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What can be reasons as to why someone doesn't care for an opinion of another. He/she:
- Doesn't want to pointlessly argue back and forth
- Has mind set on what's the truth
- Has quickly decided on the impression of the other
- He/she is in love
- Too busy
- Established a circle of friends
- Is upset
- Professional in a particular area of knowledge

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But that is to challenge.

I'm probably not making sense at all.

That also reminds me, seeing someone on putting "Don't review my stories" in their profile.

Certainty, a review can have aimless material. It can be not a review, which is to assess what you read. It can be a flame for example, but there's no application to prevent reviews. So if you "review", that author will punish you for it.

I have kittens in my side yard (where I have an exit window with stairs from downstairs to surface), so I just let their mom take care of them. It is a charming sight for someone who is more into dogs. Been seeing mama wandering around my area many times before.
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A new video I found. I'm dying...almost makes you want to quit Twitter.

I shouldn't laugh at ignorance since it's sad, the guy's facial impressions and delivery in comments wins.

Not sure what's better? Part 1 or 2. I think part 2 has more celebrities? Look who makes the world go around.

"Tokyonese" hurt my stomach.

I posted this guy before. 2013 version.

New entry in a moment.

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LINK: 13 States Will Raise Their Minimum Wage For The New Year

I'd say this is a bit reasonable, considering that in Michigan, we got people going on strikes from fast food part job jobs and asking for wages higher than Washington's...(o-O)

>>Someone has to work at Mickey D's, Taco Bell and Walmart. Why don't they deserve a living wage?<<

Justine Sacco Apologizes For AIDS Tweet

Of course, Twitter is addicting and the core of stupid. Sometimes, when we're so excited, we don't know what we're saying.

Looks like Super Junior has the potential of becoming the new 1D in Twitter trending? Okay, maybe that's exaggerating.
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Came home, slept, and woke up too early. I keep dreaming about groceries...

This is a rough topic: Racism and name-calling. This really isn't a "rant/my ugly side" kind of entry, but it's still something to wrinkle the nose at.

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No difference at all. I don't see it.

>> One reason the leftist rats hate the military and police so much is because they can't (yet) use them to forcibly disarm the population and kill anyone who resists.

Anyways, finished Z Gundam TV series. Soooo, why do people hate Gundam AGE again?

EDIT: I forgot one fundamental thing that actually spurred me to do this entry.

The fact that people make these tweets and hashtag the words "not racist".
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He's back, and with a 2012 version. I posted 2011 in another entry: Foolish People.

Don't want to believe that these people exist

As for me, I'm totally beat. I had one break and that was Tuesday...(~_~) What else can I say? But, I get a total kick out of seeing my niece when she hasn't seen me in a while. I am almost done with Zeta Gundam, it is a show with inconsistencies.

Oh yeah, watching Shinkenger and GARO has a 3rd season.
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Nothing much happened. The telephone had trouble ringing, but that's about it. I am still impatient because I am still "useless" to my mother. I'm saying this, not her. Not her at all. The July situation is still difficult.

Something I want to get off my mind. Twitter just can't stop...there was a trend called "Top10Singers".

80 or so years of music and all they can think of is pop stars from 1990s - present, such as Gaga, Bieber, Minaj, Gomez, etc. Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder probably being the only historical musicians mentioned.

Top musicians to me, like actors/directors like Clint Eastwood, or multi-talents like Stan Lee, can still connect and remain relevant through the generations. However, there are those with fantastic voices.

Luckily, I found a Celine Dion tweet. When it comes to amazing voices, I often think of her, Barbra Streisand, Linda Rondstat, and Dusty Springfield as a few. I'm not sure if I would consider Michael Jackson a "great vocal". Elvis Presley was a great vocal and flexible.

Olivia Newton john is up there as well. The artists of ABBA, definitely. Anne Murray? Oh yes. Patsy Cline as well.

