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Mar. 1st, 2015 02:29 pm
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Middle of the week, I wanted to rant about something. Sometimes I can't help but question others' stupidity, or how a person thinks, especially when it comes to being "a man" or "a woman' (AKA: an adult), or what "love" is.

But then, I thought "no" and stopped myself because it's just stupid. It's also obvious. I can't expect anything better from a particular person.

If I wanted to blog about a problem, I probably want to with the purpose of making others think twice. News articles can do the same.

Like I said before, I don't like giving off a bad impression too much, and I also said that it won't make me feel better. Social media can lead others through a lie, show only one side of a story, and personally those who complain the most are the others who cause the most problems. Least that's my opinion.

Right now, I need to learn how to not be frustrated.

What I do want to know is what's next for me? Thinking about it, I must be afraid of returning to school because of a few memories. I was into art (ie: Drawing, pottery) and automobiles, and I even, I can't even recall what it was. Something for PCs. It was highly assumed by family members that I was great with PCs just because I use it often. If I don't remember, it goes to show how much I didn't care. I prefer to use the PC for hobby or research.

No, I don't want to talk about Mr. Nemoy. Not in the mood. Made me a little upset.


Never played phone games outside of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja because I am just attached to console gaming, but I guess frustration got the better of me and I wanted to test the flexibility of the phone. Went do far to download Chess, Checkers and Sudoku.

"I need something to do while I take a breather" I just thought. I was especially looking for a RPG. So I foound Brave Frontier (header photo) and "Chain Chronicle (SEGA; 2nd photo). I am also playing "build games" such as Samurai Siege and Clash of Clans, but I just might remove them. I also briefly played Zenonia 4. While Zeno4 looked very interesting, I can't use the touch d-pad. Absolutely not. Not comfortable with it at all or any games that use it.

Being used to the conventional RPG with level grinding, Brave Frontier is pretty annoying because it uses a "fuse system" to make the characters stronger. They don't level up in battle. In the first photo are three five-star (or very rare) characters and it's still difficult. I even have 4-star Earth Pike Lance and I have to evolve him with a couple more materials.

Voice actor Ishida Akira (石田彰) voices over 40 characters in Chain Chronicle. Plenty of pretty guys or kids, but there is also burly dudes like Greg (above) and old men/veterans like Cervantes (Who says "Wakazo gaaaaa!" or "Greenhorn!"). SASUGA ISHIDA!

Not sure of the thought on the hero's name (you pick your own). I guess it's close to Aghanim, Athrun and Arslan.

Lots of Uchida Maaya too; apparently Yanagita Junichi (柳田淳一) plays a lot of loud or fired up characters, so far my fav being Dusty. Maybe I'll do another screenshot with Ishida characters one day.

Tokkyuger and fanfic project next.
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Japanese Sonic CD and Sonic 2 boxart has this quote:

"To live a life of power, you must have faith that what you believe is right, even if others tell you you're wrong. The first thing you must do to live a life of power is to find courage. You must be ready to reach beyond the boundaries of Time itself. And to do that, all you need is the will to take that first step..."
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Originally posted by [ profile] doggiedynasty at [ SONIC MEMORIES ] List
Note to self: Make a spoiler tag.

I was considering on posting another "Sonic memory" (#7) entry today, I just need to figure out which game. So right now I am making a list of the entries I've previous made. When I make a new one, I'll come back and update the list.

I just noticed! I just noticed that I made two for Sonic CD! Why did I do that?!?!

ABOUT: In June 2011, Sonic the Hedgehog turned 20 years old and on Twitter, Sega wanted everyone to share their memories of Sonic under the hashtag #sonic20th. I thought that I had too much to share, so I wanted to blog my expressions on the Sonic games that I played.

Memory I: Sonic The Hedgehog
Memory II: Sonic 2
Memory III: Sonic 3
Memory IV: Sonic Spinball
Memory V: Sonic & Knuckles
Memory VI: Sonic CD (Another one)

New Updates (Aug 09, 2013)
Memory VII: Sonic 3D Blast
Memory VIII: Tails Adventure
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1...2...3...I can't take it.

