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After all the stuff that I said, I didn't do a gaming update.

Monster Hunter Tri (3). Now, I'm at the boring part, or maybe the frustrating part.

SPOILERS after the end:
I beat Navaldeus for the first time, and past the credits there are some new missions for me. I am happy, but now this means my "skill" is going to be pushed. I always feel like I'm at a steel wall during this part of the game. You beat a game, you have a feeling of contempt,and you want to play the game at a harder difficulty, right?

I'm not good at that. At all. What do I have ahead of me: DUEL BATTLES. And very nasty ones. For example, two Diabolos, and Agnaktor (sp?) with Uragaan. These are level five monsters. Two monsters at the same time.

So I'm thinking: I need upgraded weapons and armors, more bombs and traps, more supplementary items. In other words, resources and money. I tried Gobul and Royal Ludroth with my thunder long sword because that's their weakness along with fire, and I just failed miserably. The Ludroth took way too long for my liking.

I still have the biggest problem with Rathalos because it flies too much, especially with a time limit. It should be good with a crossbow, but I'll run out of ammo even if I bring the combo components with me.

And fighting Navaldeus was my first time using dragon ammo. It seems to be very interesting, so I want to work on making those too. I'm still not sure how to get Lagiacrus horn, and it and the tail are important in creating armor and upgrading bowgun parts.

geh. So, it's tests and preparation. I wish I could've tried the online gaming.


It's been a long while since I've seen Prince of Egypt. Beautiful movie.

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Originally posted by [ profile] doggiedynasty at [ SONIC MEMORIES ] List
Note to self: Make a spoiler tag.

I was considering on posting another "Sonic memory" (#7) entry today, I just need to figure out which game. So right now I am making a list of the entries I've previous made. When I make a new one, I'll come back and update the list.

I just noticed! I just noticed that I made two for Sonic CD! Why did I do that?!?!

ABOUT: In June 2011, Sonic the Hedgehog turned 20 years old and on Twitter, Sega wanted everyone to share their memories of Sonic under the hashtag #sonic20th. I thought that I had too much to share, so I wanted to blog my expressions on the Sonic games that I played.

Memory I: Sonic The Hedgehog
Memory II: Sonic 2
Memory III: Sonic 3
Memory IV: Sonic Spinball
Memory V: Sonic & Knuckles
Memory VI: Sonic CD (Another one)

New Updates (Aug 09, 2013)
Memory VII: Sonic 3D Blast
Memory VIII: Tails Adventure
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I'm just shocked.

I see amazing kids on this show too much. Howard Stern is so LOL.

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"Kids can change the world...and so can adults."

The prequel, "I got invited by...the white has people." Lol, his voice. So cute:
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Research: Voice Quality Adaptability (Female VA) (研究「声質の適合性」 (女性編))
Research: Voice Quality Adaptability (Men VA) (研究「声質の適合性」 (男性編))

Seiyuu-related entry!

Just something to pass boredom, and I need to practice in using Powerpoint, Task Manager, and Excel much more. The question is how? During my free time, I try to employ them into writing, like for collecting data. Sometimes I get so deep into it, I make graphs for characters or timelines.

Anyways, I was browsing for roles on Ishida Akira (ie: main characters) and found these links with opinions on Voice quality compatibility. The page creator is named "YUZU" (ユズ). In the link, for each gender, Yuzu lists six different categories to describe the voice quality. The qualities are scaled on a radar graph in clockwise:

Choices: Furuya Toru, Nobutoshi Kanna, Suyama Akio, Midorikawa Hikaru, Koyasu Takehito, Kamyia Akira, Okiayu Ryotaro, etc
「熱血さ」:Passion (quoting, "Simply put, "Super robot anime or Sports maniac suitability in old days")
「色気」:Sexy/H voice
「渋さ」: Elderly voice/astringent
「コミカルさ」:Comical (Gag)

Choices: Koyama Mami, Ohara Noriko, Hidaka Noriko, Hayashibara Megumi, Fucami Rica, Mitsuishi Kotono, Han Keiko, Koorogi Satomi, etc
「少年」:Boy voice.
「子供」:Child voice. Usually 12 and under
「少女」: Girl voice. Usually arouns 12 - 17
「お姉」:Big sister like. Usually around 18 - 20
「熟女」:Attractive woman. Usually over 20yo
「ギャグ」:Gag. Comical/joke type.

