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Old ladies making old ladies cry

She is my freakin hero...!~

A follow up of a previous entry. When they said "instruction", that's what I was expecting. Turns out she is quite sensitive and cooperative with a "stress relief" method and a positive, free way of thinking.

I can't absorb all the details (will report my heart out here when ready.)< because I'm still so amazed, but there's one thing that really sticks out from the entire program. Each instructor, at the end of the program, gives a final message. This isn't the entire thing, but this is the gist of it: "I love myself .... everyone, please love yourselves as well."

I went crazy.

"What the...?! Why?" Why did she say this?! And all of a sudden?!

It's like I loved her more. No, I was completely touched, maybe abnormally so. I nearly cried like I watched a Disney death scene or the like because I could not believe it. I wanted to bury my face into a chest; apparently hugging is a little outrageous in Japan but I felt that way.

I was shocked and touched because not just what she said was right but because it's was a total coincidence with my recent feelings, and I have trouble following such a message. it was a completely simple message.

For the past two weeks, I was just upset with myself. Even as I type, I still kind of am. Not AS much as before, but still confused. I took time off work and it's like I became more upset admist relaxing (or I was supposed to). I wanted to quit my job too because I couldn't get over the idea that I was where I was now due to being incompetent and poor, and I couldn't brainstorm over how to fix it. I'm ambitious, but am I working to hard for a low wage? Am I caring too much? In fact, I have a notice template saved on word document if I came to the point that I wanted to leave work. So, I had those kind of black thoughts.

I told myself that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel, believe in oneself, etc.

Despite that, I was not self-satisfied. I was still broke, and you can see more in my locked "Doggie story" entries. No need to talk about it again. So why does this still gather above my head to bother me? Because I feel like I'm not sharp enough to find a solution. Is it friends/social interaction? Is it patience?

So when I saw that message, I was unexpectedly filled with emotion. I still thought "how", at the same time, I was deeply touched and surprised. It could've been anyone else who said it, but I was overwhelmed this time.

And for some reason, I felt an underlying dread that something was going to happen to her.

Team Ishida

Mar. 1st, 2015 02:29 pm
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Middle of the week, I wanted to rant about something. Sometimes I can't help but question others' stupidity, or how a person thinks, especially when it comes to being "a man" or "a woman' (AKA: an adult), or what "love" is.

But then, I thought "no" and stopped myself because it's just stupid. It's also obvious. I can't expect anything better from a particular person.

If I wanted to blog about a problem, I probably want to with the purpose of making others think twice. News articles can do the same.

Like I said before, I don't like giving off a bad impression too much, and I also said that it won't make me feel better. Social media can lead others through a lie, show only one side of a story, and personally those who complain the most are the others who cause the most problems. Least that's my opinion.

Right now, I need to learn how to not be frustrated.

What I do want to know is what's next for me? Thinking about it, I must be afraid of returning to school because of a few memories. I was into art (ie: Drawing, pottery) and automobiles, and I even, I can't even recall what it was. Something for PCs. It was highly assumed by family members that I was great with PCs just because I use it often. If I don't remember, it goes to show how much I didn't care. I prefer to use the PC for hobby or research.

No, I don't want to talk about Mr. Nemoy. Not in the mood. Made me a little upset.


Never played phone games outside of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja because I am just attached to console gaming, but I guess frustration got the better of me and I wanted to test the flexibility of the phone. Went do far to download Chess, Checkers and Sudoku.

"I need something to do while I take a breather" I just thought. I was especially looking for a RPG. So I foound Brave Frontier (header photo) and "Chain Chronicle (SEGA; 2nd photo). I am also playing "build games" such as Samurai Siege and Clash of Clans, but I just might remove them. I also briefly played Zenonia 4. While Zeno4 looked very interesting, I can't use the touch d-pad. Absolutely not. Not comfortable with it at all or any games that use it.

Being used to the conventional RPG with level grinding, Brave Frontier is pretty annoying because it uses a "fuse system" to make the characters stronger. They don't level up in battle. In the first photo are three five-star (or very rare) characters and it's still difficult. I even have 4-star Earth Pike Lance and I have to evolve him with a couple more materials.

Voice actor Ishida Akira (石田彰) voices over 40 characters in Chain Chronicle. Plenty of pretty guys or kids, but there is also burly dudes like Greg (above) and old men/veterans like Cervantes (Who says "Wakazo gaaaaa!" or "Greenhorn!"). SASUGA ISHIDA!

