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This is about SOUL of GOLD (聖闘士星矢 黄金魂 -soul of gold-), a short animation centering on the Gold Saints of Saint Seiya. Some of the best characters of the series.

Picked it up since Omega was long over, Aldnoah and Ronja was over, etc.

So, this show is at about the halfway point. I think it is both refreshing and inconsiderate, but the toy figures are freakin' amazing.

TO me, it's average.

The animation is something of wide-spread infamy because its Toei Animation. Without the lovely Araki Shingo and his concepts, it seems silly to go along with this, but the budget seems to go up when the God Cloths appear. The Gold Saints are cute as sin sometimes o-O.

Going to cut this because of spoilers and a few very questionable stuff.
Story and wtf with characters )

This would be OK, or wouldn't affect me if I didn't watch the previous material.

Sound? In my humble opinion, it's very refreshing. Probably not something you're used to when the voice actors recently play bad guys or old men, such as Sagittarius Aiolos being Jirai in Gintama for example. This is especially when compared to recent shows. It kind of challenges my tolerance level. This is when imagination and the skill of acting comes in. Ultimately, it's about the character camaraderie.

I was so glad to hear Seki Toshihiko; he wasn't Milo before, and I don't know why Milo was changed, but it's easy to handle. Nobutoshi Kanna and a recently married Kusao Takeshi returned as Camus and Shura respectively. Both previous voice overs died, and gave Camus and Shura some nice threatening baritones during the 12 Temples Arc.

It was nice to see an impassioned performance of Tanaka Ryoichi (C.V of Deathmask). Personally, it takes a while to convert from the deep, dignified sound of DM from the 1980s 12 Temples Saga to this humorous, drunken tone of DM, which you can hear from even the video games and the Hades OVA series. The qualities are considerably different, especially when compared to the other Goldies who maintained their own VAs (ie: Shaka, Aphrodite).

So far, an average show. The best so far was Ronja.
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Japanese animator under fire for film tribute to warplane designer

"Why did smoking have to be included in a scene where the objective is to depict the couple's relationship, especially the woman's state of mind?" the letter said. "There must have been another way to express that."

Japan has more of a smoking frequency than the U.S., doesn't it? And if Mayazaki said that it was trend in even the old days then why complain?

I would like more detail on the criticism. Every time I watch the Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) trailer, I'm filled with emotion, and I want to watch the movie regardless that the Americans opposed the Axis Powers. Miyazaki was always against war, and I don't dislike him for diverting from his fantasy elements.

Korea, Japan, China, I see the same thing.

When I see derision against people from Asia, it's from people who PROBABLY never lived in the age of World War I and World War II. They never seen the attack of Pearl Harbor except through stock footage of documentaries, and news highlighting these notable events on their anniversaries. Koreans are understandable, but even they are inciting hatred in this current age.

It is true that abduction and slavery happened; it's also true that Americans captured Asian Americans and sent them through labor.

Are they offended? There's always a justified feeling that it was okay to bomb the Japanese, especially the atomic bombs. Just because they declared war on America. What if an American created a movie lionising Adolf Hilter or the German military when the Nazi Party took charge?

On a unrelated note, Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ) appears in Saint Seiya Omega.

I can't figure out what Sonic Memory to do next. I might enter the Game Gear-verse against with Sonic 2 or Triple Trouble, but not sure if I remember much. I definitely can't remember much from Chaos. I feel that my memories are shallow. I'm only wrote eight?

As for reading...

Moreover, because of its importance, difficulty in learning to
read crushes the excitement and love for learning, which most children have when they enter

How true is this?

Either I'm just overthinking, I blame MESO, or this is psychological? I was always a good speller and reader, but do I like to read?

I still have very old novels stuck in my shelf, unfinished. Jurassic Park, ripped and ended up in the trash, stayed with me for well over ten years unfinished.

So i'm going to look around and see if there any answers of what might be the case, and maybe solution.

Misunderstood minds: Reading diff.

There's also depression and anxiety? o-O; And DSM-IV?

More in another entry one day.
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1...2...3...I can't take it.

