May. 25th, 2015

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Following my last entry.

Sailor Moon Crystal (and Toei), the real Miss. Togashi Sailor Moon, continues to weave infamy, and is overly criticized, and I wasn't going to allow someone to insult Mitsuishi Kotono or allow someone to say that I was being a "butt hurt shit" about the cast change of DIGIMON Tri (and there's no evidence that I was). About the latter, I'm a little worried about the character art. The digimon look great.

I guess I was looked down based on fallacy.

Even someone said that Kotono sounded 7 years old. That has to be a compliment.

Surely, Crystal isn't a masterpiece. There are definitely things from the classic series that I miss. More comedic scenes for example; there is plenty in the comic, which Crystal is adapting, but lack thereof in Season 1. There were extended fights, colorful enemies, and I am biased for the music from Sailormoon's transformations and attacks. Here is the beautiful crystal brooch toy and transformation music. Music is still lovely in Crystal, but Classic has some extra charm, especially in some riveting "spoiler scenes".

This weekend, it is probably the first time that I ever hit over 100 views on a fanfic. A fanfic that I made.


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