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I've been so bored in the present, so I had to go back like 15 years and watch a show like this. It's animated by MADHOUSE, so you can imagine it being bold and neat.

Ippo is a bit of a lucky dude who gets out of a pinch with spirit, but you can't help but love him.

Art wishes

Jun. 27th, 2015 08:02 pm
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What/who I wish to draw one day:

Any realistic Portrait
Any realistic automobile
Mach 5
Link (legend of zelda)
Anything Digital
Seiya characters (especially Gold Saints).
Gunstar Heroes
Anything Digital
Realistic sketch of my dog
Alphonse/Ingram (Patlabor)
Monster Rancher characters (Mocchi, Tiger, Zan)
Japanese armor/clothing
Anything with digital accessories.
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This is about SOUL of GOLD (聖闘士星矢 黄金魂 -soul of gold-), a short animation centering on the Gold Saints of Saint Seiya. Some of the best characters of the series.

Picked it up since Omega was long over, Aldnoah and Ronja was over, etc.

So, this show is at about the halfway point. I think it is both refreshing and inconsiderate, but the toy figures are freakin' amazing.

TO me, it's average.

The animation is something of wide-spread infamy because its Toei Animation. Without the lovely Araki Shingo and his concepts, it seems silly to go along with this, but the budget seems to go up when the God Cloths appear. The Gold Saints are cute as sin sometimes o-O.

Going to cut this because of spoilers and a few very questionable stuff.
Story and wtf with characters )

This would be OK, or wouldn't affect me if I didn't watch the previous material.

Sound? In my humble opinion, it's very refreshing. Probably not something you're used to when the voice actors recently play bad guys or old men, such as Sagittarius Aiolos being Jirai in Gintama for example. This is especially when compared to recent shows. It kind of challenges my tolerance level. This is when imagination and the skill of acting comes in. Ultimately, it's about the character camaraderie.

I was so glad to hear Seki Toshihiko; he wasn't Milo before, and I don't know why Milo was changed, but it's easy to handle. Nobutoshi Kanna and a recently married Kusao Takeshi returned as Camus and Shura respectively. Both previous voice overs died, and gave Camus and Shura some nice threatening baritones during the 12 Temples Arc.

It was nice to see an impassioned performance of Tanaka Ryoichi (C.V of Deathmask). Personally, it takes a while to convert from the deep, dignified sound of DM from the 1980s 12 Temples Saga to this humorous, drunken tone of DM, which you can hear from even the video games and the Hades OVA series. The qualities are considerably different, especially when compared to the other Goldies who maintained their own VAs (ie: Shaka, Aphrodite).

So far, an average show. The best so far was Ronja.
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OK then. Some shows were completed.

NOTE: These list reflect, I think, 2-3 years especially the completed series. I might narrow the lists as time passes.

- SAINT SEIYA: Soul of Gold (聖闘士星矢 -黄金魂 soul of gold-)
COMMENT: May watch it. Feels like EPISODE G, least in the case of Aiolia being main character (?). Uncertain if he contains the bitterness towards the other Gold Saints.

- Heroic Legend of Arslan (Arakawa ver.)
COMMENT: Looks promising. I haven't finished the OVA series yet though....

- JOJO'S Bizare Adventures (PART II)


- WAR OF LODOSS (OVA series)

TOKUSATSU/SPECIAL (Super Hero Time week)
- Kamen Rider Drive
- Shuriken Sentai NinNinger

- Hunter x Hunter (I'm slow as hell. Togashi's sickness beats my speed)
- Magi: Magic Labyrinth

ON HOLD/Unsure/Slow (TV)
- D.Grayman
- Shipuu Iron Leaguer
- Mobile Police PATLABOR
- Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

- Kamen Rider Series (OOO, W, Blade/Ken)

- Super Sentai Series (Go-Busters, Kaizoku (pirate) Sentai Gokaiger, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, Ninpou Sentai Hurricanger, Go-Onger, Zyuranger, Boukenger, Gekisou Sentai Carranger)

- Other Tokusatsu (GARO Tami no Terasu, Ryukendo)

- Sword Art Online (S1)
- Legend of Daikyumaru GAIKING
- Choujuu Kishin Dancougar
- Stop!! Hibari Kun!
- Tekkaman Blade
- Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato
- Casshern Sins
- GetBackers
- The Heroic Legend of Arslan (OVA)
- Zoids Genesis
- Higurashi When They Cry
- Junjou Romantica (maybe, maybe not)

- Claymore
- Nokizaru REAL NINJA
- Wolf Guy : Ookami no Monshou
- Nabari No Ou
- Sailor Moon (Stuck at Dead Moon Circus.)
- Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho
- Saint Seiya Next Dimension
- Saint Seiya Episode G

- Aldnoah ZERO (S2)
COMMENT: What can I say?

- Gundam Build Fighters TRY
COMMENT: Don't think the FINAL was the best, but what I do know is this: GUNPLA IS FREEDOM!

- Gundam: Reconquista of G
COMMENT: Tomino dot dot question mark exclamation point.

