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A short one. Maybe my blog is a little boring due to work and just not watching a lot of TV. Maybe I should do more comic/show reviews. Like I did with gundam.

Everyone is talking about Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, etc etc.

Anyways, stuck with niece because...well, I don't want to get into it again. She's 3 now.

In a Nutshell (Sailor Moon)
Crystal is coming, and these are my small thoughts on the teaser:
- Not liking the OP at all. It has a typical youth J-pop rhythm from Morning Musume or AKB48. Matter of fact, it just further reminds of me of the Pre-Cure cast involved in the project.

- BGM sounds nice.


- It's like the brightest character design I've seen so far. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Maybe "good" in a way, like it tells me to expect something big. Like Usagi's eyes, which look gooey and want to bulge out.

I am fine with it though.

Here's a weird one: Riding a motorcycle.
And very slowly, as if I'm taking beginning steps to work. And for some reason my motorcycle had a thruster switch.

What could it mean?
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Alright, starting the new year with the 8th Sonic memory with another unconventional Sonic game.


Video of Full Game Run (100%)

Today's pick is Tails Adventure (テイルスアドベンチャー). My memory of playing the game is a bit bad, and I had to go to Wiki for the story. Otherwise, all I would tell you is that "evil. birds are attacking Tails's island". For some reason, the Western version's story lacked depth and the island's name was changed from Cocoa Island. More info on the story here (Japanese)

The antagonists are called the Great Kukku Imperial Army (グレイトバトルクック帝国軍). In the English manual, they are called a bird army with a Great Fortress. Nothing much else there; they're meanies that you have to defeat.

Why did I pick this game up? I like Tails! And I don't think I regret it.

To the gameplay! Let me get to a con: The game is slow as molasses until you equip yourself with some speed boots, or Sonic's spin dash. Yes, it is not a conventional Sonic games; however, ring still plays the role as your health, but you need to extend it to survive better. Also, Tails can still fly by rotating tails like a copter. That also needs be extended since it is quite useful.

This game requires some searching thus the name "adventure?".

However, this game does express how genius Tails is, being the designer of the Tornado. Wow! If there's anything entertaining about this game, it's the various items that you can use. And also Tails's Sea Fox, designed for sea and air combat and travel. At Tails's House, you equip various items. For combat, Tails is specialized in the use of bombs. Why!? No idea, but they're good. As the game progresses and you collect more tools, the bombs change from remote to napalm. The Sea Fox can get vulcans, mines, missiles (also air-anti), and a shield. Amazing thing. There's also this very useful remote controlled robot that you can send through holes and tiny tunnels. Much to my humor, there is an item called 'Knuckles", where you can punch enemies.

I did manage to complete the game at 100%.

Music is still good! One of the favs is the opening theme.

Time for some happy music:

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It's that time again for Midou Ban (above photo) and me. I just talk about myself; I am told to be pretty honest.

On the 17th of this month, we grow another year. Midou Ban is just a fictional character; as for me, I'm still dumb, judgmental, and private.

I wonder if anyone thinks of me as a "misogynic" (women contempt) for slamming teen parents throughout this entire blog? Because the majority of the time, I don't talk about the fathers, do I? I don't remember.

Teen parent dislike is on par with other negative prejudice such as misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia, stemming from the wrong examples.

Shame that I know this and won't change; this is probably my worst prejudice.

If I say "sorry' for being offensive, it wouldn't be true at all would it? Because I kept talking about it in my blog.

Unfortunately for me, I have yet to find a good example of valued youth parenting. I will remain small-minded until I do. What I slam is irresponsibility and potentially endangering children. And yes, of course, adult parents too. It gets me upset when people talk about pregnancies being accidents, or they don't want to have children, OR they hide their pregnancy (not the bikini syndrome) or they say it's not theirs (ie: the guys).

Or even worse.

No, do not use the "A" word around me. Kids aren't the "A" word. I will not agree with it. I am not sympathizing with the infertile or "just lucky this time" misconception either

I also dislike PEER PRESSURE! Especially with sex involved, and young people are really in that department. Bullying!

