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Like I said before, I am embarrassed at showing my work. But then, I came up with the idea of showing excerpt of stories using photos.


I did a fanfic based on Future GPX Cyber Formula, particularly on its OVA series "Zero". Only a few people, or at least I know about two (Car dummy Miki Shinichiro did one as well?), has done Cyber Formula fics. That is especially in English.

And since I was impressed with the series, the TV show being smart and about a boy and a machine, and the OVA being dramatic with interesting visuals (my fun slowly being thrown away like shoveled sand due to bad subs, repeated footage, and Asurada oversteering its tail nearly into a circle and passing through a curve successfully to pass also, no K-sensei...), AND since I like cars, I wanted to go for it.

Spoilerish about ZERO series, but if you don't mind )

RC Type!

Game footage. A nice rivalry against Knight Shumacher. There's also Kaga, Shinjyo, Hayato, and I think Hiyama Nobuyuki's character, Andrea. It's hard to tell because he has a scar on his forehead. Sounds like him. BGM is Identity Crisis.
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Okay, I won't be mad. I won't rant.

In a tiny tiny nutshell: Munchkin's mom is a total moron again. Shocker, what a head shaker. I fear for my empathy and sense of mercy for people, and I'm going to get scolded for not being nice.

Last week, I had the munchkin all week. I think my mother made a good call; munchkin was supposed to go to mother's house, but she's just incompetent and in a bad environment.

Aside from that, I had a "successful" job search week. I only call it successful because of the responses, but there are no job openings. I'm often told to wait until Spring where everything booms, or to wait two weeks after a follow-up.

I wanted to return to work before the end of the year, but I doubt that's going to happen.

Ao, GARO and SaintSeiya
Saint Seiya series. Tried to rush to the Gold Saints arc yesterday but I guess my niece wouldn't let me. I am getting close; I can't wait to see them. After the Goldies is Asgard, then I can watch the Hades series.

In Seiya Omega, SekiTomo (Seki Tomokazu), according to Japan Wikipedia, is going to appear. It's funny because he said on Twitter that he wanted to be a bad guy. I guess he going to get his wish. It's funny because there's both him and Hiyama Nobuyuki are on the enemy side as the same character Saint-wise.

I also need to start with Eureka Seven AO soon. Just waiting for the kiddo to leave.

Slowed down with Zeta Gundam.

I can't remember.

I think at one point of this year, maybe the beginning of this year, I set a goal to reach 4th Job advancement with my strongest character, which is a warrior. I took the warrior > Page > White knight path, so the 4th job would be paladin. But with so many new different characters and abilities, will 4th class be worth it? Or is the Soul Fighter or Mihile like the Paladin? Visually, the abilities look different, but for many of them, especially for the Adventures class, they often do the same thing. Arrows of magic attacking more than one enemy, rush attack against various enemies, HP regen, etc.

On my Birthday, this bad mofo comes out! (sigh) Trailers are always dramatic. It's not as fun when you play, but I can't wait to meet Magnus.

The last hero, Luminious was also released.
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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme. Links to previous entries are given.

Crap, I have one day missing. Also, DAY 21: The seiyuu with the most acting range, I would like to add Kuwashima Houko (桑島 法子). Wanted to list her with Hayashibara BUT she left my mind somehow.

Anyways, let's continue. This is a double entry cause I might not have much time on later today or tomorrow.

Day 23: Cool dude seiyuu
This is for yesterday.

Someone (male only) who I just think is kickass/cool when I see them perform?

Nakai Kazuya (中井和哉) definitely comes to mind. Just downright cool. He has cool characters like Date MAsamune and Hijikata ToshiROU (he's even the actual Toshizo in a video game???).

Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之). Just Hiyama.

Otsuka Akio (大塚 明夫)

Furuya Toru (古谷徹) because of his dedication to the fans, and especially his dedication to Amuro of gundam, and Seiya of Saint Seiya.

Miki Shinichirou (三木眞一郎) as well because of his characters. Or rather his actual person? Wow, he loves cars. And it's like every time I see him, he looks funny. Like, he might cover his face, or wear funny clothing, or wear dark sunglasses. I'm like, "what's with him?"