I had a rare time off on the weekend, and what do I have to do during it? Babysit! The whole times off that I'm free. This can not continue; she needs to go to daycare. It's not worth it; I'm too busy and let's face it, I'm not a kid. At her age, I'd have to hop around and take her to the park to keep up with her energy. I can't play with/watch overlord all the time, and I always get concern when she runs all over the house. Too many confinements. I also can't give over the selfish bitterness that I have to watch someone else's child SO much. And I don't like that someone.

Maybe I need to make this a goal: Get myself a bicycle and baby seat for it.

That's all there's to it -- hard work and hyper babysitting. Aside from niece overlord, I remember the feeling of appreciating small things, especially from other people.

Also, ecclesiastical money? Pastors and other religionists seem to think they can say whatever they wish. If I don't offer money, or if I don't offer "enough' (say, pay way less than I would for clothes or a daily basis), even for a fixed minimum (Why!?), it's worth taunting about? Or does it make me "not godly"?

How much rent does a church really need to give?! They can receive hundreds in a single day. Where is it going? I can understand rebuking greed, but sometimes we don't have a lot in the wallet. I like to give at least ten; sometimes five. I'm not trying to put "need/want" at a very high priority, but you do need money. It's not like omnipresence God needs money.

And frankly, despite the meaning of the word "tithe" (A tenth), I don't want to imitate the past. The crap that was going on the Bible, from greedy centuries-long monarchies to slavery and castes genocide?, it is something I rather not deal with. Who says I need to give a tenth?

Which reminds me, Feb 2013: Applebee’s defends firing of waitress who posted pastor’s ‘God’ receipt.

"I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?" What's with the behavior?

I've been worried about money lately...and I don't like it. Financial worries are overdone and I dislike the provocation of greed.

My NOOK's broken. Can't trust tech tools, even for reading can I? And I was reading BACCANO again before I dropped the thing. But lately, I've been more inspired to read. Wanted to talk about what I like to see in books (and maybe acting), but lack of time. It's really itching my thoughts though. They're twisted, but I believe I can get the right details together.

Ueda Yuji, who read philosophy and psychology book, says about character performing: 「常日頃から意識の中に並べ持っている感覚を大事にしている」

Been watching Shinkenger and Kyoryuger, and I'M trying to read Magi: The Labyrinth. Aladdin is unbelievable...

Updated [ profile] katsuki_masako.


Here's a weird Sonic the Hedgehog song. Not sure why a desert stage has a song called "Ethno Circus". Does it mean a bazaar? Sonic Rush has interesting music. Never played it before.

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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme. Links to previous entries are given.

Day 21: The seiyuu with the most acting range



This is a lovely one. That reminds me, yesterday, I watched Blockbuster Buster's Top 10 Voice Over Actors video I'm quite happy about his choices, but I'm a little puzzled about him saying "actors that get by using one voice or variations of their voice." What is the latter supposed to entail? Like, dialects?

Which also reminds me on how people complain about an actor "who only has 2 or 3 voices". Insulting.

Anyways, here are my choices.

Tobita Nobuo (飛田 展男), Matsumoto Yasunori (松本保典), Ueda Yuji (うえだ ゆうじ), ISHIDA AKIRA (石田 彰), and Yamadera Kouichi (山寺 宏一).

Yama-chan, AKA Yama Kouichi, is like a seiyuu icon. He's even in Disney movies (for some reason. maybe because he's an actor) while the cast, like in English, are adopted by celebrities. So, he gets these chances to play iconic characters in Disney (including in Kingdom Hearts game series) like Genie from Aladin, DONALD DUCK and The Beast. Furthermore, he dubs various popular actors. His Donald Duck is fantastic. I don't think I hear any flaw.

Well, the flaw is, sometimes you don't understand what Donald says anyway ;)

I talked about Ueda plenty. He even "voices" a ton of pokemon (with Miki Shinichirou). Along with the singing voice, quite a package.

