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"not difficult to make good money".

Why do I always find that professional, showoff academic jackass? I guess I can't say anything since I don't own a business or can't make "good money". They are clever: They talk too much, and are in the spotlight. Workplaces always make you feel like you're a dump for being there if it's not consistent with your experience or degree.

Buddy, I wasn't that good in bookkeeping or accounting. I have this tendency to get brain scrambled when it comes to recording numbers and writing it down. It's a strange thing; I was always slow in math. Why do I need to go into BA? A school for leadership? Isn't that strange?

But this is a kid who is easily cocky and "perfect". There's other stories, but I won't bother.

Anyways, this is about editorials and visualizing the content.

With the time I have, and situation that I am in, I can't meet with such demands like +1000k words per day, I'm sad to say. I guess it's all about willpower. I am imagining Daily Planet and Clark Kent. 1000k can be an average number for a newspaper article depending on what it's about.

Why am I rambling about this? Because these days, it's high demand to ask someone online for something, even if its for simple tasks. And to pay for little substance.

I am into both the research and personal experience combined, especially when it comes to reviewing or reporting video games, rather than going by another's "record" of what happens or an opinion, or "word of mouth". Unless it's an article about "what others believe".

Reporters are "what happens" currently and spreading the ongoing details; "announcers" watch and tell you what's going on, having a sense of technique knowledge on what they're spectating on. Such as the hooks of boxing, or the overtakes of racing.

Do I ride roller coasters or talk about what others say?

But maybe my biggest weakness is multi-tasking? I don't find it a great idea while writing.

Maybe I'm rambling because of the lack of details in regards to this "demand". I'll think about it.

Art wishes

Jun. 27th, 2015 08:02 pm
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What/who I wish to draw one day:

Any realistic Portrait
Any realistic automobile
Mach 5
Link (legend of zelda)
Anything Digital
Seiya characters (especially Gold Saints).
Gunstar Heroes
Anything Digital
Realistic sketch of my dog
Alphonse/Ingram (Patlabor)
Monster Rancher characters (Mocchi, Tiger, Zan)
Japanese armor/clothing
Anything with digital accessories.
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Definitely one of the best.

"You just dropped a grenade behind you!"
"...that's ok."

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I think... I finally understand what my dad meant... when he told me he wanted me to be strong like you, Link. He didn't mean strength as in lifting stuff. He meant strength as in courage

A quote from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

If I recall, a touching scene.
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I think... I finally understand what my dad meant... when he told me he wanted me to be strong like you, Link. He didn't mean strength as in lifting stuff. He meant strength as in courage

A quote from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

If I recal, a touching scene.
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...I did not know it. Or maybe I was just ignoring it.

But it looks like there is a lot of widespread misogyny in the critic world of video gaming.

There is enough to worry about when it comes to misogyny, discrimination in general. I can't put all of the details together because it seems so silly and blown completely out of propotion.
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I forgot something in my last entry, but it's a matter separate from niece. Still, it does do with me and how I face things.

On to skyward. I'll try to keep this spoiler-less.


IGN: "Why do people hate Skyward Sword so much?
About Wii: Why Misguided Critics are Hating on Skyward Sword

Well I certainty don't regret playing it at all. I am playing both Skyward Sword and SNES's retro Link to the Past (Triforce of Gods). So I get a good taste of both retro 16-bit zelda and the post-Ocarina time that seems to become the console zelda revolutionized into 3-D. Or the latter seems to be today's most popular image of zelda for consoles. Even after Ocarina, there were slide-screen 2-D games such as Minish Cap and Link between Worlds. Phantom Hourglass is 3-D, but closer to the older "over the character's head" style. I'm not that good with game terms.

I was annoyed that the Wiimotion (or just the adapter) was required for Skyward, when the device/remote doesn't seem to be fundamental in many other games, nor does it improve the function of the Wii Remote. But soon as I got my hands on the adapter and immersed myself more into the game, and this is especially after the gap of time due to having to buy another wiimotion adapter, Skyward became more entertaining.