I had a rare time off on the weekend, and what do I have to do during it? Babysit! The whole times off that I'm free. This can not continue; she needs to go to daycare. It's not worth it; I'm too busy and let's face it, I'm not a kid. At her age, I'd have to hop around and take her to the park to keep up with her energy. I can't play with/watch overlord all the time, and I always get concern when she runs all over the house. Too many confinements. I also can't give over the selfish bitterness that I have to watch someone else's child SO much. And I don't like that someone.

Maybe I need to make this a goal: Get myself a bicycle and baby seat for it.

That's all there's to it -- hard work and hyper babysitting. Aside from niece overlord, I remember the feeling of appreciating small things, especially from other people.

Also, ecclesiastical money? Pastors and other religionists seem to think they can say whatever they wish. If I don't offer money, or if I don't offer "enough' (say, pay way less than I would for clothes or a daily basis), even for a fixed minimum (Why!?), it's worth taunting about? Or does it make me "not godly"?

How much rent does a church really need to give?! They can receive hundreds in a single day. Where is it going? I can understand rebuking greed, but sometimes we don't have a lot in the wallet. I like to give at least ten; sometimes five. I'm not trying to put "need/want" at a very high priority, but you do need money. It's not like omnipresence God needs money.

And frankly, despite the meaning of the word "tithe" (A tenth), I don't want to imitate the past. The crap that was going on the Bible, from greedy centuries-long monarchies to slavery and castes genocide?, it is something I rather not deal with. Who says I need to give a tenth?

Which reminds me, Feb 2013: Applebee’s defends firing of waitress who posted pastor’s ‘God’ receipt.

"I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?" What's with the behavior?

I've been worried about money lately...and I don't like it. Financial worries are overdone and I dislike the provocation of greed.

My NOOK's broken. Can't trust tech tools, even for reading can I? And I was reading BACCANO again before I dropped the thing. But lately, I've been more inspired to read. Wanted to talk about what I like to see in books (and maybe acting), but lack of time. It's really itching my thoughts though. They're twisted, but I believe I can get the right details together.

Ueda Yuji, who read philosophy and psychology book, says about character performing: 「常日頃から意識の中に並べ持っている感覚を大事にしている」

Been watching Shinkenger and Kyoryuger, and I'M trying to read Magi: The Labyrinth. Aladdin is unbelievable...

Updated [ profile] katsuki_masako.


Here's a weird Sonic the Hedgehog song. Not sure why a desert stage has a song called "Ethno Circus". Does it mean a bazaar? Sonic Rush has interesting music. Never played it before.

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Alright, starting the new year with the 8th Sonic memory with another unconventional Sonic game.


Video of Full Game Run (100%)

Today's pick is Tails Adventure (テイルスアドベンチャー). My memory of playing the game is a bit bad, and I had to go to Wiki for the story. Otherwise, all I would tell you is that "evil. birds are attacking Tails's island". For some reason, the Western version's story lacked depth and the island's name was changed from Cocoa Island. More info on the story here (Japanese)

The antagonists are called the Great Kukku Imperial Army (グレイトバトルクック帝国軍). In the English manual, they are called a bird army with a Great Fortress. Nothing much else there; they're meanies that you have to defeat.

Why did I pick this game up? I like Tails! And I don't think I regret it.

To the gameplay! Let me get to a con: The game is slow as molasses until you equip yourself with some speed boots, or Sonic's spin dash. Yes, it is not a conventional Sonic games; however, ring still plays the role as your health, but you need to extend it to survive better. Also, Tails can still fly by rotating tails like a copter. That also needs be extended since it is quite useful.

This game requires some searching thus the name "adventure?".

However, this game does express how genius Tails is, being the designer of the Tornado. Wow! If there's anything entertaining about this game, it's the various items that you can use. And also Tails's Sea Fox, designed for sea and air combat and travel. At Tails's House, you equip various items. For combat, Tails is specialized in the use of bombs. Why!? No idea, but they're good. As the game progresses and you collect more tools, the bombs change from remote to napalm. The Sea Fox can get vulcans, mines, missiles (also air-anti), and a shield. Amazing thing. There's also this very useful remote controlled robot that you can send through holes and tiny tunnels. Much to my humor, there is an item called 'Knuckles", where you can punch enemies.

I did manage to complete the game at 100%.

Music is still good! One of the favs is the opening theme.

Time for some happy music:

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Back with more Sonic. The 7th memory will go to SONIC 3D.