Whew, I really wanted to mention Ishida SOMETIME in this meme. Child? Yup. Woman? Yup! Adult, yup. Older? Yep. Animal, yep! Sexy, mean, kind, etc. Tobita has wide-range as well! Also...NicoDouga has turned him into a meme. His fans had made some craaaazy videos on him. Really, who came up with the Perverted Kamille idea? *Rubs forehead*

I can probably add Sakurai Takehiro too. I will also say Seki Tomokazu (関 智一). I talked about Seki Tomo's roles under 'birthday" tag somewhere.

For the girls, Hayashibara Megumi. Maybe she's like Yamadera cause she's an icon. Geezus. IMO, she inclines towards adults, animals, KIDS (girls and boys).

Some of these are difficult to imagine, especially if they're being pigeon-holed. Gonna have to personally explore their careers yourself, unless they can change their roles in such short time. Especially for recent works.

If anyone have any opinions/suggestions, enlighten me.
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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme.

Day 14: Your favorite role from your favorite male seiyuu

Geez, and I listed a ton of male seiyuu didn't I? Just because I couldn't decide. Should I answer them all?

Quite difficult because many of the favorites are quite influential in the voice entertainment world. Alright at a time.

Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ): Sagara Sanosuke leaves a big impression. It's such a cool voice! The two english versions could not make Sano sound so much of a tough jerk. Lex Lang was more like 'handsome cool jerk"; Ueda was "Bitch I'll kill you O-rah!" jerk. Because he was a gangster-type character who was a fighter-for-hire and trained his body, he had that funky talking. So he says "rah" a lot. Also, Futae No Kiwami videos all over the net ^-^;;

Furukawa Toshio (古川登志夫): I first met him via Piccolo (Dragonball), and so he is my favorite. Where else are you going to find a cool green guy? It's strange that Ma Junior turned into a strong, mentor figure for Gohan. Throughout the movies. Also, Toshio explained (forget which EXPO) he had strange ways to doing battle cries. So, Piccolo
And I like, "MAKANKOSAPPOOOOO!" Took me a while to figure out, but it's one of my favorite moves in the Dragonball series.

Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之): It's probably be Kouta and Kogoro HAD I exposed myself to Highschool of the Dead and Sgt. Keroro a bit more (and they LOOK LIKE HIM!). ;-; Hiei's one of my favorite Yuyu Hakusho characters, but I think Hiyama really shines as Shishioh Guy in GAOGAIGAR FINAL. It's just that, there's many characters like Guy...and I can't pinpoint a favorite. Everybody likes Ikkaku.

Nakai Kazuya (中井和哉): I haven't watch Gintama or ONE PIECE fully; Toshiro and Zoro are equally damned fun. Second thought, Gintama is so strange and funny, and Toshiro (Parody of Hijikata Toshizo)....and he likes mayonaise. Also, Data Masamune. I CAN'T PICK! I CAN'T PICK! Geehhh...Let's go with Gintama's Toshizo. He has a bit of everything. And he was before Date ^-^;

Furuya Toru (古谷徹): No idea. I can't pick one.

Matsumoto Yasunori (松本 保典): Introduced to him by Gourry Gabriev(SLAYERS series).

Seki Tomokazu (関智一): Can't pick. He and Furuya have the "hero syndrome", so they're both all over the place playing righteous heroes, idiots, etc. I can't even remember where I first seen him.

Hiyama being a moron. "TOH!"

Let's have fun with Furuya Toru as Yamcha. "Rouga Fufu ken! HAIYIYIYI!" (Wolf Hurricane)
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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme.

Day 11: The seiyuu with the best singing voice

I've talked about a number of Japanese voice overs and who I found to have an enjoyable singing voice.

Most of the time, it's been Toda Keiko (戸田 恵子) & Horie Mitsuko (堀江 美都子)

Horie has an excellent singing voice. She primarily is a singer (IMO) but has done full-time voice roles. In the Western World, is she probably best known as Galaxia from Sailor Moon Stars? Because of her singing, she has a reputation in the World Masterpiece Theater series (Starred in 3 shows). You can hear plenty of her singing in My Daddy Long Legs. Now she got me humming "LADY NO TAMAGOOO!". She is Hori Susumu in the Mr.Driller games

Toda Keiko is probably like Barbara Streisand. Can be spunky and beautiful. If you listen to Barbara Streisand, I think you'll understand the elegance that I'm trying to express. She has also done full-time voice roles, but is probably best known as ANPANMAN!