Not sure of the thought on the hero's name (you pick your own). I guess it's close to Aghanim, Athrun and Arslan.

Lots of Uchida Maaya too; apparently Yanagita Junichi (柳田淳一) plays a lot of loud or fired up characters, so far my fav being Dusty. Maybe I'll do another screenshot with Ishida characters one day.

Tokkyuger and fanfic project next.
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My mother is currently out of town to attend a funeral.

There's talk about suing Joan Rivers' doctor.

I'll just leave this:

In this case, my Hyouga crying icon is very suitable.

As for me, slight ear pain. Had some snow. Really, there isn't much to say. Not much I can do with the baby involved, and it's annoying on and off. Keep losing my inspiration when I tell myself that "I'm stuck".

TV wise, I picked up TERRAFORMARS.

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1.) Colleagues offer tributes to late VA...

2.) JewWario (1971-2014)

I'm really tired, and I won't say anymore.
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What is going on, 2014?

I mean seriously, the bad luck is accumulating. Or maybe it's my bad mood that's accumulating. It's probably "mood".

I don't think I've been that good since New Years. Sure, I enjoy watching the Kamen Rider series but that's it. I feel overworked for little to none, but so as do a lot of people, but I found myself unable to be positive. And I miss quality TV because I'm gone or busy through most of the day? And I'm still wracking my mind over why I must deal with the stupidity behind my niece.

Of course, there's comedy -- youtube never fails with that. The weather has been pretty good these past few days. However, I'm still prudent at the wheel. Second thought, I felt like a shitty driver.

The roads are mostly clear and plenty of the snow has melted, but maybe there's a lingering effect from the sub-zero chill and the ice and snow? Seems to be the case with my dog, who refuses to stay outside even in the sunshine. Car wouldn't work at one point and I had to get a new tire of course.

Maybe I shouldn't complain. Even on my Friends List, I'm a little unnerved by the entries of those I follow (or who follow me). Sometimes I wonder, "Why can't they be a little more friendly? There's more to things than garbage from family/co-workers."

How to start?

I guess I'll do something I rarely do in the next entry.

[ Green River ]
(SOURCE) (Also nicodouga)
So just recently, Midorikawa Hikaru was heckled by fans on his blog, resulting him in putting his blog on hiatus. Well...I'm pretty annoyed by that of course. oh nonono, you're not an old man! So apparently, a lot of marriage suspicion. Maybe it's a western thing, but I am happy that he is married and I am happy that he is attached to his fans, thus the reason for the blog. He is also very dedicated to his roles such as in the gundam and Super robot wars series.

[ Resolution ]
Last year, I didn't consider it. In fact, I very very rarely consider resolutions, but I've decided on something that I think I can accomplish.

Read three or four novels before the end of the year. I don't know if that is an appropriate number.

Last week, I've purchased novel YUKIKAZE! (Official Site. FAF stands for Faery Air Force) Thoughts on it some other time, but I like it so far? Even thought I've read that there are some pretty bad mistranslations. I can't get far just yet, since I still have my Crichton book to finish.

[ Videos / Sailor Moon ]
I'm posting it because the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary is totally heating up with merchandise and con guests, and this video is just so touching. You don't have to agree with English dubbing, I'm just posting this here because...well, it's a story and I can't help but appreciate what Susan Roman did. Even if it's a dub, there's fans of it. In other words, those who were touched by Sailor Moon even if it's a different form.

Also, I'm reminded of the stories about She-Ra and Thundercats. Maybe Susan's "gun" bit was a bit extreme? ^-^;

Also, Sailor Jupiter happens to be my fave out of the inner Sailor Warriors (the original five or is it six?).

VanossGaming. Funny stuff. They look like a bunch of gamers that are easily humored and playful.

Prank. LOL.

What is....

Jan. 8th, 2014 09:00 am
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Why exactly is Dennis Rodman a mediator for North Korea?
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My week starts rough and ends rough. I had an ugly 'hate dream", which I didn't want to agree on, and my Sunday started rocky. Now I wonder about myself, and if my dream reflects myself. Or didn't I say before that dreams are mostly negative?

I almost didn't want to go anywhere.

Anyways...back to the title.

America is, apparently. And Britain isn't happy.