And it's like, in every work that Shinsengumi appears in, Hijikata Toshizo (that also includes Nakai's Toshirou from Gintama) is portrayed as a cool character in every way.

Nakata Jouji, who also voiced Hijikata, but is now Serizawa Kamo in Hakuouki. Also, one bad ass vampire that I can ACTUALLY like.

Hiyama also voiced Hijikata...

That's all I can think of so far. I can't give a single answer.

Day 24: A seiyuu you make fun of
Kappei. (山口勝平; Yamaguchi Kappei). Funny, and also a pervert.

Tanaka Mayumi.

Also, K-sensei + Twitter = butt monkey (having recently forgotten her script at home). Although she seems to have a lack of confidence, which concerns me sometimes. Also, hair color change.

She really sets herself up in being teased (or pat in the back ^^;). It might not be nice to tease. She seems to like laughing too.

MikiShin again, because of his wardrobe (but he has now has some lovely black hair).

Sure, there might be more but I'm in a hurry.
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Because I talked about Hiyama plenty of times, here's a special most likely very limited video!

They're all so cute. Hiyama's so cute.

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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme. Links to previous entries are given,

Day 19: The first seiyuu you remember liking

Real men wear pink.

Wow, I like this question. I can't pinpoint, but I often said that Nobuyuki Hiyama and Matsumoto Yasunori were a couple of my first favorites. Also, Furukawa Toshio.
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Continuing 30 Days of Seiyuu meme.

Day 14: Your favorite role from your favorite male seiyuu

Geez, and I listed a ton of male seiyuu didn't I? Just because I couldn't decide. Should I answer them all?

Quite difficult because many of the favorites are quite influential in the voice entertainment world. Alright at a time.

Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ): Sagara Sanosuke leaves a big impression. It's such a cool voice! The two english versions could not make Sano sound so much of a tough jerk. Lex Lang was more like 'handsome cool jerk"; Ueda was "Bitch I'll kill you O-rah!" jerk. Because he was a gangster-type character who was a fighter-for-hire and trained his body, he had that funky talking. So he says "rah" a lot. Also, Futae No Kiwami videos all over the net ^-^;;

Furukawa Toshio (古川登志夫): I first met him via Piccolo (Dragonball), and so he is my favorite. Where else are you going to find a cool green guy? It's strange that Ma Junior turned into a strong, mentor figure for Gohan. Throughout the movies. Also, Toshio explained (forget which EXPO) he had strange ways to doing battle cries. So, Piccolo
And I like, "MAKANKOSAPPOOOOO!" Took me a while to figure out, but it's one of my favorite moves in the Dragonball series.

Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之): It's probably be Kouta and Kogoro HAD I exposed myself to Highschool of the Dead and Sgt. Keroro a bit more (and they LOOK LIKE HIM!). ;-; Hiei's one of my favorite Yuyu Hakusho characters, but I think Hiyama really shines as Shishioh Guy in GAOGAIGAR FINAL. It's just that, there's many characters like Guy...and I can't pinpoint a favorite. Everybody likes Ikkaku.

Nakai Kazuya (中井和哉): I haven't watch Gintama or ONE PIECE fully; Toshiro and Zoro are equally damned fun. Second thought, Gintama is so strange and funny, and Toshiro (Parody of Hijikata Toshizo)....and he likes mayonaise. Also, Data Masamune. I CAN'T PICK! I CAN'T PICK! Geehhh...Let's go with Gintama's Toshizo. He has a bit of everything. And he was before Date ^-^;

Furuya Toru (古谷徹): No idea. I can't pick one.

Matsumoto Yasunori (松本 保典): Introduced to him by Gourry Gabriev(SLAYERS series).

Seki Tomokazu (関智一): Can't pick. He and Furuya have the "hero syndrome", so they're both all over the place playing righteous heroes, idiots, etc. I can't even remember where I first seen him.

Hiyama being a moron. "TOH!"

Let's have fun with Furuya Toru as Yamcha. "Rouga Fufu ken! HAIYIYIYI!" (Wolf Hurricane)
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Wada or Kada?

August is almost over.

This is Wada (Hua Tao) of Koihime Musou, voiced by Hiyama Nobuyuki (see tag). He'll say stuff along the lines of "BECOME BETTEEEEEEER!"

