotono sprout some more.

Again, don't like the OP theme song at all. It doesn't have to be Moonlight Desentsu, but it is so uppity and childish and I'm reminded of...well, there's no "strength". A soldier strength I guess. It lacks grace, and you need to listen to Peach Hips. Listen to Moonlight Desentsu.

Moon's Speech (Classic)
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My whole week was work and niece. I'm annoyed...

Somehow I managed to watch Sailor Moon Crystal in and out.

All I'll say is that this is the brightest stuff I've ever seen so far. Not into the OP theme though.


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I'm such a stiff person. This is how niece is killing me (u.u):

When I get home, my thoughts on Nobunaga Fool and Sidonia?
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String instruments kicking ass. God I love bands/orchestra!

Conductor! (LOL)

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I was supposed to meet my father yesterday and give him a gift. If anyone knows what's been happening...

You can't ever say that you never wished death on a person. You can say "you never openly admitted it" through speech, but you sure as heck at least once thought of it.

I quite frankly want this over.

Some people think they can get away with things that are vile and selfish because they are alive. And when they get hurt, they want sympathy for their tears. I'm not buying it because it happens over and over again. Call me a cruel asshole.

Read more... )

Since we're human. If you're aware that you did something wrong, fix it as soon as possible. Especially if you believe that you are following some religion. Give me a little faith in humanity here.

From all of this, there is potential of there being jail time.

After this is a better entry. A cool one.

A video of what the DARNED BOSS NIECE had be doing all weekend. No, this isn't my vid.
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I caved. Hyrule Historia was purchased.

So sooner or later, I'll make thoughts on that, Yukikaze, and Latitudes. Would you pray heavily during a hurricane?

Also, sick again!

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Here's Windaria promotional video with the song "Utsukushii Hoshi" by Akino Arai. Not spoilerish and seems to tell the right story along with the song. "To not destroy the star [Earth] and pass it along to the children".

Some Cyber Formula. Geez, the changes of character designs throughout the OVA series.

Jurassic Park: Game Gear!
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Well, a random topic.

"Spirit in the Sky" is harmless o-O; Despite the words "die" in it, which is the reason for most of the choices. Anything related to fire, explosions, dying, anything dark, blood, etc.

But, "WONDERFUL WORLD" is VERY harmless!
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I'm just shocked.

I see amazing kids on this show too much. Howard Stern is so LOL.

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utsmibye DissidiaGarland

A goodbye from Doggie
The amazing Utsumi Kenji (内海賢二) has left the world. (Source, jpn source)

I almost didn't want to say anything because I was honestly sad. Came off as a shock when I saw it on Twitter. In most cases, when Japan trends, you usually see a name (with suffic "san") and an age of the person who died.

Even when older people die, I don't think that because you're over 70, you should gradually begin to give up and expect a dreadful disease or death. I want to be that kind of person when I'm older.

But Utsumi seemed, least from those who worked with him, a kind of guy who was active. I am reminded of Aono Takeshi; both had quite an impact in the voice industry. Oh yeah, did he like Nana Mizuki? =D On Twitter, there were various condolences; Kanai Miki showed photos of both her and him and his bad ass beard. And I just wanted to cry. I didn't, but really felt like it. Especially when I saw Kamiya Akira's entry about seeing Utsumi in the hospital.

Many people remember him as Raoh from Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) and that man above...MAJOR ALEX ARMSTRONG from Full Metal Alchemist (both original and Brotherhood). He was also various characters from the Dragonball series such as the hilarious Recoome, the budokai tournament announcer, and Shenlong (quite frankly, a very distinct voice. That dragon is amazing; Funi dub pissed me off badly).

Unfortunately, he didn't reprise the Recoome or annoucncer role in DBZ Kai; he does Recoome and the announcer in the games. Speaking of games, since I am a fan of Samurai Showdown (Samurai spirits) series, he voices the almighty Gaoh. Full name is Kyogoku Hinowa-no-kami Gaoh (兇國日輪守我旺), but that is not mentioned in the English version.