- GARO: The Animation

- Bandit Daughter Ronja (Ronja Rövardotter)
COMMENT: ....I loved it. Ramble one day. Well done Goro. I recommend it.

- Terra Formars
- The Wind Rises (Kaze Tachi nu)
- FREE! (Season 1)
- Kamen Rider Gaim
- Mobile Suit Gundam-san
- Gundam UNICORN
- FAFNER of the Azure (Season 1)
- Aldnoah ZERO (S1)
- Captain Earth
- Knights of Sidonia (S1)
- Nobunaga The Fool
- BUDDY COMPLEX: Conclusion Chapters (バディ・コンプレックス 完結編 ―あの空に還る未来で―)
- Gundam Build Fighters (S1)
- Saint Seiya OMEGA (Season 1 & 2)
- Windaria
- Kamen Rider Gaim
- Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (THANK YOU!)
- Kamen Rider Wizard
- Mobile Suit ZETA Gundam
- GARO Makai Senki (Season 2)
- Saint Seiya: LOST CANVAS
- The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls (YxM)
- Eureka Seven (TV series)
- Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows Movie
- Eureka Seven AO (TV series)
- GARO Season 1
- GARO: Red Requiem (movie)
- GARO Gaiden stories, including KIBA Gaiden
- Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G
- Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
- Macross Zero
- Macross Plus
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn (comic only)
- Kamen Rider Fourze
- MS IGLOO Series (Apocalypse 0079 & Hidden One Year War)
- MS IGLOO 2: Gravity Front

- Looking for a new Jurassic Park novel.
- LEGEND OF ZELDA: Hyrule Historia (Own)
- Pirates Latitudes (Completed)
- Shoninki: Ninja Teachings (Still wondering/in library)
- The GodFather (Still wondering)

- The adventures of the brave Flute by Asakura Rei (勇者フルートの冒険)

-Haou Taikei Ryu Knight: DARK LORD
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Well, as usual, a miserable week. I am getting extra frustrated with my niece, and it keeps me up late at night since that seems to be the only time I can get some peace and do what I wish. But I haven't been sleeping properly as it is lately. She says the darn-dest things that just melts the heart.

"No fighting, and no yelling."

"Baby needs a hug."

I want to quote as much as I can, but my memory can't maintain.

In the Watchlist World: Aldnoah ended, I haven't watched the Ronja final yet (I'm not in a rush) or the GARO animation final, Gundam Reconguista of G is over, and I finally watched Gundam The Origin.

I'll ramble about Gundam Reco another time, if that's possible. Not sure if I can even describe it. It is such a random show; I really can't believe how silly it was.

To quote another guy: "G Reco's barrier to entry is too much for me to recommend it to anyone. It'll be like telling people to run thru a doorway w/ unseen glass."Loved the comedy though.

Gundam The Origin suffers from a lack of animation budget, and there are shoes to fill after being spoiled by GUNDAM UNICORN, but I think ORIGIN is pretty good. Violence AND comedy. Fantastic.

I am not sure why anyone would allow a guy with not just only mental issues, but insignificant amount of flying hours, to fly a commercial airplane, especially with many passengers. I am sure that you need to be an officer.

It's a shame.

Phone is giving me a little bit of sanity since I can't keep up with new console or console games, and life just sucks.

Peggle Blast gets harder or more unfair on the way up. I feel that it may end up like Candy Crush, and force me to slip it some pocket change just for a few extra turns. But I like achieving things through hard work, and that includes strong character and winning. and I'm paying through my data-loaded phone bill after all

I have no idea why I'm playing something as grueling as "Sonic & ALL STARS: Transformed" ON THE PHONE. I have to do easy mode ~_~ Why do I play racing games on the stupid phone? It's horrible! But yet, it's still fun from what I gather from it, and I may want it on console one day. Interesting themes (or mode) for the races, outside of battle and time trials, and the stages have different pathways. STILL, there are invisible walls, especially during flight mode and it's annoying.

Not to mention niece overlord wants to play it ^-^; Even though she has no idea what to do. She says, "can I have phone?" or "I wanna play car!" Is she becoming Petrolhead?
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Random voice over (Seiyu) rant/ramble.

This is about Sailor Moon Crystal and the up-and-coming anime based on Arakawa Hiromu's Heroic Legend of Arslan.

I have a total problem with Miyano Mamoru (宮野 真守) and Kaji Yuki (梶 裕貴) being bad guys. And I mean REALLY bad, intimidating bad guys, especially as leader roles.

Miyano voices Light Yagami, the main protagonist of DEATH NOTE, and skillfully portrayed a genius boy who spirals down into a funnel of insanity while being challenged by L. I could care less how bloated he sounds, or the popularity of DEATH NOTE, I don't see why he should be Lucifer of HUNTERxHUNTER. Lucifer being the leader of friggin PHANTOM Troupe. Then there's Nobunaga, even though he is a young man than usually portrayed.

Now we have Yuji Kaji voicing Arslan's Commander Silvermask. But it's Kaji because it's Kaji, and we gotta kiss his butt. Do you know what Silvermask did?!. And to be up against Hosoya.

but I guess they get the roles because the character pretty faces, especially Demande/Diamond. And, they're cheaper.