I'm sure most of us dislike war for obvious reasons, and either inside or stated openly, we have conflicting reasons over why we should go or why we should not go. First I thought, I agreed with what John Kerry said Liberals liberals, Lib-tards, whiners, dumbass, huah huah huah with "speaking to us [the people of the nation] for an answer" at the start of the announcement. I couldn't hear everything because I was in my car on a short break, listening to the radio.

Did America, and myself as an American, wanted payback for 9/11? Yes. Do I dislike violence? Yes. Do I like self-defense? Yes. Do I like to see innocent children and medical personnel get killed? NO! A one-track mind. Even in Hetalia (Axis Powers ヘタリア), America is portrayed with a "justice loving" stereotype. There's also a ton of other Japanese manga/anime and games; one that sticks out in my memory the most is my bro GALFORD from Samurai Showdown (Samurai Spirits) series! =D

But the question is: Why help Syria? Is America the Superman of the world?
And what would our image be if we did nothing?


More tipping politics scale. No idea why I was rambling about mentality )

I am not denying anything. I guess someone has to do it. Right needs to punch the Left radicals and Left needs to the punch the Right radicals. Wouldn't call it "news".

With that said, 50 years ago, MLK made his "I have a dream" speech.

I'm putting up a photo of Kaze Tachinu because:
1.) Airplane!
2.) Hirokoshi Jiro looking cool
3.) It's flat out cool
4.) Miyazaki Hayao's passion and pacifist beliefs
5.) I want to watch it

So Miyazaki is getting criticized for worshiping Hirokoshi as a hero. The movie is a tribute to the warplane engineer, his dream, and his struggle during the Depression and 1930s earthquake. Miyazaki spoke against the Prime Minister and his idea to revise the Renunciation of War of Japan's Constitution. Miyazaki was also against "re-writing the truth" (aka: reading only what we choose to know).

Banning of "Barefoot Gen" in children schools

I can't say anymore until I watch the movie. But, since Hiro was willingly building warplanes responsible for the historical incidents that make Japanese and Koreans alike sensitive, what is Miyazaki's view? What am I missing? Is it just Hiro's desire? No matter what his Zero fighter did?

Vehicles are flexible and don't have to be built as weapons. Even though, I TOO think that fighter planes are pretty darn cool. They maximum the effectiveness of aerodynamics, and look pretty sexy while flying.

Also, Miyazaki is retiring? Naaaaah, you wouldn't do that would you?

Which reminds me, I am writing a fictional story about a pilot who loves flying. He graduated from Officer's training and eventually became a fighter pilot, because he was inspired to love fighter planes. After a match against a rival, he mention that non-simulated air combat will be the test he needs to further pursing his flying craft. Before that, he questioned why America went to war and what did it mean to "be an American"?
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Japanese animator under fire for film tribute to warplane designer

"Why did smoking have to be included in a scene where the objective is to depict the couple's relationship, especially the woman's state of mind?" the letter said. "There must have been another way to express that."

Japan has more of a smoking frequency than the U.S., doesn't it? And if Mayazaki said that it was trend in even the old days then why complain?

I would like more detail on the criticism. Every time I watch the Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) trailer, I'm filled with emotion, and I want to watch the movie regardless that the Americans opposed the Axis Powers. Miyazaki was always against war, and I don't dislike him for diverting from his fantasy elements.

Korea, Japan, China, I see the same thing.

When I see derision against people from Asia, it's from people who PROBABLY never lived in the age of World War I and World War II. They never seen the attack of Pearl Harbor except through stock footage of documentaries, and news highlighting these notable events on their anniversaries. Koreans are understandable, but even they are inciting hatred in this current age.

It is true that abduction and slavery happened; it's also true that Americans captured Asian Americans and sent them through labor.

Are they offended? There's always a justified feeling that it was okay to bomb the Japanese, especially the atomic bombs. Just because they declared war on America. What if an American created a movie lionising Adolf Hilter or the German military when the Nazi Party took charge?

On a unrelated note, Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ) appears in Saint Seiya Omega.

I can't figure out what Sonic Memory to do next. I might enter the Game Gear-verse against with Sonic 2 or Triple Trouble, but not sure if I remember much. I definitely can't remember much from Chaos. I feel that my memories are shallow. I'm only wrote eight?

As for reading...

Moreover, because of its importance, difficulty in learning to
read crushes the excitement and love for learning, which most children have when they enter

How true is this?

