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Old ladies making old ladies cry

She is my freakin hero...!~

A follow up of a previous entry. When they said "instruction", that's what I was expecting. Turns out she is quite sensitive and cooperative with a "stress relief" method and a positive, free way of thinking.

I can't absorb all the details (will report my heart out here when ready.)< because I'm still so amazed, but there's one thing that really sticks out from the entire program. Each instructor, at the end of the program, gives a final message. This isn't the entire thing, but this is the gist of it: "I love myself .... everyone, please love yourselves as well."

I went crazy.

"What the...?! Why?" Why did she say this?! And all of a sudden?!

It's like I loved her more. No, I was completely touched, maybe abnormally so. I nearly cried like I watched a Disney death scene or the like because I could not believe it. I wanted to bury my face into a chest; apparently hugging is a little outrageous in Japan but I felt that way.

I was shocked and touched because not just what she said was right but because it's was a total coincidence with my recent feelings, and I have trouble following such a message. it was a completely simple message.

For the past two weeks, I was just upset with myself. Even as I type, I still kind of am. Not AS much as before, but still confused. I took time off work and it's like I became more upset admist relaxing (or I was supposed to). I wanted to quit my job too because I couldn't get over the idea that I was where I was now due to being incompetent and poor, and I couldn't brainstorm over how to fix it. I'm ambitious, but am I working to hard for a low wage? Am I caring too much? In fact, I have a notice template saved on word document if I came to the point that I wanted to leave work. So, I had those kind of black thoughts.

I told myself that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel, believe in oneself, etc.

Despite that, I was not self-satisfied. I was still broke, and you can see more in my locked "Doggie story" entries. No need to talk about it again. So why does this still gather above my head to bother me? Because I feel like I'm not sharp enough to find a solution. Is it friends/social interaction? Is it patience?

So when I saw that message, I was unexpectedly filled with emotion. I still thought "how", at the same time, I was deeply touched and surprised. It could've been anyone else who said it, but I was overwhelmed this time.

And for some reason, I felt an underlying dread that something was going to happen to her.
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Last article: SKYWARD SWORD Pt 1

Why not?

Sometimes, in my chair, I have bad posture. I lean back and look sideways, typing with one hand from time to time. It's suitable if I was watching something. Going to just sit, look forward at the screen, and see if it helps circulation.

Sunday is miserable. So from past weeks, I had mouth sores and I think an earache (or did I say that the last time?). So, for the sores, I guess I should just lay off sodas and sweets for a good while. Try to find something else to drink along with water with lunch and dinner.

but can't shake the habit sometimes. Recently been drinking club soda.

Anyways, back to Skyward Sword. I didn't talk about the puzzles/dungeons the last time. I'm not a sharp knife, so if I get stumped somewhere, it's just a Zelda game being Zelda game. Backtracking, guesses, and revelations through exploring. I avoided checking the FAQ for the most part, and the game helped me to pay attention to detail, but there has been some times where I get upset with myself because I felt too dumb. One particular dungeon requires me to stab something (by thrusting the wii remote) so that I could carry it and propel it somewhere, and I didn't know that I had to do it. There was no hints; matter of fact, I didn't know I could do that. You don't do it often either.

A lot of the tools, and chest openings (DA DA DA DAAAA!) are...useless and uneventful, and you don't get the best/familiar items til later. Read more... ). I think maybe 70% or so chests are treasure that you can collect to upgrade your items. Also, I can't stand passive items sometimes. Why would I work so hard for such things as a main story reward? In Zelda, they can be pretty useful such as an anti-ice thing, but it only fits best with a particular dungeon theme. It's better for RPGs when facing elemental enemies various times. Not like Read more... )

As for some of the items:

Read more... ). Futhermore, I have a very limited hold inventory, and I have to buy slots. I guess it's unfair, especially with the magic medals involved.

Despite showing my disappointment, I don't want to ridicule everything, as there are a couple items unique to Skyward that are interesting, such as the Beetle and Bug Net. I think Bug hunting (and bird/tumbleweed catching) is definitely fun as each insect is unique.

Like Windwaker, Ocarina, Majora, and Twilight, I was looking for the "fear factor" of Skyward Sword, and it does exist. In my opinion; I'm just a real chicken, and the first time it wasn't good. In short, a place where you feel powerless. Read more... ).

