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I can't win can I?

Now sure if I can say if I should be more upset with myself or just how things are processed. I have little money.

All of this could've been avoided if I just had been more observant, but I rushed because I was too determined. This often happens. I rush because I wanted to do something so badly, and I was upset with being too distracted. I would have a plan laid out, but it isn't effective or isn't agreeable because I did not see holes. I did not one single important detail. That one detail or two would elude me for some reason.

And this is often the route to embarrassment.

....I would've been less upset if I had known sooner.

Back to square one. I hate myself sometimes.

On the good side: D.GRAYMAN has returned.
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The wee babe is going to school next month.

Team Ishida

Mar. 1st, 2015 02:29 pm
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Middle of the week, I wanted to rant about something. Sometimes I can't help but question others' stupidity, or how a person thinks, especially when it comes to being "a man" or "a woman' (AKA: an adult), or what "love" is.

But then, I thought "no" and stopped myself because it's just stupid. It's also obvious. I can't expect anything better from a particular person.

If I wanted to blog about a problem, I probably want to with the purpose of making others think twice. News articles can do the same.

Like I said before, I don't like giving off a bad impression too much, and I also said that it won't make me feel better. Social media can lead others through a lie, show only one side of a story, and personally those who complain the most are the others who cause the most problems. Least that's my opinion.

Right now, I need to learn how to not be frustrated.

What I do want to know is what's next for me? Thinking about it, I must be afraid of returning to school because of a few memories. I was into art (ie: Drawing, pottery) and automobiles, and I even, I can't even recall what it was. Something for PCs. It was highly assumed by family members that I was great with PCs just because I use it often. If I don't remember, it goes to show how much I didn't care. I prefer to use the PC for hobby or research.

No, I don't want to talk about Mr. Nemoy. Not in the mood. Made me a little upset.


Never played phone games outside of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja because I am just attached to console gaming, but I guess frustration got the better of me and I wanted to test the flexibility of the phone. Went do far to download Chess, Checkers and Sudoku.

"I need something to do while I take a breather" I just thought. I was especially looking for a RPG. So I foound Brave Frontier (header photo) and "Chain Chronicle (SEGA; 2nd photo). I am also playing "build games" such as Samurai Siege and Clash of Clans, but I just might remove them. I also briefly played Zenonia 4. While Zeno4 looked very interesting, I can't use the touch d-pad. Absolutely not. Not comfortable with it at all or any games that use it.

Being used to the conventional RPG with level grinding, Brave Frontier is pretty annoying because it uses a "fuse system" to make the characters stronger. They don't level up in battle. In the first photo are three five-star (or very rare) characters and it's still difficult. I even have 4-star Earth Pike Lance and I have to evolve him with a couple more materials.

Voice actor Ishida Akira (石田彰) voices over 40 characters in Chain Chronicle. Plenty of pretty guys or kids, but there is also burly dudes like Greg (above) and old men/veterans like Cervantes (Who says "Wakazo gaaaaa!" or "Greenhorn!"). SASUGA ISHIDA!

Not sure of the thought on the hero's name (you pick your own). I guess it's close to Aghanim, Athrun and Arslan.

Lots of Uchida Maaya too; apparently Yanagita Junichi (柳田淳一) plays a lot of loud or fired up characters, so far my fav being Dusty. Maybe I'll do another screenshot with Ishida characters one day.

Tokkyuger and fanfic project next.
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Ask YOUNG LINK: Never stop trying

An actress? A novelist? A hero? A manager? A game designer?

I'm still frustrated at the babysitting, and this thought occurred to me -- I am not aiming. The more I think about it, the more I feel I am just putting myself in one place most of the time, and being stuck 10 years behind. Someone with so much ambition, is easily inspired with a will to live, shouldn't have to work with so little result.

I'm often behind and I keep asking where I should go. Like I said before, I felt that I was doing the right thing tending to a little girl. Compared to someone who called said girl "an accident". A commitment is towards her, but I don't support myself.

I didn't want children myself. Didn't want a family life because I pursue answers to common problems. Overtake them before anything happens.