The more I tried towards this game, the better I got. The controls were an issue but easily adaptable. Actually, they're kind of impressive. The sword strikes are swift and effective. Link's sword was always quick when you tapped the button. I just wish there was weapon parrying (nut I guess that is not necessary when you have a shield. You can swing back projectiles.)

I thought the controls wouldn't work out since I am going from plug-in controller play to unconventional sensor play. In fact, I was considered about that with the Wii system overall when I first purchased it. "I can't play with a motion controller. The whole experience will end up weird. And what if the signals won't pick up?"

And sometimes it doesn't. I ended up plugging that adapter in and out, but most of the time it works well. Well, skydiving...not really. I thought it was an interesting idea for Nintendo to go along with.

Now I'm more determined to get back into Hyrule Historia. Skyward begins in Skyloft, a floating island where everyone travels using Loftwings (giant birds). As a plane enthusiast, this is perfect. And you can fly and leap off the bird. Unfortunately, the traveling world in the air isn't that big, and controlling it is painful in the beginning. I don't think you do much when it comes to Loftwing Activity.

Like with Twilight Princess, there's horseback riding and it was also a subsidiary way of combat. It was slightly annoying, but I was very exciting because of how you faced the enemies. You lack that with the Loftwing. At least, that's what I've faced so far.

So far, I thought the bosses were a bit better. One I thought was a bit frustrating due to a particular thing you have to do because of the boss's immunity, but after Twilight Princess, I am impressed (Stallord is still the best?).

I died at least once at every TP boss (and they were mostly easy), but I didn't have the same case with SS bosses even though they were a little more tricky. The controls do contribute to the difficulty, since many bosses require specific pinpoint strikes, but the bosses do have a unique style. I liked the one in the Cistern. For Link to the Past, some ranged from easy to determining it all with speed and luck. The latter is due to a lot of things happening at the same time while you're trying to hit the boss, and LoTP forces you to bring a plenty of heart potions. I don't think I've faced that same frustration in SS. That might not be possible to emit in a 3-D Zelda, especially with sensor controls, or you'll jsut end up breaking the tv.

When I wake up:
- The Puzzles
- Fear Factor??
- Attention to Detail
- Uneventful Chest opens
- Limited Inventory + why arrows if bow is late!!!
- Some items are useless
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After all the stuff that I said, I didn't do a gaming update.

Monster Hunter Tri (3). Now, I'm at the boring part, or maybe the frustrating part.

SPOILERS after the end:
I beat Navaldeus for the first time, and past the credits there are some new missions for me. I am happy, but now this means my "skill" is going to be pushed. I always feel like I'm at a steel wall during this part of the game. You beat a game, you have a feeling of contempt,and you want to play the game at a harder difficulty, right?

I'm not good at that. At all. What do I have ahead of me: DUEL BATTLES. And very nasty ones. For example, two Diabolos, and Agnaktor (sp?) with Uragaan. These are level five monsters. Two monsters at the same time.

So I'm thinking: I need upgraded weapons and armors, more bombs and traps, more supplementary items. In other words, resources and money. I tried Gobul and Royal Ludroth with my thunder long sword because that's their weakness along with fire, and I just failed miserably. The Ludroth took way too long for my liking.

I still have the biggest problem with Rathalos because it flies too much, especially with a time limit. It should be good with a crossbow, but I'll run out of ammo even if I bring the combo components with me.

And fighting Navaldeus was my first time using dragon ammo. It seems to be very interesting, so I want to work on making those too. I'm still not sure how to get Lagiacrus horn, and it and the tail are important in creating armor and upgrading bowgun parts.

geh. So, it's tests and preparation. I wish I could've tried the online gaming.


It's been a long while since I've seen Prince of Egypt. Beautiful movie.