Looking over the opinions, or from what I can gather, I found myself nodding to most of them. They look impartial, and Yuru refers to notable roles, comments from doujinshi authors and encyclopedias (for voice actors?).

I especially agree about Furuya Toru, who is considered to have a "cool or oppressed boy voice" (the latter meaning the type you want "to mistreat") voice type. Listening to Amuro, you'd think the voice quality was a little shy? Not to say that his role selections are inappropriate; because he has a general young voice, he is often in the lead. Surprisingly to me, Furuya's "comical" score is low. Recently, I think Furuya's "sex appeal" has increased ;)

For the ladies, I didn't see one for K-sensei (Katsuki Masako). Since I had fun looking at the graphs, I thought I could make one. What do I think? I thought to myself, "what I do really think of her voice quality?"

My graph is rated 0 - 40; there is no "zeros" so it'll look like four ratings/lines. Let's do it with grade letters, from lowest to highest: E (0), D (10), C (20), B (30) A (40).

So here's mine:

K-sensei graph and opinion )

About Ishida Akira's Graph )

Now I'm tired. PC is lagging too much.
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Little frustrated. Had the baby since last Thursday. It is now Wednesday.

I thought I should do this: Who am I and what do I blog about?

I'll first say that this is NOT a friends-only blog. While I have a few friends-locked entries that I might be leery paranoid? about showing in public, this is pretty much an open blog. All you need is a username on livejournal; anonymous posters should be able to post as well.

I am nicknamed Doggie because well, a majority of my nicknames are based on canines. I am an avid dog lover; in general, I like animals. Often, I will blog about animals, share links and videos about them, especially if it has to do with their amazing work in being heroes. For example, dogs in the military, or in the firefighter and police service. Please see the tag Pets and animals.

As much as animals, I love games of all kinds. I'm like a big kid; this also includes video games (Definitely). It plays a large part in my world of entertainment, and I will talk about it plenty under the tag Games, and in further detail under the tag 'gaming ramble". I will also include amusement parks, and anything on TV and radio.

Lately, I have not been watching much TV aside from documentaries. So if you want to find recent impressions on new dramas/shows or new seasons, I am probably not the best person to go to. It is the same thing for books. Writing is correlated to reading; however, this is not a blog where I post excerpts of fanfiction and such. Also, I don't read a lot of fanfiction.

Yes, I do talk about ANIME and MANGA.

I can be a bit of pompous jerk, but who isn't? Under the tag "rants and my ugly side", and while I don't like revealing personal matters, I complain about teen pregnancy (no, I'm not a teen parent). Or rather, I get fired up maybe more than necessary about crime, especially child-related crimes (ie: abuse, negligence) and gang violence. This is often inclined towards youth isn't it? Maybe I should control my temper Just a warning.

Again, with "personal subjects", I don't like to bring them up. I have a loving nuclear family, a dog (my 2nd), and a large extended family. I have a few other nieces and nephews, but in recent days I talk about my newest niece who I often babysit. I don't talk about myself much because I'm a considerably private person. I also don't share photos of myself or people I know. Two photos of my dog are the only exception.

Once in and while, I will talk about machines, especially aerial machines and cars! I've been an airplane fan for a long time. Check the tag "vehicles and sports"

MUSIC! I enjoy it plenty much, and I try to listen to whatever I can to expand my knowledge of it. Because listening to one or two genres is just too boring to me.

mmm, what am I missing?
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Something I found, let's see if I can pass it around thus, baton. Its in Japanese but I think the rules, from what I can tell, is quite simple: Name a character that you really associate with the following word.

Like for example, for the word "Sword", I'd say "Date Masamune" (Sengoku BASARA series) or "Zengar Zonvolt" (Super robot wars series). For the word "robot", you can say "Bender" (FUTURAMA); how about "Grumpy Bear" for the word "rain"? (lol)

It doesn't have to be from Japanese anime, comic, book, etc. Just post the name of a character. I remove/replaced a few because I thought they were either too hard or a synonym of another word. Also, I wanted to keep it short.

The List with Translation )

It's late and I'll do it in the afternoon. Going to think on it some more.
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Alright, starting the new year with the 8th Sonic memory with another unconventional Sonic game.