Either I'm just overthinking, I blame MESO, or this is psychological? I was always a good speller and reader, but do I like to read?

I still have very old novels stuck in my shelf, unfinished. Jurassic Park, ripped and ended up in the trash, stayed with me for well over ten years unfinished.

So i'm going to look around and see if there any answers of what might be the case, and maybe solution.

Misunderstood minds: Reading diff.

There's also depression and anxiety? o-O; And DSM-IV?

More in another entry one day.
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I'm just shocked.

I see amazing kids on this show too much. Howard Stern is so LOL.

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utsmibye DissidiaGarland

A goodbye from Doggie
The amazing Utsumi Kenji (内海賢二) has left the world. (Source, jpn source)

I almost didn't want to say anything because I was honestly sad. Came off as a shock when I saw it on Twitter. In most cases, when Japan trends, you usually see a name (with suffic "san") and an age of the person who died.

Even when older people die, I don't think that because you're over 70, you should gradually begin to give up and expect a dreadful disease or death. I want to be that kind of person when I'm older.

But Utsumi seemed, least from those who worked with him, a kind of guy who was active. I am reminded of Aono Takeshi; both had quite an impact in the voice industry. Oh yeah, did he like Nana Mizuki? =D On Twitter, there were various condolences; Kanai Miki showed photos of both her and him and his bad ass beard. And I just wanted to cry. I didn't, but really felt like it. Especially when I saw Kamiya Akira's entry about seeing Utsumi in the hospital.

Many people remember him as Raoh from Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) and that man above...MAJOR ALEX ARMSTRONG from Full Metal Alchemist (both original and Brotherhood). He was also various characters from the Dragonball series such as the hilarious Recoome, the budokai tournament announcer, and Shenlong (quite frankly, a very distinct voice. That dragon is amazing; Funi dub pissed me off badly).

Unfortunately, he didn't reprise the Recoome or annoucncer role in DBZ Kai; he does Recoome and the announcer in the games. Speaking of games, since I am a fan of Samurai Showdown (Samurai spirits) series, he voices the almighty Gaoh. Full name is Kyogoku Hinowa-no-kami Gaoh (兇國日輪守我旺), but that is not mentioned in the English version.

Since I watched that outrageous anime, Shin Mazinger Z (ZEEEEEEEEEEEETO), he was also the voice of Hades. You could say be plays Gods well, or giant men, teachers, goofy people, etc. In Slayers, he is Graif.

I'm not really sure about this but I think his last regular character was from BASILISK: Koga Ninja Scrolls. He voiced the terrible Iga, Mino Nenki to my surprise; Aono Takeshi himself was even the Iga Azusai. You rarely could get such an amazing cast together in one show. I'm a little biased for BASILISK since I enjoyed the comic, and Mino was pretty cruel.

Another cool character, DISSIDIA'S GARLAND!. Well done!

Tokusatsu impressions
Now that I poured out my sadness, let's talk about SUPER SENTAI! So far, I watched an episode or two of older sentai just to get a taste of history. Sometimes I wonder what everyone does

Kakuranger (7 eps):: I wanted to find a sentai that I'd watch along with Kyoryuger so I picked Kakuranger, thus the reason why I'm through it more. First episode was humorous; the descendants of ninja from the Brave Sanada Ten (Seikai, Saizo, Sasuke) opened the gate of demons and have to fight them. I can't believe their vehicle: The sentiment cat bus, Nekomaru. I also can't believe the demons. Along with moral lessons, the series offers us interesting villain characters; hey, demons can have family, friends, and hobbies too. Another interesting point: KANE KOSUGI as JIRAIYA (Kaku Black)! LOL, mostly speaks English with a Japanese cast. Eventually, I will see Yao Kazuki (矢尾 一樹) as Ninjaman!

Zyuranger (4 eps): This is what made Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; a tale of tribal humans and dinosaurs fighting evil magicians from millions of years ago. Hahah, it surprised me that Rita Repulsa/Bandora was slept for so long. It's nice to see the original content. I don't think that in these days, you'll see a small model of a space shuttle riding across the street. It may be CGI'ed. Anyways, I'm entertained so far. SOGA MACHIKO (曽我 町子), WOW! SO CUTE! Bandora could kick a puppy and you'd like it. Soga's brightness wholly exudes through such a character who smiles and laughs while putting the people of Earth through Hell. Such a great smile Soga had.