There are mentions of Adele of course...mmm, I guess I could accept it.

Also on Twitter, I came across this. Suddenly, I just remembered blogging about the D&D/cyber insults.

Amanda Todd: Bullied.

Couldn't help it since it's on Twitter. And she HAD to be a Justin Beiber fan (least, according to someone) and HAD to receive attention AS a fan. There needs to be more awareness, not because she's a FAN of a singer. If she wasn't, she probably wouldn't trend for two days straight. Also, maybe the whole lot of the people who are trending this are bullies you know? Should I believe that they aren't because of sympathetic words?

"If you don't give me a show, then I'll send ya boobs". Just...

You put your photo/yourself online. It's gonna spread; but she's not ugly, so those guys are crazy.

And for some reason, people keep using the same words: "U a whore", "go die", etc. Same people who probably posts their pics up too ;) I've seen a few of these videos already. I can't watch a lot of them to be honest.

"Why are you doing this" she said.

I don't know Amanda. I don't know...where they come from. While I never thought of killing myself over stuff like this, I think I became a worse person because of bullies and senseless people. I've gained a lack of tolerance and I believe I've became more belligerent.
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Came home about a few hours ago from dinner (?). Haa, so tired but I have to stay up. Been a while since I talked about some gaming, but first.

TWITTER! Is this real?!
OK seriously.

The Justin Bieber fans. I really want to know what's going on in their heads. About 7 billion people or so in the world. I watch worldwide trends and it's like every HOUR of the day, I see the same trends such as an idol's name popping up. I often ask, "Are there robots/fake accounts doing supporting these trends?"

It's like Justin is being treated as some Messiash. What's going on? Is he having a concert? The Majority of the time I see "1D/One Direction" (U.K boy band) and Bieber trending. Lady Gaga here, Selena Gomez there, Miley Cyrus occasionally, etc.

Also, Bieber fans who die or commit suicide get trended?

Do these fans wake up in the morning and just type, "Ooh, Bieberlicious" or "Justin is my world" or "Justin come to Brazil." It's just this high, intense commitment to one just a little concerning to me.

I am sure he knows that he is liked and appreciated.

2-3 hours is my limit in gaming USUALLY. ~_~

For the first time, I tested Wireless Internet on the Wii (late, I know) and played MARIO KART WII. Wow. I'm really glad. I am not a good driver at all, but I was getting a little bored on solo play. Now after trying Online play, I am further determined to become a better player. And, I surprisingly get hot?

I rarely saw Bike racers.

ALso, according to WIKI: "Guinness World Records has awarded Mario Kart Wii with a record for being the best-selling racing video game of all time."

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I wanna cry just a little

Aono Takeshi has passed on.

I just enjoyed him so much. For an old man, he seemed unbridled. I wouldn't know where to start.

Foolish thinking or not. I've been waiting for him to get better. I finished Zero no Tsukaima last week, and his Osmond was replaced by Bin Shimada, which I only noticed last weekend. Matter of fact, Shimada Bin has replaced many of his roles. Wikipedia also stated that his roles stopped at 2010, which scared me a bit. I thought, "he never recovered..."

And this was just last week. I'll definitely miss that laugh too.

Goodbye Aono...
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Continuing to ramble.

Royal Wedding
Britian's Prince William was married to Catherine Middleton in April 2011. Caught wide TV attention. I was on the road, so missed most of it when it aired, so I listened to some of it on the radio.

Reading BACCANO + TV
I can't remember. I may have finished reading "The Rolling Bootlegs" in either 2010 or the the beginning of 2011. I expressed my opinions on it in an entry tagged "BACCANO". It should be simple to find. Also, I think last year, I read and finished Gundam Sentinel? Back to the subject, BACCANO was fun. I realized that crime organizations, reading about them anyways, appeal to me. Mostly their history; why was there so much trouble in the early 1900s, the wars, why did they perform such actions for business, etc. See what power does to you? In BACCANO, the Martillo seemed pretty nice though. Gandors and Genoards...not much so.