The one who probably started it for me was Hayashibara Megumi (林原 めぐみ). Just..Hayashibara Megumi. The 90s idol.

Everyone says Sakamoto Maaya and Takayama Minami (TWO-MIX), and I talk about the latter plenty. I'm sure that I brought up Sakamoto too. She's quite cool, especially when collaborating with Kanno Yoko, it's almost no fail for me.

On the male side, Ueda Yuji (うえだ ゆうじ)! Flexible singer. In another entry, I talked about how he's like a flexible character actor. The same can be said for his singing.

There's also Seki Toshihiko.

I would say Katsuki Masako, but that's probably a very biased answer isn't it? I do think she sings very well; I just don't understand why not more? In the prior mentioned World Masterpiece Theater, she starred in one show.

Vid time. That's definitely Horie singing.

Sakamoto Maaya and MACROSS. The theme is "Triangular".

No...I don't want to get the painful Ideon music. I want to stay positive.
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Day 05:A seiyuu that always makes you laugh

[ profile] glitteringloke said Wakamoto Norio. I don't understand why he gets such ridiculous roles. If I come around with a video related to him, it's remarkably silly.

And who made him a #*#* motorcycle?! HE'S A MOTORCYCLE!

Stay away from Nico Douga.

Aside from Norio, there's Ueda Yuji (guy has a motor mouth). Don't make me find Krauser and Sexy Commando videos. Detroit Metal City...I still can't believe that. I can't even watch it ^_^; USSAPU! That guy is crazy!

And Morita Masakazu. A hyper kid, great laugh.

Katsuki Masako as well, the more I learn about her. She's so silly; also a great infectious laugh. She was complaining abotu Facebook and Monster Hunter. On MH, she was mostly like, "What should I do?!"

That's all I can think of so far.

EDIT: Chiba Shigeru.
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Apparently created by [ profile] the_firefly, but found it from [ profile] dark_alone

I thought it wasa good idea, but I thought to myself, "why would someone as indecisive as me try something like this?" I'm only fearing that I can't give out a single one-person answer for each question.

At least I can have something to blog about briefly each day.

Since it says Seiyuu, I guess I have to choose the Japanese voice actors only.

Let's start:

The List of Days )

Day 01: Your favourite male seiyuu

Hmm, I could never specifically point to one person as a favorite male seiyuu.

On this blog, I often talk about Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ), Furukawa Toshio (古川登志夫), Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之), Nakai Kazuya (中井和哉) and Furuya Toru (古谷徹), Furukawa being one of my first favorites. ALso, Matsumoto Yasunori (松本 保典).

Furukawa Toshio is a big time veteran, but also dedicated figure collector, fisher, dog owner, geek, etc. Placed in anime history as ACE IN ONE PIECE, Shin in Fist of North Star, PICCOLO in DRAGONBALL, and others. I'm actually..still surprised that he was Ace, and voiced many suparobo heroes. When it comes to suparobo heroes in the 70s and 80s, I usually think Furukawa Toshio, Inoue Kazuhiko, Kamiya Akira and Ishimaru Hiroya.

I give Furuya points for not only being cool, but for also having a good attachment to fans. He has an interesting character (as in person). He's also dedicated to his characters, who are often heroes. If you want a bad guy Furuya, then he makes a big hit as Ribbons Almark in Gundam 00. I think [ profile] hanagoke is a waaaay bigger Furuya fan, but I have to thank her. Ribbons..Halmark?

I don't know where to start with Ueda Yuji. Check my tag? I think my first recognized character from him was blanka (Street Fighter), Sanosuke Sagara, Akito, or Takeshi. Who knows? I might need to scratch Blanka, because Ueda's in a lot of fighting games such as Darkstalkers (Lord Raptor I think?) and Guilty Gear.

Not sure where to start with Nakai Kazuya either...