Mom throws newborn in dumpster

This may not be a usual case. It's hard to say if the baby was alive or not before being tossed because it was premature. Still, it's wrong to toss a living anything in the trash.

I complain about it a lot because it is youths. I can't find respect in those who make something so natural look so embarrassing and so condemned, and use sex so carelessly. I also don't like it when children lack a parent or parents.

If you don't want children, don't do what makes the children, birth control or not. If you're not prepared, then what?

1.) 50% of U.S teens are doing it; about 33% preg.

2.) Many teens, especially boys, feel pressure to have sex before they are ready. According to recent research, some 63% of teens believe that waiting to have sex is a good idea, but few people actually do.

We, at a young age, develop a mature reproductive system. Therefore, we also have a young legal consent age and a young legal marriage age (younger historically). Also in the U.S, when you're 17, you can enter the military with parental/guardian approval. At 18, you can register to vote; depending on the state, you can be at least 14 years old to obtain a drivers licence. Those are other examples. Why was this set up? There's the cognitive potential that this can all work well. The potential of holding yourself accountable; you're at an age that you can make choices. That is all I'm saying. And no, I'm not saying force yourself into marriage.

I highly criticize my niece's parent because she is provocative and just not smart. Recently, she got into some public embarrassment. The majority of the time, during youth, you don't think about having kids. Niece's parents sure as hell weren't because they kept lying about it. That's a good sign isn't it? Hmm, I guess niece would not have had a father because the idiot kept lying.

They aren't influenced by parental expectations. I'd probably think differently if they did. And Stink-Pest has a terrible character in particular.

When you have children, it can disturb everything. I spent a whole year caring for niece and parents (both were sickly) because the brat parent was in school. You have to make changes; it doesn't entirely have to do with getting a job, stop the baby's crying, feeding it, and changing the diaper.

You're probably thinking that I should never have kids because I'm a hateful, shallow person. Moreover, I'd be a terrible parent, something that I highly criticize, because what would I do if my son or daughter had children as a young age?

I wonder if I'm going to regret not being THAT young. I don't have children yet. Maybe I'll be 35 or 40... Frankly, I can't maintain a relationship or children. Socioeconomic-wise, I'm pretty low. As for my self-worth, it isn't the best either.

But I am quite fine the way I am. Sometimes, things develop late. I would tell myself that I'm a crappy person for being "retarded" or the like, and I still feel like I have a lot to work on in my personality. But taking it easy is my kind of way and I don't like being forced to do things. When I put my mind into something, and like it, it's a strong point.

I want to be a good wife one day. A loyal person and a good friend.

This is getting to be morose so let's get to VID TIME!


I'm getting distracted by the Saint Seiya Series. After like nearly two years (?), I finally return to the comic series "The Lost Canvas", and I finally got into watching the animation thanks to [ profile] deathlike's nagging. I'm a little ashamed of myself; the animation is nice and the OP is awesome!

The Rolling Stones's song "Paint it Black" fits this series perfectly.

I think [ profile] hanagoke would be happy with me.

I'm tired. Throughout this week, I need to clean for Christmas dinner.
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Note to self: Make a spoiler tag.

I was considering on posting another "Sonic memory" (#7) entry today, I just need to figure out which game. So right now I am making a list of the entries I've previous made. When I make a new one, I'll come back and update the list.

I just noticed! I just noticed that I made two for Sonic CD! Why did I do that?!?!

ABOUT: In June 2011, Sonic the Hedgehog turned 20 years old and on Twitter, Sega wanted everyone to share their memories of Sonic under the hashtag #sonic20th. I thought that I had too much to share, so I wanted to blog my expressions on the Sonic games that I played.

Memory I: Sonic The Hedgehog
Memory II: Sonic 2
Memory III: Sonic 3
Memory IV: Sonic Spinball
Memory V: Sonic & Knuckles
Memory VI: Sonic CD (Another one)
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Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney. Seven-Zero! And he still has his Beatles hair.

Um...I'm not sure on what to say. It's difficult for me to write a blog entry about the success of the Beatles, and even Sir Paul McCartney. I can't list all the hits or even my favorite songs. There's too much to tell.

I'll just put this down.