Here's my manual.


Also a link to the long play on youtube.

Sonic 3D Blast, released in 1996 in NA so what N64 may have marked the beginning of what Sonic would develop into from conventional 2-D platform gaming. I also noticed that this game and Sonic 3 showed Sonic's backside with having nine spikes.

Sonic's adventure leads him to Flicky island, and he has to save the trapped flickies inside of robots and other confinements. Sonic 3D was still a platformer, but also required some adventuring to seek out the chaos emeralds and the flickies, which I thought was a bit bothersome. Instead of racing to the finish, I needed to SEARCH for the flickies in order to progress. That slows down the quick momentum that makes Sonic. He isn't as speedy either, and there are so much traps and enemies in the way you can't take full advantage of his speed long enough to make it satisfying. You can also lose the flickies.

If I looked for too long, the rotating motion and the bright colors made me feel a little sick for some reason.

Fighting Robotnik/Eggman, because of the 3-D render, required a bit more accuracy. I have a memory of fighting the boss in the temple stage and the volcano boss, the latter giving me a lot of glitch problems for some reason.

The special stages were mostly easy; I can't recall if anything special happens when you get all the emeralds except that you can get the true ending and final boss. I can't say it was a terrible game though. It was unconventional (see Sonic Spinball), but fun nonetheless. I can't really point to what made the game fun though; my strongest memories are with the games before it.

The game still had great music IMO!

Here's Green Grove Act 1, one of my favorites. It's also in Sonic Adventure; when I heard it then, it gave me nice fuzzy feelings.
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Welcome back December.

Barely had free time last week. This time I have the niece all week (bye bye physiological chrono clock), and I just remembered my anger.

No, I won't rant today, but I don't like the fact that I am holding a grudge. I can understanding maybe materials such as an item from a deceased person, and attachments to items can be unhealthy sometimes, but when it's a living thing, it's quite unhealthy. I won't say, nor think of, the right thing to or about a person, just because I expect something to change ASAP. Still, I can't forgive inconveniencing others for self desires, and belittling people because one person can't have their way.

I should exercise my body to stay up more.

This weekend, I finished the Eureka Seven TV series and its movie, Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows, the latter in which I think is a little disrespectful to the TV Series because of its delivery. In delivery, I understand, that it's a nearly two hour movie and you have to squeeze everything in, with love and peace being the most important concept in Eureka Seven. I also can accept a bit of alterations, and I could realize some parallels to the TV series.

But that attempt of change wasn't fully appealing to me. It was also a shock to watch, shortly after finishing the TV series. I think the movie was released three years after the TV series.

Eureka Seven Movie
Don't depend on me that much. I often miss details.

I idea.

I'm surprised that even the Italian translation of the Wiki article (link above) makes more sense than anything.

Hahaha, of course I'm not the type to make sense of a lot of things when there's both motion and English subtitles (I watched Japanese version) on the screen.

There is one thing I did notice: Re-used and altered/re-colored templates and scenes from TV series. Also, the role change of minor characters such as Dr. Bear (being Holland's father. What? o-O;;;), Dewey, Dominic being a teacher, and Axel Thurston being the president of the Military academy. Dominic was still awesome. "Axel"'d think you could make him look like the principal, and not used old footage from the tv series.

So here's a short summary. The world is at war with an entity called the Image, the movie version of the Scub Coral. Eureka and Renton are childhood friends. Eight years ago, Eureka gets captured by the military and later in life, Renton joined the military, eventually, the 303th Independent Group of the People's Liberation Army commanded by Holland. Orphans that became victims of a military experiment and rapid growth, The 303th pursue "Neverland", which is Earth I believe, where they can't age. Renton doesn't agree with their ideals and wants to save Eureka.

My thoughts.

Renton joined the military and I thought it was a cool idea! The Gekko state was still a part of them military as well. I was actually really shocked to see the Gekko crew do drugs. Like "whoa, this is serious!" Kind of liked it, and it made me a bit interested in the background of their tragedy.

However, I kept losing myself among the thrown in details. Being only 17 years old, Holland's (and also Renton's) selfishness to reach their beeline goal really shows their childishness in this movie. You understand that the 303th will die if they don't do what they're doing, and that they don't want to die and have a fighting chance to live in peace, which Holland often emphasizes ("Our Dream"). But it also felt silly to go through infiltrating the military and killing both Image and military companions to get to that goal. To a place "where they don't age" or "Neverland". It's just the odd wording.