Characters (and probably most anime) are feeling childish, especially with KENN and Natsuki Hanae involved. Even though, Elam is a boy and it can't be helped.

Look at Jojo and how masculine it is, voice and character-wise. Ono Daisuke, Koyasu, Miyake Kenta, Sugita Tomokazu, Tsuda Kenjiro, Inada Tetsu, etc. And fun on top of that. However, Jonathan was a little juvenile.

Arslan sounds good.
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Ramble on TVアニメ『WING ITジョジョの奇妙な冒険』

Well, looks like I can't do "Jojo a day". I can't keep promises can I? No motivation. I mostly want to rest because my body sucks, and I'm already on weekly shows such as Aldnoah, super sentai and kamen rider, and the gundam series.

Last week (?) I finished Phantom Blood (PART 1) of the JOJO Bizarre Adventure anime, and I watched only one ep of Battle Tendency (Part 2).

Can't believe what I brought myself into. Probably give it an 8 out of 10. It's near perfect, especially when the voice actors I'm thinking Ueda Yoji passed out through Heaven and Hell and the animators are enthusiastic about it.

Some people can't explain JBA because of its ridiculous atmosphere (not like Gundam Reconguista. Orz), but it's filled with this nonchalant testosterone, sharp art, and shows that its author doesn't "write for kids". So he says. Knowing the latter, I expected some good. At some points, I asked "What's with the savagery?"

I guess it's nice and refreshing to see something outside the common anime genre. Because I am sick of school and kids. And machine jacking, sqeeking, magic, kids with swords (sans Johnathan) and harem. Also, the pace is quick. For both Part 1 and 2, Ep 1 doesn't pull punches. There are also strange details such as onomatopoeic symbols within the scenes (including the Stands but they're not in Part 1 and 2) and the Greek art-like arm-raising poses of the characters.

Well, like the title, it is definitely bizarre. I like ancestral stories, and it spirals around Dio and Joestar family.

Oh Mighty King Lord Emperor Dio is devil incarnate. Fucked up everything. He must be. He is so lacking in moral compass that it collaborates to the series' awkwardness. Seems to be little to no root behind it. He is just a demon with leverage over many. And to make thing, he's into that vampire and zombie shit. Of course this was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Walking Dead and Twilight. I think I saw a poll of "villain voice actors" and Koyasu was...probably TOP 3. At first I thought it was a bad choice, but they weren't exaggerating because of Dio?

Odd on how I can accept this when I sometimes like to see logic. I guess I can only explain Jojo in a way that it is like "sitting on a stool", getting shocked, and the whole thing just tickles your belly. It either makes you humored, worried, or upset fuckin' Dio.

Man porn but better? With a story to follow.
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Time for a tube ramble. Somehow I got some watch time in.

[ PSYCHO PASS & SekiTomo is cool-smart! ]
Who likes plastic?.
I'll first say this: Great instrumentals for the first OP "Abnormalize" (linked). The guitar and drums only though.

Now, to the show after eight eps: Basically, there is a feeling of restriction, and an underlying sense of gloom. We're measured by a hue color, which seems to represent our mental level. How coefficient we are to "stability". In the 2nd ep, there is the utilization of holograms, and it was that and the idea of a Sybil system made me think that this show has a theme of being restricted or "making a reality how we want it". A perfect reality, enough that we are willing to force people into therapy or shoot them to death if we go too deep into the abyss. Even a child can be killed if he/she exerts a criminal behavior.

The antagonist Makishima has a problem with this "reality" of keeping our hues stable, so he uses others and creates chaos. Another case of sick-dick Sakurai Takahiro. How many times has it been now? However, Makishima himself while a sicko has an interesting thought process. He seems to be an aesthetic in a fabricated "plastic world". I hope I explained this right.

I know one thing: I can see why some of these episodes got banned. And if not that (EP 8?): Read more... )

I finally finished Shinkenger, and i'm even more determined to finish Kakuranger. I think I have yet to see a really strong FINAL from Tokusatsu. Because I was a little disappointed from Rider Fourze, Rider Wizard and Kyoryuger. Watching all the way through was very fun.

Dokoku was very fearful and it was great. I officially call ShikenGold "Japanese Jim Carrey". Takeru has like four (3 Shinkengers + Daigoyo) doofuses in his retainer group. However, the ending was important because Read more... ) It was a reminder of the adventure I went through while watching the entire show. Made me wonder if watchers of the show were upset? What confused me was Takeru's parent. I won't spoil it.

Liked Shinkenmaru! Simple, but cool, and everybody had a sword. Perfect for a samurai-theme show. Didn't like the style of the toy-like origami though or the combination.

I kept getting a gay crush on Read more... )

It was weird, but fun because you could see the Staff's intelligent grasp of sci-fi element. Or maybe I should say the comic artist's creativity or familiarity of sci-fi. Even Kojima Hideo highly praised it. Maybe that is why I liked it, and how there was no fear to present...what we've seen. Whether it was as a visual or some scientific info or concept such as human bio-engineering.