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<3 90 years young. Can you believe it?

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Continuing to ramble.

Royal Wedding
Britian's Prince William was married to Catherine Middleton in April 2011. Caught wide TV attention. I was on the road, so missed most of it when it aired, so I listened to some of it on the radio.

Reading BACCANO + TV
I can't remember. I may have finished reading "The Rolling Bootlegs" in either 2010 or the the beginning of 2011. I expressed my opinions on it in an entry tagged "BACCANO". It should be simple to find. Also, I think last year, I read and finished Gundam Sentinel? Back to the subject, BACCANO was fun. I realized that crime organizations, reading about them anyways, appeal to me. Mostly their history; why was there so much trouble in the early 1900s, the wars, why did they perform such actions for business, etc. See what power does to you? In BACCANO, the Martillo seemed pretty nice though. Gandors and Genoards...not much so.

I can't remember what channel it was, maybe the "Biography Channel", but I watched like a single episode of a documentary about girls with gangsters. Was it called "My husband's a mobster"? I can't remember, but it had an AWFUL narrator IMO.

I didn't pay attention to it at first, but after some coaxing from [ profile] deathlike, [ profile] tokio_fujita's journal material, and some of the games' beautiful art, I guess I looked into it more. Wish I could play one of the games. First game is coming to America in February but I don't have a DS. Since I can't get into the games, I watched and completed the TV series. "Fangirls be crazy" (especially during season 2).

Sonic's Birthday
Last year, Sonic celebrated its 20th birthday! I talk about Sonic's influence in entries titled "Sonic Memories". So far, I only talked about the 2-D games. After the Sega Genesis/Megadrive games were discontinued, my Sonic gaming would die down a bit. When I got the Gamecube (mid or late 2000s?), I had a chance to play Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and Riders. I'll try to talk about that too.

Since I heard so much about it, I tried out MOTHER 3. Crazy and cute. And I cried from a game after a long time. My thoughts are here.

I thought I joined in 2011, but it turned out I joined Nov 2010. I've been getting addicted. I tweet about aimless things and it's even worse if I am watching something. And I can't get through a day without seeing Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Jonas, One Direction, can I? Worldwide trends? o-O WHO is on twitter?

To my shock, after complaining about it a few times (lol), K-sensei registered to Twitter. She is also a gamer, which is also a real shocker, and purchased the latest Monster Hunter for 3DS. She recently met Lagiacrus and got scared (lol). "I don't want to see him ;_;".

In general, I think this tv trope suit her the most: Adorkable. Maybe Butt Monkey too? Is that the right one? When it comes to technology and gaming Smartphone and dragon's butt monkey. You just wanna..TEASE HER! and I do try sometimes. "What do I doooo?!" She's pretty polite, seems to love socializing.

You know? It's really interesting to see how similar people are to yourself. Seriously, wow, K-sensei!

* Likes cars (or F1?) = CHECK
* "Tech-tarded"/Tech-challenged = CHECK (lol)
* Likes animals = Check (Well, I'm mostly a dog person than a cat person)
* Wears glasses = CHECK
* Likes the sky (or clouds?)/flying = check

Hmm, what else? That sticks out of my mind the most. She's slightly like Tsunade too (lol), drinks beer and plays the lottery (lol).

Kim Jong-il (and TruTv)
The former leader of North Korea, Kim Jon-Il, has passed away and there's trouble about succession. But I can't help but mention this funny thing from Twitter. I've been watching TruTv lately, and there's a twitter account for the show "Worlds Dumbest" that twit articles about people doing dumb so. SO, when Jong-Il died, WD tweets that people THOUGHT that rapper "Lil' Kim" died. So I replied, "He kinda does have a rapper's name".

Last is the following:
Music and Comedy Life: Amy Winehouse, Roger Williams, Patrice O'Neal
Ten years later: 9-11

Not sure where to start. Maybe I should end it.
I'll do another meme later (Thursday)
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Another year is here, for Ban and me.

And I still never posted a single photo of me on the net, much to the annoyance of some people.

Today is also WRIGHT BROTHERS DAY! When Orville and Wilbur set the record for having the first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight with their airplane. What a honor. Surely, it's just a coincidence that I like planes as much as I do.