Video of Full Game Run (100%)

Today's pick is Tails Adventure (テイルスアドベンチャー). My memory of playing the game is a bit bad, and I had to go to Wiki for the story. Otherwise, all I would tell you is that "evil. birds are attacking Tails's island". For some reason, the Western version's story lacked depth and the island's name was changed from Cocoa Island. More info on the story here (Japanese)

The antagonists are called the Great Kukku Imperial Army (グレイトバトルクック帝国軍). In the English manual, they are called a bird army with a Great Fortress. Nothing much else there; they're meanies that you have to defeat.

Why did I pick this game up? I like Tails! And I don't think I regret it.

To the gameplay! Let me get to a con: The game is slow as molasses until you equip yourself with some speed boots, or Sonic's spin dash. Yes, it is not a conventional Sonic games; however, ring still plays the role as your health, but you need to extend it to survive better. Also, Tails can still fly by rotating tails like a copter. That also needs be extended since it is quite useful.

This game requires some searching thus the name "adventure?".

However, this game does express how genius Tails is, being the designer of the Tornado. Wow! If there's anything entertaining about this game, it's the various items that you can use. And also Tails's Sea Fox, designed for sea and air combat and travel. At Tails's House, you equip various items. For combat, Tails is specialized in the use of bombs. Why!? No idea, but they're good. As the game progresses and you collect more tools, the bombs change from remote to napalm. The Sea Fox can get vulcans, mines, missiles (also air-anti), and a shield. Amazing thing. There's also this very useful remote controlled robot that you can send through holes and tiny tunnels. Much to my humor, there is an item called 'Knuckles", where you can punch enemies.

I did manage to complete the game at 100%.

Music is still good! One of the favs is the opening theme.

Time for some happy music:

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Note to self: Make a spoiler tag.

I was considering on posting another "Sonic memory" (#7) entry today, I just need to figure out which game. So right now I am making a list of the entries I've previous made. When I make a new one, I'll come back and update the list.

I just noticed! I just noticed that I made two for Sonic CD! Why did I do that?!?!

ABOUT: In June 2011, Sonic the Hedgehog turned 20 years old and on Twitter, Sega wanted everyone to share their memories of Sonic under the hashtag #sonic20th. I thought that I had too much to share, so I wanted to blog my expressions on the Sonic games that I played.

Memory I: Sonic The Hedgehog
Memory II: Sonic 2
Memory III: Sonic 3
Memory IV: Sonic Spinball
Memory V: Sonic & Knuckles
Memory VI: Sonic CD (Another one)
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I was going through my blog calender, and some of the old entries made me remember something. So, I went to Youtube.

I am so happy!

In one entry I said "Gimme all your money, give back the money!", and I found a video that shows where I got that from! TA-DA! (best to watch the whole thing ;D)

One of my favorite game shows was PRESS YOUR LUCK!" Gotta love youtube. Probably the only game that has given me tears (at least, from my memory) because of its tension. Especially at the ending of the game. The remake called "WHAMMY"

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According to ZodiacFacts on Twitter, A Sagittarius isn't interested in:
~ Restrictions
~ Thinking before leaping
~ A Life without enthusiasm

I quite agree with the first one; the third one needs "humor" to be added. Lately, I felt restricted, felt like I must obligate my days to my niece. I just think life sucks at the moment. I guess I'm whining about not "getting what I want". You are not obligated to have many things, but I hate it when I see others do, especially when they give me trouble. Or impede me in what I like to do.

I kept telling myself, "because I have little things, I like supporting those who are close to me."

Btu what about myself? Am I impeding myself?

I guess I've been angry because I nearly lost my parents and I have to assist...such a self-indulging person. Putting my anger niece chased me today. For a month now, she's been walking and getting better and better at it.

Michelle Obama and Disney
I have to look into this more. SO apparently, because First Lady Michelle Obama is a big advocate on fighting obesity, Disney is issuing a ban on junk food commercials.

Is this a good idea? Fighting children obesity yes, that's a good idea, but would it work? Am I missing something here? Does Disney really indulge in promoting junk food in CMs? It's not like you can keep that kind of food away from us.

Literature Land
Ray Bradbury passes away

Secret Drift mechanics of Mario KART? o-O
* MARIO KART WII: Courses (Japan)
My mission to unlock more characters and vehicles is still difficult. I am stuck on the Special Cup (crown), 100cc (motorbike races). And what's stopping me? RAINBOW ROAD, the hardest track in the game, and maybe one of the hardest out of the whole Kart series. I usually do well on the previous courses but mess up on Rainbow Road, preventing me from getting a gold trophy. I watch the time trials and practice but I can't seem to figure out how to drive better.