Carranger (1 eps): Absolute weird, maybe the corniest....the rangers are apparently from a repair shop? But it's not just that. You get a Star Wars-like atmosphere from the start, with the destruction of a planet and people getting attacked like cattle. And...and...PERVERT ALIENS?! Apparently, the bad guys are a biker gang from space apparently. Doppu! Who has seen the tv drama "Dinosaurs"? Doppu looks like the baby from Dinosaurs; from first sight, I thought "Ewok", but the baby from Dinosaurs is a better example on what Doppu looks like.

Hurricanger (1 ep): The Japanese Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Generic so far. Another ninja sentai with the bad guys ninjas led by Yanada Kiyoyuki. On Earth, there are ninja academies, the three starting rangers being sky, earth, and water (like the Steel Saints of Saint Seiya!). Their instructor is badass like most old guys are. Is Oboro a girl or boy? He/she is cute ^^;

I guess I'll have to watch more Carranger and Hurricanger, but for first episode, I think Zyuranger and Kakuranger had a better impression. Both have such hilarious bad guys. Bandora is amazing; Kakuranger's kappa (the first yokai) makes you furrow your face.

Video time, here's some Utsumi Kenji as the announcer. "THERE IS NO MOOOOOOOOON!" R.I.P MAN!

Zyuranger first OP, live! Sato Kenta (佐藤健太). He is also Red Turbo of Turboranger. I think I watched the first episode of that a long time ago but I need to refresh. It was either Turbo or Dekaranger.


Jun. 5th, 2013 06:35 pm
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Video of otani ikue (大谷育江).

GET IN MY BOSOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kaze tachinu, an upcoming movie.

So a few days ago, I went to the Japanese Wikipedia and read what seemed to be the voice actor policy of film director Hayao Miyazaki. I think after "Porco Rosso", he started hiring primarily actors, singers, voice actors specialized in dub content, etc.

I never understood, but I was easily inclined to think that one reason was the popularity. Look at the English dubs of some of his movies for example, especially Howl, Mononoke, and Ponyo. So, here's a quote:

Trans-attempt: "Japanese woman voice actor is the owner of coquettish voice only, and masculine viewpoint is lacking. We don't need it."

There is something else, but basically he is saying that the voices of anime don't match (or make?) movies. Or is it just his movies?

In his new movie, Japanese director Hideaki Anno (Nadia, EVA! Ogata Megumi's tormentor) will voice the main protagonist, Hirokoshi Jiro, modeled by the actual WWII aviation engineer. Comes off as a shock for obvious reasons, plus I was slightly glad because you'd rarely hear a middle aged guy voicing any main character particularly a young person. Furuya Toru, Nozawa Masako, Tanaka Megumi, and Mori Katsuji has received such honors still. However, Jiro is probably in his 30s.

Learning this, I remembered an email days later saying that choosing Hidaki Anno for main character won't "make the voice seem fabricated" or something along those lines.

What does that mean?! Does Anno get to voice Jiro because he has the spirit of a creator?

Even more stranger, there is an English dub of Eureka Seven Ao coming. And, Todd Haberkorn is going to voice Truth. WHAT?!


I got to see how ridiculous this turns out.
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Foot pain, homesick.

This entry is mostly going to suck.

In the News
It was only yesterday that two bombs exploded near the internationally famed Boston Marathon, three people killed, one being an eight-year-old boy. My expressions were obvious shock, but it was only recently until I got a clearer view of the carnage. The footage of the explosions itself, the smoke, and the people running away were astonishing in itself. I hear about people being critically injured, had lost limbs. However, it was just today when I looked into the Free Press and saw a photo of blood everywhere on the streets...

Even K-sensei made a comment about it. "AWFUL!"

It's things like this that make me want to be in a federal service. And apparently the explosions were right at the finish line; I can't help but believe that it was right on cue for the perpetrator. Terrorism? Of course, on Twitter, Muslims are stigmatized; the word becomes a Twitter trend because of someone's negative commentary. In a post-911 world, we in America still can't seem to shake off that paranoia of Eastern religion.

I also see these words: "Hateful Democrats" "Republican horse droppings".

Politics are all in the same. I can love military, like rules, dislike guns, etc. Making decisions is liberal. When it come to these situations, crime committing and people dying, shouldn't party affiliation affect common sense? The name-calling is sad.

