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What can be reasons as to why someone doesn't care for an opinion of another. He/she:
- Doesn't want to pointlessly argue back and forth
- Has mind set on what's the truth
- Has quickly decided on the impression of the other
- He/she is in love
- Too busy
- Established a circle of friends
- Is upset
- Professional in a particular area of knowledge

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But that is to challenge.

I'm probably not making sense at all.

That also reminds me, seeing someone on putting "Don't review my stories" in their profile.

Certainty, a review can have aimless material. It can be not a review, which is to assess what you read. It can be a flame for example, but there's no application to prevent reviews. So if you "review", that author will punish you for it.

I have kittens in my side yard (where I have an exit window with stairs from downstairs to surface), so I just let their mom take care of them. It is a charming sight for someone who is more into dogs. Been seeing mama wandering around my area many times before.
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Some real doggie tales.

Because I've been receiving some rain and storm over here. Good ol' Michigan Spring. It just reminded me of the old days with my first dog, Ike. Majority of dogs hate thunder, but my dog didn't hide. He actually:
- Broke into my washroom
- Ran away
- Tried to dig under fence (and I think one time tried to slip between fence and house wall ~_~;)

That's all I can think of at the top of my head.

These Dodge Chargers are rampart in Michigan, and I swear are going to hurt me one of these days. They're variable in engine types, and they look like they drive quick.

If it's not a Charger, it's a Mustang. People drive too wild.
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I would definitely put this in a top saddest song/greatest love song list. This seems a little too much for a pet song. This would fit better for my mom, but I like it anyway. Tammy Wynette's version is less sad.

[ More Morgie ]
She would've been 16 this year. TO carry something for so long, there should be a story to tell.

But do I have much of a story?

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I think I mentioned already that my niece is keeping me occupied, and likes to use my PC to watch videos. The best time to blog is when she's sleeping. Recently, there has been some carpenter work and tons of cleaning for the arrival of company.

With that said, I probably shouldn't tell a long story.
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SO, after getting the previous entry out of the way...

I'm locked in a land of repetitive "family life" and lack of funds.

I wanted to get a handheld for my hobbies regardless of bossy niece, but I'll just lose my head if I can't relax. Or just enjoying something that I like to do like read, watch TV, or play games. Some leisure.

I gave my Gamecube away. I thought it was going to sell at a bazaar, but was told that it's serving its purpose with another family member. No matter how outdated it is, it still does what it does best: Helping people have fun. I gave away my games too, including Smash Bros Melee, so fun is definite.

It was a hard choice. I just told myself that my systems were collecting dust and that I don't have time to play. I have to look ahead for the newer generation because I felt like I was stuck being behind. I also played enough. I couldn't finish my Heart and Poe quests in Twilight Princess; don't think I was interested in gaining 100% in Metroid Prime 2 either; I didn't complete my event battles and trophy gaining in Smash Bros and I don't think that I could.

I, however, kept Twilight Princess in hopes of selling it. Sending away Mario Party was not easy; I don't think I'll miss Double Dash that much, especially when there's Kart Wii, and the Mario Kart series just gets better and better as it ages (just like Smash Bros series). Double Dash's drifting was ridiculous.

After 15 years, she's gone. She was responsive to me, even when sick. It happened quickly so I was glad. I started worrying when she was stumbling. I just told myself that, because of her age, it was going to happen soon. However, it's always tough to face.

I don't want to explain everything, but I can't consider myself a good dog owner. However, she was a very good dog.

I still need to talk about PSYCHO PASS and Nobunaga.

Here's to Smash Bros! The announcer is the best, and he needs to come back for Smash 4 to shout the title.

Absolutely loved it. Considerable improvement from N64 (no duh?)


Apr. 15th, 2014 10:35 pm
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God Bless Dogs.

Also, new to the Watchlist: Captain Earth.

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This week: Mostly oral pain and enviousness.
Going to pursue volunteering again.

There's talk about min. wage income increase, but I still don't think it's enough. It'll take years for it to reach the ten mark, and it still wouldn't do.

I've been a little selfish. Wanted to purchase Skyward Sword (it's at least fifty at a local store) but it requires Wii Motion+. Decided against it. I still have Final Fantasy Tactics and Monster Hunter to work on. I'd like to play something that won't be too disappointing; a little worried after reading SS reviews. Also, if I play it, I can properly read Hyrule Historia.

