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Like I said before, I am embarrassed at showing my work. But then, I came up with the idea of showing excerpt of stories using photos.


I did a fanfic based on Future GPX Cyber Formula, particularly on its OVA series "Zero". Only a few people, or at least I know about two (Car dummy Miki Shinichiro did one as well?), has done Cyber Formula fics. That is especially in English.

And since I was impressed with the series, the TV show being smart and about a boy and a machine, and the OVA being dramatic with interesting visuals (my fun slowly being thrown away like shoveled sand due to bad subs, repeated footage, and Asurada oversteering its tail nearly into a circle and passing through a curve successfully to pass also, no K-sensei...), AND since I like cars, I wanted to go for it.

Spoilerish about ZERO series, but if you don't mind )

RC Type!

Game footage. A nice rivalry against Knight Shumacher. There's also Kaga, Shinjyo, Hayato, and I think Hiyama Nobuyuki's character, Andrea. It's hard to tell because he has a scar on his forehead. Sounds like him. BGM is Identity Crisis.
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Changed my tag "Quiz" to "Quiz and polls".

Since I had a dark entry yesterday, I guess I'll just talk about Seiyuu (voice actors from Japan) today to brighten me up. Some polls caught my interest. I wonder if I should make an Ishida Akira tag? I don't seem to talk about him much, even though I like them. When I make a tag, I'd like for it to be significant and used plenty of times as I blog.

There's also the new Seiyuu Awards, but I don't have much to say about that.

There's a website called ANIMEONE and there are personal polls. On twitter, it's called "Aniran". Found some seiyuu-related polls. To my disappointment, Katsuki can't rank properly on these polls, or mostly. If she is no where to be seen in EVEN the "Top sexiest voice" poll, then there's a problem. It ticked me off. I wish I would find that poll again, but Tanaka Atsuko and Sawashiro Miyuki topped it. Biased and correct at the same time. I kinda see Tanaka as K's younger sister.

1.) VA suitable in villain role (悪役が似合う声優ランキング)
INFO: Simple! Both genders are allowed. Top 3 are Koyasu Takehito, Ishida Akira, and Wakamoto Norio. Norio is pretty much one of the obligatory "villain voice actors". He's around the same level as Ogata Kenichi, Utsugi Kenji, Nakao Ryuusei (who's also in the poll), etc. He also plays the gangster-type character a lot too. To make it simple, he utilizes his astringent voice well. Still, I think being on the same side as Koyasu and Ishida, as much as I like their performances...I don't completely know. Both can play crazy and cool, especially Ishida. Fujiwawa Keiji is #4! ;D Why is Sawashiro so high...above Nakao Ryuusei, that's BS.

2.) Kindly turn to "Drill Sergeant" Role (「鬼軍曹」役に向いてます)
INFO: Very interesting one! In a literal sense, the Kanji means "Demon Sergeant". In any way, it's a leader; might refer to drill sergeant. Top 3 are Sawashiro Miyuki, Wakamoto Norio, and Chiba Saeko. Ummm...I guess if you want the tough girl with a side of cute, you get Sawashiro; fear and power all around, you get Norio. Again, it seems very biased choices, even when going below top 3. Not sure about why Chiba would be there or Tanaka Rie (Strike Witches).

The lady female Sargent, amazing! They're amazing. They don't have to sound manly, or deep and bitter (ie: Otsuka Akio), but the ladies STILL have to instill command into you. And get you to listen. Not instill a feeling of sex appeal or "she's cute"; btw, which reminds me, the darned sexist comments that I see on youtube about female sergeants.

Genda Tessho is a great choice. Oh man, Katsuki and SEKI TOMOKAZU (関智一) as drill sergeants would be scary. Here we have Seki:


Even if he's not yelling, he can have a rough voice so it's perfect. Sousuke wouldn't be good for training.... These two plays many soldiers/military-like characters.

3.) Do not forget Ishida Akira! (2013 version) (あの石田彰を忘れない)
INFO: I think the description of the poll says "Add memory of Ishida" [his performance]. Top 3 is Kaworu, Katsura and Shuusei. Ryuunosuke of FATE is #7. 2012 version is Katsura, Kaworu, and Athrun.