The sign on the desk (my memory is FAILING!) says "medical king" (医者王; ishaoh), a reference to Yuushaoh Gaogaigar (A show that Hiyama voices in). Like Wakamoto Norio and various others, Hiyama's characters are inclined to becoming video memes.

Because of the recent NARUTO (comic) hype, I'm nearly exhausted.

I'mm surprised that it's Wednesday; my desire was to wake up at 6a but I ended up waking up near 9. Wanted to get some typing in, some calls, some writing, because my week has been me being mostly selfish and worried.

Ehh...I'm kind of OK with unemployment, which gives me the focus to do other things. It gives me time to regulate myself and reflect; at the same time, I can get discouraged and my mind conjures up these feelings that say, "I don't want to work". Only because I was getting frustrated.

But I'm quite too young to retire.

I already talked about this on Plurk, surprised that the result didn't leave my neck ripped out. Because Democrats are the enemy right? Or low informed? Least that's what I'm told to be: Democratic.

In the dictionary, "liberal" is not a government term but is defined in one part as "broad-minded".

Anyways, I had the intention to watch the entire 2nd day (from postponed 1st day) of the Republican National Convention. I took a nap, my mistake, but woke up; listened to some of the convention on the radio.

Anyways, I've decided, since HISTORY IS FUN, I'm going to post info on the U.S Constitution, primarily its amendments (Bill of Rights being first). Since they love to talk about that, and it's going to be a refresh.

Bashing + RP retirement
So, I gave up on a couple of blog RPG games (if I can call them that), explaining that my lack of focus and interactivity in the game occurrences are a burden. I'm not that good in creating topics either.

I hate giving up, but it looks like I just don't have the same influence as other players who can easily gather pals around to play and create scenes. I don't have the same closeness with any person. Plus, maybe my choice also had to do with not only the game genre choice, but trying to completely follow what was important in the game. It felt like a weak point. It's becoming more and more apparent to me. I can turn around, and I'm behind.

Most interactive "impact" that I have is on [ profile] srwug_alpha_rp, where I play Bernard Wiseman from War in Pocket.

So, what did I mean by "selfish" at the beginning of this entry?

How should I say this? I don't want to leave Michigan. And I wanted my mother to stay home. She's originally not from America and wants to return to her old home, but I would have to go with her.

I feel like I'm a big loser because I can't find a good place for myself. I wouldn't be able to financially support anything. Again, I need to keep up with the "Doggie is Doggie" mentality and accept it. It's not like life goes the way we want to. I just hate the fact that I feel less mature than usual.

Also, to lose the "family house" (that's what I call it) means to put away all the memories that came from it. And, I can't say that I am the best in long-distance driving. I'm royally screwed if I move out of country. I don't like being in a place where I have no idea where I am.

Also, my dog has to go with another owner. Someone nice is going to take her.

I'm losing precious things.

Trying to convince K-sensei (Katsuki Masako) to play Mario Kart 7, but I can't get the sentence correct.
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Apparently created by [ profile] the_firefly, but found it from [ profile] dark_alone

I thought it wasa good idea, but I thought to myself, "why would someone as indecisive as me try something like this?" I'm only fearing that I can't give out a single one-person answer for each question.

At least I can have something to blog about briefly each day.

Since it says Seiyuu, I guess I have to choose the Japanese voice actors only.

Let's start:

The List of Days )

Day 01: Your favourite male seiyuu

Hmm, I could never specifically point to one person as a favorite male seiyuu.

On this blog, I often talk about Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ), Furukawa Toshio (古川登志夫), Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之), Nakai Kazuya (中井和哉) and Furuya Toru (古谷徹), Furukawa being one of my first favorites. ALso, Matsumoto Yasunori (松本 保典).

Furukawa Toshio is a big time veteran, but also dedicated figure collector, fisher, dog owner, geek, etc. Placed in anime history as ACE IN ONE PIECE, Shin in Fist of North Star, PICCOLO in DRAGONBALL, and others. I'm actually..still surprised that he was Ace, and voiced many suparobo heroes. When it comes to suparobo heroes in the 70s and 80s, I usually think Furukawa Toshio, Inoue Kazuhiko, Kamiya Akira and Ishimaru Hiroya.