I am putting it away until I get further into Yukikaze. My painful decision. I don't like skipping pages, that's all. It doesn't deserve it. It's beautiful.

Precious video time. Don't ever do this! Beautiful, but don't pet wolves.

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THE IDPD: Giraffe kisses terminally ill zoo worker

I think that, after that story about the baby giraffe shooting, this gives me a little warmth. Despite it being so sad. I don't think I've ever heard of one story where a giraffe did one person wrong.


So, Fred Phelps died yesterday. After my last rant, I can't say that I care. I still can't believe, not allow, people inciting hatred/taunting in combination with holiness. And so fervently too. It doesn't matter which God.

I STILL can't believe the Westboro Church. I wouldn't be caught dead in a battlefield and you'll taunt gay soldiers at their funerals? There is no way. Course that's just one example.

Freedom of Speech my friend.
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Long time no sniff...

I can't say that I'm happy with babysitting. There are the rewards of the niece enjoying my company, despite her being very mischievous, but what's even more aggravating is the childishness, arrogance, and ill will of her parents. Or maybe I'm just annoyed by the mischievous.

Also, I'm totally broke thanks to vehicle maintenance.

Maybe in the far future, I can live in the U.P and ride a bike.


I finished Fafner in the Azure (蒼穹のファフナー; Fafner of the blue sky) tv series. So, this means I have to watch the movie "HEAVEN and EARTH" and the special "RIGHT to LEFT".

I don't think I can...

I don't want to hear "Soku Iru" again.

Fafner's story is incomprehensible. Eureka Seven, Eureka Ao, Fafner, Gundam, maybe I can't fully enjoy Sci-fi because I seemingly have low comprehension. Again, Fafner keeps being compared to Neon Genesis Evangelion, yet I can't compare the psychological deficits of Fafner with Eva, with the island being a fake paradise. I don't think they have the same intensity. Still, I couldn't stop watching. For some reason, it was interesting.

Again, in Sci-fi, you put in an atmosphere where you expect to know what's going. Or you just engage into the series with the knowledge that you already have: biology, nanotech, machines, etc. I guess it didn't fully help. Eureka and Fafner had this strange jargon that kept me guessing; what the @#%$ was a Mir and why was it so important I kept wondering? I have trouble finding it mysterious when it apparently plays a significant role. There's the German machines and connection system (that Soushi uses), then there's the security system named after a King of Israel.

And Soshi...why care?! Why care about him so much?!

Ugh, there is so much for me to research on.

Of course, I wasn't confused with everything. I was intrigued that the adults of Japan were unable to bear children so they made artificial fetuses on Tatsumiya. They are immune to the radiation of the first Fetsum, but apparently, they suffer from the effects of losing their minds when piloting the Fafners.

Here's more:

- What in the hell with Kazuki's mom?

- Kasugai. Nearly cried for him.

- Mamoru was a shock. I actually felt sorry for his parents

- Enjoy the court scene with Tomi's father (lol!)

In the end of it all, it's about aliens understating another lifeform. AGAIN! After all of that destruction.

There's too much to explain. The Festum attacks were always fun.

Tokusatsu and...
I have too much on my list, and it may be a good idea for me to put some series on hold along with Legend of Galactic Heroes. I actually progressed a bit in Hurricanger, which looks interesting. It'll be difficult to not watch Gokaiger, Zyuranger, Hurricanger, and morphin' time Gobusters for a while.

At the moment, it's Shinkenger, Kakuranger and Kyoryuger. I've reached the second season of Kakuranger, and $%#T's GOT REAL!.

I could use a new Kamen Rider series, but which one?

On an upside, I'm WATCHING PATLABOR!

Speaking of Michigan...
So, Michigan Radio...Detroit is bankrupt, police officers robbing drivers, U-of-M med student is shot, etc.

Ted Nugent is coming to his home of Detroit for a concert; American Idol was holding auditions in the same city.

What else is there?

Lately, I''ve been wondering about cats. Because I'm such a big dog person, and yet there are many cats that need homes, I just felt like I've been too ignorant. Maybe in the future, I can own a cat. SO far, I just adore the company of dogs. I'm the type who loves to come home and see someone delighted to see me...or so that's what it looks like.