I think what Skyward Sword misses is subsidiary time of combat. In Twilight Princess there was horseback riding. It was slightly annoying, but I was very exciting.
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I would definitely put this in a top saddest song/greatest love song list. This seems a little too much for a pet song. This would fit better for my mom, but I like it anyway. Tammy Wynette's version is less sad.

[ More Morgie ]
She would've been 16 this year. TO carry something for so long, there should be a story to tell.

But do I have much of a story?

To have a pet )

I think I mentioned already that my niece is keeping me occupied, and likes to use my PC to watch videos. The best time to blog is when she's sleeping. Recently, there has been some carpenter work and tons of cleaning for the arrival of company.

With that said, I probably shouldn't tell a long story.
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Some people are just disgusting, and I'm quoting: "Having autistic kids that don't eat what we give them" Something along those lines. This lady had an ugly tone when she said it because she was mad at a fast food store. Reminds me of the crap I see on Twitter, like "remember when wheelchairs were not for fat people?" or something like that?

And it also just reminded me: courtesy is good after all. I don't think its regrettable to practice good mannerisms, whether you're told to do so or not (such as a part of your job). There are just some things not worth getting upset about. But one of the reasons why I gave up on online RPing was the attitudes of people in charge.

Also, I watched police drama PSYCHO-PASS Season 1 first episode. I've been spoiled on it a little, but it looks cool. It is different when watching thoroughly. Also, it has an unsettling theme that made me think of myself.

Basically, in this show, if you take too much drugs or maybe drink too much, or have any hint of a troublesome mental illness, you have a death wish. Because members of the Crime Investigation will deem you as a "potential criminal" and will wipe you out. I say "think of myself" because sometimes I think we're better off without a select amount of people when there's no learning from the past. Say like compulsive lying? So if you're an obsessive compulsive lying? Or maybe a psychopath? You have to go to therapy or a ward?

Nasty, but it's true. Urobochi Gen obviously thought of it while writing this show. He's a really...dark guy. And there are definitely a couple people I won't miss.

And to make it worse, they get killed so brutally on the show [PSYCHO PASS]. Not sure how the fate of the hostage will turn out, if they tell me that is.

Rid of criminals? Because of latent mental level.

What about the people who I quoted up there? No, I'm not suggesting that they should die.

When you get older, they suggest confining you to a home or some kind of atmosphere that is not like you know of. That's saying you can't care for yourself any more and you're deteriorating.
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LINK: Sex Offender/Pastor raps 14 y.o; God ‘forgave’ past sex crimes"

See what I mean?

If God "works in mysterious ways", I'll just stick with that and have faith. I'm frankly tired of his followers. I don't need to hear anymore.

This guy needs to go too
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This week was dumb pedestrians, sickness, and "I want someone to die already" week, but yesterday I was a little more aggravated.

But I can look at the situation two ways. Friday was just one of those days where I feel unappreciated, adding to how irritated I was already from both health and niece's (no, she's fine) situation. I can:

1.) Continue to assume that a few people are just too high-minded.

2.) Perk up, laugh, and just assume there isn't a problem. Maybe I'll look different from their POV (either as an idiot or someone more likable). but idiots are likable.

Also, Thursday, guess what's here:

It is remarkable! Only after four pages, I am immersed. I can already feel the passion behind 25 years of work. That is what gets me easily interested. However, in the beginning, there is a section for "Skyward Sword", its world and characters, and apparently it represents the start of the series that we're so familiar of. Like it's Genesis LoZ. I haven't played the game yet so I'm kinda hesitant to read it. I put the book up since I still have a couple of others to read.

I'm near the end of Pirates Latitude. I can't spoil it I want to smack someone? but what a fun example of adventure.

Not that far in Yukikaze. General (Brigadier?) Cooley is often referred to his "old lady", since this was the military, I didn't really expect her to look a little pretty? I was thinking a little older for some reason (lol). Obviously older than Rei of course.

I probably should rest more.
Sooner or later, different icons and my watchlist needs to be updated with Buddy Complex, Tokkyuger, etc.

I didn't have much to say about Sochi.

And I didn't care for the Oscars either. I was upset Sunday.
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I caved. Hyrule Historia was purchased.

So sooner or later, I'll make thoughts on that, Yukikaze, and Latitudes. Would you pray heavily during a hurricane?

Also, sick again!

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It's a new week.

Somehow, I'm going to try enjoying myself. Also, working on healthcare.