I give Furuya points for not only being cool, but for also having a good attachment to fans. He has an interesting character (as in person). He's also dedicated to his characters, who are often heroes. If you want a bad guy Furuya, then he makes a big hit as Ribbons Almark in Gundam 00. I think [ profile] hanagoke is a waaaay bigger Furuya fan, but I have to thank her. Ribbons..Halmark?

I don't know where to start with Ueda Yuji. Check my tag? I think my first recognized character from him was blanka (Street Fighter), Sanosuke Sagara, Akito, or Takeshi. Who knows? I might need to scratch Blanka, because Ueda's in a lot of fighting games such as Darkstalkers (Lord Raptor I think?) and Guilty Gear.

Not sure where to start with Nakai Kazuya either...

Hiyama, to my surprise, is prevalent in video games and I guess "radical screaming characters". And so is Kappei Yamaguchi (山口勝平), who plays a lot of little boys and heroes in both games and animation. There are also seiyuu I liked when I first started listening to VAs from Japan. When Hiyama (and even Nakao Ryuusei) emerged in BLEACH, I thought, " I...know them?" I still tell myself if Hiyama is alright after all his screaming because it gets exploited a lot ^.^: I was also surprised by Guh Shishioh. Gonna miss him in Fourze; which reminds me, he voices a lot of characters in Tokusatsu shows.

Seki Tomokazu (関智一)! Too much to say...

I'm...tired. I wanted to post/explain more but I'm tired.

Let me just post some video. I'm going to try and finish GARO Season 1 today.

Here's Ueda Yuji! I just pick this song because it's fun. O-NE-E-SA-NN~

It's called Takeshi's Paradise (タケシのパラダイス). Takeshi is Brock's Japanese name in Pokemon.

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I am so tired...

I was so frustrated for like the past day or two that today, I forgot that I could put the baby niece in her high chair. In other words, babysitting is starting to lose its fun factor. Am I also forgetting how important it is?

So there's this upcoming game called PROJECT X ZONE, where characters from Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai are gonna duke it out. Apparently it's so interesting that I can use FOUR of my Japanese voice actor tags! Oh yes:

- Yuki Akira of Virtual FIGHTER (MikiShin)
- Donovan of Darkstalkers (Hiyama Nobuyuki) (EDIT: DEMETRI!)
- TOUMA of Shining Feather EXA! (Romi Paku)
- Soma of God Eater (Kazuya Nakai)

And personally, they have my favorite voice samples. TOuma you'd have to be careful, especialyl if you have earphones. Out of all the Darkstalkers (Vampire Hunter) characters they could've picked, they had to choose Donovan (EDIT: DEMETRI!)? Hiyama's going to get involved somehow I guess. I have yet to see the return of Jon Talbain!. But! Oh-so-sexy voice is used for Donovan. In addition, Hiyama is also in Kamen Rider FOURZE as both Tachibana and the Narrator.

Akira Yuki seems to be Miki's signature game my opinion? o-O; 10 years ahead! (10年早いんだよ)

I never played EXA but I have been aware of Paku's character. I'm surprised that Touma was even picked (heck, there's Valkyria chronicles?). He is a wild fellow.

Yuri Lowell of Tales of Vesperia is going to appear too. Also, the Megaman X series!

EDIT: The vampire character is Demetri. Donovan is another DS character.
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In the United States this week, two criminals on Death Row were executed and had wide media attention. One was apparently innocent, alleged to have shot someone.

Because of the radio talk on it, I had some thoughts since I knew I talked about capital punishment.

But I was further inspired to express this because of particular YouTube Videos. It's like, from Youtube vids, my home state of Michigan (or just the city of Detroit) is widely associated with crime.

People say killing is wrong, or the death penalty is wrong. Shortly before he was executed, Mr. Troy Davis said "God Bless" (or "May God Forgive you") as his last words.

I know if I lost a family member to a shooting, gang crime, stabbing, etc. I'd be so angry.

What about you?

Aside from that, I watched Kamen Rider FOURZE. I'm still surprised that Kamen Rider has been around for fourty years. Also, Nobuyuki Hiyama is the Narrator.


It's SPACE TIME! (宇宙、キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!) Maybe we should follow Gentarou's example: make friends with everybody.
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I believe it is August 25 in Japan, soooooooooo it's time for another voice actor birthday! Someone who's influential to me when it comes to the Japanese voice overs. Or rather, he's one of my first favorites.


