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Found this on [ profile] clio_selene Not sure how I missed it. Since I feel disgusted by myself, maybe I'll do this to feel a little better. To honor the 20th anniversary, and its upcoming new anime, it's Sailor Moon time.

I don't think I'm that big of a SM fan but let's see if I can answer these. Pass it around?


01. The first character I fell in love with:
Sailor Jupiter/Makoto. Honest; her name was changed to Lita for some reason. I like green and she's a toughie. Also, LIGHTNING! Impressive looking attacks. One of her quotes are "Soldier of Love and courage, Jupiter!"

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
It could be Tuxedo Kamen/Mamoru (even Endymion) from reading the comic.

03. The character everyone else loves that I don't:
Mercury. She seems to have a large fanbase for some reason.

04. The character I love that everyone else hates:
I don't know. Who could it be? I haven't been looking into the fanbase so I'm not sure who are the hated characters. Maybe Chibausa, but she is supposed to be obnoxious.

05. The character I used to love but don't any longer:
No one in particular.

06. The character I would shag any time:
I'll just say "I had a crush". And I think I had crushes on Diamond (but he's so not a girl's best friend), Ali (was that his name?) and Pegasus. Recently, in the manga, Saphir? ^^; I think.

07. The character I'd want to be like:
No one in particular.

08. The character I'd slap:
Uhh...Nehelenia? For being so...selfish.

09. A pairing that I love:
Haruka/Michiru. That's it.

10. A pairing that I hate:
I don't think I have any. I can't hate a pairing when there is a strong theme in romance.

11. Favourite character:
Uh...nah too many.

12. My five favourite characters:
Usagi/S.Moon (comedy, whiny, serious, determined)

13. My five least favourite characters:
I don't know. Probably one of the Five Witches or two.

14. Which character I am most like:
You tell me.

15. My deep, dark fandom secret:
I think my first R-18 doujinshi was Sailor Moon...

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I'm a bit embarrassed by this, but found a writing meme from [ profile] chaosmindfuck. I was bored, so I thought to myself, "Could I possibly do this?"

I'm embarrassed because I don't talk about what I write; least, not on this blog. ON THIS BLOG, I talk about what I read, and that I do attempt to write, but nothing too specific. I often worry over my grammar and get discouraged by others. Chaos seems to be very fascinated about fanfiction and shares links to many. I, on the other hand, don't write anywhere on Livejournal or social networking sites.

Anyone can write, but my views on fanfiction can be ambivalent. I am impressed by works which show that a fan is in tune with what he/she enjoys. He/she knew what he viewed from pre-made content and can deliver it into another story.

On the other hand, fanfiction can make me a bit upset. Like, I can't believe what I see from those who like the Sonic the Hedgehog series. I dislike bad characterization. It doesn't have to be perfect, but writing a story is always an attempt.

Eh...I'm rambling.

This meme may be boring.

2011 - Present? )

Here's Monster Rancher. Goodnight.

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From my previous entry about the baton. Who wants to play too?

Again, the rules are simple: Name a character with the word that describes him/her the best.

It's late and I'm a bit grouchy because I had niece overlord SINCE last Thursday, and I'm getting lack of sleep. My monday was good; maybe next week will have a shining star?

Here's my take on the baton. If I do it again in the future, maybe I'll have different, better answers. Some I don't have specific answers for.

Here we go )

Took too long...
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Something I found, let's see if I can pass it around thus, baton. Its in Japanese but I think the rules, from what I can tell, is quite simple: Name a character that you really associate with the following word.

Like for example, for the word "Sword", I'd say "Date Masamune" (Sengoku BASARA series) or "Zengar Zonvolt" (Super robot wars series). For the word "robot", you can say "Bender" (FUTURAMA); how about "Grumpy Bear" for the word "rain"? (lol)

It doesn't have to be from Japanese anime, comic, book, etc. Just post the name of a character. I remove/replaced a few because I thought they were either too hard or a synonym of another word. Also, I wanted to keep it short.