So, I have a few video game goals in mind, along with the insecurity of having and saving enough money. So, here's what's been wracking my brain:

- Zelda: Skyward Sword (In Bestbuy and GameStop, around $40 - 50. Good deal)
- Monster Hunter Tri (On Amazon for $20-something. Might have to buy the classic controller)
- Zelda Windwaker for Gamecube (EFFIN' EXPENSIVE on Amazon!)

3DS is WAY too much, of course. It makes me so sad, especially with POKEMON XY (ポケットモンスター X・Y) coming out. Maybe I dislike my paycheck more?

I'm going to give myself at least two weeks for Monster Hunter. Still, thinking about it. But I'm still stuck on Lego Star Wars and Mario Kart, the latter I still have secrets to unlock. I have YET to figure out how to beat the time Trials, which really annoys me. That's why I keep playing because I love racing.

Also, still obsessed in getting my 'THE FISH" rank on Breath of Fire 3. Since I'm in the bigger fishes, they're rarer. Really cuts down my findings when I want to catch the BIGGEST RAREST fishes.

Vid time. I LOVE their reaction to Mario Cat =D(EDIT: WRONG VID)

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Hi Setempber. What can I say.

Busy all week til the weekend, hopefully not with munchkin niece because her "mama" screwed up.

First I thought I wasn't sure on what to blog about, so I guess I'll just ramble:

Since there's talk on Windwaker HD, I just remembered that I started on Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (ゼルダの伝説: 神々のトライフォース ; LOZ: Gods of Triforce), along with Super Mario Bros 3. First time playing Link to the Past, and it gives me a reminder of the Zelda series's fun factors. There's side quests, there's exploration, there's items, and somehow it brings out my sadistic side when it comes to attacking enemies. Because Link has a wide arsenal of weapons, and it's fun to watch the enemies being shoved back from each attack. Actually, whether it's just me playing very terribly, or fighting is actually tough.

I played Mario 3 long ago, even owned it, but never finished it. I'm trying out a 100% run: meaning fully complete a map, defeat the hammer bros, and no warping. So far, I only reached World 3.

mm...and then there's health. My chronic coughing's returned and it can't seem to go away even with nasal spray. I should start by trying to avoid caffeine (and maybe dairy) for a while. I just hope it doesn't have anything to do with the recent construction. Is it stress? Is it accumulating from babysitting? Should I drink more water?

The days are getting a little cool too.

I should work on more sleep, that's for sure.

TV/Comic/Music wise:
- As expected, Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ)) did not disappoint in Saint Seiya Omega. I am glad he's not wasted, and he may be a big burden later.

- Kamen Rider Wizard is almost over; the main baddie is quite selfish. I am going to miss it, just like Fourze. But I'll be around for Gaim.

- Akino Arai (新居 昭乃) followed me on Twitter. Dunno why, but I think that's great! Which reminds me, I may watch Windaria, which she sings the every-so-beautiful ED theme (and OP). But, I think I better find a really nice day when I can cry because it seems like a sad movie. Also, Furuya Toru in the lead. who, very soon, will get some yaoi booty.

Vid time!

I MIGHT have showed this already, but it is interesting. ZELDAMOTION is making an animation on the Link to the Past comic.

"What is a gamer?" And can't this be any more true?

Why is Vic Mignogna even Agahnim? Look at Agahnim!

And no, I'm not a hater; even Todd Haberkorn's voice I have trouble getting accustom to, and I have no idea why he's even TRUTH in Eureka Seven Ao. Buuuut, I think I can accept Todd's Firo (BACCANO) and Link. Or I'm biased.
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Japanese animator under fire for film tribute to warplane designer

"Why did smoking have to be included in a scene where the objective is to depict the couple's relationship, especially the woman's state of mind?" the letter said. "There must have been another way to express that."

Japan has more of a smoking frequency than the U.S., doesn't it? And if Mayazaki said that it was trend in even the old days then why complain?

I would like more detail on the criticism. Every time I watch the Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) trailer, I'm filled with emotion, and I want to watch the movie regardless that the Americans opposed the Axis Powers. Miyazaki was always against war, and I don't dislike him for diverting from his fantasy elements.

Korea, Japan, China, I see the same thing.

When I see derision against people from Asia, it's from people who PROBABLY never lived in the age of World War I and World War II. They never seen the attack of Pearl Harbor except through stock footage of documentaries, and news highlighting these notable events on their anniversaries. Koreans are understandable, but even they are inciting hatred in this current age.