I can't remember what channel it was, maybe the "Biography Channel", but I watched like a single episode of a documentary about girls with gangsters. Was it called "My husband's a mobster"? I can't remember, but it had an AWFUL narrator IMO.

I didn't pay attention to it at first, but after some coaxing from [ profile] deathlike, [ profile] tokio_fujita's journal material, and some of the games' beautiful art, I guess I looked into it more. Wish I could play one of the games. First game is coming to America in February but I don't have a DS. Since I can't get into the games, I watched and completed the TV series. "Fangirls be crazy" (especially during season 2).

Sonic's Birthday
Last year, Sonic celebrated its 20th birthday! I talk about Sonic's influence in entries titled "Sonic Memories". So far, I only talked about the 2-D games. After the Sega Genesis/Megadrive games were discontinued, my Sonic gaming would die down a bit. When I got the Gamecube (mid or late 2000s?), I had a chance to play Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and Riders. I'll try to talk about that too.

Since I heard so much about it, I tried out MOTHER 3. Crazy and cute. And I cried from a game after a long time. My thoughts are here.

I thought I joined in 2011, but it turned out I joined Nov 2010. I've been getting addicted. I tweet about aimless things and it's even worse if I am watching something. And I can't get through a day without seeing Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Jonas, One Direction, can I? Worldwide trends? o-O WHO is on twitter?

To my shock, after complaining about it a few times (lol), K-sensei registered to Twitter. She is also a gamer, which is also a real shocker, and purchased the latest Monster Hunter for 3DS. She recently met Lagiacrus and got scared (lol). "I don't want to see him ;_;".

In general, I think this tv trope suit her the most: Adorkable. Maybe Butt Monkey too? Is that the right one? When it comes to technology and gaming Smartphone and dragon's butt monkey. You just wanna..TEASE HER! and I do try sometimes. "What do I doooo?!" She's pretty polite, seems to love socializing.

You know? It's really interesting to see how similar people are to yourself. Seriously, wow, K-sensei!

* Likes cars (or F1?) = CHECK
* "Tech-tarded"/Tech-challenged = CHECK (lol)
* Likes animals = Check (Well, I'm mostly a dog person than a cat person)
* Wears glasses = CHECK
* Likes the sky (or clouds?)/flying = check

Hmm, what else? That sticks out of my mind the most. She's slightly like Tsunade too (lol), drinks beer and plays the lottery (lol).

Kim Jong-il (and TruTv)
The former leader of North Korea, Kim Jon-Il, has passed away and there's trouble about succession. But I can't help but mention this funny thing from Twitter. I've been watching TruTv lately, and there's a twitter account for the show "Worlds Dumbest" that twit articles about people doing dumb so. SO, when Jong-Il died, WD tweets that people THOUGHT that rapper "Lil' Kim" died. So I replied, "He kinda does have a rapper's name".

Last is the following:
Music and Comedy Life: Amy Winehouse, Roger Williams, Patrice O'Neal
Ten years later: 9-11

Not sure where to start. Maybe I should end it.
I'll do another meme later (Thursday)
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I have been feeling disturbed for the past few days. I woke up close to noon today cause I was a little on edge. Now I'm worried about sleeping.

I've been looking up sinusitis, bronchitis, valve surgery, and "Why do you cough at night"? I myself am still stuck with the constant throat clearing, but that's not my current concern.

...I'm glad to be composed sometimes.


From what I can tell, fainting, if not prolonged, is mostly not dangerous (you just don't want to fall in the wrong place).

Twitter Trends
Virtually everyday, on Twitter, you have to say "OMG JUSTIN BEIBER I LoVE YOU" or "JONASISGOD", or Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry. Everyday??

10th Grand Prix is finished
Here's some good news: I finished GPX Cyber Formula (TV Series). I'll talk about it in more detail on another day.
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Last weekend nearly knocked me out.

