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Note to self: DO not, DO NOT write a blog entry while I'm rushing to leave somewhere.

Now it looks like I wasn't making much sense OR I missed something. My mindset at the time was to express as much as I could.

Indeed. I did take time off. When my niece wasn't around, I cleaned house; I worked and babysat so much that, IMO, I neglected any heavy cleaning at home. Yet, I cleaned my workplace virtually every morning. It didn't seem fair to me. Once my niece came back, the mental burden returned. I lose patience quicker than usual; time off is time off, and I can't get over the thoughts of babysitting and not getting paid enough.

So why was I upset about work and why did I almost want to quit? When I returned from my break, Labor day went away and there was already some quitters. Even this week; then I see new faces quickly.

I felt a little better a few days ago because most co-workers take the time of their day to tell me that I do a good job and that "I work hard". But half the team doesn't seem to be the same way? Am I just wasting time? Sure, after you're used to your position tediously, you tend to get lax.

Was I just working out of desperation to avoid being fired? I wanted to enjoy my job, but I was getting influenced by my co-workers' negative energy. SO I felt like I was in a shitty, uninspiring place because I didn't have much higher to shoot, and I worked just because I had to. That's a problem with working kids, and yet they succeed so well for some reason, getting jobs with better pay.

Sure, customer service can be a pain, but so is constantly complaining, not trying your best and thinking of consequences.

Two weeks at least, I felt like crap. That's just how I am. I try to maintain an calm and understanding, but aren't I fragile?

So with these thoughts building up, Katsuki-san's thoughts were a shock. Thus, coincidence.

"Love myself". I believed her, but I didn't think it was something easy to follow. I nearly cried. I can feel like a loser so easily, but she can look at others and say simple things so that they can live on a path to aim for something.

But it's so hard. What should I love? Ambition? Living differently? Being naive? Admitting mistakes?

Inoue Kazuhiko's final message had to do with "thoughts of dream" and "keyword"; I can't really figure out Seki Tomokazu's but may be "not useless"; Nozawa Masako is "try your best!"; I can't get Chiba Shigeru, Hirano Fumi or Kamiya Akira's yet; Furukawa Toshio is the NEXT and LAST GUEST!

...but Katsuki-san master of intuitive, no stress style was "growth" and "love" ("daisuki" and "ai"). My poor chest.
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Old ladies making old ladies cry

She is my freakin hero...!~

A follow up of a previous entry. When they said "instruction", that's what I was expecting. Turns out she is quite sensitive and cooperative with a "stress relief" method and a positive, free way of thinking.

I can't absorb all the details (will report my heart out here when ready.)< because I'm still so amazed, but there's one thing that really sticks out from the entire program. Each instructor, at the end of the program, gives a final message. This isn't the entire thing, but this is the gist of it: "I love myself .... everyone, please love yourselves as well."

I went crazy.

"What the...?! Why?" Why did she say this?! And all of a sudden?!

It's like I loved her more. No, I was completely touched, maybe abnormally so. I nearly cried like I watched a Disney death scene or the like because I could not believe it. I wanted to bury my face into a chest; apparently hugging is a little outrageous in Japan but I felt that way.

I was shocked and touched because not just what she said was right but because it's was a total coincidence with my recent feelings, and I have trouble following such a message. it was a completely simple message.

For the past two weeks, I was just upset with myself. Even as I type, I still kind of am. Not AS much as before, but still confused. I took time off work and it's like I became more upset admist relaxing (or I was supposed to). I wanted to quit my job too because I couldn't get over the idea that I was where I was now due to being incompetent and poor, and I couldn't brainstorm over how to fix it. I'm ambitious, but am I working to hard for a low wage? Am I caring too much? In fact, I have a notice template saved on word document if I came to the point that I wanted to leave work. So, I had those kind of black thoughts.

I told myself that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel, believe in oneself, etc.

Despite that, I was not self-satisfied. I was still broke, and you can see more in my locked "Doggie story" entries. No need to talk about it again. So why does this still gather above my head to bother me? Because I feel like I'm not sharp enough to find a solution. Is it friends/social interaction? Is it patience?

So when I saw that message, I was unexpectedly filled with emotion. I still thought "how", at the same time, I was deeply touched and surprised. It could've been anyone else who said it, but I was overwhelmed this time.

And for some reason, I felt an underlying dread that something was going to happen to her.
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I didn't look it up on the hows and whys, but wondered over the uses of glue mouse traps. Mice has been annoying lately, so I bought some traps, but couldn't get over the thought that I'm possibly making the mice starve to death when they get stuck? Unless the glue smell is killing them.

I'm sorry you guys, they got to go. And neither snapping their neck or crushing them is better. I kept seeing a baby in my washroom.