It is true that abduction and slavery happened; it's also true that Americans captured Asian Americans and sent them through labor.

Are they offended? There's always a justified feeling that it was okay to bomb the Japanese, especially the atomic bombs. Just because they declared war on America. What if an American created a movie lionising Adolf Hilter or the German military when the Nazi Party took charge?

On a unrelated note, Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ) appears in Saint Seiya Omega.

I can't figure out what Sonic Memory to do next. I might enter the Game Gear-verse against with Sonic 2 or Triple Trouble, but not sure if I remember much. I definitely can't remember much from Chaos. I feel that my memories are shallow. I'm only wrote eight?

As for reading...

Moreover, because of its importance, difficulty in learning to
read crushes the excitement and love for learning, which most children have when they enter

How true is this?

Either I'm just overthinking, I blame MESO, or this is psychological? I was always a good speller and reader, but do I like to read?

I still have very old novels stuck in my shelf, unfinished. Jurassic Park, ripped and ended up in the trash, stayed with me for well over ten years unfinished.

So i'm going to look around and see if there any answers of what might be the case, and maybe solution.

Misunderstood minds: Reading diff.

There's also depression and anxiety? o-O; And DSM-IV?

More in another entry one day.
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I knew exactly what I was talking about?

Customers Suck

Lazy [bleeps] who don't put away...

Electric scooters and warning

Awful links, but express my mind sometimes.

No, not about laziness, even though I know how they feel, but about methods.

and some freakin' how I found a racist site connected with this If you put a warning sign on something, but there's the common example of those who don't follow the rules, then maybe the sign/tag is pointless? Maybe, maybe not, but you have to set an example for some.

But if there's one thing we all do, if you can get away with anything more than once, and without injury, you can dismiss warnings.

It's been a cool week recently. Cool, and plenty of rain. I see people who drive to the store with their own fancy electric carts; however, there are the ones inside the store that are used for indoors only. Or so that is what it says.

Whatever the hazard is for using indoor kart in the opposite way, I guess the hazard for using indoor karts oppositely is required to be thought out by the kart operator and the store associates.

Those karts can barely contain power, and can get caught outside dead in any distance from the store. Some people take the cart to the bank. It's not a car. And what if it rains and gets stuck outside and drenched?

I can get electrocuted you know? Plus, the electro-karts are considerably few in number. And they are no faster than humans of walking speed. Or maybe that's just my opinion. If you take the cart outside, you'll have to emphasize more on using safety techniques. And you can't move out of the way if a car operator is not careful, especially during rush hour.

But yes, I always get that stare like I'm a buffoon because I wonder over rules or I accept the less popular opinion.

Did I mention that I was reading the Sailor Moon comic?

Which made me wonder about the remake and the changes over the anime, which I'm losing memory of the more I read the comic. Because, the comic is quite different, like with the pacing and what happens in the Dark Moon Kingdom. Heck, it's even more sappy.

I can't talk anything past pre-R reason just yet. Geez, each chapter feels so long.

Kamen Rider Wizard is almost over and it still feels like a big mystery. The suspense.

Maybe you better not eat anything while watching this:

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What can I say?

Last week and the week before last was mostly uneventful because I was busy AND I RARELY RARELY had to babysit. For the later, I became lazy. There's something else, and it rekindled my dislike for secular hypocrisy and teen parents - or rather, "stupid parents". But never mind that. Getting rid of anger is healthy, but it's like I said before, I guess things won't change. And I'm not the type who likes to complain a lot.

And I darn began GOBUSTERS and Legend of Galactic Heroes (銀河英雄伝説; Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu). No thanks to [ profile] dark_alone. I must be on six tokusatsu, Saint Seiya, two gundams, Fafner, Dancouga, etc. Way too much. I may not be able to finish Dancouga due to availability. I'd like to return to "Please Save my Earth" soon.

Oh yeah, I began ZZ (Double Zeta) GUNDAM. Judau is already likable.

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS...and fanfiction
Frustration from lack of reading time, even though I'm close to halfway through my current book. (~_~) This doesn't help my lack of confidence in reading comprehension.

Also, Tom Clancy. Am I blind or is his font really darn tiny?!?!

The last time I talked about fanfiction was about M-rated content; recently, I came across a fanfic by an autistic writer (she said so). Her story's main character is autistic.

Read more... )


Maybe the lesson to ALL OF THIS is "keep pushing".
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Last Saturday was dad's birthday..I wonder what he'd say now?