Vid time:
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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme. Links to previous entries are given.

Crap, I have one day missing. Also, DAY 21: The seiyuu with the most acting range, I would like to add Kuwashima Houko (桑島 法子). Wanted to list her with Hayashibara BUT she left my mind somehow.

Anyways, let's continue. This is a double entry cause I might not have much time on later today or tomorrow.

Day 23: Cool dude seiyuu
This is for yesterday.

Someone (male only) who I just think is kickass/cool when I see them perform?

Nakai Kazuya (中井和哉) definitely comes to mind. Just downright cool. He has cool characters like Date MAsamune and Hijikata ToshiROU (he's even the actual Toshizo in a video game???).

Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之). Just Hiyama.

Otsuka Akio (大塚 明夫)

Furuya Toru (古谷徹) because of his dedication to the fans, and especially his dedication to Amuro of gundam, and Seiya of Saint Seiya.

Miki Shinichirou (三木眞一郎) as well because of his characters. Or rather his actual person? Wow, he loves cars. And it's like every time I see him, he looks funny. Like, he might cover his face, or wear funny clothing, or wear dark sunglasses. I'm like, "what's with him?"

And it's like, in every work that Shinsengumi appears in, Hijikata Toshizo (that also includes Nakai's Toshirou from Gintama) is portrayed as a cool character in every way.

Nakata Jouji, who also voiced Hijikata, but is now Serizawa Kamo in Hakuouki. Also, one bad ass vampire that I can ACTUALLY like.

Hiyama also voiced Hijikata...

That's all I can think of so far. I can't give a single answer.

Day 24: A seiyuu you make fun of
Kappei. (山口勝平; Yamaguchi Kappei). Funny, and also a pervert.

Tanaka Mayumi.

Also, K-sensei + Twitter = butt monkey (having recently forgotten her script at home). Although she seems to have a lack of confidence, which concerns me sometimes. Also, hair color change.

She really sets herself up in being teased (or pat in the back ^^;). It might not be nice to tease. She seems to like laughing too.

MikiShin again, because of his wardrobe (but he has now has some lovely black hair).

Sure, there might be more but I'm in a hurry.
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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme. Links to previous entries are given.

Day 21: The seiyuu with the most acting range



This is a lovely one. That reminds me, yesterday, I watched Blockbuster Buster's Top 10 Voice Over Actors video I'm quite happy about his choices, but I'm a little puzzled about him saying "actors that get by using one voice or variations of their voice." What is the latter supposed to entail? Like, dialects?

Which also reminds me on how people complain about an actor "who only has 2 or 3 voices". Insulting.

Anyways, here are my choices.

Tobita Nobuo (飛田 展男), Matsumoto Yasunori (松本保典), Ueda Yuji (うえだ ゆうじ), ISHIDA AKIRA (石田 彰), and Yamadera Kouichi (山寺 宏一).

Yama-chan, AKA Yama Kouichi, is like a seiyuu icon. He's even in Disney movies (for some reason. maybe because he's an actor) while the cast, like in English, are adopted by celebrities. So, he gets these chances to play iconic characters in Disney (including in Kingdom Hearts game series) like Genie from Aladin, DONALD DUCK and The Beast. Furthermore, he dubs various popular actors. His Donald Duck is fantastic. I don't think I hear any flaw.

Well, the flaw is, sometimes you don't understand what Donald says anyway ;)

I talked about Ueda plenty. He even "voices" a ton of pokemon (with Miki Shinichirou). Along with the singing voice, quite a package.

Whew, I really wanted to mention Ishida SOMETIME in this meme. Child? Yup. Woman? Yup! Adult, yup. Older? Yep. Animal, yep! Sexy, mean, kind, etc. Tobita has wide-range as well! Also...NicoDouga has turned him into a meme. His fans had made some craaaazy videos on him. Really, who came up with the Perverted Kamille idea? *Rubs forehead*

I can probably add Sakurai Takehiro too. I will also say Seki Tomokazu (関 智一). I talked about Seki Tomo's roles under 'birthday" tag somewhere.

For the girls, Hayashibara Megumi. Maybe she's like Yamadera cause she's an icon. Geezus. IMO, she inclines towards adults, animals, KIDS (girls and boys).