Anyways, it's the same old same old. I needed a break from work, so I took time off. I really was annoyed, and I was even more so when I came back because there's little care from those in each department. It just further blares a siren in my head that I should go elsewhere. But every time I job search, it's like I see things that I can't do. It could be just that maybe I've not been serious enough about it? Due to being strained by work?

Time off reminded me of that. I cleaned the house, I still kept sleeping early, I still think like I needed to get something, wasn't I even relaxed?

[EXCITEMENT! girlfriends]

On the morning of September 15, which I think is TODAY this evening in my time, this happens:

[ 一声入魂!アニメ声優塾」NHK・Eテレで“開講 ]
"Voice consecration! Anime Voice actor private school!"

- Nhk: Shuumei Doki

- Shoko's site: Schedule info

Important Note: Takayama Minami does not use twitter, but the owner of this tweet is a big fan.

Or just read this article from MOON CHASE, heck check all of the blog if you're a Sailor Moon/Sera Myu fan: Shoko-Nakagawa-to-host-tv-show-shumi-doki-Masako-Katsuki-to-co-star-in-episode

My lady! (o >____< o)

Quote: セーラーネプチューン……(o.o) 何だっけ?」
"Sailor Neptune...what is that?"

Nakagawa Shoko was on the floor laughing, a hint on what's to come?

Youtube episodes are shared. I'm not sure what I'm more excited about. Maybe it's the results and how she influences others, seeing her personality more, or see what she says.

Which reminds me, she doesn't seem like a confident type, especially with appearance, which isn't fair because she is adorably chubby. But I hear the story on the effects of "actor's face" and "character image" a lot. She's also shy, the type who cries easily. I seriously want to draw a moe-looking SD Tsunade.

Furthermore, I see tweets such as "shock", "obaachan", and "debu" (kind of like "piggy" or "fattie"), and get a little annoyed because it seems like a serious thing in Japan. I can't go up and say "you're proportions are good".

I call my niece "fattie/chubby" all the time, because that makes her adorable. She does eat a lot (and STEAL my food) and laugh about it. It's genetic for her; she looks like her grandmother on father's side.

I'm just rambling.

I will look out.
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Few updates.

NOTE: These list reflect, I think, 2-3 years especially the completed series. I might narrow the lists as time passes.

Bold means new.

- Knights of SIDONIA: The Ninth Planet war シドニアの騎士 第九惑星戦役)
COMMENT: After a drag, Season 2 is here. And it returns fiercely.

COMMENT: Gundam The Origin suffers from a lack of animation budget, and there are shoes to fill after being spoiled by GUNDAM UNICORN. However, I think ORIGIN is pretty good. A bit violent, and in even a turbulent story where we takes steps leading to the One Year War, there's comedy! I think this is Tanaka Mayumi's first time in Gundam. She's totally feisty as little Char. I've seen too much Miyake Kenta, especially in my tokusatsu run.

- SAINT SEIYA: Soul of Gold (聖闘士星矢 -黄金魂 soul of gold-)
COMMENT (April 25): Two episodes in. Animation sucks and is lazy at times, but it helps me get through the Moon Crystal wait (lol). I do wonder what is going to happen. And hey, I am biased for Gold Saints. I did miss everyone. Damnit Toei, is that what you're after?. LOOK AT Aiolia EX toy figure!

- Heroic Legend of Arslan (Arakawa ver.)
COMMENT (April 25): OK so far, or maybe I'm biased. I knew I was going to find Kaji Yuki (梶 裕貴) unconvincing. I hear that kind of voice so many times; it's the bishounen big brother era of Makishima and Lelouch all over again. They could've gotten someone like Koyama Rikiya, but is that too much to ask?

- JOJO'S Bizare Adventures (PART II)

COMMENT (April 25): Mugen (Infinity) Arc, AKA Sailor Moon S, is on the way. I've made my peace with not seeing my girls again...and it looks most likely.
Ogata Megumi is doing well in both music and regular voice work (ie: Persona, Danganronpa, Assassination Classroom, etc); Katsuki-sama (AKA: K-sensei) is an instructor and is still doing voice work.
It's a little painful since Katsuki has been buying the merchandise. (I think she has a IPhone case of Neptune and a doll).

If I'm wrong, you can stomp and slap me for being so skeptical.

- WAR OF LODOSS (OVA series)

TOKUSATSU/SPECIAL (Super Hero Time week)
- Kamen Rider Drive
- Shuriken Sentai NinNinger
COMMENT: So NinNinger's Takaharu (Akaninja/Red Ninja) is like Natsu; he's a Gary Stu and people dislike him? Especially after transitioning from Tokyuger's Raito.