December's an interesting month. Winter starts (U.S), but also my youngest sister's b-day was on the 7th, there's also Christmas, and my dog's b-day is 12/23 (Met her Jan 2001 ;) EDIT: Jan 2000.). Also, I can remember the attack of Pearl Harbor easily, but just saying it was "ten days ago from today" ~.~; Which happened 70 years ago!

About BLOG and me
I made this blog on Christmas, seven years ago. I am surprised I had it for this long.

I think changing my layout would be nice. May need to fix my Memories, make sure they're in order.

INTERESTS: Did some looking over with my profile's interests. I thought I had too many seiyuu names. For example, while I like Hideo Ishikawa, I rarely speak about him. I think I talk about Takayama Minami (and TWO-MIX) much more than him. I also had game titles such as 'Legend of Dragoon", which I haven't played in years and left the enjoyment way in the past. Also, anime favorites listed. Ton of character names like Piccolo, Samus, Sanosuke Sagara, etc.

I read about crime a lot, and both war and crime documentaries seem to really grab my interest.

2011: More me
Like I said in a previous entry, the start of the year started out peaceful, then I started exerting myself, then everybody got sick around the end of the year. Mother for the past few months has been having health trouble. It's like the dog is more healthier than anyone.

- Shared my Sonic the Hedgehog memories

- I run [ profile] katsuki_masako after some urging (and a dream?). Recently, She's been playing the new Monster Hunter 3G, and she gets lost and keeps burning her meat while cooking.

- I think I've learned how to be more patient, and more accepting about myself. In the future, I want to be more reliable. Maybe be a wife one day.

After many years, and right around midnight too, I once again beat BREATH OF FIRE 3! and its ending theme is just so beautiful. It's called "PURE AGAIN".

Video contains some spoiler art and gameplay footage. stupid Archmage

Here's a saxophone (?) instrumental:
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I believe it is August 25 in Japan, soooooooooo it's time for another voice actor birthday! Someone who's influential to me when it comes to the Japanese voice overs. Or rather, he's one of my first favorites.


アハハハハ、ィいやったあああ!! (Ahahahaha! YATTA!)

檜山修之, 御誕生日おめでとうございます!

Happy birthday to Nobuyuki Hiyama! The Wiki article explains plenty.

Fourty-four years young, huh?

Here's a simple breakdown. Sorry, it's in Spanish (VIDEO TRIBUTE):

The above character pictured is Hiei from YuYu Hakusho, probably Hiyama's first main/regular character, and Link from "Legend of Zelda". His first main, real main, was probably Maito Senpuji of "Might Gaine".

I think there are too many videos on Hiyama's appearances in which I could show, ESPECIALLY the crazy ones on NicoDouga.

Let's try Gundam, TvsC, and ONE PIECE!

On to Videos )

I believe, at one point, I had a photo of Hiyama's character VAL (of Akujushin) on my blog's header or as an icon.

Hiyama's in a lot of games, especially Otome games where he voices a lot of pretty men. Also, he appears in BL and hentai too, which...I don't completely agree with. Or maybe it's just the love scenes.

Yeah, him and love scenes...slightly strange.

He's going to re-appear as the butler Kojurro Takeda (武田 小十郎) in the upcoming "MAJOKOI S" game.


Since it's August, I forgot to mention Hiroaki Hirata's on here *><* Urgh. But, I mentioned his and Urara Takano's
birthday on Twitter.

Speaking of Hirata, "TIGER & BUNNY" seems to be doing well!
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Yashamaru Taiyanotaki of Nintama Rantaro!

Eikichi Onizuka of GTO!

高木渉, 御誕生日おめでとうございます!
Happy 45th birthday to the prolific Japan V.A WATARU TAKAGI!

I think I deleted my SRW images so my better quality pics of Garrod Ran (Gundam X) are gone.

I need to watch those Legend of Legian Videos again, where he voices Vahn. I won't be here long so I'll just post a couple of fun videos:

Tobi's Whack-a-mole and mine/bomb techniques (NARUTO)!
Note: 1:08 and after is a Spoiler if you care

Here's a more serious and handsome Takagi: Ferdinand of the Super Robot Wars series.