I still don't get how, but reaching Neverland and meeting Anemone were entwined somehow. In the end, after Nirvash evolved the third time (I think), Holland got angry and pursued Renton and Eureka. Eureka was saved by the Gekko, but I'm still uncertain of her significance. I try to think of a comparison to the tv series, where Eureka was the key to correlating peacefully with the scub coral because she was one herself. She is the same in the movie, an Image (the 7th), but...I lost it.

Was quite shocked by Hap and Stoner. They had a lack of interpretation of the "Myth Revival Plan", thinking that Eureka is fake, and they assault her. Damnit Coda. She just wanders and meets military crew, preparing for the destruction of the Image core and the damage to the planet, being the exposition tool in the whole movie story. I'm still not sure what the Revival plan is because Coda just throws us everything, from the tragedy to the details of Dewey's assassination. The Gekkostate looked like an antagonist group towards the hero and heroine.

Now for Eureka and Renton. Eureka isn't like a blank slate and is A LOT more assertive than her TV Series version. Going from the tv series to the movie in such a short amount of time, it was odd to see.

Probably one of my biggest bothers, or maybe this is the biggest problem because it hits on what makes Eureka Seven powerful.

I know it's like destiny, or its predisposed, for the E7 hero and heroine to love one another. I also understand that it was a movie; maybe a second movie should've been made, or a new direction. Renton would break his neck for his childhood friend. In the TV series, it was developed in a way that you can relate to. Renton was captured by Eureka's beauty and mysteriousness while living on the Gekko, and Eureka grew to become more human while appreciating Renton's actions and desiring to understand human feelings. Thsi also melded well with the music. They were destined to save the world, which they did not understand until late in the series, but it wasn't a forced relationship.

In the movie, it started to go downhill after the South Dakota incident. Renton finds his long lost friend, and because of the influence of the TV series and because it's in his character as RENTON, he fervently has to take action for Eureka's complete well-being. They act like their lovers in under 20 mins and they just reunited.

I also want to point out that Nirvash 2nd version had a forward-swept wing. I thought that was AWESOME!

Why have such a somewhat somber ending? I thought that the rainbow flower would appear and make things a bit better.

Game Treasures
Being at mother's house gives me many memories. I found some old game manuals of mine.


I also found a long play video of the Donald Duck game on youtube. CHECK IT! What memories!

Today, I'll do a new Sonic Memory.

VID TIME! I never was the best player in fighting games, but Mortal Kombat Trilogy was definitely one of my favorite fight games.


Memories. I could never do a Brutality, and I rarely did a fatality.
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Note to self: Make a spoiler tag.

I was considering on posting another "Sonic memory" (#7) entry today, I just need to figure out which game. So right now I am making a list of the entries I've previous made. When I make a new one, I'll come back and update the list.

I just noticed! I just noticed that I made two for Sonic CD! Why did I do that?!?!

ABOUT: In June 2011, Sonic the Hedgehog turned 20 years old and on Twitter, Sega wanted everyone to share their memories of Sonic under the hashtag #sonic20th. I thought that I had too much to share, so I wanted to blog my expressions on the Sonic games that I played.

Memory I: Sonic The Hedgehog
Memory II: Sonic 2
Memory III: Sonic 3
Memory IV: Sonic Spinball
Memory V: Sonic & Knuckles
Memory VI: Sonic CD (Another one)
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Congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning the NBA Finals.

I didn't watch though; for the past few days, I've been concerned. No, second thought, I haven't been that mentally strong since last week. But on Tuesday, or was it Wednesday, I thought I found my answer when it comes to "life values".

I'll have to stay strong somehow. I am totally useless when sad.



Anyways, more Sonic MEMORIES!

So I looked back, wondering which games have I talked about already? It was Sonic 1 through 3, Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic Spinball. We're only on the 6th game, but I had fun expressing my feelings over a franchise that has influenced my life in video gaming.

Next is Sonic CD! Continuing on the console games.

Here is a FULL GAME Speedrun (TAS), US version.