Almost every Sunday, I tell myself that I try to enter the new week refreshed and be more productive. But, it is almost Thursday, halfway through the week. I feel like I've entered a block. Lack of achieving something bothers me a little. And, as the days get shorter, it feels like there is very little to do.

Also, I dislike loud music and bouncing bass.

I meant to talk about church, but I forgot what I wanted to say. Maybe I should put it aside.

Here's my week:

I finished Hakuouki anime series (season 1). The 2nd season is called "Hekketsu Roku (薄桜鬼 碧血録) and has ten episodes. Not a terrible show, but an average show. Plenty of gore, history, handsome men, and a heroine who gets royally bashed by watchers. It sucks that Okita is like incapacitated through half of the show?

Weird News

It's old: Man Assaults Wife for Not "Liking" His Facebook Update

BIRTHDAY & Twitter
There are a lot of birthdays in October, including ones on my friends list. I didn't forget Katsuki's, but no gallery at the moment. On the last two birthdays, I posted photos of her characters, but I don't think I have more to show. At least, not enough. I did leave her a birthday message on Twitter. Her politeness and ignorance about Twitter ;P is completely infectious.

"勝生真沙子 replied to one of your Tweets!‏"

Have I told you how much I love seeing that in my inbox? I'm still surprised that she's there because I remember complaining a few times that I would never see her on Twitter.

In any case, I happen to enjoy any reply and retweet that I get.

On Twitter, I've been pretty crazy, commenting on Cyber Formula, Hakuouki, Shurato and Tekkaman Blade.

I went completely crazy on Breath of Fire IV. Last week, I reached maximum points in fishing: 9999! You get that by getting all crowned fish. Never done it before (Can I do it on BOF 3?)! Since the fish can be used for currency, I also achieved Scias's strongest (?) sword by collecting 99 coupons. It took me a while, but never thought I could get ambitious about gaming. Stayed up one night when I didn't have to I kinda wanna do it again ;) I passed out for a 1 hour nap, but I kinda wanna do it again.

Crazy Dreams
Two weird dreams last week: Auto racing and the above mentioned Hakuouki. (?!) I remember seeing Okita, Shinpachi and Heisuke, and a movie theater? o-O; I..have no idea. Auto Racing was auto racing.

K-sensei also had a weird dream about her being a sailor (seaman) and she worked with someone singing and dancing in a bunny suit. (^^;;)

Michigan Racers
In Motorsports, I was trying to find a female racer who was from Michigan. Can't find one yet.
Kalitta and Keselowski family are from Michigan!

I'll do Sonic Memories Part V tomorrow?

Video time. SINCE it's late OCTOBER.

I was going to post Paranormal Activity reactions, but came across this:

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So, K-sensei asked me something interesting. Goes something like this:

She says she's weak in sports and father says she has no motor nerves (or isn't athletic). But she grew a love in golf. As she kept on with golf, she learned to enjoy it despite her weakness.

So she asked me recently, "I wonder, what is your fight"? (自分との戦いだからかしら?(^^)) Or it was probably "my battle against myself"? Does she mean a successful struggle?

What could be mine: Courage? Stability?

To those who are reading this, what is yours?
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Hello, here's a brief weekend blog. I was sick all week, mostly with a runny nose. I didn't want to be around with the child (niece) since she already had a cold. But, this week was pretty much uneventful, even after my good Sunday of the previous weekend. Also, changed the tags around.

K-sensei is like a week in Twitter, and she's already perverted (lol). *smacks forehead a few times* She's very sweet though. It's still very strange to see, watching her talk about holes in her socks, her sneakers, her golfing passion, her sister's cats, and greeting people. Also, great to make her laugh.

And I shoot for "THE FISH" rank in Breath of Fire IV. I'm almost there, but the whale is giving me trouble. I probably should save it for last.

mmm, so how is HUNTER x HUNTER (or HxH)? I haven't passed the first chapter yet, and it's over three-hundred chapters. Am I really going to like it?