According to the Official SITE (english), the characters have statistics for speed, acceleration and handling. Those are not mentioned in the game except for the vehicles. Baby Peach and Toad look great for speed and handling. Bowser has low speed? Strange. That wasn't the case in MK: Double Dash; the heavy characters have the highest speed, but low handling and acceleration. Do I have to change characters?

Antoher strange thing that I noticed is the drifting difference between the machines. Apaprently there is "outside drifting" and "inside drifting". Standard Bikes have outside drifting, which annoyed me because their handling is good and yet drifting makes them tilt out of the track. Because I'm trying to get through tight turns, I can't seem to utilize drift properly.

While on Rainbow Road, I thought to myself, "am I drifting too much? Drifting at the wrong time?" I'll work on it tomorrow.

K-sensei's craziness

DO you want to know one of Katsuki Masako's favorite movies? Find out at [ profile] katsuki_masako! It's a horror movie.

ALl game based

RAINBOW ROAD! I think the guy drives the same as me...

Coconut Mall of the FLOWER CUP!

This is fantastic. Megaman X vs ZERO
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Hello Monday.

On MAL, even though I was hesitant, I typed up my view on GUNDAM AGE after reading some discussions on the forums. I asked myself, "what do I really think of the show??" Despite having difficulty in expressing myself, and little confidence, I went along with the review. I don't do reviews because explaining my jumbled thoughts in words often lead me to embarrassment. It was even tougher to attempt making a review spoiler-free when I'm caught up. And are my thoughts truly real?

For now, I would give it a 6 out of 10. So that's kind of like a 3 out of 5. In letters, that'd be like a C. To me, it's an average show. I don't think it wows me, nor does it give me a lot of emotions. A few, but not a lot.

The main point of AGE is: "A story than spans 3 generations for 100 years." (100年に渡る3世代の物語)

So, what do you think?

More on AGE, spoiler free )

I know one thing, I think it's really lame how they use the veteran voice overs. I swear Yamaguchi Kappei was in the show for like ... 10 seconds. And I think Saiga Mitsuki was a random kid for one or two episodes. Romi Paku...then there Yusa Koji, Sakaguchi Daisuke (where IS MAX?!?!), etc. Also, Itoh Kentarou! WASTED! Morita Masakazu is in it too but not much. So is Madono Mitsuaki but he seems cool.

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Whoo. First I would like to say, sorry about the bad layout. I deleted my main photobucket gallery and wish to make a new one. I don't like the name anymore and I just want to start from scratch. It was also so out of order. Many photos I don't think I need to keep. I saved many of them so I'll look them over again. My secondary gallery mainly has photos that are Voice actor or website design related, or that's the theme I'm going for.

Hot weather comes rain and heavy winds. Plenty of trees were blown over, even one fall on my power line recently. Much to my surprise, it only lasted for a day and a half. I didn't have to babysit for a couple of days, but I still had a struggle.

Babysit Frustration
WARNING: UBER hate/Doggie looks awful and mean!

I'm going to give my sister a nickname. Because:
1.) I VERY RARELY give out IRL names of people I'm associated with
2.) I'm not calling her mom

"Stink-Pest". Let's call her that.

BLEH! Stuff on parenting. Anger means triggers )

I don't want to get started with her bedroom.

What am I watching?!
To my list, I added Saint SEIYA OMEGA, starring Guririba, AKA "Midorin" AKA GREEN RIVER LIGHT AKA MIDORIKAWA HIKARU!. Above photo is his character, Kouga! Three episodes in, easy to follow, pretty art (although the characters faces, especially noses, look strange. Like the eyes. Solid eyes?), nice cast.

And there's SEIYA with a scarf! Well, because I couldn't complete the original series or pick up The Lost Canvas or the Sanctuary series yet, I've decided to pick it up to replace Zero no Tsukaima.

I also added Eureka Seven because I long considered picking it up. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it. It looks pretty interesting! In fact, he won a few awards from the Tokyo Anime fair: Best TV series, best char design, best screenplay. It's pretty to look at, but I'm not sure about the character designs just yet. Just look at Dominic and Renton. Are they relatives??! And I love flying! NIRVASH is just...captured my heart. A skysurfing mech?! And it transforms into a car!? Can it get any better?