The List with Translation )

It's late and I'll do it in the afternoon. Going to think on it some more.
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Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

This one is for yesterday.

Day 29: Favorite Quote

It's almost over...and the last ones had to be so difficult. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can remember.

I wish I could. Fortunately, I can answer the next one.
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Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 25: Funniest Moment/Episode
I need to put aside anime.

Even if I did, I CAN'T DECIDE AT ALL!

Daily Life arc is funny all around. Anything involving Tsuna being pathetic, and then REBORNNNNNN'ed is fun.

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Day 24 yesterday and Day 25 today.

Wow, I had a crazy week, but I feel good. Something bright must be ahead.

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 24: Least favorite Varia

This is quite difficult because they're all awesome. They're such a lovable train wreck, but I guess I have to pick.

*Checks list* I'm going to put Gola Mosca aside. I often associate it to Spanner, plus there's the secret behind it. I'm going to focus more on XANXUS, Mammon, Levi, Bel, Lussy, etc

If I had to choose...if I had to choose... probably Mammon. It's a rough pick, considering his role in the last comic, and he's usually out of the Varia's wackiness. He thinks they're nuts (lol). He was also a little pathetic against Mukuro; a tough thing to say about an Arcobaleno.

I was going to say Levi, but three reasons:
1.) I love Lightning
2.) I didn't want to look prejudice because he's Lambo's ring rival
3.) He's soooo funny with his leader zeal. He lays on the ground and grovels! "PLEASE PLEASE! I'M SORRY! PUNISH ME!"
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Here is today.

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 22: Least favorite Shimon member

mmm...Rauji (大山 らうじ) or Kaoru (水野 薫); there isn't much to these two. Kaoru managed to make up for his very infamous scene with Yamamoto (that scared me...), but he's so quiet and hasn't played much of a significant role.

As for Rauji, I don't want to bash on the big guy, but there isn't much to him either. He is considerate at times.

I can't decide.
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Jan 12 (Day 20 (sat)
jan 13 (Day 21) sun
jan 14 (Day 22) mon, which is today.

Let's start.

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 20: Least Favorite Vongola
Now we're getting into the days that I don't like. Least favorite? If I had to choose...Chrome or Lambo.


I'll pick Lambo because he has a lot of growing up to do. And I don't mean TYL (both) Lambo. It's a bit unfair to pick him; I'm sure Amano-sensei had fun drawing Lambo because he's a genuine spoiled baby. But all he is is comic relief and nothing more.

Chrome has more conviction.
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That's just great..3 days I need to add:

Jan 12 (Day 20 (sat)
jan 13 (Day 22) sun
jan 14 (Day 23) mon, which is today.

Let's start.

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 20: Anime or manga

When it came to even SS: The LOST CANVAS, I preferred the manga aesthetically. There's some things you can't imitate from the comic.

I was a little disappointed by the anime's animation/art, and of course there is censorship and left out scenes. The majority of the vocal cast is unfamiliar too. I didn't watch all of the anime since I was following with the manga, but who doesn't like cartoons? Tsuna sounds great, I like Yamamoto's cheery voice, and let's not forget Squalo. Also, if it weren't for the anime, would we have character songs?

Still, XANXUS shouldn't sing...

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Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 18: Favorite Millefiore member

Millifoire is a huge family.

Genkishi or Byakuran...Genkishi or Byakuran...or Gamma.

I'll go with Genkishi (幻騎士). His name's literal meaning is Illusion Knight, and you gotta love knights. I love swords. If I RECALL from the comics, and that was quite a long time ago, he was quite a force to be reckoned with. He gave off a total sense of danger and he proved many times, more than Byakuran even, that he was a treat. He fought Yamamoto twice, Hibari twice, Squalo, and Tsuna; Byakuran trusts him. Genkishi also influenced what formed the Millifiore. Since he's uses the Rain Flame, he can create various illusions.