I mean we're talking about alien placenta here. Also, deaths. Not only was there the intelligent grasp, there was this "dark and desperate" feeling, along with the violence, that I liked about it. Human beings, who can't make children naturally, are forced to fight for an exhibition colony (or so that's what I call it). A fixed military/population means quick promotions and drafting. There is an emphasize on fighting the gauna by any means. I like military fiction.

I'm not a fan of CGI, or the character design, and even the battles were a little hard to see. Despite that, the battles were cool though!

What makes me think "Wow, this looks good" or "Oh, they're going to do that?!" or "Holy Cow!"? I like some good suspense.

The Fool might be the Warring States theme. We all seen it before: fighting (and plenty of violence!) and factions making decisions. As expected, like in feudal days, so much flip-flop. I guess I could watch The Fool because it was average.

Something about The Fool that made me think that the show was just completely there. I was not particularly impressed or anything. It was just made for a time slot. I'm tired of Miyamo Mamoru being at the top of roles because watchers (or directors?) are biased, thinking he's the most suitable for a cool character. Especially a leader. Same with Kaji Yuki, although Hideyoshi was like that cool little (?) brother. It's like I always see people from Sigma Seven, Ken, and Aoni, formerly and currently. Although Sakurai, formerly 81Pro, has plenty of roles.

Round Table member Alexander's debut was good though!

Not a damn single Round Table member was named after someone from the Round Table!

I kept seeing arguments about Caesar and Akechi's romantic situations, or how Akechi was too much of an Oda dog to care for a woman. Maybe this is a subject for another time.

I'm also watching Aldonoah Zero.

So Sidonia is over (for now), Nobunaga is over, Shinkenger is over, add Psycho Pass and Aldonoah. Did I add Captain Earth?

I also watched the couple eps of Jetman.
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Some people are just disgusting, and I'm quoting: "Having autistic kids that don't eat what we give them" Something along those lines. This lady had an ugly tone when she said it because she was mad at a fast food store. Reminds me of the crap I see on Twitter, like "remember when wheelchairs were not for fat people?" or something like that?

And it also just reminded me: courtesy is good after all. I don't think its regrettable to practice good mannerisms, whether you're told to do so or not (such as a part of your job). There are just some things not worth getting upset about. But one of the reasons why I gave up on online RPing was the attitudes of people in charge.

Also, I watched police drama PSYCHO-PASS Season 1 first episode. I've been spoiled on it a little, but it looks cool. It is different when watching thoroughly. Also, it has an unsettling theme that made me think of myself.

Basically, in this show, if you take too much drugs or maybe drink too much, or have any hint of a troublesome mental illness, you have a death wish. Because members of the Crime Investigation will deem you as a "potential criminal" and will wipe you out. I say "think of myself" because sometimes I think we're better off without a select amount of people when there's no learning from the past. Say like compulsive lying? So if you're an obsessive compulsive lying? Or maybe a psychopath? You have to go to therapy or a ward?

Nasty, but it's true. Urobochi Gen obviously thought of it while writing this show. He's a really...dark guy. And there are definitely a couple people I won't miss.

And to make it worse, they get killed so brutally on the show [PSYCHO PASS]. Not sure how the fate of the hostage will turn out, if they tell me that is.

Rid of criminals? Because of latent mental level.

What about the people who I quoted up there? No, I'm not suggesting that they should die.

When you get older, they suggest confining you to a home or some kind of atmosphere that is not like you know of. That's saying you can't care for yourself any more and you're deteriorating.
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New SM this Saturday and munchkin is away ATM.

Going to post these because they're so cute/humorous:

Also the popular PEACY reacts

As for me:

Well, when I began the first episode of SM Crystal, the first thing that came to mind was how bright it was -- how much effort was put into the art design. A lot of effort. It actually made me happy. It's

sexy. Like oozing sexy. (LOL) But then, the comic design were beautiful.

Even Queen Beryl is gorgeous from the OP. Like Oh my God o-O; And Watanabe Misa is going to voice her? What a crime.

Which reminds me: I remember thinking that if they didn't get Furuya Toru back for Tuxedo Mask, I thought of Kishio Daisuke or Namikawa Daisuke. Turns out Kishio Daisuke MADE IT IN! And he's Jadeite! Points!

I agree with the first video when it comes to the PreCure eyes. I actually have a tiny problem with it -- they are so bubbly and it's like they push out of the cornea. There is so much effort put into making those eyes and everything else so acute (Like I said, "Oozing sexy"), and making the mouths so small, its like Toei made this version more stiff than its classic 90s version. You can definitely see the influence of the PreCure artist.

Why "Stiff"? This all seems to lead the animation towards a LACK of gag scenes. Or maybe I should say that the gag scenes were turned down a few notches? The liveliness has went away somewhere, but I'm not upset. One of my high points in watching Sailor Moon classic WAS the gag scenes. I was like "What is this...I LOVE IT!" The gag is present in the manga too, especially when Chibausa arrives and when Usagi/Serena is with Mamoru/Darien.