- Hunter x Hunter Catch up
- Magi: Magic Labyrinth

ON HOLD/Unsure/Slow (TV)
- D.Grayman
- Shipuu Iron Leaguer
- Mobile Police PATLABOR
- Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

- Kamen Rider Series (OOO, W, Blade/Ken)

- Super Sentai Series (Go-Busters, Kaizoku (pirate) Sentai Gokaiger, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, Ninpou Sentai Hurricanger, Go-Onger, Zyuranger, Boukenger, Gekisou Sentai Carranger)

- Other Tokusatsu (GARO Tami no Terasu, Ryukendo)

- Sword Art Online (S1)
- Legend of Daikyumaru GAIKING
- Choujuu Kishin Dancougar
- Stop!! Hibari Kun!
- Tekkaman Blade
- Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato
- Casshern Sins
- GetBackers
- The Heroic Legend of Arslan (OVA)
- Zoids Genesis
- Higurashi When They Cry
- Junjou Romantica (maybe, maybe not)

- Claymore
- Nokizaru REAL NINJA
- Wolf Guy : Ookami no Monshou
- Nabari No Ou
- Sailor Moon (Stuck at Dead Moon Circus.)
- Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho
- Saint Seiya Next Dimension
- Saint Seiya Episode G

- Aldnoah ZERO (S2)
- Gundam Build Fighters TRY
- Gundam Build Fighters
- Gundam: Reconquista of G
- GARO: The Animation
- Bandit Daughter Ronja (Ronja Rövardotter)
- Terra Formars
- The Wind Rises (Kaze Tachi nu)
- FREE! (Season 1)
- Kamen Rider Gaim
- Mobile Suit Gundam-san
- Gundam UNICORN
- FAFNER of the Azure (Season 1)
- Aldnoah ZERO (S1)
- Captain Earth
- Knights of Sidonia (S1)
- Nobunaga The Fool
- BUDDY COMPLEX: Conclusion Chapters (バディ・コンプレックス 完結編 ―あの空に還る未来で―)
- Gundam Build Fighters (S1)
- Saint Seiya OMEGA (Season 1 & 2)
- Windaria
- Kamen Rider Gaim
- Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (THANK YOU!)
- Kamen Rider Wizard
- Mobile Suit ZETA Gundam
- GARO Makai Senki (Season 2)
- Saint Seiya: LOST CANVAS
- The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls (YxM)
- Eureka Seven (TV series)
- Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows Movie
- Eureka Seven AO (TV series)
- GARO Season 1
- GARO: Red Requiem (movie)
- GARO Gaiden stories, including KIBA Gaiden
- Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G
- Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
- Macross Zero
- Macross Plus
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn (comic only)
- Kamen Rider Fourze
- MS IGLOO Series (Apocalypse 0079 & Hidden One Year War)
- MS IGLOO 2: Gravity Front

- Looking for a new Jurassic Park novel.
- LEGEND OF ZELDA: Hyrule Historia (Own)
- Pirates Latitudes (Completed)
- Shoninki: Ninja Teachings (Still wondering/in library)
- The GodFather (Still wondering)

- The adventures of the brave Flute by Asakura Rei (勇者フルートの冒険)

-Haou Taikei Ryu Knight: DARK LORD
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Continuing from this entry about voice quality adaptability

It's one of those nights again. Niecey is sick, and is in and out of sleep. It just had to be a Sunday. Also, I might need to prepare for solace since niecey's "parent" Stink-Pest might visit for more than a day. Finally, I am having weird hand pain?

Anyways, more seiyuu analysis talk, inspired by a blogger named sinamon-imf on (did a blog entry about Katsuki Masako), and once again by Yuzu's voice compatibility talk on In a previous entry, I did my personal analysiss on how I would rate K-sensei (Katsuki Masako)'s voice quality through six categories developed by YUZU, and included a radar graph since he/she made some to map the categories. Each gender had six different categories, which I wonder why was that? I can't seem to find an explanation. The male categories seemed to describe the tone; for example, "coolness" (クールさ), "Sexy" (色気), "bitterness" (渋さ; roughness), "comicalness" (コミカルさ). As for the girls, while there is also "sexy" and "comical", the rest are split into age groups. Like "little girl" or "older woman" or "big sis like". The males are not split into "boy" (少年), "youth" (青年) or "mature" (壮年).

I don't know the reason. Yuzu seems to say "inclination of voice actress via viewpoint". Pigeonhole?!?! So is it to make it interesting? So, I was thinking, what if K-sensei was warped, and I use to the male categories to describe her voice? What would I say?

I want to do this for a woman too because I think it can fit. This time I am not going to do grading, nor make a radar graph. Just going to express opinions of each category.

Here I go again! SENSEI! )

So what do you think?
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Changed my tag "Quiz" to "Quiz and polls".