I've been sick for a few days but things still continue, even with work and babysitting. I need to teach that kiddo (niece overlord) to say "aunt" because she keeps saying "mama"!! She used to say "ada/ajan".

Had an interesting conversation with [ profile] heldogtertjie about Lemon Fanfiction, its content, and what is the difference between explicit and non-explicit mature themes, since the former is what doesn't allow. NC-17 fic are no longer allowed; however, there are still plenty of M-rated fics with love scenes that are maintained. Perhaps NC-17 under the guise of M-rated.

Also, we discussed why fics with mature themes are so popular? It is difficult to explain but sometimes, least for me, when you see an explicit type story I tend to get disgusted. A story with good grammar is roughly seen as a good story, and apparently untouchable to rules. Heldo made a M-rated story for NARUTO recently (her first story), but the story's reviewers somewhat bugged me, which prompted the discussion.

"Could you read my story and tell me what you think?"

"Er...(hesitant)" But I did, and I thought it was good. However, I explained that two main grips I had with lemon was the use of slang and character discrepancies. The discrepancies are inevitable when a love scene is involved so I had to put that away. According to guidelines, M-rated fics are described as the following:

Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with non-explicit suggestive adult themes, references to some violence, or coarse language. Fiction M can contain adult language, themes and suggestions. Detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature is considered Fiction MA [aka: NC-17]. MA is not allowed.

It also states in red: Please note does not accept explicit content, Fiction Rating: MA, and the rating is only presented for reference.

Too much to explain what we talked about. Here are some interesting Links (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK):

The 10 Most Mind-Shatteringly Awful Fan Fiction Fridays of 2009 (NFSW! R-18)

Godawful Fan Fiction Archive

5 of the worse!

Friggin' UnInvited!
I'm playing Uninvited (悪魔の招待状; a devilish invitation), and for a long time I always had a weakness in Point & Click search/puzzle games. I want to like it...but I don't want to check the FAQ for help. There are little hints as to where and how to progress. There are scrolls that tell you a little story about the betrayal of the master's disciple and how important items are locked away, but you're looking for your missing sister.

It's bothersome that not even process of elimination can help you that much in game. I like to think that every room is significant and that I should take whatever items that I can, especially items with a number next to them. I watered the plant and take the fruit, but what to do with the fruit? Give it to who or what? Hard to explain, maybe another time.

More in the game news: Possibly new Pokemon: Nobunaga's Ambition, also the excitement of Pokemon X and Y. I still don't have a 3DS...(=+=;) Slightly disappointed in finances.

Humor Vid time!

I kinda fear for Halloween at the job now.

SAKAKIBARA YOSHIKO! Who I affectionately call" Lord of Zeon" (ジオンの支配者; ロードオブジオン) in Wizardy Online: Earnest and too funny.

Here's what makes me happy: The original Son Goku of Dragonball, NOZAWA MASAKO! Finally appeared in America at Animazement 2013. "Voices of Heroes' World" Panel (long). What an interesting person! I just enjoyed listening to her stories, especially about her niece. Here's Dr. Kureha (ONE PIECE) and a Kamehameha:

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1...2...3...I can't take it.

I had a rare time off on the weekend, and what do I have to do during it? Babysit! The whole times off that I'm free. This can not continue; she needs to go to daycare. It's not worth it; I'm too busy and let's face it, I'm not a kid. At her age, I'd have to hop around and take her to the park to keep up with her energy. I can't play with/watch overlord all the time, and I always get concern when she runs all over the house. Too many confinements. I also can't give over the selfish bitterness that I have to watch someone else's child SO much. And I don't like that someone.

Maybe I need to make this a goal: Get myself a bicycle and baby seat for it.

That's all there's to it -- hard work and hyper babysitting. Aside from niece overlord, I remember the feeling of appreciating small things, especially from other people.

Also, ecclesiastical money? Pastors and other religionists seem to think they can say whatever they wish. If I don't offer money, or if I don't offer "enough' (say, pay way less than I would for clothes or a daily basis), even for a fixed minimum (Why!?), it's worth taunting about? Or does it make me "not godly"?

How much rent does a church really need to give?! They can receive hundreds in a single day. Where is it going? I can understand rebuking greed, but sometimes we don't have a lot in the wallet. I like to give at least ten; sometimes five. I'm not trying to put "need/want" at a very high priority, but you do need money. It's not like omnipresence God needs money.