Some of these are difficult to imagine, especially if they're being pigeon-holed. Gonna have to personally explore their careers yourself, unless they can change their roles in such short time. Especially for recent works.

If anyone have any opinions/suggestions, enlighten me.
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This is for today.

Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme.

Day 17: The series with the best cast overall

I have a few ideas: A LOT of the Shounen JUMP shows (ie: ONE PIECE, Dragonball, etc), Gundam series, POKEMON, Anpanman.

In Gundam, a more rookie or new name voice actor is often selected for the main character, familiar names or veterans are selected as supporting cast, especially those from previous shows. Sometimes, veterans are put along with the main cast as "important assistant characters".

Erm. if that makes sense. I'm thinking of Lockon and Setsuna (MikisShina and Miyano Mamoru), and then there's the Bernett brothers in G-UNIT (Tsukui Kyōsei & Yuuki Hiro. The latter being slightly a junior)

Down along the line of gundam content, many of the seyiuu are reused.

Namikawa Daisuke and Kamiya Hiroshi have been appearing in recent gundam shows plenty. Now, Kazuya Nakai has like three characters: Edgar, an original character for SD Gundam (forgot name), and Witz (from X). Tsujitani Koji has three or four characters?

Shounen JUMP shows? Lots of people participate. Especially in NARUTO and ONE PIECE. Wow. Just about anyone can appear. The same can be said for Pokemon and Anpanman. Just about anyone.
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This is for yesterday.

Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme.

Day 16: The seiyuu with the worst singing voice


I don't like these questions, but I can actually answer this better compared to the other "negative" topics.

Maybe I have not been looking good enough, but I can't seem to find a good Miki Shinichirou (三木眞一郎) song. At least not many? I'm not sure what it is. I came across one, but the title is forgotten (I have to check my mail).

"WING FORM" of Kamen Rider Den-O is tolerable but I prefer Sword form!, but I seem to often hear Miki and many others in rap or obnoxious rock. He doesn't sing in rap, y'know!? Then there's songs that he just talks. I'll have to keep looking. Maybe I'm just unfortunate.
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I am so tired...

I was so frustrated for like the past day or two that today, I forgot that I could put the baby niece in her high chair. In other words, babysitting is starting to lose its fun factor. Am I also forgetting how important it is?

So there's this upcoming game called PROJECT X ZONE, where characters from Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai are gonna duke it out. Apparently it's so interesting that I can use FOUR of my Japanese voice actor tags! Oh yes:

- Yuki Akira of Virtual FIGHTER (MikiShin)
- Donovan of Darkstalkers (Hiyama Nobuyuki) (EDIT: DEMETRI!)
- TOUMA of Shining Feather EXA! (Romi Paku)
- Soma of God Eater (Kazuya Nakai)

And personally, they have my favorite voice samples. TOuma you'd have to be careful, especialyl if you have earphones. Out of all the Darkstalkers (Vampire Hunter) characters they could've picked, they had to choose Donovan (EDIT: DEMETRI!)? Hiyama's going to get involved somehow I guess. I have yet to see the return of Jon Talbain!. But! Oh-so-sexy voice is used for Donovan. In addition, Hiyama is also in Kamen Rider FOURZE as both Tachibana and the Narrator.

Akira Yuki seems to be Miki's signature game my opinion? o-O; 10 years ahead! (10年早いんだよ)

I never played EXA but I have been aware of Paku's character. I'm surprised that Touma was even picked (heck, there's Valkyria chronicles?). He is a wild fellow.

Yuri Lowell of Tales of Vesperia is going to appear too. Also, the Megaman X series!

EDIT: The vampire character is Demetri. Donovan is another DS character.
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..Oh! Pretty Pretty Miki-Shin in white suit!

I am listening to Akino Arai/Yoko Kanno collab music. I'm totally healed o^_^o

Akino can just go like "lala la" and it pulls my heart strings. Also, music of Kanno makes me think of the past when I used to rent and watch a lot of OVAs, or even outer space or NATURE? Or is there an undertone of peace...or darkness? Maybe because she used to compose music for shows such as Lodoss, Macross series, Escaflowne, Please Save My Earth, and Ghost in the Shell. I still enjoy the Wolf's Rain soundtrack. Also, Kanno is strongly connected to Sakamoto Maaya.