A piece of American History

Goodbye. *SALUTE*

I don't care if I'm not like 50 or 60 years old. Who, especially those interested in Pop Culture, doesn't know about Dick Clark? I honestly thought he was older, like near 90, because he has a large influence on American television. And it's like I've seen him forever. Of course, I would see him on PYRIMID because I am a game show freak. Also, TV's Bloopers. I always felt like he was the kind of guy required to go on TV. I'm sure, I might've seen late episodes of American Bandstand but my memory is fuzzy.

Here's something awesome! VA Otsuka Houchuu was trending on Twitter (In Japan) TODAY! That's because he appeared, and I mean live, on a ranking show. Apparently with Namikawa Daisuke.

And also, he's going to be the new Sanada Shiro...of the new SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO 2199. OnoD, AKA Ono Daisuke is going to be Godai Susumu. I think Susumu's brother is going to be voiced by Miyamoto Mitsuya.

Sanada...that's next.
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...I love cartoons.

Hello, Monday. Last weekend stunk, but I want to be more positive this week.

For today's video, this shows why cartoons and voice overs are awesome. Is this Mel Blanc?

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From [ profile] hurricane_chris (Dreamwidth)

Post a list of 15 of your Favorite series/fandoms, and have your friends guess who your favorite character is from each. When someone guesses correctly, cross out the canon and add the name of the character and who guessed it.

I'm going to reduce the fandoms from 15 to 11. I think selecting single favorites is quite difficult for me, so for some, just give me answers and I can try to round them down to a single favorite.

1. Mobile Suit Gundam (Universal Century)
2. Super Robot Wars OG Series
3. Mobile Suit Gundam 00
4. Dragonball Series
5. Hellsing
6. D.Grayman
7. Naruto
8. Gargoyles
9. Katekyo Hitman Reborn
10. Hakuouki
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<3 90 years young. Can you believe it?

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Here we go again.

Quoting the directions:

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

From [ profile] glitteringloke, here's five

1. Darkwing Duck
2. Kamen Rider
3. Sonic
4. Seki Toshihiko
5. Lion King

Warning: It's late at night, tired to proofread, might be some errors.

Here we go, 2012. Let's get dangerous )

Darkwing Duck Video game. Bosses! Suck gas evil doers!

Here's SekiToshi. Singing the Opening theme for Blazing Transfer Student. He also voices the main character Takizawa.


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Continuing to ramble.

Royal Wedding
Britian's Prince William was married to Catherine Middleton in April 2011. Caught wide TV attention. I was on the road, so missed most of it when it aired, so I listened to some of it on the radio.

Reading BACCANO + TV
I can't remember. I may have finished reading "The Rolling Bootlegs" in either 2010 or the the beginning of 2011. I expressed my opinions on it in an entry tagged "BACCANO". It should be simple to find. Also, I think last year, I read and finished Gundam Sentinel? Back to the subject, BACCANO was fun. I realized that crime organizations, reading about them anyways, appeal to me. Mostly their history; why was there so much trouble in the early 1900s, the wars, why did they perform such actions for business, etc. See what power does to you? In BACCANO, the Martillo seemed pretty nice though. Gandors and Genoards...not much so.

I can't remember what channel it was, maybe the "Biography Channel", but I watched like a single episode of a documentary about girls with gangsters. Was it called "My husband's a mobster"? I can't remember, but it had an AWFUL narrator IMO.

I didn't pay attention to it at first, but after some coaxing from [ profile] deathlike, [ profile] tokio_fujita's journal material, and some of the games' beautiful art, I guess I looked into it more. Wish I could play one of the games. First game is coming to America in February but I don't have a DS. Since I can't get into the games, I watched and completed the TV series. "Fangirls be crazy" (especially during season 2).

Sonic's Birthday
Last year, Sonic celebrated its 20th birthday! I talk about Sonic's influence in entries titled "Sonic Memories". So far, I only talked about the 2-D games. After the Sega Genesis/Megadrive games were discontinued, my Sonic gaming would die down a bit. When I got the Gamecube (mid or late 2000s?), I had a chance to play Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and Riders. I'll try to talk about that too.

Since I heard so much about it, I tried out MOTHER 3. Crazy and cute. And I cried from a game after a long time. My thoughts are here.