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[DragonMetal Ball Z in Theaters]
DBZ:Battle of Gods to have red carpet premiere


I'm actually impressed and embarrassed at the same time. Of course, it would have to be dubbed in English, but this all shows how much of an impact DB made in the West. I'm sure that's why DB:Evol was made yeah?

I don't think the dub DESERVES it (even seeing the trailer is a bother), but it's doing its job.

Said it before and said it again: I won't allow the atrocious talk towards the Japanese voice actors. It's quite nasty on ANN. I can understand not like Nozawa because, in the case of dubbed anime, many male characters are voiced by males, even if its boy characters (Ie: Dan Kuso, Hitsugaya, Edward Elric, Kazemaru, Kulilin/Krillin etc). Many has shown distaste for girls voicing boys, which is fine. I understand its purpose for using females and I'm fine with it. The acting concept does exist in the West. I think the best examples, Western dubbed anime wise, are Naruto and Satoshi/Ash from Pokemon.

This has nothing to do with Ocean vs Funi, or being a "weeaboo", but I don't appreciate the disrespect toward Nozawa. I mean it's really nasty. There's a line between nasty and criticism.

"Old hag" and "death" and such?

I'm not asking for the Japanese VAs to come, or to stick with Toriyama's wishes, but what I sometimes see on ANN is wrong. Ugly ugly comments. They don't have to like Nozawa; I can understand if the voice is a little unusual or maybe scratchy. When I heard her the first time, and it was kid Goku, I enjoyed it.

Dubbing can't be helped and I like to hear my own language, despite the errors dubbing can make, but the current dub OF DRAGONBALL Z is imbued with heavy metal and everyone sounding like a hot air balloon. It's grating to a point, for me, that I wonder why they'd even put it in theater.

Sean-Goku is 50/50 with me: goofball good, combat ridiculous.


I nearly despise Sabat for his performance for Vegeta and Piccolo. I see "Battle of Gods" trailer and I often wonder "how the HELL did I go from beautiful and mean Horikawa to THIS guy?! How can anyone like this?!" And Sabat can't friggin scream! Are they trying to kill themselves? It's the same with english Yuyu Hakusho, Yusuke sounding like an anguished brat when he screams don't get me started with Kuwabara, that fuckin' Sabat. Sometimes, you just don't sound good with you scream. Then there's Bulma, little Trunks (not cute!), etc.

I like teen Gohan. Comfy.

To make things worse, and as many expressed, this is the preferred way of dubbing Dragonball. From movies, TV, games, etc. That Vegeta, that Piccolo, that Goku, MOST preferred in the West. Saiyan pride sounds like a wrestler, and no one seems to realize that. SO that's what we're going to hear.

Since there are many fan parodies, Vegeta sounds like how he does in the dub. An example of influence. Disappointing.

Again, this is not Funi vs Ocean. What about the performance quality by the ear? If they're going to be the primary voice for DB, does no one notice how dumb they sound?

THEY VOICE DAMNED DBZ like THREE TIMES!. Shit on me, dub fans! I'll find quality elsewhere.

Ah well, its going in theaters. Good luck to it.

I could watch these all day. It's amazing to see people happy and cheer.


Palutena...! (O.O)

This is too much: Palutena and Pac-Man.


Jun. 12th, 2014 08:10 pm
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Don't ask favors from someone by showing spite towards them virtually every time.

^ This is for someone who blames ADHD for her behavior. Should that "impairment" make that person easily remember how she was treated wrongly, but can't acknowledge the good things that are done for her?

It's ATTENTION DEFICIT! ATTENTION HYPERACTIVITY! It doesn't mean you're stupid, at all, or your focus is defunct (unless it's really extreme?). This is the issue with those w/o mental def. awareness.

She's such a brat. What is it?


I'm sure there is a difference between:
- Not knowing
- Forgetting
- Just plain can't figure it out if I tried. Probably the most painful.

I'm at a case where I feel retarded. Yes, a "bad word", but I believe it this time.