No, maybe, maybe, I didn't know what to do with myself. I probably should've been fulfilled 5 or so years ago. Of course there must be challenges.

It's like I beat myself up for where I am.
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Next year, this blog will be ten years old.

I am surprised. I suddenly thought of this entry because I lost my temper Monday again, and I remember saying that I don't like complaining a lot about personal problems because of a few reasons. One of them being that it shows how you're like on a social level. It can show your real self. Also, ranting won't change it.

But I guess I like telling myself, "Don't ever do what this other person is doing".

Maybe the reasons are under my "ugly side" tag somewhere.

Looking back, I can't seem to remember anything blatantly discriminatory. As in, putting it down on text.

"Racism", "misogyny", "homophobia" (even though [ profile] fanficrants may disagree), "antisemitism", "xenophobia", anything with bigotry.

Or is anti-teen pregnancy = misogyny?

Majority of it was teen pregnancy. I guess "ageism" is discrimination too? The other is criticizing religion. Atheism? I don't know. I don't recall directly saying that "I don't believe in God", but my biggest issue is what religion can do to people's egos and that it's commonplace. So commonplace that what is considered "good", or what bibles and scripts say can be interpreted differently. Also, religion has its own sense of bigotry, or maybe that is our fault?

So ageism and atheism?

Which reminds me, Reasons of Anti-Semitism. I still don't get why anti-jew exists. There is this survey:

More than a quarter of the world is anti-Semitic

One quarter of adults worldwide 'deeply infected' with Anti-semitism

I am happy to be naive sometimes.


Jun. 12th, 2014 08:10 pm
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Don't ask favors from someone by showing spite towards them virtually every time.

^ This is for someone who blames ADHD for her behavior. Should that "impairment" make that person easily remember how she was treated wrongly, but can't acknowledge the good things that are done for her?

It's ATTENTION DEFICIT! ATTENTION HYPERACTIVITY! It doesn't mean you're stupid, at all, or your focus is defunct (unless it's really extreme?). This is the issue with those w/o mental def. awareness.

She's such a brat. What is it?


I'm sure there is a difference between:
- Not knowing
- Forgetting
- Just plain can't figure it out if I tried. Probably the most painful.

I'm at a case where I feel retarded. Yes, a "bad word", but I believe it this time.

Maybe its pointless or silly to say that I'm broke because who isn't at times? On another day, I can feel content with where I am and have faith in the future. It's just part of being human. Still, I'm not sure where I went wrong. I can't seem to figure out the key to more finance and moving elsewhere. Something is not right here.

What I really want to do is to be rewarded for the hobbies I've picked up. I really envy those who have work in video games, or seems to have a well-known hobby in video games (such as speed-runners).

But I can't find out how this all works. Especially with me working in customer service. So what do I often hear? Work more, go to school and find more work OR get married. What is it?

All in all, I think you should enjoy with what you're doing. The key to success is having fun. I just dislike enthusiasm being awarded so minimally.

And the tooth dreams are returning, which reflects insecurity.

Some interesting links??
ADHD: A sham? (I often think this way. Like, "Who cares? Wityh some effort, I can get through yeah?"

Are-all-recent-online-shooters-aimed-to-ADHD-kids? (What? Why? o-O If you like action, you do)

I don't think I'm that great with shooters or maybe I hate losing Its easy to shoot and kill someone, but staying alive is the tough part. Some are faster than others.

Definitely need work on fighting games.

Plenty of progress in Tokusatsu.

Finally meet Green ranger (Dragon Ranger) in Zyuranger (original Power Rangers) and I'm nearly done with Shinkenger and Kakuranger.

Am I right?

Apr. 2nd, 2014 03:02 pm
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I am stark beat. Going to lay down but first, C&Ping this because I am curious. Removed formatting and references/links.

When I come back, I'll talk about mecha fiction.

What I want to know is if I'm right or not?

Feudalism (Japan) with table )
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Japanese animator under fire for film tribute to warplane designer

"Why did smoking have to be included in a scene where the objective is to depict the couple's relationship, especially the woman's state of mind?" the letter said. "There must have been another way to express that."