アハハハハ、ィいやったあああ!! (Ahahahaha! YATTA!)

檜山修之, 御誕生日おめでとうございます!

Happy birthday to Nobuyuki Hiyama! The Wiki article explains plenty.

Fourty-four years young, huh?

Here's a simple breakdown. Sorry, it's in Spanish (VIDEO TRIBUTE):

The above character pictured is Hiei from YuYu Hakusho, probably Hiyama's first main/regular character, and Link from "Legend of Zelda". His first main, real main, was probably Maito Senpuji of "Might Gaine".

I think there are too many videos on Hiyama's appearances in which I could show, ESPECIALLY the crazy ones on NicoDouga.

Let's try Gundam, TvsC, and ONE PIECE!

On to Videos )

I believe, at one point, I had a photo of Hiyama's character VAL (of Akujushin) on my blog's header or as an icon.

Hiyama's in a lot of games, especially Otome games where he voices a lot of pretty men. Also, he appears in BL and hentai too, which...I don't completely agree with. Or maybe it's just the love scenes.

Yeah, him and love scenes...slightly strange.

He's going to re-appear as the butler Kojurro Takeda (武田 小十郎) in the upcoming "MAJOKOI S" game.


Since it's August, I forgot to mention Hiroaki Hirata's on here *><* Urgh. But, I mentioned his and Urara Takano's
birthday on Twitter.

Speaking of Hirata, "TIGER & BUNNY" seems to be doing well!


Jan. 11th, 2011 03:49 pm
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More Mobile Suit Gundam (0079) sooner or later.

I feel like I'm getting too lazy for blogging, or it just takes forever to type up. Sometimes, on emssage boards, it can take me around at least thirty minutes just to type something up. Maybe at least two paragraphs. My issue is clarity.

So, plenty of snow has hit Michigan. It's like it always waits until Jan to drop down its biggest dump.

Also, my cleaning has been fail lately.

2011 NEWS
What do we have so far? Hundreds of dead animals accumulated in one area, Haiti, probably something else that has left my head,

And this....

There's a lot of news/talk on the Jan 8th Arizona Shooting; I think we can all agree that the shooter was insane and it's scary and sad at how well (?) executed it was. I was going to agree that he was "liberal follower" or whatever the quotes were, but apparently that was incorrect. Fighting for "freedom" and "equal rights" don't seem to fit...but, okay maybe, free rights [in speech] seem so, but this isn't right at all. Not sure what I was thinking. Doesn't matter. It's wrong, and his comments...I think I went to his youtube site and he had like incoherent videos. It was scary.

That poor girl...I appreciate those brave guys for disarming him and pinning him down.

- CSMonitor

I thought I was going to go to Jamaica this weekend or next week, but that may need to wait (or I may not go at all).

New Dream
New funny dream last night. So, um...I was dreaming of making a LJ community for K. Masako (AKA: K-sensei) since there isn't any. What is this telling me?

But aren't dreams meant to be bad? I guess what it was telling me that there isn't a community and little support ;/ So far I've seen a short-lived fanlisting from long ago, 2ch forums, a amebla group with a few posts and uh....that's about it.

I guess that "BAD part" about it that I wake up realizing that the LJ com is not true ^^; and that I'm a little obsessive. What should I do...

Video time:
OVER THE RAINBOW. Click now. Very peaceful

Hiyama vs Yamaguchi
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I am really dumb sometimes. For the longest when I post an entry, I kept clicking the HTML tab and C&P everything for videos embedding and links (typing in "a href" and such), not realizing I could click the RICH TEXT button to click on the buttons, and make things much easier.

It's Sensei Time
Oh good, it's true! I don't know how many years it has been, but Masako Katsuki has returned to  "NARUTO Radio 疾風迅雷" (shipu jin rai) last week, and will re-appear on the 12th this month (source). First I'm excited (big withdrawal), second I was worried cause you's a bit difficult to figure out what she's doing and she seemed inactive for months. It's easy to find information on others with blogs or a ton of devoted  fans, like Fukuyama Jun or Ami Koshimizu or Romi Paku.