Hiyama, to my surprise, is prevalent in video games and I guess "radical screaming characters". And so is Kappei Yamaguchi (山口勝平), who plays a lot of little boys and heroes in both games and animation. There are also seiyuu I liked when I first started listening to VAs from Japan. When Hiyama (and even Nakao Ryuusei) emerged in BLEACH, I thought, " I...know them?" I still tell myself if Hiyama is alright after all his screaming because it gets exploited a lot ^.^: I was also surprised by Guh Shishioh. Gonna miss him in Fourze; which reminds me, he voices a lot of characters in Tokusatsu shows.

Seki Tomokazu (関智一)! Too much to say...

I'm...tired. I wanted to post/explain more but I'm tired.

Let me just post some video. I'm going to try and finish GARO Season 1 today.

Here's Ueda Yuji! I just pick this song because it's fun. O-NE-E-SA-NN~

It's called Takeshi's Paradise (タケシのパラダイス). Takeshi is Brock's Japanese name in Pokemon.

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I got this from [ profile] xlumierex. Here's the directions, quote:

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

I think this is the second time I did this:

Here's the five Lumie gave me.

Five things that associate with me )

All done.
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It is a new week and it starts off with a thunderstorm in Michigan.

I was so drained last night that I fell asleep with war documentaries on. Usually, that gets me to dream about battlefields and such, but it didn't seem to happen this time.

But I feel pretty good.

In the world of comics and animation, I have a lot on my plate. I hope my little "once a week" idea works. Maybe I should bump it up to "twice a week"? Watch maybe two - three hours worth of shows.

I don't think I'm into watching TV for a long time.

Also, it looks like I caught a virus that has disabled my AntiVirus. How long will my computer last?

Man, Woman, Football and Cars

Sports Sunday! Lions and Tigers won. Tigers-are-kicking-butt!

On NicoDouga, there are a lot of Motor sports videos. I watched one with bikes, F-1, and Group B cars doing some cool moves along with, I think, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, and Shakira music. In some parts, the music fits to make it fun.

And Freako MikiShin... admirable and crazy at the same time. First, I found these translated Animedia Seiyuu Data Files (2011) and Mikishin's answers were basically 'Hmm." and "Secret". Typical! (Also, Daisuke Kishio's answers are crazy...)

But I bring him up because he also has a love of cars and bikes. And, it looks like he's going to appear at the AG86 Festival at the Okayama International Circuit. I think just speaking, not driving. Heheh...TAKUMI!.

Animation/TV and games
Like I said before, "Two days a week", two hours on each of those days. Or, just twice a week, pick an anime and a "hour goal". This is mainly for TV series.

For example, for Monday I pick GPX CYBER FORMULA and Shurato, and spend three hours watching (6 eps, three for each series).

I think I'll go along with that today.

Last time I was strongly devoted to staring at the TV (or a screen) was playing Breath of Fire IV a couple weeks ago. I was racking up Fishing Points (it'd be awesome if I got MAX pts) and attaining masters before I head for the final parts of the game. I just past...a traumatic part in the game. (>_<) Orrrg. I'm near the end of Breath of Fire 3 too. Ahh the nostalgia, I love it. I'm glad I kept my CDs.

And I kind of want to get back into Stop!! Hibari-Kun cause it was so crazy.

I was also recommended Higurashi_When_They_Cry (ひぐらしのなく頃に). SOUL BROTHAS!


Another day may be three Tekkaman Blade and three either Casshern or Getbackers.

I probably shouldn't watch the Tekka OVAs should I?

Also, I remembered that I was watching Violinist of Hameln (Ueda Yuji ver.!)

I am recommended HUNTER X HUNTER...which is over 300 chapters. I guess, since I was able to get through Katekyo Hitman Reborn", I could do the same with Hunter.

Maybe I'm impatient?

I still have CLAYMORE and Nabari No Ou, the latter's still bothering me and questioning my comprehension level.

Vid time! Kinect Show!

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I uploaded a new Midou Ban (美堂 蛮) icon. BTW, his name seems to use Kanji symbols that mean "Beautiful Temple" (for last name) and "Savage" (first name). EDIT: Replaced icon. Found specific image.