Hopefully that'll change. Don't get me wrong, Usagi falling down the stairs, tripping over Luna, and kicking her house's door was good. Unfortunately, I have the instinct of comparing back into the old days. But I do tell myself that the comic was attached to beauty, love, and that friggin' ridiculous crystal.

And it is just the first episode after all.

I also agree with the same video: Stop using CGI. I am OK with it, but why? I liked the crescent moon!

Music is OK so far; I liked the first few minutes with the dream. I will miss the beautiful classic transformation music; from other watchers, it was said to be Pre-Cure-like too.


Gotten to a point where Mitsuishi Kotono needs to be protected. I even saw comments such as "This is just as bad as the original voice actor" or along those lines. Uhh...

I am reminded of my previous entry about the original voices, and after watching Crystal I think that I understood the meaning of letting the originals return as being "important".

We do look backwards too much. We look back at classic Sailor Moon (just like classic Seiya) and expect a similar quality as if the series was still airing. Thus, we call Kotono "old-sounding". In other words, an unreliable voice. For some reason, we HAVE to look for some discrepancies, something that'll tell us that this casting will ruin our viewing experience because she isn't like "back then". Some kind of bad pitch, a shake, or some "difference". I think that as an expert, Mitsuishi is going to take steps back into her old role.

Performance doesn't wither from age. Node issues or having a cold are possible, but Mitshishi has plenty of control over her voice. "Moon Tiara!" and "Tsuki ni kawate Oshioko Yo" (For the moon, I'll punish you) is still as fresh-sounding as ever.

When VAs recite their roles' lines on a TV show (ie: Daitarn Map) or CM after so long, it's still fabulous to hear. Usagi isn't as spazzy as in her classic version, but I'm sure when things heat up, we'll see Kotono sprout some more.

Again, don't like the OP theme song at all. It doesn't have to be Moonlight Desentsu, but it is so uppity and childish and I'm reminded of...well, there's no "strength". A soldier strength I guess. It lacks grace, and you need to listen to Peach Hips. Listen to Moonlight Desentsu.

Moon's Speech (Classic)
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A short one. Maybe my blog is a little boring due to work and just not watching a lot of TV. Maybe I should do more comic/show reviews. Like I did with gundam.

Everyone is talking about Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, etc etc.

Anyways, stuck with niece because...well, I don't want to get into it again. She's 3 now.

In a Nutshell (Sailor Moon)
Crystal is coming, and these are my small thoughts on the teaser:
- Not liking the OP at all. It has a typical youth J-pop rhythm from Morning Musume or AKB48. Matter of fact, it just further reminds of me of the Pre-Cure cast involved in the project.

- BGM sounds nice.


- It's like the brightest character design I've seen so far. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Maybe "good" in a way, like it tells me to expect something big. Like Usagi's eyes, which look gooey and want to bulge out.

I am fine with it though.

Here's a weird one: Riding a motorcycle.
And very slowly, as if I'm taking beginning steps to work. And for some reason my motorcycle had a thruster switch.

What could it mean?
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Like I said before, I am embarrassed at showing my work. But then, I came up with the idea of showing excerpt of stories using photos.


I did a fanfic based on Future GPX Cyber Formula, particularly on its OVA series "Zero". Only a few people, or at least I know about two (Car dummy Miki Shinichiro did one as well?), has done Cyber Formula fics. That is especially in English.

And since I was impressed with the series, the TV show being smart and about a boy and a machine, and the OVA being dramatic with interesting visuals (my fun slowly being thrown away like shoveled sand due to bad subs, repeated footage, and Asurada oversteering its tail nearly into a circle and passing through a curve successfully to pass also, no K-sensei...), AND since I like cars, I wanted to go for it.

Spoilerish about ZERO series, but if you don't mind )

RC Type!

Game footage. A nice rivalry against Knight Shumacher. There's also Kaga, Shinjyo, Hayato, and I think Hiyama Nobuyuki's character, Andrea. It's hard to tell because he has a scar on his forehead. Sounds like him. BGM is Identity Crisis.

Four WTFs

Jun. 3rd, 2014 09:26 pm
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Doggie's here, and it's hot.

1.) So it looks like my niece's new favorite thing to say "I NEED!", clear as daylight when she wants food. She used to say "Give me some". Her "I NEEEEEEED" sounds so forceful and whiny. Then again, she was always bossy.

2.) So for Skyward Sword, looks like my Wiimotion adapter stopped working after a few days of playing. This is what I get for being a cheapskate. Bless Mario Kart 8 for doing well. I need to make a goal for better finance and catch up to the new generation.

3.) Two 12-Year-Old Girls Stabbed Their Friend 19 Times, Saying Internet Meme “Slender Man” Told Them To

Slender Man wants to chase girls. Why are you listening to a faceless thing with tentacles?

4.) Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary movie (SEE VID BELOW). WTF is this Japan on Milo? So Milo's movie VA is going to be Asano Masumi, which is really weird. She usually plays a girl/woman.