Also on BLEACH B STATION, Kentarou Itoh appears, who I did not expect to like. The same with Wataru Hatano.

More on "Seiyu"
I noticed I have 11 seiyu tags and I have been wondering who to remove and who to add. Nearly every "seiyu fan" has this "signature favorite" or "top favorite", masako being mine in the female section. Haven't got a male one, but the ones I like seem to have many fans and I can look for fan opinions easily on these particular people.

furukawa toshio - 2
furuya tohru - 6
hirata hiroaki - 2
hiyama nobuyuki - 6
inoue kazuhiko - 4
katsuki masako - 25
kazuya nakai - 5
miki shinichirou - 5
morita masakazu - 2
sakurai takehiro - 1
yamaguchi kappei - 7

Morita got pretty big. I rarely talk about Takehiro, but recently impressed by how talented he is.

One thing that bugs me about Hiyama is....he seems to be a lot of "R-18" works?

Another thing that bugged me is that there is going to be a TV Series for Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu. I checked the cast list and it stated that the main character Raina Lute was voiced by favorite Yuji Ueda. And I thought YAY! But it turned out that it was for the DRAMA CD ONLY, and in the TV series Lute is going to be voiced by the above-mentioned Jun Fukuyama. Naive of me. Ueda's an ol-timer.

I'll say it again: Mommy don't do it..!

More Entertainment News
John Forscythe has passed.
Annnnnnnd I'm tired of hearing about Tiger Woods.

And Michigan is going ANTI-SMOKING

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Aside from posting little bits of info, I'm slowing down a bit on my blog. I still can't believe that it's almost December, it's like in two days! There was a little bit of snow, but nothing to make a big deal about it yet.

So, how to start?

DOGGIE: General
Went to the doctor, had a couple tests and I have to go again next Tuesday. They can't tell what's up. Up until like maybe Thursday or Friday (yesterday), the coughing had been slowing down. Yesterday I did a little bit of post-Thanksgiving cleaning but I don’t think I rested enough and felt so tired around 1, 2 or 3 p.m. And I slept through the entire Saturday morning.

Also have stupid issues with a haphazard internet connection and my printer and scanner can’t work because I can’t find the program CD for it. It’s very troublesome when there is a place or two I’ve checked where it’s required for me to print a job application.

DUMB & Youtube
I really detest dumb people. We all have dumb moments; we mess up on our math, we get lost, forget out to spell, etc. But the type of dumb people I’m thinking about those with that lack of shame and fat ego. I also hate that image being given out that Americans are just frickin stupid, and these people online (and intentional media?) are widening that stereotype.

YouTube! Needless to say, there are some annoying people on there. But, but, how could they not know that snakes have sex? That’s not what is getting to me, but it’s their comments. "OMG THEY FUK?!" Yeah! "SNAKE S@#^@!" What are you, five?! I hope they are not serious. Then others snap at each other and they fight back, and there’s no end. If you curious, I was just looking at a vid of someone’s pet snake laying eggs. It looked painful but it was impressive.

I don’t think that I could have a pet snake, lol.

Why like POKeMON?
Been playing FireRed. Got a male Pikachu, A male Charmander and a female Butterfree. It’s PKMN Red with updated races, attacks, graphics, etc.

Voice Actor - related
1.) A favorite from the "new school" although I think he's been doing this for a little over 10 years now, Jun Fukuyama finally has a blog. Haha, "Hola Amigo!" Him and his red hat. And happy belated birthday to him and Nakai Kazuya (25th).


Pretty amazing. I think it creates good marketing and I think it is very kind but is it a set-up? (lol!).. But, by the looks of the rules here, I can only pick one actor/actress? ONLY ONE?! I can only pick one? That is so difficult. It's not even split into genders? I should ask myself, which voice actor/actress from Japan has influenced me the most in the year 2008 maybe late 2007? I haven’t watched a lot. So I would have to go with songs, the miniscule amount of shows I’ve seen in 2007-2008 (or first few eps) especially if they are recent aired ones, and specific scenes that caught my attention. Or maybe I check out blogs and such.

Suzuki Chihiro: It’s very slow but I just might start liking. Appeared in Tales of Abyss, Busou Renkin

Koyama Rikiya: Appearing much in games and anime, including NARUTO, Fate/stay night, and in japanese dub of ER.