Anyways, hello Saturday. I wasted my week again. I told myself that I wouldn't, but I keep losing focus. Maybe I'm still concerned about my mother?

And for some ridiculous reason, I can't sleep well on the weekends. After Sunday, I'm completely lazy on Monday.

Second thought, I don't think I get enough sleep. Obvious when you have to babysit; the niece is working on crawling so I have to keep an eye on her often. Oh-my-gosh (><;;) Stop trying to break your head. did I ever tell you that I dislike her mother?

Around Tuesday and Wednesday, I was trying to write because occasionally I do online fiction. Lost confidence in my style and in my memory. I think I mentioned before that when I read, I have trouble remembering. So I've been looking for links on how to remember what I read.

Memory Improvement Techniques

How to improve Memory?

Loving what you read, knowing what you're reading about, and sleep is quite important I agree. What am I lacking or doing wrong? When I close the book, I find myself forgetting the phrases, clauses, quotes, etc. Basically everything related to a sentence, but I can follow the plot. Names take time for me to remember but not a big problem. Battles are a problem too (ie: Oh God, Gundam Sentinel...!)

Anyways, 2012 is starting off "interesting" I guess. Anti-Piracy and such, and apparently Twitter is going to blackout today?

Video and voice actor time. One thing I really love about Youtube is the ability to find just about anything from the past. Nostalgic feelings welled up when I found GI Joe videos. The antagonist Cobra Commander was known for being...well, sounding over the top?

This is the Commander from a G.I Joe Movie. According to Youtube comments, he is apparently voiced by Charlie Adler A veteran!
I love that dude! Also played various characters, that I'm not sure which character sticks out of my mind when I think of his name.

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It is a new week and it starts off with a thunderstorm in Michigan.

I was so drained last night that I fell asleep with war documentaries on. Usually, that gets me to dream about battlefields and such, but it didn't seem to happen this time.

But I feel pretty good.

In the world of comics and animation, I have a lot on my plate. I hope my little "once a week" idea works. Maybe I should bump it up to "twice a week"? Watch maybe two - three hours worth of shows.

I don't think I'm into watching TV for a long time.

Also, it looks like I caught a virus that has disabled my AntiVirus. How long will my computer last?

Man, Woman, Football and Cars

Sports Sunday! Lions and Tigers won. Tigers-are-kicking-butt!

On NicoDouga, there are a lot of Motor sports videos. I watched one with bikes, F-1, and Group B cars doing some cool moves along with, I think, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, and Shakira music. In some parts, the music fits to make it fun.

And Freako MikiShin... admirable and crazy at the same time. First, I found these translated Animedia Seiyuu Data Files (2011) and Mikishin's answers were basically 'Hmm." and "Secret". Typical! (Also, Daisuke Kishio's answers are crazy...)

But I bring him up because he also has a love of cars and bikes. And, it looks like he's going to appear at the AG86 Festival at the Okayama International Circuit. I think just speaking, not driving. Heheh...TAKUMI!.

Animation/TV and games
Like I said before, "Two days a week", two hours on each of those days. Or, just twice a week, pick an anime and a "hour goal". This is mainly for TV series.

For example, for Monday I pick GPX CYBER FORMULA and Shurato, and spend three hours watching (6 eps, three for each series).

I think I'll go along with that today.

Last time I was strongly devoted to staring at the TV (or a screen) was playing Breath of Fire IV a couple weeks ago. I was racking up Fishing Points (it'd be awesome if I got MAX pts) and attaining masters before I head for the final parts of the game. I just past...a traumatic part in the game. (>_<) Orrrg. I'm near the end of Breath of Fire 3 too. Ahh the nostalgia, I love it. I'm glad I kept my CDs.

And I kind of want to get back into Stop!! Hibari-Kun cause it was so crazy.

I was also recommended Higurashi_When_They_Cry (ひぐらしのなく頃に). SOUL BROTHAS!


Another day may be three Tekkaman Blade and three either Casshern or Getbackers.

I probably shouldn't watch the Tekka OVAs should I?

Also, I remembered that I was watching Violinist of Hameln (Ueda Yuji ver.!)