It was originally for the Sega/Mega CD, which I first played it on, then branched out to PC. It was also available in the Sonic Gems Collection for gamecube and PS2. I bought the PC version and the CD is completely scratched up and worn out for playing it too much. And when I mean "too much", I mean both playing the game and playing the soundtrack. I would put in it my stereo's CD player.

I mentioned this before in an earlier Sonic entry: I really enjoy the soundtrack of Sonic CD. I never thought I would like the music so much, and it makes me remember that I have a tendency to like video game music even back then. I like both EU/JP and American versions almost equally. What I don't understand is why did both versions leave in the music themes for the past and future stages?

Let me get into the game.

Not sure what I can say about the level design (sans special stages, look below). It's mostly what you expect from a 2-D game. In the first level, you can see Sonic's backside when goes up a vertical ramp...pretty cool. You have your tropical first level, your water level, your urban city (or factory) level. Stardust Speedway has a nice jazzy design to it with lights and snake-like roads, while Wacky Workbench has this complex feel to it, having magnetic floors, ejection carts (?), and floating blocks. When it comes to levels, those sticks out to me the most. Also, the last level's shrink machine?

The gameplay/controls are simple, much like the 2D games. You have spin dash and up+button gives you a "run dash". Both are used the same way, charging speed, but have different animations. For the "run dash", Sonic's feet becomes like a red wave. Thought it was interesting when I first saw it ;) Or maybe I thought it fit him? Simple controls, simple levels (mostly?), great music, difficult special stages.

One thing that bothered me was Robotnik/Eggman and the special stages. While Robotnik had good boss themes, they're just not a good testament to him being a threat/boss. Robotnik was mostly simple to challenge. Take the first boss for example. You can have trouble with the first boss in Sonic 1, you might slip up and get caught off guard with the drill in Sonic 2, you could get cocky and fall to your death in Sonic 3, you had to jump your arse off in Sonic & Knuckles.

In Sonic CD, the first boss only took a few hits and some high jumping. Easy to figure out; even more easier if you get hit and are invisible. Same with final boss; in Tidal Tempest boss, you barely had to worry about drowning and in Quartz Quadrant, you had to run and jump. Personally, I think the toughest bosses of Sonic CD were from the following stages:
- Stardust Speedway
- Collision Chaos
- Wacky Workbench

Collision Chaos's, freakin' PINBALL, can be quite easy if you're accurate. For the first time, it just wasn't. Wacky Workbench, I think my main problem was timing the jumps and the electric floor. Stardust Speedway has my favorite boss (click to view), difficult because of one-hit death beam and the obstacles. You had to stay in front and reach the end. Quartz Quadrant might've gave me a problem.

A unique element to Sonic CD was the time traveling. Each Stage had a Past and a Future, which you can travel to when touching signposts and running at high speed. Past and Future have differnet level designs and music. There is a GOOD FUTURE and a BAD FUTURE (also with different music), which bothered me. There were a couple of ways to get a GOOD FUTURE, by obtaining the time stones, or by entering the PAST version and destroying a couple of machines. I wasn't good art achieving neither goal.

OH, the timestones was terrible! Bad controls and bad jump timing for me. So I was never able to get a GOOD ENDING in Sonic CD.

MUSIC! MUSIC! Because there are two game versions with different music, I'm torn on what to show.

Let's start with PalmTree Panic. The Past version is beautiful. Past version of Stardust Speedy fits the jazzy look of the level.

Palmtree Panic - Past Version (Present, Jp/ue ver)

Stardust Speedway - Past Version

Here's the Special Stage!

The OP and ED themes of Sonic CD are different in each game version. U.S version has "SONIC BOOM" for both opening and endings theme, while in the Jpn/EU version the OP is "Sonic‐You Can Do Anything" and the ED is "Cosmic Eternity‐Believe in Yourself". Female vocal of both songs are from Utoku Keiko. Spirited singer!

At first I thought, "this is quite strange", but it's Sonic. ^_^;

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Today's blog is about Sega and something I'm trying to remember.

Also, watched the first ep of Zero no Tsukaima F last night.

OK gamers!

What do you think the most difficult Sonic the Hedgehog game is, aside from Sonic Spinball? At least, I think Spinball was frustrating for me. I only beaten it once. I have a feeling

Plurk and Nostalgia
So I was on Plurk today and people were talking about My Little Pony, posting videos. Ahh, brings me memories. Which reminds me, I was trying to remember something else.