And frankly, despite the meaning of the word "tithe" (A tenth), I don't want to imitate the past. The crap that was going on the Bible, from greedy centuries-long monarchies to slavery and castes genocide?, it is something I rather not deal with. Who says I need to give a tenth?

Which reminds me, Feb 2013: Applebee’s defends firing of waitress who posted pastor’s ‘God’ receipt.

"I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?" What's with the behavior?

I've been worried about money lately...and I don't like it. Financial worries are overdone and I dislike the provocation of greed.

My NOOK's broken. Can't trust tech tools, even for reading can I? And I was reading BACCANO again before I dropped the thing. But lately, I've been more inspired to read. Wanted to talk about what I like to see in books (and maybe acting), but lack of time. It's really itching my thoughts though. They're twisted, but I believe I can get the right details together.

Ueda Yuji, who read philosophy and psychology book, says about character performing: 「常日頃から意識の中に並べ持っている感覚を大事にしている」

Been watching Shinkenger and Kyoryuger, and I'M trying to read Magi: The Labyrinth. Aladdin is unbelievable...

Updated [ profile] katsuki_masako.


Here's a weird Sonic the Hedgehog song. Not sure why a desert stage has a song called "Ethno Circus". Does it mean a bazaar? Sonic Rush has interesting music. Never played it before.

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First thoughts of Z Gundam were in this entry.

Zeta Gundam (tv series) is finally over. Took me too long, maybe five months or more.

I'm kind of afraid to express my feelings now because I'm concerned about how I perceive things, such as details. One way or another, I'm reminded that I can't seem to pay attention or remember important things too well. For the latter, details seem to pass out of my mind, even when I'm told something a minute ago.

Is what I'm going to say even reliable or true?

Because it kind of upsets me that Zeta Gundam is given a ton of praise, like a masterpiece. Like on (Japanese), MAHQ (english), and MAHQ calls Zeta the "best gundam series ever produced". In various other places, Zeta is considered a favorite among many fans.

Either I dislike anime (or starting to), or I just don't see it. Is the quality of the rest of the gundam shows quite low then?

Out of the gundam series that I have seen so far, I definitely give Zeta points for being dark. I don't want to call it "gritty" because I think that word describes Quentin Tarentino movies better, not gundam. If you want blood and gore, watch Gundam 0080, Gundam 00, or Gundam Seed series. They are especially gritty; Zeta Gundam is cruel, but not as much to give me tons of shock value. I only saw the first episode of Gundam SEED Destiny, and the scene where Shinn loses his family was particular gross and amazing. It would screw him up through the whole series.

Let's talk about the cruelty of Z gundam. Good stuff. Through the series, the TITANS' reputation do not lead towards a good light. They are seen as radicals and monopolize the jurisdiction of the Earth Federation. A similar force is the A-LAWS of Gundam 00 series. What the TITANS do and how they effect people surrounds the show. Including the main character Kamille, a spacenoid. Since he is one, his newtype senses develop early, at least to us watchers. For Amuro, it was much later back in 0079 (MSG).

Kamille's parents are killed. They worked for the TITANS, who realized that Kamille joined the AEUG. So the TITANS used Kamille's mom as a hostage, and Jerid ends up killing her by accident. A good scene if you ask me. Because of this, Emma disliked the methods and joined AEUG.

I think I complained about this in the first link above, but Zeta seemed to have problems with consistencies, with the delivery of both how characters react with situations and with others, and how they speak. For the latter, the subtitles might've not been that good. How the characters are drawn play a role as well; when it comes to facial expressions, I don't want to blame the 80s art. Not fair at all. All of this I said started becoming a problem for me in the early episodes.

For the art, when Kamille saw his father die, his crying face looked hideous. The death of his father was just plain dumb. The mother death scene was good though; Kamille saw both of them die. On to emotions,

Kamille's father stole a red Rick Dias (I think) from the AEUG and tried to take it back to the TITANS. Kamille chased him with the MK-II, but he stalled to kill him. The whole time he expressed how much he hated his father, but showed hesitation to kill his father. One might wonder if he's afraid to kill because he's a boy, or is it because it's Kamille's father. There was no evidence; Kamille, from the start, is shown to have a hair-trigger temper, and he likes payback.

Newtypes are a complex problem. When you're in the vacuum of space, it's like there is no boundaries when it comes to the sixth sense. Newtypes can effect even humans, and they can feel the hearts and minds of others in combat.