I am recommended HUNTER X HUNTER...which is over 300 chapters. I guess, since I was able to get through Katekyo Hitman Reborn", I could do the same with Hunter.

Maybe I'm impatient?

I still have CLAYMORE and Nabari No Ou, the latter's still bothering me and questioning my comprehension level.

Vid time! Kinect Show!

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I was going to list my thoughts on the previous entry on each person selected, but I got lazy. Also, I came across another interesting Japanese voice actor ranking...this time, from the ladies. Apparently, over 1400 females of different age groups (teen to 40s??) are asked who their favorite voice over currently.

Since people were complaining about how they didn't see their favorites
in the LAST one...

Ladies, put your hands up!

1位…神谷浩史(Kamiya Hiroshi)
2位…杉田智和(Sugita TOmokazu)
3位…小野大輔(Ono Daisuke)
4位…鈴村健一(Suzumura Kenichi)
5位…石田彰(Akira Ishida)
6位…中井和哉(Nakai Kazuya)
7位…福山潤(Fukuyama Jun)
8位…宮野真守(Miyano Mamoru)
9位…櫻井孝宏(Sakurau Takehiro)
10位…中村悠一(Nakamura Yuichi)
10位…遊佐浩二(Yusa; Yusa Kouji)
12位…鳥海浩輔(Torikou; Toriumi)
12位…子安武人(Koyasu!; Koyasu takehito)
14位…森久保祥太郎(Morikubo Shoutarou)
15位…吉野裕行(Yoshino Hiroyuki)
16位…諏訪部順一(Suwabe Kunichi)
17位…下野紘(Shimono Hiro)
18位…緑川光(Midorin/Midorikawa Hikaru)
19位…浪川大輔(Namikawa Daisuke)
20位…三木眞一郎(MikiShin; Miki Shinichiro)
21位…小西克幸(Konitan; Konoshi Katsuyuki)
22位…梶裕貴 (Kaji Yuki)
23位…保志総一朗(Hoshi Soichiro)
24位…岡本信彦 (Okamoto Nobuhiko)
25位…森川智之(Morikawa Toshyuki)
26位…置鮎龍太郎 (Okiayu Ryotaro)
26位…近藤隆(I think this is Kondo Takashi)
28位…井上和彦(Inoue Kazuhiko)
29位…高橋広樹(Takahashi Hiroki)
30位…森田成一(Morita Masakazu)

(Translate the rest in a second)
Edit: Complete

More in news, on the sad side, Junpei Takiguchi passed away. R.I.P! I think I heard him the most as his dragonball roles and Yatterman villian role. In Western Dubbing, he's Huckleberry Hound.

And I was surprised to hear him as...D.Grayman's Millenium Earl. He made the character very fantastic. I could almost hear his voice when reading the comic.

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Active on Twitter again, especially during the starting tension of the Earthquake. I felt a bit nerdy and I didn't know what to say on my blog about it. I'm quite sure others are spreading the word about it, including what to do for aid. I couldn't keep focus on it for too long.

Here we go again, Miss Ignoramus Doggie with weird ideas again.

1.) I just remembered. While PC was down, I watched Hurt Locker, which won six Academy Awards including Best Director. I am a fan of war films definitely, and documentaries, and I thought the HL was a nice watch...but do you think it really deserved it? You need a family man to get killed by bombs, get dehydrated in a desert, or see men punch each other to get an award? Also surprisingly, I don't think I've seen much blood/gore either? Some reason, HL made me think of a documentary. Like the visual quality was realistic or cheap?.

2.) Graveyards! Last Monday my uncle was buried. So I thought, can we run out of spaces for funerals? While we naturally decompose, would anyone prefer cremation?

...Don't ask where I got that from.

Also, Yamaguchi Kappei and Miki_Shin stated in their blogs taht they are alright and they pray for everyone's safety. Miki's funny, it's like, "Lol taxi~"
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Something random and cute I found while looking at vids tagged "ロイ・マスタング".

1.) It's a person. imitating the voice (声真似) of Miki-Shin! not me

2.) He's singing the song "Renai Circulation" (恋愛サーキュレーション), apparently a song from the show from the anime Bakemonogatari.

Whacha think??