For the past two or three weeks, I had a mental collapse (IMO), and no I don't smoke at all. Past few days I've been extra drowsy too. I found the recent days to be uneventful and found myself playing games a lot.

I added and edited some tags. Food and vehicles are new ones since I talk about them plenty, among others. When I make time, I'm going to look through previous entries and see what tags need to be added.

Reminder to myself: GAMES and comics
I still need to talk about Sonic Memories and MOTHER3 (which I finished). For Sonic (4th entry), I'm not sure what game to talk about yet. I haven't played the new Sonic 4...

And I also need to read more CLAYMORE and Nabari no Ou.

Guessssss what? Looks like I'm a homophobe and disabled, at least according to how the people of [ profile] fanficrants arrange themselves. One word or sentence can lead you to showing what evil person you supposedly are w/o redemption. Maybe I should remind myself never to attempt being sarcastic or never to attempt a joke.

And maybe I should also remind myself never to stay around people who use the word "fa****" and "bitch" and other "Trigger words" to express friendship. Lookin' at you Naru RPG.

Well, I have to admit, sometimes I don't like the word "sorry" either cause would you mean it? But homophobe don't seem to fit me at all. Oh well. Hey, how many times did I complain about teen pregnancy? Moving on...

Also, I was roaming LJ and found [ profile] anti_illiteracy, which I hoped would be something to support the significance of reading and writing. I found this on there:

Ueda Yuji!
I found out yesterday that Ueda Yuji is voicing Strider HIRYU in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. He's also returning as Sanosuke "Mr.Futae no Kiwami!" Sagara in the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin OVA.

Great! Strider's pretty cool and Sanosuke's one of my favorite anime characters. So Ueda plays both hot and cold.

I was having this talk on PLURK with another person on which mecha series hasn't made their debut on the SUPER ROBOT WARS game series yet. We listed plenty: REIDEEN, Patlabor, Yuusha series outside Gaogaigar (exkaiser, Might gaine, Fyrebird, etc), Vifram, Dowappa, Red Baron, Great Dangaioh, Dairugger XV, Gai-Keen, Daikengo, Ginguiser, etc.

The discussion made me want to look how many mecha shows Kazuhiko Inoue appeared (or lead) in. Ginguiser and Dougram (voice of Crim) are new ones I figured out. I'm mostly aware of the 80s one like Golion, Lazner, MachineRobo, and Tobikage.


? !

He uses the word "Monolithic" to describe...a race of people. He's a preacher?!?! I know one thing you are: Noisy. You have a microphone.
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Alright! So in the upcoming game Super Robot Wars Z2, it looks like there will be original characters after all, and the main [original] character will be voiced by Ueda Yuji! Hooray! This is new info that just appeared a few days ago.


クロウ・ブルースト (First name is Crowe!). Apparently he is a soldier.

Cool. Will he sound like something like Maeda Keiji (or Kimbley)?

And is the mecha called..."Blaster"?
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November's kinda cool literally too. I can almost sense the snow on its way

Birthdays of Okiayu Ryotaro (置鮎 龍太郎) and Yasuhara Yoshito was on the 17th.

; ( And dear Tobita Nobuo (飛田 展男) was waaay back on the 6th.

You know whose birthday it is today? King of Eldran, Shimada Bin (島田 敏) & Prince of Knights, Kusao Takeshi (草尾 毅)! Ahhhhh~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Photobucket Photobucket

If I only had a pic of Broily (Shimada) and Trunks (Kusao) together from DRAGONBALL Z, I'd honor them both easily in one picture. Because they seemed to have fought plenty.

I don't have tags for them but talked about them plenty. Those nicknames are personally made by me. Haha. I think they're appropriate, especially Shimada's

In America, Longest serving member of Congress Robert Byrd was born on this day as well. So was Robert F. Kennedy and even Joe Biden?!


I wanna mention this too. From video game world, the character Mr. Justice Ky Kiske was born on Nov 20, and is voiced by Kusao Takeshi (草尾 毅). I did not know they had the same birthday, LOL! Whut!