For the longest time, I thought that a cat purred because it felt pleasant, but that's not the true case?


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Another dog video time!

Aww @ "the kennel".

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In Sports NCAA March Madness: MICHIGAN Wolverines defeats Kansas Jayhawks. Next it should be vs Florida Gators in the Elite 8.

IF there can be Ohio State vs Michigan, it'd be quite a rivalry.

Anyways, my week(s).

Pretty much tons of work, babysitting, and my dog biting me. Plus, I am growing curious about the novels of Yukikaze and Lodoss series.

Work, while I am happy to feel that I have a sense of good purpose again OUT of babysitting, is strenuous. I am easily becoming homesick. Haha, it's pretty typical; I can't go home and read. On the days off, I had the kiddo.

Just last night, I had a strange dream of my leg being infected by...something. It was disturbing enough for me to remember. Like a parasite? Like you could something crawling under the skin? Last thing I could remember in the dream was someone calling ambulance.

Last week, or maybe it was Monday, dog bit me after a long long time (u.u) It again made me question myself as a responsible dog owner, and I long felt like I haven't trained her that well in discipline and order. Of course it can and will happen to any pet owner, and it wasn't a bad bite, but I should've known. Also, I can't seem to be assertive enough; does my dog even consider me as a leader? So she bit me over some food. She was sticking her head into the food bag where she isn't supposed to.

Last week I watched and finished MACROSS PLUS (OVA ver.). Haven't watched it in years. This and Yukikaze pretty much shows how dangerous computers can be when they get too darn smart. It's just silly. Chiba Shigeru does not fail to humor me at all. It's the same as Seki Tomokazu in Gokaiger (see video below), which I'd like to watch! I swear, working in the kitchen, I was singing "Si si ha!". Am I going to remember the dinosaur's names and the gun/items?! I only watched five eps and there's tons of stuff.

Let's enjoy some SekiTomo! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOO KAI GA!"


Akino Arai is too great. Macross has fantastic songs, and Macross PLUS's "VOICES" is definitely a favorite. I believe there are three or four versions to this song, but the acoustic version is my favorite.

Also, in the anime world, here is apparently the new approaching hotness o-O; For a commercial, and that's all there is to this new anime, people are QUITE crazy about it. Swimming men. Look out Michael Phelps.

With Sailor Moon music.
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I must be easily amused.

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So last year was Gangnam Style, and the artist Psy "retired" it. So, apparently this year, the world wants to make Harlem Shake the next Gangnam.

(Sigh) Why can't I get away from these things?

Least they are creative. HAHA, I love Spidey!

Also, the puppy version because I must:

And then there's:
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Time for another great dog video ;)

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This whole week, or rather teh start of the new year, can be described in one marvelous video clip.

Gonna keep my cool about other IRL things. Due to babysitting, I had a lack of focus. When you want to start the new week by looking forward, don't you just hate it when there's an interference? Since it's after Christmas and New Years, there's some things you want to catch up with. However, the niece has been sick so she stayed with me.

Aside from misery, I was considering on working for the Michigan Humane Society.
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Continuing The 30 Days of KHR!, a meme about KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! (KHR!)

Day 11: Favorite box weapon


Alright! Now we're getting into one of the cool things about KHR: The Box Weapons containing animals and items that can be used to fight. They are so flexible that I can't decide.

It's hard to pick a favorite; however, I am quite amazed by XANXUS's and Gokudera.

XANXUS has Bester, the Ligre Tempesta Di Cieli (Sky Storm Liger). And O-M-G at Gokudera's; the Sistema C.A.I. is absurb, why did he even have that?!

Yamamoto is a totally biased choice ;) He has the best dog and sparrow ever.

I admire Natsu/Nutsu, Tsuna's box animal, but I think I'm more impressed by the above three.

Also, the Funeral Wreaths's box weapons; again, biased because I like dinosaurs but they didn't do much.

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In the days since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the small Connecticut town of Newtown has seen a continuous outpouring of compassion - and not just from humans.

I was looking through my email and realized that I had an old link leading to a blog about dogs.

Probably easy to find, but I never paid attention.

Here's a cute quick vid:


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