【浅野真澄/ミロ】 男性のキャラクターを演じたのですが、自由にやらせていただきました。青銅聖闘士の方たちは挑んでくるとき も、やられる時も常に全力で、それを受け止める黄金聖闘士の器も大きく感じましたし、とにかくみんなのエネ ルギーが凄かったです。
"I played a male character but let me interpret freely. I put all my strength, as well as the Bronze Saints come face me when I'm having, and I really felt how the Gold Saints are people of high stature. In any case, everyone was full of incredible energy."

It's just...what? o-O;

I can't take this seriously at all. Milo is such a strong character. Voice is pretty, but against a character who is loyal w/o question, hurting Kanon, and even fighting three Golds. What are you trying to do? It's not necessary. The movie is warped as it is. There's rumors that Milo might be a woman. We'll just have to see.

Other than that, I am totally happy about Camus! Total fix from the OVAs and actually feels like a Master.


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Remembering my entry about Sailor Moon voice actors.

I think this Kae to Kotono. I think Kotono has a lot of push in her.

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Irritated due to constant cough and taking drops all the time. Can't seem to stop it even with nasal spray.

ANN: Kotono Mitsuishi leads Sailor Moon Crystal Cast

Annnnd there we go.

Not really an "ugly side" moment, but using the tag will make this entry easier to find for me. Maybe I should call it a "rant" because I am spilling my guts out with perhaps little to no logical backing or evidence. It is emotional and I'm all over the place.

Frankly, I am happy that something is finally revealed. Not that upset like a raging fire, I'm just ready to go start.

I'll get this part out of the way first: I think the designs are cute Rei <3 . Everyone complains about how the necks and legs are weird, and something else about details on the jewelry? It is unusual, or maybe I should say it's a break from the common pattern of "school anime" (?) that looks lazy (ironically, spiky hair is difficult to draw? At least to me I don't have a prayer). You can see a handsome main character from miles away. Even though, I somewhat see the visual connection to Pre-Cure, which is one part of the fandom's ire, since Pre-Cure artist is a part of this project. We'll see how it is in animation. It is FIRST visual only after all.

As for the voice actors...SM: Japan Idol. Not sure if I can explain this properly.
Note even kidding: I was a bit depressed.

I do like Itou Shizuka and Koshimizu Ami in general. There are complaints about using fresh VAs for the picks of course; I know that Ami and Shizuka are semi-new. Quite sure that some of the older warriors, I think Tomizama-Mars, Pluto, Fucami-Venus, and even K-sensei-Neptune for example, had maybe around ten years AT LEAST before their start. Furuya was definitely in the business long before that, racking up main characters.

As for my thoughts: I talked about this before, and I talked about complaints from senior VAs such as Mitsuishi herself.

I am sad for typical selfish reasons.

The original five VAs for the Sailor warriors are friends, and it looks to me that there are concerns from even Japan as to why Sailor Mercury is not Hisakawa Aya, considering her and Kotono's recent activity.

I think Mitsuishi aided with the choosing during audition???? [Nico Douga?]

There were various discussions among the English-speaking fandom: "Keep the original", "they can't do it", "they're going to all be new", "re-cast them", "since it's based on the manga, the characters are different". Even if different, it's a VAs duty to adapt and perform the character.

I had two simple thoughts: "They'll come back" or "the cast is change and the originals will end up being parents or important supporting roles".

The change doesn't surprise me in the slightest because it happens a lot. Especially in American cartoons it does. The TMNT are changed virtually each generation; in new Turtles, Rob Paulsen went from Raphael to Donatello amazingly. Also, Marvel and DC heroes: how many Spider-Mans, Wolverines and Supermans were there?

This all reminds me about the rough truth that VAs can be easily replaced, and that juniors rarely perform with their coveted/motivating seniors in active roles. The seniors who deeply touched many juniors and got them into wanting to do voice work.

This is something that even Mitsuishi has said, and I want to find that article. I'm sure it's in my blog somewhere. For this reason, I am happy that Kotono leads the cast. Plus, veterans don't get the main cast very often.

It's a little bothersome on how many youths (INTERNATIONALLY!) aspire to be VAs, as difficult as it is. CDs, net radio, concerts/live stage events, etc. Yet, I virtually see a similar cast each time-- say Kakihara (柿原 徹也), Seki-Tomo, Kimura Ryohei (木村 良平), Nakamura Yuchi (中村 悠一; WHY?!?!), Shimono (下野 紘), Toyonaga (豊永 利行), Miyamo Mamoru, Hanazawa, Kamiya Hiroshi in lead-- in virtually every show. Studio affiliation?

On the other hand, I do get a little annoyed when I see a show with an unfamiliar name take up majority of the cast. It gives you a good idea that VAing has become popular. I don't pick a work just due to cast. I'll have to like everything--cast, staff/production, what it's about--it all must come together.

There seems to be the influence of Pre-Cure for most of the new Sailor Moon picks, since there is the attachment with director, script writer and art designer. Kotono still remains strong in the Sailor Moon image something about Usagi DNA. Lol, did I read that right?. Similar to the main cast of Dragonball, which were mostly retained for many years for some blessed reason. Lupin was like that for a moment.

