Jun. 22nd, 2015

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This is about SOUL of GOLD (聖闘士星矢 黄金魂 -soul of gold-), a short animation centering on the Gold Saints of Saint Seiya. Some of the best characters of the series.

Picked it up since Omega was long over, Aldnoah and Ronja was over, etc.

So, this show is at about the halfway point. I think it is both refreshing and inconsiderate, but the toy figures are freakin' amazing.

TO me, it's average.

The animation is something of wide-spread infamy because its Toei Animation. Without the lovely Araki Shingo and his concepts, it seems silly to go along with this, but the budget seems to go up when the God Cloths appear. The Gold Saints are cute as sin sometimes o-O.

Going to cut this because of spoilers and a few very questionable stuff.
Story and wtf with characters )

This would be OK, or wouldn't affect me if I didn't watch the previous material.

Sound? In my humble opinion, it's very refreshing. Probably not something you're used to when the voice actors recently play bad guys or old men, such as Sagittarius Aiolos being Jirai in Gintama for example. This is especially when compared to recent shows. It kind of challenges my tolerance level. This is when imagination and the skill of acting comes in. Ultimately, it's about the character camaraderie.

I was so glad to hear Seki Toshihiko; he wasn't Milo before, and I don't know why Milo was changed, but it's easy to handle. Nobutoshi Kanna and a recently married Kusao Takeshi returned as Camus and Shura respectively. Both previous voice overs died, and gave Camus and Shura some nice threatening baritones during the 12 Temples Arc.

It was nice to see an impassioned performance of Tanaka Ryoichi (C.V of Deathmask). Personally, it takes a while to convert from the deep, dignified sound of DM from the 1980s 12 Temples Saga to this humorous, drunken tone of DM, which you can hear from even the video games and the Hades OVA series. The qualities are considerably different, especially when compared to the other Goldies who maintained their own VAs (ie: Shaka, Aphrodite).

So far, an average show. The best so far was Ronja.


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