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The days are starting to get cooler now. Been busy with job training, and I've finally gonna go to the doc for this chronic coughing. It's been seriously annoying me. So I've been away from that too.

Maplestory Frustration
Main Article: MAPLESTORY
So I'm getting a little frustrated with Maplestory again (and I finally returned to ACE ONLINE). My dedication is really put to the test here. My goal is to get the Hero's Gladius, which requires like five VERY rare items, level up to max a couple of my fighter skills and to fight BALROG Easy mode before my third class change. The darn aliens invade the place and they are very annoying. An alien mothership recently crashed and the quest for it is NO PLACE for a level 30 character. So I got to get stronger anyway.

I spent at least three hours inside a Drum bunny dungeon JUST to get a RED WHIP and it never appeared. I only got it because this generous guy gave it to me for a low price at the FREE MARKET. Speaking of Free Market, what nonsense. Some guys want to sell stuff for like 80,000,000 or more. How about 500 million? Where are supposed to get all of that money?!

One of the items I need requires me to find ANOTHER very rare item for this NPC, who has a chance of giving me the item I don't need in exchange.

Do I have to play for hours just for this one item?


Time for entertainer stuff.

MikiShin and HELLO KITTY. An Interesting mix...

Sensei + Akira Ishida Appearance

So, K-sensei appears. I don't know if it's it a good guy or bad guy, especially since her name is not close to the top of the cast list. Usually that means its a baddie right? (sigh) I don't know the name either: メルインガル.

I also noticed something else: She seems to be appear in a lot of military fiction work. It's like she has a niche in action shows so I'm happy. So she's very Shounen too

What also makes me happy is Ishida Akira, apparently the MAIN CHARACTER! Alright! His name is apparently Aki. "Aki Tesuno"?
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Just finished one episode of the hot OVA, Blazing Transfer Student about a gutsy kid (Seki Toshihiko) who fights a bully to make a better image for himself and to win a girl’s heart.

I think Seki sings the OP song, LOL! "FIRE!" If you guys like SekiToshi, just check it out for fun's sake. At least, the OP song. even the comic author sang off-key but funny

And the passion...

The passion just reminded me THAT I HAVE A POST LOVE CONFESSION TO MAKE!

Errr, not a love confession...ok, BUUUUUUUUUUUT, it's not me if I don't mention it.

OCT 15: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (お誕生日おめでとう!) TO "ケー先生"!

Either 49 or 50 years old, no clue, the sources vary.


Bloodtype: A
Height: 163 cm
Hobbies: Golf loves it to bits, Knitting, skiing
Favorite Colors: Pink and black
Currently Affiliated with: 81 Produce

Still have no clue what color hair she has and she seems to have a silly behavior, LOL


Inspired by [ profile] canon_4_life (for Nakai Kazuya) and [ profile] hanagoke (for Horikawwa Ryou), I've decided to show some pictures of her characters.

And as of late, I just remembered yesterday that...I had three Photobucket accounts, one containing pictures of cartoon characters, and i have some of hers in the same gallery (I was making a fansite for a few of my faovirite voice-actors like Seki and Yasunori so I was collecting pics).


Added a few new ones; few are really big.

Some I've seen, some I've haven't. Fair warning, I don't have Reccoa of Zeta Gundam.

Some Character Pictures! Featuring D.Grayman, Naruto, Glass of Mask, Ronin warriors, 12 Kingdoms, etc )

HAPPY B-Day! Please be healthy!

Also, maybe after Tsunade or Celi, try to get into being regulars or younger characters more! Especially in maybe (Tokusatsu (特撮, special effects). I'm loving it to bits; err, isn't 81 Produce specialized in that kind of work? Damn...!
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It snowed a while back; hey, it’s fun to complain about the fluctuating weather. C'mon Spring! Warm up a little. It's trying to clear up a bit. Okay I had a restless night, and I got a new scary phone. The ringtone sounds like..something from a horror movie.

Anyways, I need to be off soon so let met hurry.

I’m apart of [ profile] kawaii_gaara’s little motivation project, so I’m supposed to list down what to get done:
- Finish on "Dog Discrimination" document
- Work on my entries' tags
- Find a way to get rid of Writer's Block
- Put my clothes on
- Figure out what to put on my website
- Make an entry on my contacts
- Get myself adapted to my new Microsoft Office program

I’m going to try and focus really hard.