Since I had a dark entry yesterday, I guess I'll just talk about Seiyuu (voice actors from Japan) today to brighten me up. Some polls caught my interest. I wonder if I should make an Ishida Akira tag? I don't seem to talk about him much, even though I like them. When I make a tag, I'd like for it to be significant and used plenty of times as I blog.

There's also the new Seiyuu Awards, but I don't have much to say about that.

There's a website called ANIMEONE and there are personal polls. On twitter, it's called "Aniran". Found some seiyuu-related polls. To my disappointment, Katsuki can't rank properly on these polls, or mostly. If she is no where to be seen in EVEN the "Top sexiest voice" poll, then there's a problem. It ticked me off. I wish I would find that poll again, but Tanaka Atsuko and Sawashiro Miyuki topped it. Biased and correct at the same time. I kinda see Tanaka as K's younger sister.

1.) VA suitable in villain role (悪役が似合う声優ランキング)
INFO: Simple! Both genders are allowed. Top 3 are Koyasu Takehito, Ishida Akira, and Wakamoto Norio. Norio is pretty much one of the obligatory "villain voice actors". He's around the same level as Ogata Kenichi, Utsugi Kenji, Nakao Ryuusei (who's also in the poll), etc. He also plays the gangster-type character a lot too. To make it simple, he utilizes his astringent voice well. Still, I think being on the same side as Koyasu and Ishida, as much as I like their performances...I don't completely know. Both can play crazy and cool, especially Ishida. Fujiwawa Keiji is #4! ;D Why is Sawashiro so high...above Nakao Ryuusei, that's BS.

2.) Kindly turn to "Drill Sergeant" Role (「鬼軍曹」役に向いてます)
INFO: Very interesting one! In a literal sense, the Kanji means "Demon Sergeant". In any way, it's a leader; might refer to drill sergeant. Top 3 are Sawashiro Miyuki, Wakamoto Norio, and Chiba Saeko. Ummm...I guess if you want the tough girl with a side of cute, you get Sawashiro; fear and power all around, you get Norio. Again, it seems very biased choices, even when going below top 3. Not sure about why Chiba would be there or Tanaka Rie (Strike Witches).

The lady female Sargent, amazing! They're amazing. They don't have to sound manly, or deep and bitter (ie: Otsuka Akio), but the ladies STILL have to instill command into you. And get you to listen. Not instill a feeling of sex appeal or "she's cute"; btw, which reminds me, the darned sexist comments that I see on youtube about female sergeants.

Genda Tessho is a great choice. Oh man, Katsuki and SEKI TOMOKAZU (関智一) as drill sergeants would be scary. Here we have Seki:


Even if he's not yelling, he can have a rough voice so it's perfect. Sousuke wouldn't be good for training.... These two plays many soldiers/military-like characters.

3.) Do not forget Ishida Akira! (2013 version) (あの石田彰を忘れない)
INFO: I think the description of the poll says "Add memory of Ishida" [his performance]. Top 3 is Kaworu, Katsura and Shuusei. Ryuunosuke of FATE is #7. 2012 version is Katsura, Kaworu, and Athrun.

Vid time:
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Research: Voice Quality Adaptability (Female VA) (研究「声質の適合性」 (女性編))
Research: Voice Quality Adaptability (Men VA) (研究「声質の適合性」 (男性編))

Seiyuu-related entry!

Just something to pass boredom, and I need to practice in using Powerpoint, Task Manager, and Excel much more. The question is how? During my free time, I try to employ them into writing, like for collecting data. Sometimes I get so deep into it, I make graphs for characters or timelines.

Anyways, I was browsing for roles on Ishida Akira (ie: main characters) and found these links with opinions on Voice quality compatibility. The page creator is named "YUZU" (ユズ). In the link, for each gender, Yuzu lists six different categories to describe the voice quality. The qualities are scaled on a radar graph in clockwise:

Choices: Furuya Toru, Nobutoshi Kanna, Suyama Akio, Midorikawa Hikaru, Koyasu Takehito, Kamyia Akira, Okiayu Ryotaro, etc
「熱血さ」:Passion (quoting, "Simply put, "Super robot anime or Sports maniac suitability in old days")
「色気」:Sexy/H voice
「渋さ」: Elderly voice/astringent
「コミカルさ」:Comical (Gag)

Choices: Koyama Mami, Ohara Noriko, Hidaka Noriko, Hayashibara Megumi, Fucami Rica, Mitsuishi Kotono, Han Keiko, Koorogi Satomi, etc
「少年」:Boy voice.
「子供」:Child voice. Usually 12 and under
「少女」: Girl voice. Usually arouns 12 - 17
「お姉」:Big sister like. Usually around 18 - 20
「熟女」:Attractive woman. Usually over 20yo
「ギャグ」:Gag. Comical/joke type.