He and Folka (Red hair guy in vid) are brothers and his mech is Valfor. Folka is voiced by Yasunori it's excellent.

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Happy Birthday to actor TOM HANKS!. A cool guy!

Also, since I was talking about The Beatles in an earlier entry for Writer's Block, here's John Lennon:

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>>The first game was released on June 23, 1991, in order to provide Sega with a mascot to rival Nintendo's flagship character Mario.

This is the real Red Oni, Blue Oni.


Maybe later, I'll talk about my own Sonic stories.

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I hear about heroic Firefighters again today, and how they are being denied health care. There must be a reason behind this! Because, they do things that I just freakin' can't. And that one story about how they let a house burn down still makes me upset because since childhood I still think firefighters are some of the coolest guys around.

Going into the collapsing World Trade Center, surrounded in ash, and /searching/saving desperate and frightened people. That's worth a lot of respect. If those are not heroes, I don't know what is.

I've been sick lately.
I got a cold but that chronic cough has returned to get me, so now I'm hoarse and it is difficult to speak. You could feel fluid around your neck and the back of your nose. Pretty irritating since I'm busy during the holidays. I was mostly asleep last Saturday (?). What could it be?

Been trying to get better but I can't drain anything. I got to try and walk around sometime.

Anyways, let's bring out this guy!


December 17 was the birthday of myself and Ban Midou/美堂蛮 (pretty man above). You know what else is awesome about this date?

The Wright Brothers make their first powered and heavier-than-air flight in the Wright Flyer plane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina!

Maybe my love of planes is not a coincidence.

Parents got me a device called a NOOK:

Let's bring out some music.

ABOUT Doggie
- One of my most favorite Nintendo characters (and in video games history) is Yoshi! Which I should add, Mario is approaching his 30th Anniversary! His 30th!

- Is there any similarities between me and Ban? No, I don't smoke. I actually dislike it. Definitely don't have witch ancestors, or am I German, or a battle sense. But I do like Nobutoshi Canna (神奈 延年), who voices Ban. WE BOTH wear glasses and have brown hair. It's not spiky like his (maybe when I wake up?)...maybe it's similar when Ban's hair is down?

- Actually, while I don't like talking about this, no idea about relatives. I was born in Henry Ford Hospital. I cannot recall pounds, but I was born so small that it was thought that I wasn't going to make it.

Whether you want to believe this or not is on you.

- AIRCRAFT: I was a fan of the F-14 Tomcat and F-16 Fighting Falcon. I do like the Supermarine Spitfire.

- Wasn't a big horror movies fan, but watched a lot of werewolf and vampire hunter movies. I don't even like vamps but I guess this is why I got myself to like Alucard (HELLSING), Blade, and D: Vampires get beat up, and beat up GOOD. Also, D and Blade and half-vampires. How does that work?! (oh yeah, Belmont Clan for the win!)

- I watched enough horror movies throughout the years to see who I thought was cool. There was Freddy Kruger, Hellraiser (prefer that name then "Pinhead"), Jason Vorhees, PREDATOR and GODZILLA!!

- Probably my favorite "popular horror figures" in folklore are the Headless Horseman (Sleepy Hollow tale) and werewolf.

- Barely a drinker (alcohol)

- Said to have a nice singing voice.

- Because there was talk about "eating healthy" lately: I'm a vegetables fan. My favorite veggie is the carrot. I can eat Broccoli w/o ranch easily. When I was younger, I used to call them "Trees".

- Had two dogs total. First dog was a dachshund mix named Ike. Yep! Good ol Ikey!

- Christmas songs. To me, one of my favorites is definitely:

(^ it has to be particularly this version)

Next Time
- Oil Spill (forgot...)
- ?
- ?
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November's kinda cool literally too. I can almost sense the snow on its way

Birthdays of Okiayu Ryotaro (置鮎 龍太郎) and Yasuhara Yoshito was on the 17th.

; ( And dear Tobita Nobuo (飛田 展男) was waaay back on the 6th.