Since I watched that outrageous anime, Shin Mazinger Z (ZEEEEEEEEEEEETO), he was also the voice of Hades. You could say be plays Gods well, or giant men, teachers, goofy people, etc. In Slayers, he is Graif.

I'm not really sure about this but I think his last regular character was from BASILISK: Koga Ninja Scrolls. He voiced the terrible Iga, Mino Nenki to my surprise; Aono Takeshi himself was even the Iga Azusai. You rarely could get such an amazing cast together in one show. I'm a little biased for BASILISK since I enjoyed the comic, and Mino was pretty cruel.

Another cool character, DISSIDIA'S GARLAND!. Well done!

Tokusatsu impressions
Now that I poured out my sadness, let's talk about SUPER SENTAI! So far, I watched an episode or two of older sentai just to get a taste of history. Sometimes I wonder what everyone does

Kakuranger (7 eps):: I wanted to find a sentai that I'd watch along with Kyoryuger so I picked Kakuranger, thus the reason why I'm through it more. First episode was humorous; the descendants of ninja from the Brave Sanada Ten (Seikai, Saizo, Sasuke) opened the gate of demons and have to fight them. I can't believe their vehicle: The sentiment cat bus, Nekomaru. I also can't believe the demons. Along with moral lessons, the series offers us interesting villain characters; hey, demons can have family, friends, and hobbies too. Another interesting point: KANE KOSUGI as JIRAIYA (Kaku Black)! LOL, mostly speaks English with a Japanese cast. Eventually, I will see Yao Kazuki (矢尾 一樹) as Ninjaman!

Zyuranger (4 eps): This is what made Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; a tale of tribal humans and dinosaurs fighting evil magicians from millions of years ago. Hahah, it surprised me that Rita Repulsa/Bandora was slept for so long. It's nice to see the original content. I don't think that in these days, you'll see a small model of a space shuttle riding across the street. It may be CGI'ed. Anyways, I'm entertained so far. SOGA MACHIKO (曽我 町子), WOW! SO CUTE! Bandora could kick a puppy and you'd like it. Soga's brightness wholly exudes through such a character who smiles and laughs while putting the people of Earth through Hell. Such a great smile Soga had.

Carranger (1 eps): Absolute weird, maybe the corniest....the rangers are apparently from a repair shop? But it's not just that. You get a Star Wars-like atmosphere from the start, with the destruction of a planet and people getting attacked like cattle. And...and...PERVERT ALIENS?! Apparently, the bad guys are a biker gang from space apparently. Doppu! Who has seen the tv drama "Dinosaurs"? Doppu looks like the baby from Dinosaurs; from first sight, I thought "Ewok", but the baby from Dinosaurs is a better example on what Doppu looks like.

Hurricanger (1 ep): The Japanese Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Generic so far. Another ninja sentai with the bad guys ninjas led by Yanada Kiyoyuki. On Earth, there are ninja academies, the three starting rangers being sky, earth, and water (like the Steel Saints of Saint Seiya!). Their instructor is badass like most old guys are. Is Oboro a girl or boy? He/she is cute ^^;

I guess I'll have to watch more Carranger and Hurricanger, but for first episode, I think Zyuranger and Kakuranger had a better impression. Both have such hilarious bad guys. Bandora is amazing; Kakuranger's kappa (the first yokai) makes you furrow your face.

Video time, here's some Utsumi Kenji as the announcer. "THERE IS NO MOOOOOOOOON!" R.I.P MAN!

Zyuranger first OP, live! Sato Kenta (佐藤健太). He is also Red Turbo of Turboranger. I think I watched the first episode of that a long time ago but I need to refresh. It was either Turbo or Dekaranger.

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I might as well, since I keep humming it. Guess it's more catchy than I thought.

"Dododo doron, shuri shuri shuriken, dance dance!"

This is the ending of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

More thoughts on Tokusatsu when I get home.
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putting aside nuclear threat...

Sorry to annoy you with PSY's Gangnam Style again, BUT I love reactions too much. Just seeing people grin, dance, and laugh.

"What's going on dude?!" and "What on Earth?!" fits the music video so well.