Maybe its pointless or silly to say that I'm broke because who isn't at times? On another day, I can feel content with where I am and have faith in the future. It's just part of being human. Still, I'm not sure where I went wrong. I can't seem to figure out the key to more finance and moving elsewhere. Something is not right here.

What I really want to do is to be rewarded for the hobbies I've picked up. I really envy those who have work in video games, or seems to have a well-known hobby in video games (such as speed-runners).

But I can't find out how this all works. Especially with me working in customer service. So what do I often hear? Work more, go to school and find more work OR get married. What is it?

All in all, I think you should enjoy with what you're doing. The key to success is having fun. I just dislike enthusiasm being awarded so minimally.

And the tooth dreams are returning, which reflects insecurity.

Some interesting links??
ADHD: A sham? (I often think this way. Like, "Who cares? Wityh some effort, I can get through yeah?"

Are-all-recent-online-shooters-aimed-to-ADHD-kids? (What? Why? o-O If you like action, you do)

I don't think I'm that great with shooters or maybe I hate losing Its easy to shoot and kill someone, but staying alive is the tough part. Some are faster than others.

Definitely need work on fighting games.

Plenty of progress in Tokusatsu.

Finally meet Green ranger (Dragon Ranger) in Zyuranger (original Power Rangers) and I'm nearly done with Shinkenger and Kakuranger.
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I am probably a couple hours in, from Skyloft to Faron.

In later games of this series, say Ocarina of Time and afterward (can't remember the feel of Windwaker), the 3-D Zeldas have been infamous for their controls?

I'm thinking that this is something I will get accustomed to sooner or later, but I nearly got killed by a Deku Baba. And I found myself having to press Z (the trigger) button often just to get Link to FACE a particular direction because the camera won't follow you no where but forward. Maybe 45 degrees POV or less. I think this also happened while playing Twilight Princess.

I call this game WII FII SKYWARD SWORD! because my god, the controls!

LOVELY ideas, especially when I am such a suck for something based on air travel, it's the damn controls! Wii Remote makes me fear playing battle games because it's sensor-based. It works mostly well in Monster Farm and I'm doing great on that game, so that's why I felt that I might get used to it.

SO FAR! It's aggravating. Back to why I title it "WII FIT!" I thought my arm was gonna fall off during the LoftWing race. My goodness; the sensor doesn't entirely pick up my hand movements so you mind end up diving rather than whatever. Since the bird replaces the horse, I should expect battles in the future.

THEN! There is Skydiving. Great concept; it actually looks (feels?) like skydiving where you have to lean to change your direction. However, when it comes to the first time, Zelda has to put you in the agony of skydiving with little height. It is very stubborn controlling. The Wii Remote isn't perfect and I still don't get it.

NOW there's the combat, which is very interesting even though a little stressful. Really gets you committed in trying hard. And spin slash is easy too. I still have to work on the sword and shield. For now, the shield is almost like a piece of paper. The combat can cause some difficulty to my surprise. Like with the Deku Baba, you have the slash correctly and at the right time. Weaknesses have to be exploited. OF course, sensor/motion system isn't perfect. I might end up charging the sword and stalling rather than slashing horizontally.

The graphics don't seem better than Twilight Princess. If so, they are very subtle. It seems lighter. The setting starts in the sky, a floating island called Skyloft, where the people jump off of tall heights and land on birds that serve as their mounts. It's a bright feeling, kind of like Windwaker. Smash Brothers gets better treatment IMO.

Now there's the bloody "WHERE IS [name here]?!"

Along with MonHun, Mario 3 and SS, I'm also playing Link to the Past. Old School Zelda was about going wherever with little detail on where to do and how to get there; SS has me using a Seek function with my sword. And so far, and just so far, I found myself not going much of anywhere even when using Seek. In other words, why use Seek when destination is usually short and straightforward? I hope this changes later.