It was a dinosaur movie from the 90s, but it wasn't a cartoon.

Kids get sucked into the TV, sees these talking dinosaurs (and they kick ass), and the t-rex kinda sounded like Liam Neeson or something XD, Oh, the kids got sucked into the TV because they were watching a dino cartoon.

And the antagonist was an Allosaur, a drug kingpin or the like.

Does anyone remember this?
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I got this from [ profile] xlumierex. Here's the directions, quote:

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

I think this is the second time I did this:

Here's the five Lumie gave me.

Five things that associate with me )

All done.
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For my next Sonic memory, it's SONIC CD for the Mega/Sega CD, an attachment to the MegaDrive/Genesis. Here's a speedrun of of the entire game. Way back, I used to rent both the game and the Sega CD device. Then, later in life, I purchased the PC version of the same.

I wish my CD would still work but looks like I wore it out pretty bad. Not sure if it can download on this current PC as it is anyway.

Instead of playing the game, sometimes I would just put my game CD (PC version) in my karaoke box/radio (?) and just LISTEN to the SOUNDTRACK. Maybe that's why it got scratched so badly. I loved Sonic CD music!. Both the U.S Version tracks and the EU/Jpn tracks equally. It's a lot of fun.

Before I talk about the music a bit more, let's get to the gameplay.

It's typical 2-D Sonic: D-pad with jump buttons. You can hold up or down and press the jump button to burst forward at high speed from a standing point. Also, the running animation for Sonic's icon was different. Maybe something like the cartoon?

Here's another cool thing about Sonic CD: Time travel. You can go to the PAST or to the FUTURE depending on the posts you past. This gives you a BAD ENDING OR A GOOD ENDING.

There is a good future and a bad future, the latter being the usual unless you: Get the Time Stones OR destroy a couple of things (machines?) in the past version. Also, the Past and Future versions (good and bad) of each level has a different music track :) I was never good at getting a good Future, and especially not good at getting the Time Stones.

Getting the Time Stones are frustrating. Like the Chaos Emeralds, you had to go into a special stage. Under a time limit, you had to destroy UFOs but your targeting was not always the best and you reduced time by running in the water. GAH! If you disregard the stones, I think the game is comfortable to go through.

Favorite Levels? Hmmm...

I did like the first level, PalmTree Panic. Also, Stardust Speedway (Has a good name too). Stardust Speedway reflects its name very well. You run across what seems to be pipe-like roads and for a boss, you get to race. In Past Version Stardust Speedway, because it has like lights and gold pipes (like what you see for brass musical instruments), you hear fitting jazz music. :) I also liked WACKY WORKBENCH, also its music.

More on music, like I said, the U.S and Jpn/EU versions have mostly different tracks. In Japan, the OP「Sonic‐You Can Do Anything」 and the ED「Cosmic Eternity‐Believe in Yourself」 is sung by UTOKO Keiko. Weird, but entertaining. It slowly grew on me, and I soon found it to be positive.

In U.S, there is "SONIC BOOM". I heard it first and also liked it.


PALMTREE PANIC (Present) Very fitting for a tropical level.

Wacky Workbench (U.S, present)

Keiko Utoko | Cosmic Eternity‐Believe in Yourself

/\ Don't forget.
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Here's my 5th Sonic memory AND it is going to be about Sonic & Knuckles, which was developed in 1994 for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It uses the same sprites as its prequel, Sonic 3, and its game cartridge uses a "Lock-on system" that can attach with the Sonic 3 and Sonic 2 cartridges. Doing this makes Sonic 3 & Knuckles" (a full combo game of Sonic 3 and S & K) and Sonic 2 with Knuckles (it's what it says).

Here's a speedrun of of the entire game (Sonic 3 & Knuckles, all chaos and super emeralds).

While you can play Knuckles in Sonic 3's 2-Player mode only, you can player Knuckles throughout S&K's main game. Cool character; he is a slower (?) than Sonic, can't jump as high, but he makes up for it with his ability to break bricks and GLIDE and climb. Gliding was really fun. He also had a separate route compared to Sonic. Unless you attach Sonic 3 to the cartridge, you can't have Tails. S&K is mostly Solo.

