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Jul. 20th, 2015 09:55 pm
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I was going to do another blog entry in relation to "Honest story" entry, but I guess that'll come another time. I am still uncertain of things after all, and I am still ashamed of myself. I still think I am many many years behind. I am desperate for money and a change, but I feel like I don't much of anything to be recognized. Or maybe I am too impatient because its mainstream to usher pre-Christmas cake youths to finish school for careers.

But somehow, for some reason, I cheered myself up with the thought of using what I have for those who really need help - for example, soldiers at war. Orphans. Not sure how it happened? Maybe because I saw children?

I think a good purpose can improve a talent.

It may not work because I rarely have ideas that work long-term (recollecting my times as a moderator for RPG games) despite thinking how fun or "efficient" they seem, but I guess I'll do some questioning and find out.

In addition:

Internet income: I don't think I can agree with giving $5 to someone to help you with an essay or for a sketch. Would someone do that?
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