In Link To the Past (and first Zelda even), it's a little frustrating. You use your map, facing enemies on the way, moving from one region to another. Especially in Dark World, I wonder "Wait, how do I get there?! How do I get in?"

My opinion on SS should change later I hope. Hard to say if I should accept this "lack of adventuring" or not considering it's kind of bother in Past. Especially when looking for items. It is fun though.
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Haven't blogged in a while.

It is finally SPRINGTIME HOT! And Springtime windy and rainy.

This week, I realize that I have to refresh myself in fractions.

Buddy Complex (バディ・コンプレックス) thoughts
I got past Season 1. Not terrible, but pretty much Zogilia getting whooped by Free Treaty. I didn't have to wait for action that's for sure. I did have a problem, however, with seeing that said action. It's flashy and fast, like with Macross F. Strange when there's little to no CGI in the designs. Things only get interesting during battle and Coupling sequence, the latter creating the advantage for the Free Treaty each time.

ENDING (SPOILER): Read more... )


Seiya Omega
It has finally ended, what, three weeks ago? I'm not sure.

ENDING (both seasons)/OVERVIEW/GOLD SAINTS!!!!!: your text here )

Captain Earth starting
BONES is always weird. I'm trying not to be spoiled by Eureka Seven and WOLF'S RAIN, but when I think machines/mecha, I think battle. So far, Captain Earth is pretty average. So far, THAT IS THE BEST COMBINE SCENE I have ever seen so far. I'm such a space shuttle idiot. Also, it's 2D. Good points there. I guess I don't have much to say so far. The battles are short and not that exciting. I hope it'll change in the future.

Nice Lady
About two weeks ago, I was given a small cross one lady's husband made, and it warmed me up despite being so spiteful towards religion lately. It was obvious with the entries that I've made so far. And she wasn't even offended when I asked her a question.

Monster Hunter
What will I do when I start playing Demon/Dark Souls? I want to just stab dragons in the head. They are a menace in virtually all forms of games, and Monster Hunter is no exception. Rathalos and Barioth gave me so much shit.

Geez, what a pest Barioth was. I fought it maybe five times? Just to get parts for an ice spear, AND IT PAID OFF. It is an amazing weapon! Before that, I achieved another weapon that considerably helped me against various monsters, INCLUDING Lagiacrus. I was really surprised. Still, I need to find an easier way to surmount against Rathalos. Probably thunder bullets.

Also, to my surprise (and close to ENDING) Read more... )

MARIO 3 & Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Getting good. You know, when you were a kid playing video games and you were stuck, your first instinct is to try whatever you had/could do.

In Zelda: How I was supposed to know that I could rush against a pile of rocks to break them or to pull off a trident? I guess the latter didn't make much sense to me since I, so far, pushed/pulled statues and stones. I didn't break anything with my arms.

Mario 3 made me learn to fly while carrying turtle shells. I don't think I've ever done that before. Then again, I never got far in M3 until now.

Next entry is Sailor Moon Crystal, either after some Skyward Sword or when I get home tomorrow. I'm kind of depressed. It is for selfish reasons, but I was reminded of something of what Kotono Mitsuishi said.

And should I read "Song of Ice and Fire" (Game of Thrones)?

It's here!

Apr. 27th, 2014 01:37 am
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Long week for me. But as soon as I get my bearings:


Still to come:
- Buddy Complex thoughts
- Seiya Omega
- Cpt. Earth
- How to breathe, relax, and think; another "down day"; can't remember
- Nice lady/cross gift
- Monster Hunter, Mario 3, and Legend of Zelda progress
- Freakin' weather.

Also, may be thoughts of NEW SAILOR MOON!

Thoughts on Sidonia Knights.
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Super Smash Brothers...animation is too amazing. I guess I'm a real Nintendo fanbrat. Throughout gaming years, I just enjoy watching how the life of these games change or become more fluid. Video is a new trailer about new characters joining SMASH.