Not the best videos but here we go!


Video Time!

Kusao's Singing! From Knight Lamune series. "I do this Hot-blooded now!"

I think every Shimada fan is required to watch this ;) He's known as the King of Super Robo Soldiers!

Quick vid of Scirocco
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I am really dumb sometimes. For the longest when I post an entry, I kept clicking the HTML tab and C&P everything for videos embedding and links (typing in "a href" and such), not realizing I could click the RICH TEXT button to click on the buttons, and make things much easier.

It's Sensei Time
Oh good, it's true! I don't know how many years it has been, but Masako Katsuki has returned to  "NARUTO Radio 疾風迅雷" (shipu jin rai) last week, and will re-appear on the 12th this month (source). First I'm excited (big withdrawal), second I was worried cause you's a bit difficult to figure out what she's doing and she seemed inactive for months. It's easy to find information on others with blogs or a ton of devoted  fans, like Fukuyama Jun or Ami Koshimizu or Romi Paku.

Also on BLEACH B STATION, Kentarou Itoh appears, who I did not expect to like. The same with Wataru Hatano.

More on "Seiyu"
I noticed I have 11 seiyu tags and I have been wondering who to remove and who to add. Nearly every "seiyu fan" has this "signature favorite" or "top favorite", masako being mine in the female section. Haven't got a male one, but the ones I like seem to have many fans and I can look for fan opinions easily on these particular people.

furukawa toshio - 2
furuya tohru - 6
hirata hiroaki - 2
hiyama nobuyuki - 6
inoue kazuhiko - 4
katsuki masako - 25
kazuya nakai - 5
miki shinichirou - 5
morita masakazu - 2
sakurai takehiro - 1
yamaguchi kappei - 7

Morita got pretty big. I rarely talk about Takehiro, but recently impressed by how talented he is.

One thing that bugs me about Hiyama is....he seems to be a lot of "R-18" works?

Another thing that bugged me is that there is going to be a TV Series for Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu. I checked the cast list and it stated that the main character Raina Lute was voiced by favorite Yuji Ueda. And I thought YAY! But it turned out that it was for the DRAMA CD ONLY, and in the TV series Lute is going to be voiced by the above-mentioned Jun Fukuyama. Naive of me. Ueda's an ol-timer.

I'll say it again: Mommy don't do it..!

More Entertainment News
John Forscythe has passed.
Annnnnnnd I'm tired of hearing about Tiger Woods.

And Michigan is going ANTI-SMOKING

April 28

Apr. 28th, 2008 07:19 pm
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Hai guys I'm back with the time I had. I came home, took a nap, and it was the afternoon when I woke up. I better get my wardrobe together cause I don't have much day time.

Sweeny Todd
To those who watched it, do you reccommend it and why?


And for once, I didn't want to type something revolving mostly animation/cartoons, but...

it's just there's more to life than anime and games. I don't think I'm obsessed, but I'm kind of curious where liking this stuff is gonna take me. Now I worry about another life because of this stuff. I see other blogs rave about this and it's a little concerning?

Or maybe I've been a little stressed and waiting for something exciting to happen. It's Spring, it's finally hot (except today), and...I want to go to the AMUSEMENT PARK OR SOMETHING!!

This shouldn't be happening


ジェネシックガオガイガー is too hot for words
It's JENESHIKKU!. Melt at its sexiness robot fans. I think I see Patlabor in there too.

Johhny Young Bosch!
Video of dubbed Lelouch vi Britannica. I was told yesterday that Code Gaess finally aired in English. People need to stop bitching about the dialogue, and how dubs "suck". If you don't like dubs, then don't watch even a second of it. So I got a little excited and wanted to find a video clip, since Johnny Young Bosch is playing someone as withdrawn like Lelouch He is good as Ichigo, and GREAT as Vash. After the impresssion Fukuyama Jun made, I hope he could a little more creepy. Mayne, I have some faith.

How do you know if you're stressed?
Maybe I should ask myself -- what is stress? What does it that overrated word mean?