There are new Bonus stages to collect rings and items: a gumball stage and a "gravity glowing sphere" stage. Am I missing one?

Favorite Stages? That's a hard one.

Also, S&K does NOT fail in the music department of course. You have Sandapolis with its stereotypical "Egyptian desert-like" (I don't know how else to explain it) theme; Flying Battery and Death Egg sounds fast-paced, cool, and dangerous at the same time; Sky Santuary sounds heroic and like you were launched high in the air (like Sonic 2's Sky chase, or maybe Wing Fortess?), and peaceful Hidden Place Zone.

When I hear the music of Mushroom Hill (first stage), I feel that it's perfect. Like you can really imagine large plants.

Lava Reef sounds great too. (Lava Reef by guitar)

Here's some bad memories:
- Flying Battery Zone falls
- Sandapolis Trauma: Ghosts in 2nd act.
- S&K still has the same darn "Collect the blue balls" Special stages for the emeralds. Difficult.

Here's a 3DS remix of Mushroom Hill

Apparently, Mushroom Hill is back in Sonic Generations ;)
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Hello Saturday. SO far, I posted my recent impressions of MOTHER 3 and Cyber Formula, and as I promised here's another Sonic Memory.

For the forth memory, I had three former ideas: Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic CD, or a Game Gear game. I wanted to stay with console games and ultimately decided on SONIC SPINBALL. Maybe because it would take less time to type about.

Here's a TAS/speedrun of the entire game.

Sorry no photo. I used to own Sonic Spinball, and beaten it only once. Not only was SPINBALL unconventional in gameplay compared to the other Sonic games, it only had four stages AND it was a difficult game. I guess the difficulty made me determined to continue playing it and work on my mistakes IN SHOOTING ACCURACY! Or should I say "flipper accuracy"?

Sonic didn't have much places to run through, so his movement was dependable through the use of flippers, boosters, slides, etc. Flippers were frustrating, as were traps and collapsible BS. And you had to progress through the game by collecting Chaos Emerald. Sometimes three, sometimes five or six. Maybe it was six total. So you had to search and survive; luckily, no time limit.

SPINBALL also had a traumatic moment or two ;) IMO anyways. A robot snake that tries to eat you in the first level and an ugly boss in the second level is what I can recall.

Fourth/final level was some difficult @#*!. Maybe that's the trauma, the whole thing. and a volcano?

If there's something I actually loved about SPINBALL, it was ITS MUSIC. Once again, 16-bit Sonic (or 16-bit Sega period) gives off some of the most entertaining VG music I've ever heard.

Let's try Lava Powerhouse (2nd level)! I immediately liked it when I first heard it long ago.

Now that's what I call "rad".

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Remember when I was talking Sonic 2 and its two player?

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I'm going to keep this brief: My memories of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3.

I'll first start with the strange change of the opening theme (and a 3-D looking Sonic in the opening). Sonic's appearance (his icon) changed too. Also, there is the introduction of a new character, Knuckles The Echinda, who is a guardian of Floating Island.

Angel Island is the start level

Not much changes from the previous titles. Like Sonic 2, you go through two acts per stage and there is two player mode.

I DON'T LIKE THE SPECIAL STAGE! It would make me so nauseous and tensed up at the same time. You're set in a 3-D field to collect blue spheres. To get to the SS is that you had to find large rings in secret rooms. I wasn't fond of Sonic CD's special stage either.

Stages were fun too, from Carnival Night (even though I got stuck there for a while...) to Ice Cap. I enjoyed the tension you got from Sonic 2's Hill Top Zone, where there were earthquakes, so there was a similar tone of it in 3's Marble Garden. Marble Garden's also beautiful and has an interesting boss fight.

Music is superb too. That's something that would not wane. Sonic 3 also holds one of my favorite song tracks in the entire Sonic game series.

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Note: Embedded videos are reduced to 350 x 350 dimensions.

Time for more memories of twenty-year-old Sonic the Hedgehog. This time, I'm going to talk about the sequel of the first Sonic game, simply called Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

Features such as FANTASTIC music and stages designed to adapt to high speed are kept from the first game, but significant changes that stick out of my mind are the following:
~ The introduction of Miles "Tails" Prower the fox
~ 2 Player Mode
~ With the exception of Metropolis, Sky Chase, Wing Fortress and Death Egg, the acts of the levels are reduced from three to two.
~ New awesome special stages!
~ I think the Spin Dash in introduced
~ Introduction of SUPER SONIC

Tails...would always get bashed. I guess it's because he's slower than Sonic, his A.I is a bit incompetent, and he would mess you up in the special stages sometimes. Also the later games, where he gets a voice over, might have something to do with. But hey, he's immortal! Can't beat that. I don't hate Tails at all, and I like foxes.