Hiroki Touchi: He appears much and I think I’m starting to like him a bit. Aside from D.grayman, there’s Gundam 00, Black Butler, ..Hack, TRINITY BLOOD, where he plays a very geeky main character.

Kazuhiko Inoue: Being introduced to LEGENDZ by Rika, where inoue plays a little dragon, that turns into a big dragon, and also plays an evil dragon. I love his evil voice. And of course there’s Hatake Kakashi. And checking out a few old shows like Machine Robo. I think Japanese fans are addicted to Romu Stohl and his line, "kisama ra ni nanoru namae wa nai!" (貴様らに名乗る名前は無い!) *mask on*. It's so corny-funny :] Wow, he’s sure played a lot of heroes. I can deal with that justice voice/yell anytime; apparently did well in DARKER THAN BLACK. Maybe he can get a Synergy award.

Kusao Takeshi: Not sure what he’s been doing lately aside from Keroro, but I like his singing. Saw a couple things on Kabutack and I did his WIKI article; there’s also Lamune but it's an old char.

Hino Satoshi and Sugiyama Noriaki: I think one of them should get a rookie award.

Yamaguchi Kappei: Did he get an award should? for L?

Nobuyuki Hiyama: Been appearing much lately, like in Gurren Lagann as Viral and in Blastritter. There's also BLEACH's Madarame Ikkaku. Annd I think he's on his 20th year in VAing.

Konishi Katsuyuki: He appears too much to be honest, but there’s Komui Lee (D.grayman) and Kamina; also made appearences in BLEACH, BLOOD+, Samurai Deepr Kyo and does a lot of pokemon.

Kuwashima Houko: [ ... ]

What should I do?

Gundam Series
Next is Gundam 00, English version and recent aired episodes. Like I said, been watching Mobile Suit Gundam 00 with high interest. Also, the ending theme "Prototype" is so depressing, especially when played after those sad scenes (like ep 6 or 7 I think?)

Gundam 00. Sypnosis (some SPOILERS) )

And, I forgot the link to the article but I heard that Japan is making something, or along the lines of, a gundam academy?

So what...does that mean? They are trying to construct something remotely similar to a gundam? I think that’s awesome but terrifying at the same time. Armoured Core anyone? BLUE GENDER? If small robots, tanks and combat planes can be built, maybe it’s possible. I would really dig a Kyrios. I can imagine something like Turn A or the original "Amuro Gundam", with the big spiked mace.
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I am currently up watching 4PlayerPodcast and they are having like the longest Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Marathon (because it's the game's 10 year anniversary) I Have ever seen. It's still going on at the moment! I went to sleep like a little after the Water Temple and now they are around the Spirit Temple? Apparently they have been up since the afternoon.

And that sure is a lot of Hiyama Nobuyuki sounds it could be just me but he only seems to go that high when in a video game? Like dubbing Ikkaku?

To quote someone, "they have the will of a gamer doggie. and some caffine drinks". I can only play a game like maybe 3 hours at most?

Anyways, a little brief entry for now. Can't wait for the new Hellsing and I should talk about gundam 00 and some stupid purists later.

Also, I thought of something, about how useful this blogs can be and maybe even my website. When it comes to work, blogs can get you fired. What would happen if co-workers ever came across my blog or website? Especially about my opinions and anime? That's be...
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[ profile] hanagoke's post gave me the idea to put my memes into one post instead. So now I, and other people, can link it or put it in their favorites.

Doggie Meme I: Favorite/Learning Seiyuu Meme


1.) Pick a favorite seiyuu/VO of yours and answer the questions below.
2.) Please pick before looking at the questions
3.) You can do this meme many times
4.) There can be more than one answer for each person but try to stay under three or four.
5.) Help me pass on this meme to seiyuu/VO fans
6.) You can do other voice overs, like english dub? French dub?

Questions below...

1.) Where did you first noticed this person (AKA: Which show/CD/Com/etc and as who)?
2.) A fan of this person for how long?
3.) Why do you like him/her?
4.) Roles that person tends to learn towards (ie: Typecast/Who he or she becomes at best)
5.) Favorite character of this person?
6.) Which role of this person shocked you the most?
7.) Character that you reccommend in order for another to learn about this person and why?
8.) A role you'd like for person to have? (Be specific)
9.) A type of role you dislike?