In terms of personality, he's the loyal, stoic type mostly. He pretty much turned to betrayal when he met Byakuran.

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Alright! halfway through. Now I have to update the list.

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 15: Favorite Kokuyo gang member


Rokudo Mukuro (六道 骸)

So far I've been bashing the Kokuyo throughout this entire meme. Mukuro and Chrome has been the only two significant (and strongest) members of the Gang, especially after the Kokuyo arc. If you disagree with me then I'm sorry. And frankly, to my annoyance, Chrome mostly takes the role of a punching bag. For some reason, she has a high following in Japan.

Mukuro has resilience, I tell you. When he's involved, it turns strange; I don't know how he does it when he's in jail. I think TYL Mukuro is great too. sexy.

I'd like Ken more. He has a great ability.
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I have 14 (yesterday) and 15 (today) to do. And they are totally easy.

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 14: Favorite Vongola Member


I mentioned that Tsuna, the boss of the 10th Vongola, would be my favorite male character. But if I would have to pick aside from him, it's obviously the 10th Rain Guardian.

Baseball freak Yamamoto Takeshi (山本 武). Funny, and has no fear. And in a second, his character can change from klutz to killer. You don't want the latter, since REBORN said he's like a true assassin. Also, in the beginning, his baseball bat turned into a katana. Cool!

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Gonna do this early...

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 13: Favorite flame (Sky, Rain, Storm, Sun, Lightning, Cloud, Mist)


Another difficult one because they are connected to the Box weapons, and they're all great.

I believe mine is Cloud, which has the propagate ability. It's very flexible, causing things to multiple and increase in size so it can be used for offense and defense. Hibari Kyouya (even YTL) uses it very effectively.
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Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 09: Favorite Villain

In another entry, I argued about how a lot of the villains of KHR weren't that good. I think the best baddies are two of them, one who follows might makes right and one who just wants to rule because he can.

Byakuran's weakness is that he acts like a child, and it's disappointing with all the God like power that he has. I don't mean like the gag scenes and expressions that he has, but the reason behind his collection of power. However, throughout the entire Future arc, he's been entertaining. Also, how he manipulates the Nero family and forms Millifiore is good. He was also able to make me fear him because he nearly kills Tsuna and severely wounded Mukuro. Big problem. Like I mentioned about Jeager, he gave off that sense of danger.

I'd probably put Daemon Spade above Byakuran in terms of logic. He's devoted to the Vongola, but wanted it to be a strong force through fear and power. So he goes through all this controversy against the first Vongola Giotto because he felt like Giotto's choices threatened the well being of the family. Still, Spade had a weak background that led to his change. I like how he's loyal but has a dark mind.

A strong point of D's villain character is that he's so merciless. Killing/hurting woman for example. He is also responsible for the deaths of Enma's family (and I think he framed them?) and the Elevator death called Floor of Blood incident (血の洪水). Pretty creepy.

The latter looked like something from The Shining.
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Ok, I have Day 8 (Fight) and 9 (villain) to do. Too much distraction.

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 08: Favorite Fight

Geez. I'd had to look up Reborn Wiki to refresh my memory of some fights, because there are so many after Varia arc. Not to mention that various chapters have the word 'versus" in their titles. I might be wrong in my choices.

Here are some fights that come to mind:

Squalo vs Yamamoto of Varia Arc, which is the Rain Ring Battle. That's probably a biased choice because they're my favorites but I like swordsplay. It was simple too; Squalo's swings were apparently so strong, or the experience between them were so different, that Squalo could send a stunning shockwave through Yamamoto's body just by hitting his bat/sword.

Ryohei vs Aoba???

XANXUS vs Tsunayoshi. My memory's quite rusty on this too.