You know whose birthday it is today? King of Eldran, Shimada Bin (島田 敏) & Prince of Knights, Kusao Takeshi (草尾 毅)! Ahhhhh~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Photobucket Photobucket

If I only had a pic of Broily (Shimada) and Trunks (Kusao) together from DRAGONBALL Z, I'd honor them both easily in one picture. Because they seemed to have fought plenty.

I don't have tags for them but talked about them plenty. Those nicknames are personally made by me. Haha. I think they're appropriate, especially Shimada's

In America, Longest serving member of Congress Robert Byrd was born on this day as well. So was Robert F. Kennedy and even Joe Biden?!


I wanna mention this too. From video game world, the character Mr. Justice Ky Kiske was born on Nov 20, and is voiced by Kusao Takeshi (草尾 毅). I did not know they had the same birthday, LOL! Whut!

Not the best videos but here we go!


Video Time!

Kusao's Singing! From Knight Lamune series. "I do this Hot-blooded now!"

I think every Shimada fan is required to watch this ;) He's known as the King of Super Robo Soldiers!

Quick vid of Scirocco
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Oh man...I got sick.

After I got excited last Friday, the Common Cold attacks me. I think I was feeling it on Thursday but it completely emerged on Friday

Since I was coughing so darn much during the Summer, I'm not sure if the "seasonal sinus complication" cough is back to haunt me until the next Spring or if it's just from the cold, and will die down soon. I hope it's the latter. Tired of coughing, literally. Coughing makes me sleepy and lose appetite, also hurts the throat of course. I hope the Claritin works. It does right?

Usually sleeping suppresses the cough a little but not this time.

One thing i am curious about is dad's "horror story" from the hospital. He's doing great out and was out since Saturday I think. But apparently mom said he wasn't treated too nicely within the Emergency Room until his insurance was revealed.

So why am I saying this?

Oh, Happy Belated Birthday to Onosaka Masaya! (Oct13) Heey, didn't he win "Best Radio Personality" from the Seiyuu Awards? Why isn't it mentioned?

I like that Katsuki, Onosaka, Norio "Buraaah" Wakamoto (oct 18) and Mitsuya have birthdays next to each other.
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My pops's is in the hospital again. Third day, but he should be back home today. I don't think it's as serious as the last time but he just needs to clear his lungs.

- Next time, I'm gonna talk about my interests a little (reading. Images vs words/ aka comics vs books). If I do it now, it'll make the entry too large now. I'll just come back when ready.

Heeeeey! It's October 15 here! Here I go again!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (お誕生日おめでとう!) TO K-Sensei!

Here's the last b-day entry on this person:

So the last time I showed some pictures of her characters and I got some more!
Again, I haven't seen all of them, some photos were tough to get, etc.

** Characters with asterisks are listed in Katsuki's 81Pro resume.

BTW, these are not chars from foreign drama/film dubbing.

Character Pictures Part II: Gundam, Oniisama, BLEACH, Dragon Quest, mecha/science shows, Rangers/sentai series )

One more thing that I just remembered. I was going through my MS Document and one file contained my thoughts about the first love scene I heard with Katsuki in it. I just never posted them, so here it is (from how many years ago?):

SO, would you listen to a chicken? )

Be well Katsuki!

My Papa too!

Oh yeah, my eldest sister's birthday was last Sunday.

Also, on the 14th, Happy belated Birthday to OKANO Kousuke!


Aug. 5th, 2010 12:35 pm
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Hi I'm back.

Remember when I talked about Seki Toshihiko's birthday? I didn't want to make another entry about it, so instead I edited the previous ones with videos. I also have a SekiToshi gallery on one of my photobuckets. I need to update it.

I also forgot to mention, the photo up there is Doi-sensei. Nice guy. I think his first name is "Hansuke"? I'll have to look.

CGI & Dubbing
In the same previous entry, I talked about Cats and Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore, at least a dubbing version. Dubbings really get me curious; I listen to German, Spanish, etc. Just to see how it turns out. Cause you know, you hear the voice of, say, Keanu Reeves, and you don't like expect him to sound different. Otherwide, there's a sense of incongruity.

Germany can make some nice dubbing.