I guess to enjoy sci-fi, I have to be quite presumptuous and a thought provoker. Maybe I am not.

...What am I talking about?

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The brain is an amazing thing isn't it?

Experts don't know how many Americans have fetal alcohol syndrome or one if its related disorders, but the impact of the conditions on society is enormous.

It's Tuesday; so far so good this week, sort of. I question humanity.

Stink-pest talk again; I promised I wouldn't, but an article caught my interest.

LINK: Of Different Mind: FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

SO apparently Stink-Pest has FAD, and lately she has been an absolute PAIN that it's so embarrassing to know that she's a parent. It's because of her behavior and incompetent actions that I end up babysitting a lot. So I'm told to remind myself that she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Am I supposed to be relieved that all this trouble was from something she had no power over? And CAN anything even be done about it?

IF this is the case, then maybe she can't live alone? or with an infant? She is incapable of making good choices? is brain damage that cursed?

Brain damage could also mean "unable to discern words or numbers". That shouldn't be a bad thing. It might also mean "unable to sense".

A quote from the article, from Michelle Ford, "If I had been not brain damaged, I don't think I would have committed that crime," Michelle Ford said. "I still did it, and I'm still responsible for it. … I don't want to hide behind my brain damage and say, 'It's all the brain damage's fault. But I had the freedom of a 22-year-old with the brain power of a 5-year-old."

But you knew? You did. So what's going on? You're in another state of mind at one time, and you're just waking up in court?

Another quote:"I always thought there was just something wrong with me," she said. "When I found out I had brain damage, I was so relieved to find out nothing was really wrong with me. I was just brain-damaged. I wasn't crazy. There was an explanation for what was wrong, and it wasn't my fault.""

The "wrong" is brain damage.

So now what? For those who drink, long after, we can't be aware of our actions? We're not going to be born perfect, yeah? What does that "P" word mean anyway? Or how about the "N" word: Normal?

I am awkward myself in anyone can tell.

What are we supposed to do about this?

In the same article, FAS is compared to lobotomy or a botched one?. It's an article that makes me a little depressed, like nothing can be done. Kids grow into adults and they can take any action and not understand consequences because sensing that is absent to them. But at the same time, they know how to call the police on an assaulter, dislike close relatives and call them names, know how to plot an idea about beating someone up as retaliation, etc.

Least that's the case with Stink-Pest. Maybe she's really just a jerk, and would have been with BD or not. Also, if someone is BD and easily led, then why the constant rebelliousness? Or are they pissed off from being misunderstood and grew up being inclined to anger like ANYONE else can? myself included.

A lot of us don't know if, to quote Lissie Clark in the same article, "we're ending up with bad people or not", even without BD. You know?
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It's that time again for Midou Ban (above photo) and me. I just talk about myself; I am told to be pretty honest.

On the 17th of this month, we grow another year. Midou Ban is just a fictional character; as for me, I'm still dumb, judgmental, and private.

I wonder if anyone thinks of me as a "misogynic" (women contempt) for slamming teen parents throughout this entire blog? Because the majority of the time, I don't talk about the fathers, do I? I don't remember.

Teen parent dislike is on par with other negative prejudice such as misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia, stemming from the wrong examples.

Shame that I know this and won't change; this is probably my worst prejudice.

If I say "sorry' for being offensive, it wouldn't be true at all would it? Because I kept talking about it in my blog.

Unfortunately for me, I have yet to find a good example of valued youth parenting. I will remain small-minded until I do. What I slam is irresponsibility and potentially endangering children. And yes, of course, adult parents too. It gets me upset when people talk about pregnancies being accidents, or they don't want to have children, OR they hide their pregnancy (not the bikini syndrome) or they say it's not theirs (ie: the guys).

Or even worse.

No, do not use the "A" word around me. Kids aren't the "A" word. I will not agree with it. I am not sympathizing with the infertile or "just lucky this time" misconception either

I also dislike PEER PRESSURE! Especially with sex involved, and young people are really in that department. Bullying!

Mom throws newborn in dumpster

This may not be a usual case. It's hard to say if the baby was alive or not before being tossed because it was premature. Still, it's wrong to toss a living anything in the trash.

I complain about it a lot because it is youths. I can't find respect in those who make something so natural look so embarrassing and so condemned, and use sex so carelessly. I also don't like it when children lack a parent or parents.