Charizard (lizardon) on its own and Greninja from POKEMON. His Japanese name is Gekkouga, which I happen to like better. Kouga/Koga/Koka were one of the popular Ninja schools next to Iga, so it's easier for me to remember than Greninja. Also, Gekkou (月光) means moonlight (see trailer); however, moonlight has nothing to do with the naming at all.

I really want to see some Fire Emblem. Who's going to join Marth?

What's with the MewTwo obsession? And they say Charizard is fanservice.
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At least, there's something I can do.

Linking to my Writing Meme again.

Five years later, I'm reminded of how much of a slowpoke I am. But I am also reminded of how strong I am when I follow up with something that I like to do, and that passion just creates.

So everything from animation to games, Megaman/Rockman, Eldran and Yuusha series, Gotcha Force, Super Sentai/Power Rangers, and toys has come together to form a fiction that's still in the making.

SolAka is my mecha homage. It is five years old! And to me, it hasn't gotten anywhere.

I don't think I've seen many original fiction based on this genre, perhaps due to it being too difficult or not favorable (outside of gundam and transformers?). Or rather, maybe I should say, a kind of sci-fi that is "Japanese specific/imitation" since there are fanfics of Robocop, Pacific Rim, Stargate, etc. The category "Sci-fi", on Fiction Press, is 8th in most stories. However, my SolAka is in the "Manga" category, which is in 11th place.

I don't know why that's there. It isn't "Manga" since what we upload isn't photographic. The category doesn't have to exist, but I used it since the story encompasses what I mentioned above.

For some reason, I thought of Japan vs China using extraterrestrial planets. The narrative was meant to be gushy so that I could shoot for a nekketsu story (熱血小説). The characters are in the military, and I prefer not to have school kids that fall into the machines, sneak into them/steal them, or on a whim just wake up in them or asked by personnel to use them.

Video time: Gotcha Force.

Posting Japanese Version (HD!) because the OP theme is nice! The vocal is absent in English version. Also, ITOHKEN (Itoh Kentaro) as G-Red, Sho, and the Narrator.

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It's said that translation erorrs were fixed in the PSP version of FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, which is called "War of the Lions". Are they sure?

I'd like to think it's more "archaic"...

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There are a couple of things I want to know:

- Where to effectively sell old game systems (ie: Nintendo 64, PS2) and its games?

- Where/how to work at home?
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This week was dumb pedestrians, sickness, and "I want someone to die already" week, but yesterday I was a little more aggravated.

But I can look at the situation two ways. Friday was just one of those days where I feel unappreciated, adding to how irritated I was already from both health and niece's (no, she's fine) situation. I can:

1.) Continue to assume that a few people are just too high-minded.

2.) Perk up, laugh, and just assume there isn't a problem. Maybe I'll look different from their POV (either as an idiot or someone more likable). but idiots are likable.

Also, Thursday, guess what's here:

It is remarkable! Only after four pages, I am immersed. I can already feel the passion behind 25 years of work. That is what gets me easily interested. However, in the beginning, there is a section for "Skyward Sword", its world and characters, and apparently it represents the start of the series that we're so familiar of. Like it's Genesis LoZ. I haven't played the game yet so I'm kinda hesitant to read it. I put the book up since I still have a couple of others to read.

I'm near the end of Pirates Latitude. I can't spoil it I want to smack someone? but what a fun example of adventure.

Not that far in Yukikaze. General (Brigadier?) Cooley is often referred to his "old lady", since this was the military, I didn't really expect her to look a little pretty? I was thinking a little older for some reason (lol). Obviously older than Rei of course.

I probably should rest more.
Sooner or later, different icons and my watchlist needs to be updated with Buddy Complex, Tokkyuger, etc.

I didn't have much to say about Sochi.

And I didn't care for the Oscars either. I was upset Sunday.
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I caved. Hyrule Historia was purchased.

So sooner or later, I'll make thoughts on that, Yukikaze, and Latitudes. Would you pray heavily during a hurricane?

Also, sick again!


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