Looking over the opinions, or from what I can gather, I found myself nodding to most of them. They look impartial, and Yuru refers to notable roles, comments from doujinshi authors and encyclopedias (for voice actors?).

I especially agree about Furuya Toru, who is considered to have a "cool or oppressed boy voice" (the latter meaning the type you want "to mistreat") voice type. Listening to Amuro, you'd think the voice quality was a little shy? Not to say that his role selections are inappropriate; because he has a general young voice, he is often in the lead. Surprisingly to me, Furuya's "comical" score is low. Recently, I think Furuya's "sex appeal" has increased ;)

For the ladies, I didn't see one for K-sensei (Katsuki Masako). Since I had fun looking at the graphs, I thought I could make one. What do I think? I thought to myself, "what I do really think of her voice quality?"

My graph is rated 0 - 40; there is no "zeros" so it'll look like four ratings/lines. Let's do it with grade letters, from lowest to highest: E (0), D (10), C (20), B (30) A (40).

So here's mine:

K-sensei graph and opinion )

About Ishida Akira's Graph )

Now I'm tired. PC is lagging too much.
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I should've blogged earlier, then I would've remembered the strange dreams that I had. Since it's mid-October, the days are getting quite cool. I got my sweaters ready; also, plenty of rain and strong winds. Gloomy weather making me drowsy before the evening. I don't like taking too much naps.

Time for a b-day! October 15! Of course! I must express my appreciation.

X-posted at [ profile] katsuki_masako



The 15th of October was K-chan's (Katsuki Masako (勝生 真沙子)) birthday, and over Twitter she received many messages from fans expressing their wide support and love. She replied to virtually everyone who celebrated her birthday, giving her thanks:

お祝いメッセージ、ありがとうございます(*´▽`*)滅茶苦茶嬉しい(≧▽≦)わざわざありがとうございますm(_ _)mこれからも宜しくお願い致します(#^_^#)

"On celebration message, thank you so much! I'm really really happy! Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.(#^_^#)

She also expresses her feelings on her blog: Birthday!

She is surprised by everyone's MANY celebration messages overflowing with love. The thought of this overflowing gratitude, she reaches to us....with a photo of flowers!

You know, it's been a year since she had Twitter, and she just started her blog last month. I'm still surprised at this, and I am also surprised by her character. Quite a kind person; she also seems curious and likes to try out new things. I still find it humorous that one of her favorite movies is The Exorcist and that she took her sister to the theater to watch it. bad bad

Very silly person. Also, a gamer!

The Bee Gees
I forgot to mention. Or maybe I didn't want to. Bee Gee's Robin Gibb...Thank you for everything.

I can't pick a favorite song, and I can't stop watching these Billboard videos...

Here's one for ABBA. Facing my Water-LOO!
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K-sensei has a blog everyone. Check it out:

As for my Week: Boring. It turns out I did have to watch the niece up to Wednesday (from late Saturday). Also, I was told that Krogers is hiring "everyday". Doesn't seem likely, but no call yet. With the various people I see in customer service, I figured that the opportunity would be high.

Monday was annoying because she came back. Stinkpest.

Vid/music time. They need more songs like this:

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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme. Links to previous entries are given.

Day 26: A seiyuu you'd hang out with

a ton?

Kappei (Yamaguchi Kappei (山口 勝平)), Tanaka Mayumi, and K-sensei (Katsuki Masako (勝生 真沙子))!

I love K-sensei's laugh, she eats a lot, she loves to travel, she loves games, she can teach me golf. And apparently she likes to drive?

I WANT KAPPEI TO TEACH ME HOW TO DRAW! ><; But he's quite a smoker. I probably wouldn't like that.

Also Morita Masakazu is single. ;) He seems really cute.

Tanaka Mayumi seems cool to be around with.

LOTS OF FUN @ SAKURA CAFE (tanaka Mayumi)

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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme. Links to previous entries are given.

Crap, I have one day missing. Also, DAY 21: The seiyuu with the most acting range, I would like to add Kuwashima Houko (桑島 法子). Wanted to list her with Hayashibara BUT she left my mind somehow.

Anyways, let's continue. This is a double entry cause I might not have much time on later today or tomorrow.

Day 23: Cool dude seiyuu
This is for yesterday.

Someone (male only) who I just think is kickass/cool when I see them perform?

Nakai Kazuya (中井和哉) definitely comes to mind. Just downright cool. He has cool characters like Date MAsamune and Hijikata ToshiROU (he's even the actual Toshizo in a video game???).

Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之). Just Hiyama.

Otsuka Akio (大塚 明夫)

Furuya Toru (古谷徹) because of his dedication to the fans, and especially his dedication to Amuro of gundam, and Seiya of Saint Seiya.

Miki Shinichirou (三木眞一郎) as well because of his characters. Or rather his actual person? Wow, he loves cars. And it's like every time I see him, he looks funny. Like, he might cover his face, or wear funny clothing, or wear dark sunglasses. I'm like, "what's with him?"

