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"not difficult to make good money".

Why do I always find that professional, showoff academic jackass? I guess I can't say anything since I don't own a business or can't make "good money". They are clever: They talk too much, and are in the spotlight. Workplaces always make you feel like you're a dump for being there if it's not consistent with your experience or degree.

Buddy, I wasn't that good in bookkeeping or accounting. I have this tendency to get brain scrambled when it comes to recording numbers and writing it down. It's a strange thing; I was always slow in math. Why do I need to go into BA? A school for leadership? Isn't that strange?

But this is a kid who is easily cocky and "perfect". There's other stories, but I won't bother.

Anyways, this is about editorials and visualizing the content.

With the time I have, and situation that I am in, I can't meet with such demands like +1000k words per day, I'm sad to say. I guess it's all about willpower. I am imagining Daily Planet and Clark Kent. 1000k can be an average number for a newspaper article depending on what it's about.

Why am I rambling about this? Because these days, it's high demand to ask someone online for something, even if its for simple tasks. And to pay for little substance.

I am into both the research and personal experience combined, especially when it comes to reviewing or reporting video games, rather than going by another's "record" of what happens or an opinion, or "word of mouth". Unless it's an article about "what others believe".

Reporters are "what happens" currently and spreading the ongoing details; "announcers" watch and tell you what's going on, having a sense of technique knowledge on what they're spectating on. Such as the hooks of boxing, or the overtakes of racing.

Do I ride roller coasters or talk about what others say?

But maybe my biggest weakness is multi-tasking? I don't find it a great idea while writing.

Maybe I'm rambling because of the lack of details in regards to this "demand". I'll think about it.
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