If you don't want children, don't do what makes the children, birth control or not. If you're not prepared, then what?

1.) 50% of U.S teens are doing it; about 33% preg.

2.) Many teens, especially boys, feel pressure to have sex before they are ready. According to recent research, some 63% of teens believe that waiting to have sex is a good idea, but few people actually do.

We, at a young age, develop a mature reproductive system. Therefore, we also have a young legal consent age and a young legal marriage age (younger historically). Also in the U.S, when you're 17, you can enter the military with parental/guardian approval. At 18, you can register to vote; depending on the state, you can be at least 14 years old to obtain a drivers licence. Those are other examples. Why was this set up? There's the cognitive potential that this can all work well. The potential of holding yourself accountable; you're at an age that you can make choices. That is all I'm saying. And no, I'm not saying force yourself into marriage.

I highly criticize my niece's parent because she is provocative and just not smart. Recently, she got into some public embarrassment. The majority of the time, during youth, you don't think about having kids. Niece's parents sure as hell weren't because they kept lying about it. That's a good sign isn't it? Hmm, I guess niece would not have had a father because the idiot kept lying.

They aren't influenced by parental expectations. I'd probably think differently if they did. And Stink-Pest has a terrible character in particular.

When you have children, it can disturb everything. I spent a whole year caring for niece and parents (both were sickly) because the brat parent was in school. You have to make changes; it doesn't entirely have to do with getting a job, stop the baby's crying, feeding it, and changing the diaper.

You're probably thinking that I should never have kids because I'm a hateful, shallow person. Moreover, I'd be a terrible parent, something that I highly criticize, because what would I do if my son or daughter had children as a young age?

I wonder if I'm going to regret not being THAT young. I don't have children yet. Maybe I'll be 35 or 40... Frankly, I can't maintain a relationship or children. Socioeconomic-wise, I'm pretty low. As for my self-worth, it isn't the best either.

But I am quite fine the way I am. Sometimes, things develop late. I would tell myself that I'm a crappy person for being "retarded" or the like, and I still feel like I have a lot to work on in my personality. But taking it easy is my kind of way and I don't like being forced to do things. When I put my mind into something, and like it, it's a strong point.

I want to be a good wife one day. A loyal person and a good friend.

This is getting to be morose so let's get to VID TIME!


I'm getting distracted by the Saint Seiya Series. After like nearly two years (?), I finally return to the comic series "The Lost Canvas", and I finally got into watching the animation thanks to [ profile] deathlike's nagging. I'm a little ashamed of myself; the animation is nice and the OP is awesome!

The Rolling Stones's song "Paint it Black" fits this series perfectly.

I think [ profile] hanagoke would be happy with me.

I'm tired. Throughout this week, I need to clean for Christmas dinner.


Nov. 22nd, 2012 07:46 pm
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I guess I should apologize for my little tantrum....


I don't want this to pass through my mind again. But it's going to. I can tell myself that I can appreciate myself for what I am, but it looks like that mental disease is too much of a problem that I usually thought.

How can geniuses like Albert Einstein and Bill Gates even...

then what am I smart in? If comprehension and learning is naturally difficult? If following directions is difficult?

If all of this can't be cured?
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About: Late-bloomers. Being turned away or treated below human because of low social skills or lack of understanding "social norms". This commonly leads to self dislike. Which reminds me of this video

Personally, I don't feel a lack of empathy.

The people who actively oppose social justice in the movement are often brazen community leaders with nothing to blame but a sense of entitlement and a hatred of anyone who questions their privilege and preferences.

Title: Weird not Stupid: awareness site
About: In the same way that a person on crutches can climb a flight of stairs, it is of course ridiculously difficult.

A QUOTE: "If their 'syndrome' is hardly noticeable, why is it important to learn about it, get a diagnosis and make alterations in schools and workplaces? Here is the answer: Because it will make their lives and yours, better".

3.) Link:


About Non-Verbal Learning:

I don't know whether to be upset and sad, or the opposite. Just what does lack of social skills have to do with trouble in math or reading. I must be missing something else. "Social" as in everything fundamental in society? Including learning?

...tch. So I can be a hard worker but have limited coordination.

I'm starting to forget what's important. I knew something felt wrong, against my will, while reading books. From memory to comprehension.

This further makes me despise the online games that I've been in. I've been naive and very trusting towards people because I thought it was right. Turns out that's from the disease as well?


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