The Yamaguchi blog of Apes

Damnit Kappei, stop being so cool. I am so jealous of his drawings. The kid’s name is Monta? Who’s Monta?

ZELDA: Twilight Princess Weekend & Wii
Finally got back into it and went pretty far. Not sure what I can say without giving out spoilers. There's this one fella that I can't wait to fight. Also, I really like the Zelda Music.


Doggie and Music/IS THIS REAL?!?!
For a past few days, Rika (person from Japan I speak to on youtube) introduced to me some new music, which I’m always open for.

Since Miki Shinichirou’s birthday was a while ago, I was introduced to his song(s) from Gundam 00 (I think; his character is named Lockon?!?! LOCK-ON?! Sweet!), INITIAL D, and DOUBLE-ACTION WING FORM. In addition, a really nice easy listening SDTK from Ririka SOS, something from the legendary hero (note), Kazuya Nakai (FF10), and some others she needs to slow down *Lol*. And wow, Miki raps! Needs to work on his English, but he raps (^^;).

I THINK I saw WING FORM quite a while ago being given out by someone (from [ profile] miki_shinichiro com?). And a note to myself, when I say I’ll come back and get something, that rarely happens.

And OMG! Speaking of easy listening, I’ve listening to that a lot lately. Burt Bacharach is definitely one of my favorites. Singers like Olivia-Newton John, that I like a lot as well, fit this too. Linda Ronstadt, Carpenters, Streisand, Enya, Okazaki Ritsuko, you get me?

Either I’m a big wuss or I’m easily stressed.

And, there's a soft jazz song I randomly found...

IS THIS REAL?! "ケー先生"...I think I found my bedtime/her version of Between the Sheets music? It was un-belieavable...! I thought it was someone else. Her song made me cry at like 2 am??? And it doesn't fail to touch me everytime I hear it. Geez, I didn’t know I liked her THAT much. Little creepy...

Another [younger] family member is going to Iraq. I expected it to happen, considering he joined the Marines…

I’m getting a little sick of politics. Second thought, I’m sick of political-based message boards. Why must people get bashed on and be called "liberal" because…for example, "they talk to their dog", like some kind of insult? The way of see it, some Bush haters, yes I think they complain a lot and they want to agree/hear what they want to agree/hear - detests about the war. Through newspaper, through radio, through 75% of America and the rest of the world; it looks like their mindset is affixed on that and disliking the monotony that the President preaches about what we’re doing is right.

But I check the boards because it’s so unbelievable how everyone behaves and I sort of sense some intelligent people. Speaking of politics, even Detroit is having a current issue with their Mayor. And why all of this crap about the Michigan delegates? SIGH Yeah, it’s initially Michigan's fault.

Memes: Colors and such )

If you still want to do that old meme from before, just reply.
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A few hours late.

Happy Belated birthday (March 18) to the za sexy freak 三木 眞一郎. One of my first seiyuu and first favorites! Nice t'meet you!

Miki movie )

三木様, 御誕生日おめでとうございます!
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[ profile] hanagoke's post gave me the idea to put my memes into one post instead. So now I, and other people, can link it or put it in their favorites.

Doggie Meme I: Favorite/Learning Seiyuu Meme


1.) Pick a favorite seiyuu/VO of yours and answer the questions below.
2.) Please pick before looking at the questions
3.) You can do this meme many times
4.) There can be more than one answer for each person but try to stay under three or four.
5.) Help me pass on this meme to seiyuu/VO fans
6.) You can do other voice overs, like english dub? French dub?

Questions below...

1.) Where did you first noticed this person (AKA: Which show/CD/Com/etc and as who)?
2.) A fan of this person for how long?
3.) Why do you like him/her?
4.) Roles that person tends to learn towards (ie: Typecast/Who he or she becomes at best)
5.) Favorite character of this person?
6.) Which role of this person shocked you the most?
7.) Character that you reccommend in order for another to learn about this person and why?
8.) A role you'd like for person to have? (Be specific)
9.) A type of role you dislike?