I'm still thinking on if I want to watch the show.

I was going to wait until ep 20, but want to get it out of my system.

I guess [ profile] kaiba_katt was right.
It's official. I love this show. Bad art, but enjoyable. I love Asurada, love the tracks, love the lessons and the chemistry of the Sugo team, and Hayato's character development as a racer. Apparently, I like it enough to keep watching, even considering a marathon. It'll have to be maybe tomorrow. It's just, seeing the pros like Shinjyo (who is new in the Prix) , J. Gudelhein and F.Heinel not struggling that much during the GP tracks, and I do mean difficult tracks, it kinda bothersome. It's also sad to see "Fodder cars" (lol)

ALSO! Gudelhein = American? I had trouble remembering his name. I enjoy GPX CYBER FORMULA. SO many cool VAs in it; K-sensei appeared briefly, and only briefly (*annoyed*) as the announcer for the Grand Canyon GP race.

I want to get back to Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato and Tekkaman Blade, but I'm addicted to the car show (lol). The OVAs are probably great.

Also, I read that Cyber Formula (TV series) had bad ratings? Bad reception? So, the show was cut to 37 episodes? That's a shame. Yet, "Winners" (ending theme) and Cyber Formula series wins top rank in ANIMAGE?
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Did a lot of cleaning these past couple days, but still feel like I'm in a little focus slump.

Now I am not sure if System Recovery helped me or not, whether PC performance is slightly better or worse. A refresh is always good for me, even though I sacrificed my games (including POKEMON EMERALD!) and my list of Favorites, but now I don't have AntiVirus (which was disabled) and things are still a bit weird. I think I'm going to add a new tag, "technology/science" when I talk about anything tech-based, or if I post any news or info regarding it.

I feel stupid, but I never was good with these things.

Last night, my mouse kept highlighting things on its own. I found similar "solutions" such as "checking if the Shift key was stuck", "plug out and in your mouse", and CTRL + Esc, but I'm not sure if it worked. I am not highlighting anything now AT the MOMENT, but I'm not sure why.

Would it have to do with the page that you're on?


Katsuki-sensei = classy Libra
I can confirm that K-Sensei is indeed on Twitter~♥♥♥ I'm sure she's working on growing into it like I did, but what I can TELL...she's pretty cute. ;) Very nice. It's so strange to see her talking about what she likes (ie: sewing, ice cream, BEER! The sunshine and/or the sky I guess she is a Libra) or what she's doing. She also has, or so it seems, an elegant speaking tone. Or she's apologetic? I'll explain more on [ profile] katsuki_masako.

Probably her cutest twitter is her talking about having a dream about flying freely.

So the GOOD NEWS is, she's on Twitter, the BAD NEWS is...what will happen? What will I expect?

What if she gets stressed or irritated, and says something terrible? Something racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. Or on the other hand, what if someone said something bad to her? I know, she's human.

Recently, Sinead O'Connor had made some twits hinting suicide.

There are tons of people that I would like to follow, but when it comes to go those who don't speak in English, I just don't want my timeline to get loaded with unreadable characters or I'll end up missing a lot. I have a lot of news and sports stuff on my Twitter.

Playstation vs XBOX
When it comes to net gaming or multiplayer, whichever is the better word, what is a better console? PS3 or XBOX360?

Cyber Formula
GPX Cyber Formula is exciting. I didn't think a racing show, with not that great animation, would be cool. Not sure how Sunrise does it. I hope the OVAs will be great.

FINALLY! D.Grayman spoilers!
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~ Autism
~ Mathematics
~ Why I can't fully absorb what I read?
~ Computer
~ Trends on Twitter
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New Week!

Just a few things. I'm blogging because I want to be active and keep my mind sharp. My throat feels a little blocked again from mucus, I hope it doesn't turn out too bad with the coughing. It's my fault since I ate a ton of sweets on Sunday.