And it's like, in every work that Shinsengumi appears in, Hijikata Toshizo (that also includes Nakai's Toshirou from Gintama) is portrayed as a cool character in every way.

Nakata Jouji, who also voiced Hijikata, but is now Serizawa Kamo in Hakuouki. Also, one bad ass vampire that I can ACTUALLY like.

Hiyama also voiced Hijikata...

That's all I can think of so far. I can't give a single answer.

Day 24: A seiyuu you make fun of
Kappei. (山口勝平; Yamaguchi Kappei). Funny, and also a pervert.

Tanaka Mayumi.

Also, K-sensei + Twitter = butt monkey (having recently forgotten her script at home). Although she seems to have a lack of confidence, which concerns me sometimes. Also, hair color change.

She really sets herself up in being teased (or pat in the back ^^;). It might not be nice to tease. She seems to like laughing too.

MikiShin again, because of his wardrobe (but he has now has some lovely black hair).

Sure, there might be more but I'm in a hurry.
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Did I seriously miss 2 days? and now, today, the 8th, is the third day? Haa...

Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme.

Day 15: Your favorite role from your favorite female seiyuu

Ok, I did the male version the last time. So now it's for the female version.

I'll go with Katsuki Masako instead. Mmm, a lot of people, if they wanted to correlate any character with the name Katsuki Masako, they'd usually say Reccoa, Celi, Maria, Hilda, Tsunade, Michiru/Neptune, Tiara, Samantha.

I'm more familiar with Michiru and Tsunade. They're in long series, but Michiru probably shows more interesting scenes.

I enjoy Tsunade's anger fits and strong voice, but because of the direction of the anime, she doesn't often get a chance to show off her fiery ambition and attachment to her companions as much as Michiru Kaioh does. Tsunade is also pretty straight-forward.

GANYMEDE, who had a michiru/neptune fansite, could explain it loads better than I can. The Talisman Reveal episode is popular; Michiru has a voice that can be calm and girly cute when teasing her "most trusted partner" Haruka/Uranus, or when reflecting on her mission on taking a life. On the other hand, Michiru can also shout in great concern for her partner (or when she's getting hurt ^-^:). And they're both a gay couple, and that's still amazing. Ogata Megumi seemed to have really loved K's performance.

Sailor Moon itself is an interesting series.

I don't know Maria, Tiara, and Hilda that much to nominate them. I enjoy Katsuki's singing in the the Maria Trapp SDTK, but it isn't much to hear.

And omg, the Michiru/Haruka fans are....I don't know if it's "amazing" or "crazy".

So I'll say Michiru.
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I have two days that I need to post for the seiyuu meme. I had to babysit all weekend up to Monday (yesterday). *sigh*

I want to add for "Day 06: A seiyuu that always makes you laugh".

TANAKA MAYUMI! HOW could I forget her?!

I'm cleaning around, also finished Kamen Rider WIZARD, so let me post this.

Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme.

Day 12: A favorite picture of a seiyuu

I'm glad that I made a gallery to collect photos, but I don't think it's enough. I could've sworn [ profile] kawaiigaaraInoue Kazuhiko in his pajamas. That was a long time ago...

mmm, I can't decide at all. I'll just show a good one.

Everyone! Takayama, Kamiya Akira, Yamazaki Wakana (I think)


The Detective Conan cast.


Most photos that I have is everyone looking sexy....

And I remember wanting to see K-sensei with a Sailor Neptune plush (wish granted)
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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme.

Day 11: The seiyuu with the best singing voice

I've talked about a number of Japanese voice overs and who I found to have an enjoyable singing voice.

Most of the time, it's been Toda Keiko (戸田 恵子) & Horie Mitsuko (堀江 美都子)

Horie has an excellent singing voice. She primarily is a singer (IMO) but has done full-time voice roles. In the Western World, is she probably best known as Galaxia from Sailor Moon Stars? Because of her singing, she has a reputation in the World Masterpiece Theater series (Starred in 3 shows). You can hear plenty of her singing in My Daddy Long Legs. Now she got me humming "LADY NO TAMAGOOO!". She is Hori Susumu in the Mr.Driller games

Toda Keiko is probably like Barbara Streisand. Can be spunky and beautiful. If you listen to Barbara Streisand, I think you'll understand the elegance that I'm trying to express. She has also done full-time voice roles, but is probably best known as ANPANMAN!

The one who probably started it for me was Hayashibara Megumi (林原 めぐみ). Just..Hayashibara Megumi. The 90s idol.

Everyone says Sakamoto Maaya and Takayama Minami (TWO-MIX), and I talk about the latter plenty. I'm sure that I brought up Sakamoto too. She's quite cool, especially when collaborating with Kanno Yoko, it's almost no fail for me.