Japan has more of a smoking frequency than the U.S., doesn't it? And if Mayazaki said that it was trend in even the old days then why complain?

I would like more detail on the criticism. Every time I watch the Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) trailer, I'm filled with emotion, and I want to watch the movie regardless that the Americans opposed the Axis Powers. Miyazaki was always against war, and I don't dislike him for diverting from his fantasy elements.

Korea, Japan, China, I see the same thing.

When I see derision against people from Asia, it's from people who PROBABLY never lived in the age of World War I and World War II. They never seen the attack of Pearl Harbor except through stock footage of documentaries, and news highlighting these notable events on their anniversaries. Koreans are understandable, but even they are inciting hatred in this current age.

It is true that abduction and slavery happened; it's also true that Americans captured Asian Americans and sent them through labor.

Are they offended? There's always a justified feeling that it was okay to bomb the Japanese, especially the atomic bombs. Just because they declared war on America. What if an American created a movie lionising Adolf Hilter or the German military when the Nazi Party took charge?

On a unrelated note, Ueda Yuji (うえだゆうじ) appears in Saint Seiya Omega.

I can't figure out what Sonic Memory to do next. I might enter the Game Gear-verse against with Sonic 2 or Triple Trouble, but not sure if I remember much. I definitely can't remember much from Chaos. I feel that my memories are shallow. I'm only wrote eight?

As for reading...

Moreover, because of its importance, difficulty in learning to
read crushes the excitement and love for learning, which most children have when they enter

How true is this?

Either I'm just overthinking, I blame MESO, or this is psychological? I was always a good speller and reader, but do I like to read?

I still have very old novels stuck in my shelf, unfinished. Jurassic Park, ripped and ended up in the trash, stayed with me for well over ten years unfinished.

So i'm going to look around and see if there any answers of what might be the case, and maybe solution.

Misunderstood minds: Reading diff.

There's also depression and anxiety? o-O; And DSM-IV?

More in another entry one day.
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What can I say?

Last week and the week before last was mostly uneventful because I was busy AND I RARELY RARELY had to babysit. For the later, I became lazy. There's something else, and it rekindled my dislike for secular hypocrisy and teen parents - or rather, "stupid parents". But never mind that. Getting rid of anger is healthy, but it's like I said before, I guess things won't change. And I'm not the type who likes to complain a lot.

And I darn began GOBUSTERS and Legend of Galactic Heroes (銀河英雄伝説; Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu). No thanks to [ profile] dark_alone. I must be on six tokusatsu, Saint Seiya, two gundams, Fafner, Dancouga, etc. Way too much. I may not be able to finish Dancouga due to availability. I'd like to return to "Please Save my Earth" soon.

Oh yeah, I began ZZ (Double Zeta) GUNDAM. Judau is already likable.

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS...and fanfiction
Frustration from lack of reading time, even though I'm close to halfway through my current book. (~_~) This doesn't help my lack of confidence in reading comprehension.

Also, Tom Clancy. Am I blind or is his font really darn tiny?!?!

The last time I talked about fanfiction was about M-rated content; recently, I came across a fanfic by an autistic writer (she said so). Her story's main character is autistic.

Read more... )


Maybe the lesson to ALL OF THIS is "keep pushing".
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I'll talk about my week soon. Here's a video:

The sound was made by a DJ from Detroit named Tom Clay. Well done Michigan!
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I have two days of the seiyuu meme that I have to do, but I'm blogging about something else.

I define "rant" as criticism with extreme emotion. I'm not that angry today though, but I'm just ....bloated?

I'm surprised that it's Friday; nothing happened last night, but I felt like something needed to get out of my system.

I guess it started on Plurk where I was introducing myself to those who recently added me to their friend list. As I did, my roleplaying game history crossed my mind. When you're young, you can develop faster, but you don't have much to stand on. Not much knowledge and comprehension. Online, I started off in D&D; years later, I entered text-based play-by-post games. The majority of my RPing was online; but, I enjoyed writing before that.

And it was just a terrible experience. The beginnings were terrible; chatroom was terrible.

Read more... )

All of this was inspired by some uneasy thought I had last night. We should prevent "psychological scars". Why do you think people grow up as jerks because they learn that from others. They end up unforgiving, and assume that payback and showing off your chest is better than anything.