10.) Ever met this person in real life? Where? (ie: Concert, Convention, stage, etc)
11.) What word do you think describes this person? Why?
12.) Which color do you think describes this person? Why?
13.) Which animal do you think describes this person? Why?
14.) If not a seiyu, what type of occupation do you think the person would have?

15.) Does this person sing? If so, name favorite song or songs?
16.) What type of song would you like for person to sing?
17.) Is there a fav. fansite or blog of this person?

That's all I can think of. I honestly think this 7 is an important question, at least to me.

Memes I'd like to see: Fujiwara Keiji, Yukino Satsuki, Shiozawa Kaneto, Morikubo Shoutarou, Okiayu Ryotaro, Yamadera Kouichi, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Takayama Minami, Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Inoue Kikuko, Wakamoto Norio, Hirano Aya, Scott McNeil, Briane Siddall, any non-english or non-japanese voice over.

DOGGIE's completed MEME
Brian Drummond )

Katsuki-sensei )

Hiyama Nobuyuki )
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I'm still a bit sick but I wanted to share this cause it was so cool.

Omg, another weird seiyu dream.

For a while, I've been having my array of weird dreams and last night I had about one Kamen Rider Den-O, with Miki Shinichirou's character Sieg.

Read more... )

What are these dreams telling me? (._.) I must need a vacation.

ALSO, speaking of Miki..

After waking up )

Sasaki is alright IMO. Ryuusei? Ngghhthh...( x_x )
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Whew, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Boredom was getting me woozy, then ta-da! Strawberry waffles! I still need to finishing cleaning before the day’s up, so let me get my strength up. I got to persevere. By any means, I need to stay away from that bed and fight off my headaches. Just stay active and focus on the new day.

Now if I start feel really nauseous, I might need to just phuk it and take a 4-6-hr "nap" anyway. Hmm, maybe I can fall on the couch. Or nap in this chair?

Speaking of sleep, couple days back I dreamt that I was that "X" coaster. The one from Six Flags, which I kept posting videos about? X-X; That dream went easy on me. The ride went too smoothly, I think?

I was apprehensive the first time, and bailed. Came back the second time, went on it, but my seat sucked. The harness or belt wouldn’t go on right. Maybe I better stop watching those videos xD

- EFFIN CUTENESS ATTACK! ~faints~ (remember that "f-dog" entry? Well I was looking for Black Hayate videos and found this. Kind of looks like my dog when she was little x0x)

New Naruto Comedy! Short, but LOL! You might’ve seen it already. "I LIVE IN A FU--ING TRASH CAN!" "You gotta take p***sy like Pepe does sometimes!" "NO-NO!" "I know a pimp when I see one." "How many times must I smack you before you get right?" Count as Oro = scary.

New Favorite Coaster video!

That’s it. I think I need to make a Youtube account and actually post some comments. This is nuts.

Legend of Zelda RP is here!
The chapters has been pretty fun so far

And is Twilight Princess out already? I know Clash of Ninja 2, Okami and MK: Armageddon are.

I pick: Brook Benton’s "Boil Weevil Song" Cute, simple story-telling? You must be thinking, "Is he serious?" The silliest songs can be a hit, eh?

Well, I need to post something up on DeviantArt. Maybe after I’m finished cleaning, I’ll do some sketching. Yes, draw just to relax. I have a new essay I have to do so I’ll have to get back to my books later. Either today or tomorrow.

If you read my [ profile] mastergraywolf journal, you’d know that I might be making a story based on Gargoyles. It’s like, um, "original fanfiction". Hurons, Champlain, Frontiers, War, French, Ottawa River, etc. Setting may take place approximately here, around the circled area and in the 17th century. A crazy map I know. The pic’s from WIKIPEDIA. I just took it because I kept confusing the Ontario and Quebec provinces, and I’m still having difficultly with locations. Like, "is this place too far from that place? Can they live there? Are the [Laurentides] mountains here? Close to there?" I mean, what would it be like if Gargs were in Canada then moved to Michigan like some Native American tribes did?. Still working on the details.

A found a Nakai Kazuya fansite? and fanlisting?

Changed my user pics

A dear young red or wild-haired senpai will be turning 47 this Sunday. X}

And OMG @ NARUTO MANGA! *is...silent*


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