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I had a weekend vacation -- a picnic, but I think I spent most of it babysitting than having fun. Then, going back to work afterward. This can't be right. Plus, I did some emotional eating. I've been avoiding sweets until last week; I've been eating more candy. maybe that's why my cough returned

So on my vacation....I remembered the treasure of Golden Girls.
Hotel TV can be a little relaxing. So I was stuck with news and comedy classics.

Golden Girls. It's up there with "I Love Lucy": Unforgettable, everyone (?) watched it, and I'm not sure if I watched all of the episodes. If I love it because there is such good chemistry. You can't pick a favorite out of the four, even though I've heard that Betty White and Bea Arthur didn't get along? Or not to an extremity -- they just had different opinions.

And I totally forgot that Bea and Estelle (in the show) were daughter and mother respectively. That explains why they're both so snide. The only contrast they have in how they express this snide. Bea has this humorous scowl that sometimes you wonder if she smiles (she does), and Estelle is that lively Italian-ish stereotype. Cool daughter and open-door mother. Something like that.

To compete with the straight-man Bea (and Estelle), we have the cheery idiots of Betty and Rue's characters. I totally forgot how....naughty Rue was. COMPLETELY forgot.

I suddenly thought, "She is such a whore..." But then I loved it. Dating so graceful. Every single girl.

GG Opening them is still one of my favs: Memorable favorites such as "All in the Family"

Thank you for being a friend.
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