Japan: Seiyuu World feelings
Legendary Naya Goro passed away last month. I guess I didn't want to talk about it because it was too much that man BEAT CANCER!. So did Tsushima Takeshi from an unfortunate fall. The father of Romi Paku had died as well...I swear, her tweets and blogs can give me so many feelings. Then recently, the author of Zero no Tsukaima Yamaguchi Noboru passed away from cancer.

I felt a sense of strength from particularly Romi's father and Yamaguchi. If I recall, I think Romi said that her father was paralyzed for many years. I thought of my dad too.

Yamaguchi...oh Yamaguchi. He was sick, in and out of the hospital, and was still enthusiastic about his work. That's all I can say. I was just sad. I wasn't really a fan of the novel, the little that I read from it, but I love enthusiasm.

NARUTO: Personally...
Quick thoughts on chapter 627. This is either...

While I am into logic, and staying in character, I'm going to disregard how considerably QUICK this decision-making happened because of the good potential that can come from it. Sasuke's decision is either a sign that he wants to fix the past of his stupid ancestors, or Kishimoto is just plain tired (lol).

But Madara and Tobi are just flat out problematic. So much blood spilled over...being unable to cope. Apparently, struggle or trauma is necessary for the sharingan to develop, but why? What about the byakugan? What about the hard work of Naruto and Rock Lee?

Madara had problems with being trusted. While that is understandable, he wasn't the kind of guy who could improve trust by adjusting his actions. The fear of the Uchiha was still alive, that's true; if Madara wanted peace, couldn't he set an example for Konoha? Why did you prove Tobirama right dude? Torirama's actions were radical as well, and he did act out of his underlying mistrust. That increased suspicion within the Uchiha.

Maybe it is quite difficult: to prove yourself.

Look at Sasuke in the beginning, like during and before the chuunin exams. Even now, aside from Naruto, who will trust Sasuke?

And it's like I said before in another entry, why in the hell is it okay to live in a permanent illusion?

Time for something happy.

MIO MAO and Family
Whelp...the niece made me watch a 24/7 baby program on TV, and there is a claymation short called MIO MAO (revived version), produced by Francesco Misseri, about two small cats. I can't believe how catchy the theme song is.

"Mio, Mao, Mio la la la la." Niece sings it too, if I sing it (lol). She does the "lalala" part.

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putting aside nuclear threat...

Sorry to annoy you with PSY's Gangnam Style again, BUT I love reactions too much. Just seeing people grin, dance, and laugh.

"What's going on dude?!" and "What on Earth?!" fits the music video so well.

Um, how do you say "Hyuna"? "Hyou-nah"? According you YT comments, the people in the vid are saying her name wrong.

The first time I saw the video is was a parody, GUNDAM STYLE!. I think I nearly died when I was saw that elevator scene and the guy had the GM's face.

ME: "?!"
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Continuing from this entry about voice quality adaptability

It's one of those nights again. Niecey is sick, and is in and out of sleep. It just had to be a Sunday. Also, I might need to prepare for solace since niecey's "parent" Stink-Pest might visit for more than a day. Finally, I am having weird hand pain?

Anyways, more seiyuu analysis talk, inspired by a blogger named sinamon-imf on (did a blog entry about Katsuki Masako), and once again by Yuzu's voice compatibility talk on In a previous entry, I did my personal analysiss on how I would rate K-sensei (Katsuki Masako)'s voice quality through six categories developed by YUZU, and included a radar graph since he/she made some to map the categories. Each gender had six different categories, which I wonder why was that? I can't seem to find an explanation. The male categories seemed to describe the tone; for example, "coolness" (クールさ), "Sexy" (色気), "bitterness" (渋さ; roughness), "comicalness" (コミカルさ). As for the girls, while there is also "sexy" and "comical", the rest are split into age groups. Like "little girl" or "older woman" or "big sis like". The males are not split into "boy" (少年), "youth" (青年) or "mature" (壮年).

I don't know the reason. Yuzu seems to say "inclination of voice actress via viewpoint". Pigeonhole?!?! So is it to make it interesting? So, I was thinking, what if K-sensei was warped, and I use to the male categories to describe her voice? What would I say?

I want to do this for a woman too because I think it can fit. This time I am not going to do grading, nor make a radar graph. Just going to express opinions of each category.

Here I go again! SENSEI! )

So what do you think?
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Changed my tag "Quiz" to "Quiz and polls".