I really have a trigger for pompousness. For arrogance. If I want to thank those guys from the online RP games for something, that is to learn not behave the same way.

But this isn't restricted to just "gaming", but communities as a whole. Maybe that's why I was bothered last night because I received too many online abuse. Fighting for my defense, the result doesn't end up in my favor.

Now I believe that I can't debate or think out of the box, that I can't express my thoughts safely, that my words are too confusing, that I have little logic, and that I can't fix any of it.

Or maybe I just hate to lose, and being told that I'm wrong, virtually all the time.

When I say the words "maybe" and "but" too much, it shows a lot of uncertainty.

What is right and wrong?
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I thought the Botfly would be higher on the list. When I first heard about them, I was disgusted. I can barely avoid getting bit by mosquitoes. Doesn't make them less dangerous, but I am squeamish at the thought of babies growing from under your skin. It feels like pain and disease at the same time.

Bullet ants and Japanese hornets are indeed infamous.

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Questionable or not, these are addicting videos. Very well made. It's like I'm watching documentaries.

Father told me about the Superman curse...

Which reminds me:

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Michigan educators could face a year in prison for conducting union or political business over public school e-mail servers under a bill advancing in Lansing.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]

~ Autism
~ Mathematics
~ Why I can't fully absorb what I read?
~ Computer
~ Trends on Twitter
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THIS is by no means surprising. I knew that this was often seen across the net, but I am happy to find an actual article. I only time I actually talked about it was here, and I probably feared being unable to explain it well.

I've been ignoring it a lot though. Such a problem is so common among net comments, that I'd end up arguing a lot about it on my blog.

There were even a lot of people like that the online RP games I've visited. I knew something was bugging me. Imagine such people in charge.

My main thoughts were, "20 somethings are using the same words".

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if I knew what "fa***t" meant when I was like 13-14. I heard kids say "gay" and got really confused, like what does that have to do with me. The words also rubbed me the wrong way. You can sense an air of condescending towards kids who bully or use those words.
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Hoh boy.

While I OBVIOUSLY think it could use some additions, like Furuya Toru and Furukawa Toshio (who are often associated with Tanaka Mayumi and Nozawa Masako), I think this is a nice list. I admire the energy and personality of Toshio, Kappei, and Tanaka.

I'm glad Hirata (surprise!) and Kappei are on there as well. Ogata Kenichi (who I call "Uncle Ogata" ;) ) is on there too, and many others. And even Sugiyama Kazuko!

Yamadera Kouichi seems to be No.1 everywhere.

...It's just that I'm surprised by the comments on MyAnimeList (MAL). Animenewsnetwork (ANN) isn't so bad, but MAL is awful.

The comments on there can get pretty disrespectful, and it shows the shallowness of some people if that's the right word. It's true that veterans get hired less (I'm still surprised that Hirata got to play the main character of TIger & Bunny, KOTARO!), but I think it's further worse to say something along the lines of "old people?" (along the super worshiping of Wakamoto Norio).

It's surprising enough to see avid anime fans or so it looks like saying, "I don't know most of the people on the list"...

I WAS fine with that, but some behave like as if those who are ranked high are insignificant because of their low frequency in CURRENT anime, radio, etc.

It is pretty funny though, seeing people getting worked up.

ANN's problem is the lack of Romi Paku. ;P
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Atlanta Schools Created Culture Of Cheating, Fear, Intimidation

ATLANTA -- Teachers spent nights huddled in a back room, erasing wrong answers on students' test sheets and filling in the correct bubbles. At another school, struggling students were seated next to higher-performing classmates so they could copy answers...


Unrelated Note, I'm going to watch the first episode of Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru (魔神英雄伝ワタル), starring Tanaka Mayumi!
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On this day, in 1961, John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as the 35th U.S President and made this speech.

Never met the guy or been around during his short term. Yep, way before my time (or I'd be like 50-ish), but read about him plenty in the history books.

^This is history, folks

Can we really win without war?

Why do I see "Black Ops" in the youtube comments? Typical!


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