In my opinion, if you like Sonic music, the theme for Emerald Hill Zone (the FIRST stage) is a big winner. It's like a start of a new day, a new Sonic game; when the music of Emerald Hill, you're swept into playing enthusiastically because you're expecting a good game and good music.

Sonic 2 had probably the funnest Special Stages; and if not, definately one of my favorite music themes in Sonic Game history. It does get tougher and frustrating in later stages, AND I think I got ALL of the emeralds ONLY once. To get the Chaos Emeralds, you are transported into a Funnel and are supposed to catch a specific amount of rings while dodging bombs.

Special Stage

Doggie TRIVIA:
~ It took me over ten years to beat the whole game because the final boss would give me a lot of trouble.

~ Mystic Cave Zone (6th stage): This stage had a caterpillar like enemy in there that was would stick out the trees to attack you. It used to scare me.

mm, what else can I say?
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Ta-Da! My instruction booklets of Sonic 1 and Tales Adventures. Real ones!

Tales Adventures was for Gamegear. Little guy knew how to build stuff. ;)

Time for some music!

Okay, my good memories of Sonic the Hedgehog. I'll take my time and span my thoughts through different entries.

Let's start at the beginning with the first game, Sonic the Hedgehog or simply Sonic 1 for the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive.

I put in the cartridge, turned on the console, then BOOM! Sonic appeared on the screen in pretty 16-bit color waving his finger. When you press start, "GREEN HILL ZONE! 1" slides across the screen and then you were off, running for a couple of seconds, jumping to catch rings, and across the fish-infested bridge. Back then, I don't think there was such a fast-paced game.

The Sonic 1 game came with my Genesis when it was first purchased. I can't remember what pulled me in, I must've watched footage of the game in a store. All I know is that after I started playing the first game, both Sonic the Hedeghog and Sega would become icons within my "game life" for years.

Sonic 1 has very simplistic gameplay. You had the start button, D-pad, and three jump buttons. All you had to do was move, pause, and jump. A strength of Sonic 1 was the flow of the speed on a 2-D stage, the game giving you this loose freedom of running so quickly across loops and inclines and the camera following you perfectly. Something was great about that. Another strength IS THE MUSIC of the game, and I don't think music from the Sonic games has waned. Sure, I'm not that big of a rock or pop fan for the comtemporay music of today's Sonic games but some are still entertaining.

Hardest Level was probably Labyrinth Zone, ugh. Or maybe Scrap Brain Zone, which is the last level. Labyrinth had a terrible boss too. I know when I last played Sonic 1 (couple years ago?), these stages gave me the most trouble.

In my opinion, the bad things about Sonic 1:

~ This goes for Sonic series in whole: Drowning and the DROWNING music. Also, water makes you sluggish.
~ Special stages for Chaos Emeralds. You're in a rotating confinement that changes speed. It can give you nausea and it's tough to navigate.
~ Labyrinth Zone's boss
~ Collecting 50 rings in later levels (to get to special stage).
~ Spike pits.
~ Prone to falling in Starlight Zone and Scrap Brain zone

I think I only beat Sonic 1 two or three times with all of the Chaos Emerals.

I'm also very lenient when fighting the last boss.
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It's a nice morning. Nice time for blogging.

I always had this on my mind. Concern )

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[ Sonic the Hedgehog Memories ]
Like I mentioned in a previous entry, Sonic the Hedgehog has turned twenty years old last June. I like to share some memories, but I'll do that in the next entry since I need to take care of a few things. When I come back, I'll spill my heart out.

So I'll start with a photo!
My ol' Sonic 3 Gamebook!

I'm also aware of the passing of Kawakami Tomoko (川上 とも子), but didn't want to speak of it. It was difficult. Seeing sorrowful comments, but at the same time endearing comments and tributes, was too much. Her surname's kinda cool: It's like River Superiority. .


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