I thought I joined in 2011, but it turned out I joined Nov 2010. I've been getting addicted. I tweet about aimless things and it's even worse if I am watching something. And I can't get through a day without seeing Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Jonas, One Direction, can I? Worldwide trends? o-O WHO is on twitter?

To my shock, after complaining about it a few times (lol), K-sensei registered to Twitter. She is also a gamer, which is also a real shocker, and purchased the latest Monster Hunter for 3DS. She recently met Lagiacrus and got scared (lol). "I don't want to see him ;_;".

In general, I think this tv trope suit her the most: Adorkable. Maybe Butt Monkey too? Is that the right one? When it comes to technology and gaming Smartphone and dragon's butt monkey. You just wanna..TEASE HER! and I do try sometimes. "What do I doooo?!" She's pretty polite, seems to love socializing.

You know? It's really interesting to see how similar people are to yourself. Seriously, wow, K-sensei!

* Likes cars (or F1?) = CHECK
* "Tech-tarded"/Tech-challenged = CHECK (lol)
* Likes animals = Check (Well, I'm mostly a dog person than a cat person)
* Wears glasses = CHECK
* Likes the sky (or clouds?)/flying = check

Hmm, what else? That sticks out of my mind the most. She's slightly like Tsunade too (lol), drinks beer and plays the lottery (lol).

Kim Jong-il (and TruTv)
The former leader of North Korea, Kim Jon-Il, has passed away and there's trouble about succession. But I can't help but mention this funny thing from Twitter. I've been watching TruTv lately, and there's a twitter account for the show "Worlds Dumbest" that twit articles about people doing dumb so. SO, when Jong-Il died, WD tweets that people THOUGHT that rapper "Lil' Kim" died. So I replied, "He kinda does have a rapper's name".

Last is the following:
Music and Comedy Life: Amy Winehouse, Roger Williams, Patrice O'Neal
Ten years later: 9-11

Not sure where to start. Maybe I should end it.
I'll do another meme later (Thursday)
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Lack of sleep today.

Finally, caught up on HELLSING (and Fourze). Not sure what I was thinking; lots of insanity and fun. While Wakamoto is quite fun, never imagined Anderson sounding like a bird at times (lol).

And who gave Hirano the idea to make spiral eyes?

There's Quick spoilers. Highlight )

That reminds me, I need to get back to Hellsing: the Dawn
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Another year is here, for Ban and me.

And I still never posted a single photo of me on the net, much to the annoyance of some people.

Today is also WRIGHT BROTHERS DAY! When Orville and Wilbur set the record for having the first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight with their airplane. What a honor. Surely, it's just a coincidence that I like planes as much as I do.

December's an interesting month. Winter starts (U.S), but also my youngest sister's b-day was on the 7th, there's also Christmas, and my dog's b-day is 12/23 (Met her Jan 2001 ;) EDIT: Jan 2000.). Also, I can remember the attack of Pearl Harbor easily, but just saying it was "ten days ago from today" ~.~; Which happened 70 years ago!

About BLOG and me
I made this blog on Christmas, seven years ago. I am surprised I had it for this long.

I think changing my layout would be nice. May need to fix my Memories, make sure they're in order.

INTERESTS: Did some looking over with my profile's interests. I thought I had too many seiyuu names. For example, while I like Hideo Ishikawa, I rarely speak about him. I think I talk about Takayama Minami (and TWO-MIX) much more than him. I also had game titles such as 'Legend of Dragoon", which I haven't played in years and left the enjoyment way in the past. Also, anime favorites listed. Ton of character names like Piccolo, Samus, Sanosuke Sagara, etc.

I read about crime a lot, and both war and crime documentaries seem to really grab my interest.

2011: More me
Like I said in a previous entry, the start of the year started out peaceful, then I started exerting myself, then everybody got sick around the end of the year. Mother for the past few months has been having health trouble. It's like the dog is more healthier than anyone.

- Shared my Sonic the Hedgehog memories

- I run [ profile] katsuki_masako after some urging (and a dream?). Recently, She's been playing the new Monster Hunter 3G, and she gets lost and keeps burning her meat while cooking.

- I think I've learned how to be more patient, and more accepting about myself. In the future, I want to be more reliable. Maybe be a wife one day.

After many years, and right around midnight too, I once again beat BREATH OF FIRE 3! and its ending theme is just so beautiful. It's called "PURE AGAIN".

Video contains some spoiler art and gameplay footage. stupid Archmage

Here's a saxophone (?) instrumental:


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