OK, let's start. Music:

I'm a bit appalled with what I see...but in the midst of a tragedy, of bad things, true colors of people really show. News on Tsunami and Earthquake is inescapable unless you turn the TV or radio off. It's pretty rough.

I don't want to look like I'm being careless, but I have faith that things will turn out okay. I also don't want to completely wrap my attention around this, and twitter and blog about it. Freak out about it, especially since I barely did for previous tragedies. Blogging can take a long time for me and i get lazy. hate it.

Haha, but I am going to talk about it now am I? So, hopefully, I donated correctly via mobile.

Gilbert Gottfried got in trouble and fired from AFLAC insurance company (voice work) after his really insensitive jokes about Japan's disaster on Twitter. I saw the jokes, and I wanted to say something like, "Heeey, now it's not the time" but he might've said "hey take it easy, it's just jokes" since he's a comedian. And Comedians can/will do dark jokes.

So one comedian, name escapes me, likes to do jokes about Down Syndrome. I must say, I'm not a fan of retarded jokes but strangely, like toilet humor, they are the low types of jokes that somehow receive a knee jerk laugh from you.

But I think what's really irking me today is the hardcore Christians lashing at this tragedy, saying that it's great, as if Japan has caused so much trouble for them.

I go to Church (apparently I must) and I know that they condemn, for obvious reasons, those who don't believe or are against God. Non advocates and sinners in the Bible are considerably punished. So the majority of Japan apparently do not believe in God, does that make it right to wish death upon them? Furthermore, the Governor of Tokyo saying that its "Divine Punishment". What kind of politician is that? That's your city you creep. There's also the History idiots talking about "payback for Pearl Harbor".

...Toshio Furukawa (also safe, and says he's praying) follows Christianity. My father, strong believer in God, would not agree with this. He also doesn't hate gays. I figured that religion would help aid you in morality. I want to believe in a good lifestyle.

I can only slightly imagine what Earthquake victims are going through. Past winters and springs, having blackouts, thunderstorms and tornados, having my house's generator or whatever blow out, no heat, no power, no clean (or warm) water. Also, some flooding from the rain. Back around 2002 or so, U.S Midwest had a major blackout.

Seiyuu Awards (5th)
mmmm, congrats to Kazuya Nakai, Mayumi Tanaka (YO MOMMA!), Rikiya Koyama, Junko Takeuchi, Two MIX BARO (Minami Takayama) and others! Miyuki Sawashiro won the Oversees Award to my surprise, but I am happy.

Junko seemed to have won for her performance in Inazuma Eleven though, as the soccer(football) freak Mamoru. HOTBLOODED PAWNCH!

Speaking of "Yo Momma", Deadpool says that in MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3.

And speaking of jerks, another one named Muammar Gaddafi, Leader of Libya. I wanted to say this and I don't know why I didn't. Blog laziness again? Holy cow! Now that's a dictator. If you don't do things his way, you're dead. It went from peaceful protest to a warzone between a tyrant and freedom fighters.
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If anyone's wondering, my virus-filled computer needs to go in the shop next week. I hope it won't keep her too long because I'm missing Nico Douga, Youtube, checking e-mails and my documents, and checking comic spoilers and blog replies. Currently on a laptop but I can't get on it much at all.

Phones aren't that reliable either. It does help me check Twitter though.

So! I was returned to reading "Sentinel Gundam"; it makes me want to watch Zeta. I'm about halfway through but I have plenty of confusion moments like what's going on in the battles. It's pretty much Task alpha Force/Feddie vs New Desides. Took me a while to remember names too; there are cool ones like SHIN CRYPT.

Maybe I have a lack of reading comprehension.

Notte to self when I get comp back:
- Read about The Watchmen.
- Look up info on S-Gundam/Ex-S, FAZZ and Z-Plus


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