10.) Ever met this person in real life? Where? (ie: Concert, Convention, stage, etc)
11.) What word do you think describes this person? Why?
12.) Which color do you think describes this person? Why?
13.) Which animal do you think describes this person? Why?
14.) If not a seiyu, what type of occupation do you think the person would have?

15.) Does this person sing? If so, name favorite song or songs?
16.) What type of song would you like for person to sing?
17.) Is there a fav. fansite or blog of this person?

That's all I can think of. I honestly think this 7 is an important question, at least to me.

Memes I'd like to see: Fujiwara Keiji, Yukino Satsuki, Shiozawa Kaneto, Morikubo Shoutarou, Okiayu Ryotaro, Yamadera Kouichi, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Takayama Minami, Mitsuishi Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, Inoue Kikuko, Wakamoto Norio, Hirano Aya, Scott McNeil, Briane Siddall, any non-english or non-japanese voice over.

DOGGIE's completed MEME
Brian Drummond )

Katsuki-sensei )

Hiyama Nobuyuki )
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Good afternoon ~drinks tea~Yay, it's Friday! Bounce ya boobies! A bit windy, may be rain on its way?

Lazy mode again. I still have yet to exercise I just realized that this is one of my commonly misspelled words, even though I did some good walking up and down the stairs.

Now here's a fun entry.


Grammar check fun, which sounds better:
1.) I just realized that this is one of my commonly misspelled words


2.) I just realized that this is a commonly mispelled word of mine

and why?


Omg, [ profile] ranma9037 just reminded me two other birthdays yesterday (Oct 18): Wakamoto Norio and choudenji! Mitsuya Yuji. I don't know Yuji that much, but I do reconize his Dragonball chars and Hyouma. Geez, Norio how come you're so popular!

Oh great, speaking of birthday, even though it's not today, I forgot to do Kanemaru Jun'ichi's 'seiyubar'. I got enough time, just lack of pics hayato, Harley, and Definately Sonic and Fumin shouldn't be too hard. I should be able to manage a six-pic bar. Oh wow, he's Mafuyu?

And [ profile] hanagoke gave me this meme. QUOTE:

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Here are the 7 interests Hana chose for me )

Contiuning the interests subject...

VIDEO time. I should get smacked for liking these amusement park videos; a grandmother playing PS2, and speaking of GGG and Piccolo... )

On the bad side, a good cousin of mine is going to the Arabic country of invasion hell. I'll just pray that he gets home safely.

And can someone tell me what the heck does this mean?:

ハマリ役 (hamari yaku?)
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I'm a bit in a hurry to type this up cause I gotta go in under thirty mins!!!

Okay, look! Yesterday, or the day before, I was looking up articles on "weight gain", "physical fitness" and "obesity".

Click for more. C'mon, click and be nice )
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Hello, I’m back. Current mood? Okay, but kind of feel like crap for personal reasons. I’d tell you the reason, but then you’d be like "Uhhhh...huh. o...k!!" Luckily I got a doc’s appointment after Election Day. I bet all these "mysterious" stuff that’s going on with me is psychosomatic. Is it that hard to relax?

Anyways, I did some data compressing a while back. Did some deleting and stuff, tough thing to do; got the karaoke version of Morning Grace...YAY!; Gunstar Heroes is a cool game. I dreamt meeting Hiyama Nobuyuki-kun in a store, with no fan pooling. Dunno why! Woo-hoo! Handshake and a hug xD and he said, "Hello" and does that cute light laugh that he does. Someone else was with him, I think Hayami Sho and Fukuyama Jun. Is Hiyama-kun in a singing group I wonder?

Let me get started.

When did the concept of the evil brother started? )

Some Internet Lingo )

Some News
Election Day next week of course; there is all these rambles about the Congress changing up. And, Bob Barker’s retiring from the Price is Right T_________T NOOOOOOOO! Come on man, not yet!!!! Doggie needs Barker! Really, you gotta love the guy, "I’m going to retire while I’m still young." Heheh, optimistic. Does that mean no more Price is Right?! T.T

Hyped about Hellsing and Death Note (Couple Hellsing OVA and manga spoilers) )


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