I told myself for some security that a new cast would be important because, since SM is so well-known, it will give them a chance to "follow their dream". The new VA of Mars explains that herself. While thinking this, I also remembered an article about the cast change for Saint Seiya (Interview by Yamauchi Shigeyasu). Furuya Toru (Seiya) was very close to the cast that he was with. Kuramada seemed troubled with the change?

I'm sad because there are very few times that even the veterans can enjoy this seiyu boom, as this business activity has increased considerably since 60s and 70s. Not necessarily for Sailor Moon, but for VAing entirety. Ogata Megumi (Uranus) seems to go up and down, balancing in between acting and singing, having landed roles in Danganronpa and Persona both animation and game series.

This argument might have to do with "pursuing the past" vs "pursuing current audience". Or is it versus "pursing money"? You're probably thinking that this is no different from 70s and 80s, with Akira Kamiya, Furukawa Toshio, Inoue Kazuhiko being at vanguard. In 90s, it's Hayashibara Megumi, Seki Tomokazu, Kusao Takeshi, and Mitsuishi Kotono. Just to name a few.

It is considerably different in terms of how things are relayed or achieved, and I am quite sure the amount of voice overs have increase.

Pointing back to the seiya interview:




* 13 years later: Degraded voice quality
* Fan complains about difference; performance is not heated enough (since the show is about boys)

I, quite frankly, thought Horikawa Ryo did great in Heaven's Overture. Why didn't Kurumada want a change?

Under the fans or otaku?'s new era pretenses and misunderstandings that whether the original sailor warriors ALIVE voice actors are active or not, it'll continue to be an anxiety because of the pattern of current VAs and the world of "idols". A generational anxiety? Their position in the current business -- how are things decided? What will be the outcome? Maybe I am just being a picky baby while its all inevitable. Sailor Moon is an important work that went deep in a heart. For Mitsuishi Kotono, I may see Sailor Moon and Misato (EVA); for others, they may see Murrue Ramus (gundam SEED). Mitsuishi is very entertaining and that hasn't changed.

It's pretty much like theater.

As for the Outer Seishi, after seeing some comments, I think it's utterly stupid for Ogata, Katsuki, and Minaguchi (Saturn) to return since the main cast changed. Pluto change may be inevitable as well as the VA retired.

It must be an attachment, similar to why we question "voice quality" (like Seiya above).

Still, I will watch it. I hope there isn't any slander towards Toei and the VA.

VIDEO: Clip from Saint Seiya Heaven's Overture movie
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Haven't blogged in a while.

It is finally SPRINGTIME HOT! And Springtime windy and rainy.

This week, I realize that I have to refresh myself in fractions.

Buddy Complex (バディ・コンプレックス) thoughts
I got past Season 1. Not terrible, but pretty much Zogilia getting whooped by Free Treaty. I didn't have to wait for action that's for sure. I did have a problem, however, with seeing that said action. It's flashy and fast, like with Macross F. Strange when there's little to no CGI in the designs. Things only get interesting during battle and Coupling sequence, the latter creating the advantage for the Free Treaty each time.

ENDING (SPOILER): Read more... )


Seiya Omega
It has finally ended, what, three weeks ago? I'm not sure.

ENDING (both seasons)/OVERVIEW/GOLD SAINTS!!!!!: your text here )

Captain Earth starting
BONES is always weird. I'm trying not to be spoiled by Eureka Seven and WOLF'S RAIN, but when I think machines/mecha, I think battle. So far, Captain Earth is pretty average. So far, THAT IS THE BEST COMBINE SCENE I have ever seen so far. I'm such a space shuttle idiot. Also, it's 2D. Good points there. I guess I don't have much to say so far. The battles are short and not that exciting. I hope it'll change in the future.

Nice Lady
About two weeks ago, I was given a small cross one lady's husband made, and it warmed me up despite being so spiteful towards religion lately. It was obvious with the entries that I've made so far. And she wasn't even offended when I asked her a question.

Monster Hunter
What will I do when I start playing Demon/Dark Souls? I want to just stab dragons in the head. They are a menace in virtually all forms of games, and Monster Hunter is no exception. Rathalos and Barioth gave me so much shit.

Geez, what a pest Barioth was. I fought it maybe five times? Just to get parts for an ice spear, AND IT PAID OFF. It is an amazing weapon! Before that, I achieved another weapon that considerably helped me against various monsters, INCLUDING Lagiacrus. I was really surprised. Still, I need to find an easier way to surmount against Rathalos. Probably thunder bullets.

Also, to my surprise (and close to ENDING) Read more... )

MARIO 3 & Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Getting good. You know, when you were a kid playing video games and you were stuck, your first instinct is to try whatever you had/could do.

In Zelda: How I was supposed to know that I could rush against a pile of rocks to break them or to pull off a trident? I guess the latter didn't make much sense to me since I, so far, pushed/pulled statues and stones. I didn't break anything with my arms.

Mario 3 made me learn to fly while carrying turtle shells. I don't think I've ever done that before. Then again, I never got far in M3 until now.