Um, how do you say "Hyuna"? "Hyou-nah"? According you YT comments, the people in the vid are saying her name wrong.

The first time I saw the video is was a parody, GUNDAM STYLE!. I think I nearly died when I was saw that elevator scene and the guy had the GM's face.

ME: "?!"
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In Sports NCAA March Madness: MICHIGAN Wolverines defeats Kansas Jayhawks. Next it should be vs Florida Gators in the Elite 8.

IF there can be Ohio State vs Michigan, it'd be quite a rivalry.

Anyways, my week(s).

Pretty much tons of work, babysitting, and my dog biting me. Plus, I am growing curious about the novels of Yukikaze and Lodoss series.

Work, while I am happy to feel that I have a sense of good purpose again OUT of babysitting, is strenuous. I am easily becoming homesick. Haha, it's pretty typical; I can't go home and read. On the days off, I had the kiddo.

Just last night, I had a strange dream of my leg being infected by...something. It was disturbing enough for me to remember. Like a parasite? Like you could something crawling under the skin? Last thing I could remember in the dream was someone calling ambulance.

Last week, or maybe it was Monday, dog bit me after a long long time (u.u) It again made me question myself as a responsible dog owner, and I long felt like I haven't trained her that well in discipline and order. Of course it can and will happen to any pet owner, and it wasn't a bad bite, but I should've known. Also, I can't seem to be assertive enough; does my dog even consider me as a leader? So she bit me over some food. She was sticking her head into the food bag where she isn't supposed to.

Last week I watched and finished MACROSS PLUS (OVA ver.). Haven't watched it in years. This and Yukikaze pretty much shows how dangerous computers can be when they get too darn smart. It's just silly. Chiba Shigeru does not fail to humor me at all. It's the same as Seki Tomokazu in Gokaiger (see video below), which I'd like to watch! I swear, working in the kitchen, I was singing "Si si ha!". Am I going to remember the dinosaur's names and the gun/items?! I only watched five eps and there's tons of stuff.

Let's enjoy some SekiTomo! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOO KAI GA!"


Akino Arai is too great. Macross has fantastic songs, and Macross PLUS's "VOICES" is definitely a favorite. I believe there are three or four versions to this song, but the acoustic version is my favorite.

Also, in the anime world, here is apparently the new approaching hotness o-O; For a commercial, and that's all there is to this new anime, people are QUITE crazy about it. Swimming men. Look out Michael Phelps.

With Sailor Moon music.
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"It's what one petition on the White House website proposes." (Source...oh??)

Why would you even consider a petition?! I'm sure it's a joke, but it's just so bad.

I'm mostly conservative about it, but IF you COULD change it, could you at least pick a better song? Hell, I'll pick "The Locomotion" over this.
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I'll talk about my week soon. Here's a video:

The sound was made by a DJ from Detroit named Tom Clay. Well done Michigan!
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So last year was Gangnam Style, and the artist Psy "retired" it. So, apparently this year, the world wants to make Harlem Shake the next Gangnam.

(Sigh) Why can't I get away from these things?

Least they are creative. HAHA, I love Spidey!

Also, the puppy version because I must:

And then there's:
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A good last week, and I start off this week half accomplished and half discouraged. Sounds strange doesn't it? I was on a on-the-job evaluation for a couple of days and didn't make the cut because of physical weakness and pacing. Aside from that, I was told to have a great personality and that I pay attention to details. It was a lovely place too, people and atmosphere. I really wanted to work there; at least my resumes changes?

WHILE I understand this QUITE well and I carry no ill will, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I'm a little disappointed. I thought I just needed more time to make progress.

It was great to see niece overlord welcome me back when I returned.

Let me congratulate someone real quick: DANICA PATRICK! First woman to enter Pole Position in Daytona 500 qualifier!

I have to wonder. She has such strong physical and mental strength, despite being a racer. She isn't very tall and has little weight. I am similar to her even, and wanted to join the Sports Car club. Wouldn't my physique still be a problem?



Here's a song for her and me

Has nothing to do with encouragement or American football,'s still good. Gets me in a good mood. Apparently, it is a "reject" song?


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