HEALTH: Wisdom Teeth? Laser
Do you reccommend:
- Pulling out your Wisdom teeth?
- Laser surgery

Just read something about laser surgery having some bad results are a few patients?

BTW, Doggie-Papa doesn't need surgery. Horray!Seriously, he needs to excersize and stop acting like a ol' baby. "It hurts, it hurts". (Snort) but wait til I get old..

『さよならの代名詞』(Sayonara no Daimeishi)
Thanks NARUTOFAN. (gaasssssp!) I can listen to it over and over and over...did I say over and over?

She's my hero x-x;!! The charm is too evil. I also like Kusao Takeshi's song, "RAINY LAZY MORNING". Both songs are from BEST FRIENDS, a song album from YST/Ronin Warriors. I mean, really wow.

I am a Meister
I finally got into Gundam 00. I'm up to ep 10? It's been a week I think; it's fun and easy to follow? It's no coincidence that it takes on contemporary events? The Opening Theme "Daybreak's Bell" is good too. Hmm, my favorite character? Or gundam pilot?

There are four -- Setsuna, Teire, Lockon, Allejulah such names. It's difficult; maybe I like Lockon the best or am I biased because it's Miki Shinichirou? *lol. His gundam Dynames is cool too, with it's long-ranged beam guns. I also like the gundam Exia; it's pilot is kinda like the Heero Yui of this series, and Miyano Mamoru isn't doing a bad job either. And Setsuna is from...the Middle East? (o - O;) that's directly from the first ep. Gundam Virtue is scary; I think I'd like to own Gundam Kyrios (allejulah's) cause it has like a flight/plane mode *Laugh* Allejulah is...intereting. Yeah I'll keep watching. I also like Saji Crosswood and Grahman little creepy. And OMG Furuya Tooru is a cute baddie. (lol) He's also the Narrator.

Weird Dreams
With the exception of maybe Sunday, I think I've been getting some good sleep, especially on Saturday and Friday?. I had like two or three dreams at one point? Do you get that feeling like after you wake up you feel so tired, because you've been doing a lot of activities within your dreams? (laugh) I dreamt that I was on the beach and the most gorgeous OWL why? perched on my arm. It was friendly too. (o ^ . ^ o) Awww. I think it had white, gray and brown feathers too. Furthermore, in the same dream, the scene changed to me touring some kind of Japanese mansion? ....err, okay? That's all I can remember. BEACH! It's unfair.
(edit: last nnight, loz:OOT?)


More later in the week. It's getting too late.

I know that I said no videos but I want to share this:

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Based off of here:

BOY that took a long time. The seiyuu are listed by their surname first. Some names might be mixed up. I forgot Hiroaki Hirata is some places X___X.

It's a tad difficult for me to pick a personal favorite.

Perhaps it depends on the shows I'm watching (or games I'm playing). I can pick out who stands out the most. The roles are helpful as well. As I watch/play/listen more I grow more attached. If I hear different roles from a particular seiyuu, then I go like, "That's the one". For some reason that's really tough.

Some seiyuu might get me with the first role I've seen them in (ie: Ginpei Sato and Non-Tan/Sugiyama N.).

Hiyama Nobuyuki, male seiyuu, will always be a favorite of mine.

Anyways, here are my answers (with some edits/additions):

50 questions...and Doggie's Answers. )
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...I'll never keep up with animation x-x Or the Winter Olympics

Anyways, I'd like to catch up.

I'm looking to further increase my knowledge on these seiyuus:

- Touma Yumi
- Kikuko Inoue

- Sasaki Nozomu
- Kazuya Nakai
- Ryuusei Nakao (just a little more...he's cool)
- Masakazu Morita
- Hideo Ishikawa
- Ken Narita (God I loved Jpn. Sesshomaru! x-x)
- Yuji Ueda
- Tetsu Inada
- Yamaguchi Keppei (x-x)
- Hirata Hiroaki (I want a couple of more *addicted* XD)


A random note: I think Katsuki Masako's GunXSword's character ("R" or "Aru") is on episode 5 and not episode 4 as listed it.


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