On the male side, Ueda Yuji (うえだ ゆうじ)! Flexible singer. In another entry, I talked about how he's like a flexible character actor. The same can be said for his singing.

There's also Seki Toshihiko.

I would say Katsuki Masako, but that's probably a very biased answer isn't it? I do think she sings very well; I just don't understand why not more? In the prior mentioned World Masterpiece Theater, she starred in one show.

Vid time. That's definitely Horie singing.

Sakamoto Maaya and MACROSS. The theme is "Triangular".

No...I don't want to get the painful Ideon music. I want to stay positive.
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I missed 3 days of the seiyuu meme, and it's going to be Wednesday in 15 mins. I'll make these next entries really quick. Links and such later.

I'll post "Doggie Week" tomorrow because i'm going to get up at 6 ;)

Day 05:A seiyuu you’d watch in anything:

A great cast list won't always convince me to watch something, because the show might be in an ill-suited genre.

If Katsuki Masako, who I mentioned in a previous entry, appeared more I will consider watching. I wish she did more mecha shows ^^; However..I prefer to stay away from the ecchi. She's really dangerous in that department...

And I have a weak point in that.

Everybody does well (often), it just depends on my tastes.
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So I need to post down two days of this seiyuu meme.

Also, I finished the MS IGLOO series, both 1 and 2. Part 2? The Gravity Front (重力戦線)? I need flowers, teddy bears, and puppies. I keep watching negative stuff. So I'll talk about GUNDAM another day, both IGLOO and Zeta (like 0079).

And it's still not explained as to what IGLOO MIGHT possibly mean.

Also, KR Fourze ends THIS weekend, and Kamen Rider Wizard (Sept 2) will air next week. I am not ready; was crying from the LAST episode!

Why do I watch negative stuff?!

Contiuning 30 Days of Seiyuu meme

Day 03:Your favourite female seiyuu


It's-a-me! K-sensei! Katsuki Masako (勝生真沙子)!. There is also Romi Paku and Ikue Otani!. Romi Paku loves dogs!

My female favorites are less compared to the males, but I still have trouble picking favorites. Like I said before, in animated shows, the youths prevail. So, that means I am often exposed to these high-pitched or maybe husky-voiced girls.

When you're popular, you get more chances to get onto these shows, AND more chances to be flexible and take up different roles. That's what it looks like to me anyway; I don't watch a lot of the recent stuff. However, when you become a veteran voice actor, your pay grade goes up.

Maybe I'm just selfish and want to see the old generation continue to entertain us like they did during their prime, and not feel left behind. Somehow, being veterans, Seki Tomokazu and Midorikawa Hikaru still receive notable roles.


So...Katsuki-sensei. I pick her as a favorite because she underrated and I wanted to know more about her. So, I became more dedicated to her career. LOTS of people like Romi Paku (because Good grief, the Hitsugaya Toshiro and Edward Elric fans) and Takeuchi Junko, but couldn't find the same fervor with Katsuki Masako.

Everybody likes Nana Mizuki, Sawashiro Miyuki, Hirano Aya, Toyosaki Aki, Hayashibara Megumi (so do I), Tamura Yukari, Hanazawa Kana, Saiga Mitsuki (so do I), Noto Mamiko (so do I), etc.

K has a bit of everything. MORE INFO HERE. Got the huskiness, got the sexiness and cuteness, got the calmness, the passion. Actually, it was her passion that got me attracted to her in the first place. She fits a strong character quite well, and even the opposite. Her father was in the Self-Defense Force? Is it related? (lol)

And the actual person? Quite a klutz, and also shy; can have a lack of self-confidence as well. Also, a gamer. My tag for Katsuki has the most entries so anyone can click on that and see what I posted about her.

As for Otani Ikue. She often plays the little kids and animals (or the grannies), and it's just so..damned adorable. She also appeared in Animania 2011 in Sydney. Here's a VOICE SAMPLE: enter Otani LINE!

One more thing, if you like a scary Inoue Kikuko, go watch IGLOO 2.

Gundam Seed Destiny Battle Assault. Katsuki voices Rondo Sahaku Mina. Err, the name is probably wrong. Not sure if Mina will appear again, but her brother does (voiced by Tobita Nobuo).

Sailor Neptune. OMG, I just love..the violin music. Just fires me up.
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I spent last week recovering form my cold. Not much was happening, and the Olympics began! As soon as I got better, I was back on my feet and driving again, grabbing groceries, cleaning, etc. Sheesh, lack of rest.

Because July was terrible, it's like I forgot how it felt to be healthy. Still, I feel like something is missing.

Also, I need a new TV.