Since I had a dark entry yesterday, I guess I'll just talk about Seiyuu (voice actors from Japan) today to brighten me up. Some polls caught my interest. I wonder if I should make an Ishida Akira tag? I don't seem to talk about him much, even though I like them. When I make a tag, I'd like for it to be significant and used plenty of times as I blog.

There's also the new Seiyuu Awards, but I don't have much to say about that.

There's a website called ANIMEONE and there are personal polls. On twitter, it's called "Aniran". Found some seiyuu-related polls. To my disappointment, Katsuki can't rank properly on these polls, or mostly. If she is no where to be seen in EVEN the "Top sexiest voice" poll, then there's a problem. It ticked me off. I wish I would find that poll again, but Tanaka Atsuko and Sawashiro Miyuki topped it. Biased and correct at the same time. I kinda see Tanaka as K's younger sister.

1.) VA suitable in villain role (悪役が似合う声優ランキング)
INFO: Simple! Both genders are allowed. Top 3 are Koyasu Takehito, Ishida Akira, and Wakamoto Norio. Norio is pretty much one of the obligatory "villain voice actors". He's around the same level as Ogata Kenichi, Utsugi Kenji, Nakao Ryuusei (who's also in the poll), etc. He also plays the gangster-type character a lot too. To make it simple, he utilizes his astringent voice well. Still, I think being on the same side as Koyasu and Ishida, as much as I like their performances...I don't completely know. Both can play crazy and cool, especially Ishida. Fujiwawa Keiji is #4! ;D Why is Sawashiro so high...above Nakao Ryuusei, that's BS.

2.) Kindly turn to "Drill Sergeant" Role (「鬼軍曹」役に向いてます)
INFO: Very interesting one! In a literal sense, the Kanji means "Demon Sergeant". In any way, it's a leader; might refer to drill sergeant. Top 3 are Sawashiro Miyuki, Wakamoto Norio, and Chiba Saeko. Ummm...I guess if you want the tough girl with a side of cute, you get Sawashiro; fear and power all around, you get Norio. Again, it seems very biased choices, even when going below top 3. Not sure about why Chiba would be there or Tanaka Rie (Strike Witches).

The lady female Sargent, amazing! They're amazing. They don't have to sound manly, or deep and bitter (ie: Otsuka Akio), but the ladies STILL have to instill command into you. And get you to listen. Not instill a feeling of sex appeal or "she's cute"; btw, which reminds me, the darned sexist comments that I see on youtube about female sergeants.

Genda Tessho is a great choice. Oh man, Katsuki and SEKI TOMOKAZU (関智一) as drill sergeants would be scary. Here we have Seki:


Even if he's not yelling, he can have a rough voice so it's perfect. Sousuke wouldn't be good for training.... These two plays many soldiers/military-like characters.

3.) Do not forget Ishida Akira! (2013 version) (あの石田彰を忘れない)
INFO: I think the description of the poll says "Add memory of Ishida" [his performance]. Top 3 is Kaworu, Katsura and Shuusei. Ryuunosuke of FATE is #7. 2012 version is Katsura, Kaworu, and Athrun.

Vid time:
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Wednesday. For someone who says she [Stinkpest] loves her baby so much, she certainty doesn't contribute much.

Anyways, last weekend was the Academy Awards. Usually, I don't watch it that much, or I just catch snippets of it. This time, I watched most of it since the baby (went home Monday night) was up late. So, the entire time until she went to bed, I watched it and cleaned. Since really, if I have to babysit SO MUCH in a week, I might as well remain active. Like a parent, I can't let a baby hinder my home duties.

I am uncertain of what to say about the Oscars results since i haven't watched any of the nominated movies, but Oscars can entice you to watch them because the elegant presentation. I really wanted to see Brave and Wreck-it-Ralph myself. Plus, there's the feeling of nostalgia. The new host was Seth MacFarlane, who made those kind of testy jokes. I didn't laugh out loud but found myself smiling wryly a lot. I don't want to criticize him harshly because of his Lincoln joke. And in the end, the First Lady awards the Best Film of the Year. Is there something wrong with that? So I hear that it's a problem.

Now there's the weather. Monday, lovely sunshine. Tuesday, CRAP SNOW STORM! Or rather, hail then snow. I thought the snow wouldn't stop.

In sports, Oscar Pistorius, paraplegic blade runner from the London Olympics, shot his girlfriend. He says it was an accident, public says otherwise. What can I say?