Oh yeah, Takagi Wataru IS in the Cats and Dogs 2 Japanese dub. I can't remember the dog's name (Beet?) but its a science geek kind of guy.

Cats and Dogs looks kinda creepy. There's Toy Story with talking animals (toys) and there's this, that make it looks like real animals are talking and making very sharp facial expressions.

Reading Dedication
OK! It's doing bad.

Bad Acting and Directing
Just something I've been curious about. I don't mean B-flicks, but what about big names?
So Leonardo DiCaprio starred in a high grossing film recently and I am glad that he's doing well. Knowing that, I just remembering how he would get criticized on bad acting. Mainly from the girls -- who always love on Matt Damon and Johnny Depp.

On MAPLESTORY, my warrior has reached level 51! YAY! I'm really surprised by my dedication towards things. I will count this as a strength. I have a feeling it may take me a year of my life just to get to Fourth Class. Maybe four to six months for Third Class on level 70. I can't wait to be a knight dangit.

So what happens on Level 50? ;(

I'll tell you what happens. BALROG! (Video here). Scary stuff!

So I'm gonna work on creating that Hero Gladius!. I already know what to do and I hope I can succeed. Hey, I could use a holy sword. It'll make me feel mighty and like an actual knight.

Oh! Edo Rocket!
I was watching a little Oh! Edo Rocket since it's coming to the U.S. Funny stuff.
Main character is, I think, the boy Tayaka Sekiichi. Sekiichi (Japan)...his voice I got mixed feelings on. It's quite funny. It feels kinda deep/rough at times; it's so unconventional, it makes me feel like "it's bad and good". ;) Somi, I know you can do it.
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I'll add in lniks and explain more later.

Television/"Game Plan"
Do you think watching TV supports memory as much as reading does?

I've been thinking about it, along with a possible idea on how to watch long TV shows.

Mobile Suit Gundam: 43 (AKA: UC 0079)
Tekkaman Blade: 49
Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato: 38
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: N/A
Casshern Sins: 24
GetBackers (Still halfway through): 49
The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Forgot (4?)
Zoids Genesis: 50
Dancouga: Forgot

Quite a big BIG list, and they are all older shows. My initial idea was to watch two or three episodes per day, for maybe three days on one week? So then I'd get approx ten episodes each week, which should cover me well. Then that means I might finish one series each month.

I got to return to Monster and Death Note comics too. Monster's main character is a doctor! Yay!

Disney Thrill Rides
According to, Walt Disney World's top thrill rides:

The Barnstormer
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Expedition Everest
Space Mountain
Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Test Track
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Mission: Space
Crush 'n' Gusher
Summit Plummet

Birthday Celeb Time

And Now! Frommmmm Japan, comes a man!

Heroes character voice, and baddies, and animals, a singer, stage actor!

関俊彦, 御誕生日おめでとうございます!

Hmm, I need to update my gallery.

Happy Birthday (June 11) to Toshihiko Seki!, who I'm sure I've talked about plenty of times (but don't have a tag). I even have a profile colorbar.

No videos at the moment since I'm in a hurry. I'll have more detail on everything later.

Also, Happy Belated Birthday (June 1) to my PAPA!
I forgot to blog Mom's...but she was in March

Oh yeah, if there's ever a new Tatsunoko vs Capcom game, I'd like to see Shurato.

Toshihiko Seki )
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One more!

高山みなみ/バーロ, 御誕生日おめでとうございます!

Happy belated Birthday (may 5) to Minami Takayama!~

The fans call her "Baro", which seems to be from her character Detective Conan, or they are just quoting what Conan says.

She is such an idol if I've ever seen one. Alright, Minami in the two-man band TWO-MIX, and her vocals just gets me in a good mood. Probably one of my favorite videos on Nico Douga is a music video with a dance song of TWO-MIX's "MEETING ON THE PLANET" with roller coaster footage! !

Because it is almost June, I can't help but think of Amusement Parks and SUMMER! It's just a good combo.

I don't think TWO-MIX do live concerts.

As for animation, she does so voice over and dubbing work. Well known for playing women and short boys.

Takayama-themed videos )



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