Next entry is Sailor Moon Crystal, either after some Skyward Sword or when I get home tomorrow. I'm kind of depressed. It is for selfish reasons, but I was reminded of something of what Kotono Mitsuishi said.

And should I read "Song of Ice and Fire" (Game of Thrones)?
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Found this on [ profile] clio_selene Not sure how I missed it. Since I feel disgusted by myself, maybe I'll do this to feel a little better. To honor the 20th anniversary, and its upcoming new anime, it's Sailor Moon time.

I don't think I'm that big of a SM fan but let's see if I can answer these. Pass it around?


01. The first character I fell in love with:
Sailor Jupiter/Makoto. Honest; her name was changed to Lita for some reason. I like green and she's a toughie. Also, LIGHTNING! Impressive looking attacks. One of her quotes are "Soldier of Love and courage, Jupiter!"

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
It could be Tuxedo Kamen/Mamoru (even Endymion) from reading the comic.

03. The character everyone else loves that I don't:
Mercury. She seems to have a large fanbase for some reason.

04. The character I love that everyone else hates:
I don't know. Who could it be? I haven't been looking into the fanbase so I'm not sure who are the hated characters. Maybe Chibausa, but she is supposed to be obnoxious.

05. The character I used to love but don't any longer:
No one in particular.

06. The character I would shag any time:
I'll just say "I had a crush". And I think I had crushes on Diamond (but he's so not a girl's best friend), Ali (was that his name?) and Pegasus. Recently, in the manga, Saphir? ^^; I think.

07. The character I'd want to be like:
No one in particular.

08. The character I'd slap:
Uhh...Nehelenia? For being so...selfish.

09. A pairing that I love:
Haruka/Michiru. That's it.

10. A pairing that I hate:
I don't think I have any. I can't hate a pairing when there is a strong theme in romance.

11. Favourite character:
Uh...nah too many.

12. My five favourite characters:
Usagi/S.Moon (comedy, whiny, serious, determined)

13. My five least favourite characters:
I don't know. Probably one of the Five Witches or two.

14. Which character I am most like:
You tell me.

15. My deep, dark fandom secret:
I think my first R-18 doujinshi was Sailor Moon...

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Here's Windaria promotional video with the song "Utsukushii Hoshi" by Akino Arai. Not spoilerish and seems to tell the right story along with the song. "To not destroy the star [Earth] and pass it along to the children".

Some Cyber Formula. Geez, the changes of character designs throughout the OVA series.

Jurassic Park: Game Gear!
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Remember that video I showed about fans reacting to Kingdom Hearts 3? I was so impressed. In addition, the orchestral music of Shimomura Yoko makes it even more amazing.

The same can be said about the fans of Katsuki Masako (and Sailor Moon), who has been appearing live recently. She deeply affected fans with her personality and singing voice and pretty face? ooh la la.. I wish I could relay my thoughts to Japan.

I'm not sure how long it's been - three or four weeks? Now I understand why the MH series is at the popularity level that it is, and yet Tri's potential is considerably reduced. I almost notice the lack of monsters as I go through the different quests and Moga Woods. Despite that, it does live up to the series's name and it was a good introduction for me.

After a long time, a game that provokes my ambitious spirit. Monsters are exactly what they are: Monsters. And you're going to struggle! And when you fight, you can't suppress the adrenaline.

Some spoilers on what I've been through so far )

Watched Fairy Tail War Windaria (童話めいた戦史ウインダリア) a couple weeks ago

I haven't had a good cry in a while. After watching the movie, I was sick. I needed a friggin' pillow.

The ending theme Utsukushii Hoshi (美しい星; beautiful star) was sung by the one and only Akino Arai. Before watching this movie, the theme didn't effect me so deeply. With her voice, she can easily move me, but the lyrics combined with the movie's events, the song has a different outlook. It's almost unbearable, heartrending, but nevertheless a beautiful song.

I thought, "what's with this song?" (watches movie and sees lyrics) "Oh Geezus...(;___;)"

Isn't it popular?

Kamen Rider W

I picked Kisame because...well, due to NARUTO's international fame. Quite abruptly and to my surprise, Dan Tomoyuki has left this world.

To my disappointment...shortly after his death, and I'm talking like a week or two later, I finally meet his character. And I love a revenge story every now and then (Ryuu Terui is such a jerk). But now..

but now...

It's like my posthumous memory of this man will be a wacko doing clinical examinations to monsters. ^_^; And it's kind of erotic? #LOLWHUT Heh, I'm sure he enjoyed himself though. Can't wait to see W memory. Goodbye, Dan-san.

Gundam Build Fighters
I can't remember if I talked about this show or not, but I just can't believe me (LOL). Everybody complained about it before it aired. For a show about toys and tournaments, isn't it surprisingly ardent? And I feel like a total geek recognizing A LOT of the models. Mr. Ral is right - the person's passion isn't just from fighting with gunpla, but with building. It's all fun."

"NO COLLECTION, BOY! NO COLLECTION!" It became a fun show quickly.


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