What can I say? Trying not to waste another week. So far, I can take a breather from the baby, and can focus easier. Can I get a lot done in one day?

Also, I'm going to watch Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the newest Super Sentai (or Power rangers) series. Combining that with Kamen Rider Wizard, I should get a good Tokusatsu watch. Might watch Junjou Romantica (or just 1 ep) too.
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I felt a little crappy this week because my energy is being wasted on not being useful. Like I said before, I failed the job evaluation. While I did well, I had a weak point in being physical.


FFs on blogs
I wonder, for those who post their fanfiction and original stories on their LJ/DW blogs, do you receive a lot of attention? Not a suggestion, just wondering. And I'd like to read from the experience of others. For those who do it, do you aspire to become a professional writer?

Another seiyuu goodbye
In the voice acting world of Japan, another is lost to cancer: Honda Cheiko (本多 知恵子). A sudden shock I had, and I turn into a piece of sensitive goo reading messages from her fans. Also, the tweets from other voice overs such as Furukawa Toshio, Ogata Megumi, Itoh Kentarou (I think), and Okiayu Ryotaro, and Okano Kousuke.

I came across her profile plenty of times before, but I don't know where and when I first met her. It could've been Flame of Recca (who Okano Kousuke voices the main character in!). Maybe it is Sailor Moon or Yuyu Hakusho? I am quite familiar with her gundam characters; while I don't understand it, the characters Puru and Puru Two has a large following. I am also familiar with Ennil El of Gundam X

Here's a small video! "COME OUT!!! QUBELEY!"

Thank you Miss Honda.
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Research: Voice Quality Adaptability (Female VA) (研究「声質の適合性」 (女性編))
Research: Voice Quality Adaptability (Men VA) (研究「声質の適合性」 (男性編))

Seiyuu-related entry!

Just something to pass boredom, and I need to practice in using Powerpoint, Task Manager, and Excel much more. The question is how? During my free time, I try to employ them into writing, like for collecting data. Sometimes I get so deep into it, I make graphs for characters or timelines.

Anyways, I was browsing for roles on Ishida Akira (ie: main characters) and found these links with opinions on Voice quality compatibility. The page creator is named "YUZU" (ユズ). In the link, for each gender, Yuzu lists six different categories to describe the voice quality. The qualities are scaled on a radar graph in clockwise:

Choices: Furuya Toru, Nobutoshi Kanna, Suyama Akio, Midorikawa Hikaru, Koyasu Takehito, Kamyia Akira, Okiayu Ryotaro, etc
「熱血さ」:Passion (quoting, "Simply put, "Super robot anime or Sports maniac suitability in old days")
「色気」:Sexy/H voice
「渋さ」: Elderly voice/astringent
「コミカルさ」:Comical (Gag)

Choices: Koyama Mami, Ohara Noriko, Hidaka Noriko, Hayashibara Megumi, Fucami Rica, Mitsuishi Kotono, Han Keiko, Koorogi Satomi, etc
「少年」:Boy voice.
「子供」:Child voice. Usually 12 and under
「少女」: Girl voice. Usually arouns 12 - 17
「お姉」:Big sister like. Usually around 18 - 20
「熟女」:Attractive woman. Usually over 20yo
「ギャグ」:Gag. Comical/joke type.

Looking over the opinions, or from what I can gather, I found myself nodding to most of them. They look impartial, and Yuru refers to notable roles, comments from doujinshi authors and encyclopedias (for voice actors?).

I especially agree about Furuya Toru, who is considered to have a "cool or oppressed boy voice" (the latter meaning the type you want "to mistreat") voice type. Listening to Amuro, you'd think the voice quality was a little shy? Not to say that his role selections are inappropriate; because he has a general young voice, he is often in the lead. Surprisingly to me, Furuya's "comical" score is low. Recently, I think Furuya's "sex appeal" has increased ;)

For the ladies, I didn't see one for K-sensei (Katsuki Masako). Since I had fun looking at the graphs, I thought I could make one. What do I think? I thought to myself, "what I do really think of her voice quality?"

My graph is rated 0 - 40; there is no "zeros" so it'll look like four ratings/lines. Let's do it with grade letters, from lowest to highest: E (0), D (10), C (20), B (30) A (40).

So here's mine:

K-sensei graph and opinion )

About Ishida Akira's Graph )

Now I'm tired. PC is lagging too much.


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