There's also vs Jaeger. Total slaughter and pissed off fangirls (lol). To be honest, I loved the sense of danger I got from it. It wasn't nice, but it made you think that "Wow! This guy is big trouble. What are they gonna do?"

I think there was a TYL Hibari vs Genkishi too? Also, XANXUS vs Rasiel, because the latter was such a pest and didn't know who he WAS MESSING WITH!

Also, in the last comic arc, just because - Iemitsu vs Tsuna

- Iemitsu vs Adult Reborn!
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Sunday. I wanted to look forward to the New Years more positively, but I might end up miserable. Niecy is sick, and apparently Stink-Pest has to come over. So will this mean that the baby will stay over all week? Who knows. I am also hoping for a follow-up call.

Tuesday is New Years, so I should blog about some thoughts.


Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 07: Favorite Minor Character

Difficult one...

Are the minors even memorable? Sounds like it could be an anime-only character.

I can choose Dino, but he wouldn't be considered minor would he? I'd look at him as "supporting". If he is a "minor", then Dino. He makes me happy.

Also, maybe one of the 9th Volgola guardians. Then there's the 2nd Vongola Boss, Ricardo, who looks awesome. He coincidentally resembles XANXUS in looks and abilities, but there doesn't seem to be a relation.
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Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 06: Least Favorite Female


I mean...who are you?!?! Why do you exist?!

Geez, she further emphasizes the Kokuyo Group being insignificant sans Mukuro. I think after the Mukuro arc, she just devolved into an angry fangirl that hates Chrome. I can barely remember her aside from that.

And being self-centered is not a plus.
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This is for Tuesday (Christmas)

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 03: Favorite arc

Hmmm...let's go with the Future Arc (未来編).

It is the longest (I think), and also includes the Base Infiltration Arc and Choice Arc. It also includes the insane Millefiore Famiglia, and it introduces to the box weapons and Vongola rings, which became significant tools and symbols through the entire series. After the Varia arc, this arc introduces many challenges towardsthe Vongola.

Thanks to a glitch in Lambo's 10 Year Bazooka, the Vongola are sent ten years later (TYL) into the future and wackiness ensures. The world is about to enter Byakuran's hands.

The reason I like this arc is the material. 10 Years later, it's amazing to see the difference in fighting style (and personalities...sort of) between the characters, such as TYL Hibari and present Hibari. There's also various different characters, and various animals! DINOSAURS, kangaroos, dogs, birds, hedgehog, etc. I think this arc shows how creative Amano can be; it also shows how the sky flames can be used differently since both ally and enemy has flames.

And I saw a Kangaroo! ROCKING A SNAKE!

There's also Byakuran, Varia, and the Funeral Wreaths. Oh yes, Yamamoto's toughest fight is with Genkenshi.

Throughout the arc, Byakuran, as casual as his was, gave off this tension of being very powerful.

Oh yes, TYL Xanxus = sexy.
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Already, I'm two days late. Distraction from niece and more Drip/Nasal congestion that gives me headache.

Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 02: Favorite Female character


Even as a female, I might look like a sexist. Quite frankly, I think the only best female characters in KHR are Bianchi, Kyoko, and Yuni. This is only in comparison. Yuni and Kyoko get points for their kindness; Bianchi is funny because of her shameless poison cooking.

You can probably pick Chrome for being cute and strong, the latter if she commits herself MORE to using her ability. Chrome is so popular in polls though...for some reason. the majority of the Kokuyo Gang, cept Mukuro, turn a bit insignificant for the majority of the series. And there is an even more annoying Mukuro clinging lady" whose name escapes me.

Bluebell? Doesn't do it for me.

I can't pick might be Yuni or Bianchi. Unfortunately, the latter doesn't appear much. Kyoko is more like "I'm Tsuna's cheerleader" and "Tsuna saves me", but she is nice.

Am I missing someone?

EDIT (12/27): Oh Dude...I forgot about Lal Mirch *Slaps forehead*


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