And you know you like twitter too much when you openly talk about constipation and diarrhea. I'm looking at you K-sensei. I wanted to tease her so badly..
"So, did ya go?"

Also, I watched and finished MACROSS Zero. Beautiful and strange; I watched it a long long time ago but never finished it. Shin Kudo seemed selfish at first, but that changed rather quickly. Omg, I love dogfights, especially F-14. That's quite not nice to put a F-14 against a variable fighter. In this case, the SV-51s, but Shin actually lasted a good while. And we learn that flares are apparently immune to OTEC weapons ^^; Takayama Minami wss Nora! ARKAN?!

I wonder if SV means Sukhoi Variable. I'm still...not completely used to CGI.

And, I remember that I can have really really bad curiosity (related to SCHOOL DAYS video game), and I can get really bitter when it comes to shooting deaths.

Video time!

Am I immature for liking this?

Macross ZERO's first fight!
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So, last night I had a dream about entering Air Force Boot Camp. said:

A dream that features people in military uniforms, or being in the military (or in a military camp or environment), signifies that the dreamer has been repressing emotions for too long and needs to release them. stated the same thing: Repressed emotions.

To dream of military means igid authority and emotional repression. Perhaps you need to be more disciplined. To dream that you have served in the military means your actual life experiences and memories.

I can't remember much. During physical exercise (forgot what kind), I had trouble stretching my legs.

"Repressed"? Undeveloped?

Meaning of Discipline:

dis·ci·pline   [dis-uh-plin]
1. training to act in accordance with rules; drill: military discipline.
2. activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training
3. punishment inflicted by way of correction and training.
4. the rigor or training effect of experience, adversity, etc.

What do I need discipline in?


....and yesterday, K-sensei had a dream about Godzilla (Gojira).

No progress. And I am terrible at Battle Mode! Terrible! The Haunted Mansion stage is tight with walls and you can even fall off on the edge. Can't maneuver well. I like the Funky Stadium, much alike to the bike trick stadium with the ramps. However, I can't chase anyone, nor can I get any coins. What am I doing wrong?!

Video time

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According to ZodiacFacts on Twitter, A Sagittarius isn't interested in:
~ Restrictions
~ Thinking before leaping
~ A Life without enthusiasm

I quite agree with the first one; the third one needs "humor" to be added. Lately, I felt restricted, felt like I must obligate my days to my niece. I just think life sucks at the moment. I guess I'm whining about not "getting what I want". You are not obligated to have many things, but I hate it when I see others do, especially when they give me trouble. Or impede me in what I like to do.

I kept telling myself, "because I have little things, I like supporting those who are close to me."

Btu what about myself? Am I impeding myself?

I guess I've been angry because I nearly lost my parents and I have to assist...such a self-indulging person. Putting my anger niece chased me today. For a month now, she's been walking and getting better and better at it.

Michelle Obama and Disney
I have to look into this more. SO apparently, because First Lady Michelle Obama is a big advocate on fighting obesity, Disney is issuing a ban on junk food commercials.

Is this a good idea? Fighting children obesity yes, that's a good idea, but would it work? Am I missing something here? Does Disney really indulge in promoting junk food in CMs? It's not like you can keep that kind of food away from us.

Literature Land
Ray Bradbury passes away

Secret Drift mechanics of Mario KART? o-O
* MARIO KART WII: Courses (Japan)
My mission to unlock more characters and vehicles is still difficult. I am stuck on the Special Cup (crown), 100cc (motorbike races). And what's stopping me? RAINBOW ROAD, the hardest track in the game, and maybe one of the hardest out of the whole Kart series. I usually do well on the previous courses but mess up on Rainbow Road, preventing me from getting a gold trophy. I watch the time trials and practice but I can't seem to figure out how to drive better.

According to the Official SITE (english), the characters have statistics for speed, acceleration and handling. Those are not mentioned in the game except for the vehicles. Baby Peach and Toad look great for speed and handling. Bowser has low speed? Strange. That wasn't the case in MK: Double Dash; the heavy characters have the highest speed, but low handling and acceleration. Do I have to change characters?

Antoher strange thing that I noticed is the drifting difference between the machines. Apaprently there is "outside drifting" and "inside drifting". Standard Bikes have outside drifting, which annoyed me because their handling is good and yet drifting makes them tilt out of the track. Because I'm trying to get through tight turns, I can't seem to utilize drift properly.

While on Rainbow Road, I thought to myself, "am I drifting too much? Drifting at the wrong time?" I'll work on it tomorrow.

K-sensei's craziness

DO you want to know one of Katsuki Masako's favorite movies? Find out at [ profile] katsuki_masako! It's a horror movie.

ALl game based

RAINBOW ROAD! I think the guy drives the same as me...

Coconut Mall of the FLOWER CUP!

This is fantastic. Megaman X vs ZERO


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