May. 13th, 2015

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I forgot how to have fun.

And frustration stems from the babysitting, especially when I have a day off. Being bogged down on my day off just makes me feel hatred more. On the good side, I may have a chance to follow my "wish".

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed (MOBILE)
Played it on IOS, and deleted it just recently. There are interesting race games on the phone, but when it all comes down to it, I am more traditional and prefer to play these kind of games on console. You think it'd be fine. Phone can work like either a miniaturized D-pad controller where you can use your thumbs to both steer and gas/brake, or you tilt the phone to steer. The phone is small and not that reliable when it comes to electrical signals, so I mostly played SASRT using the steer-motion controls. The gas is automatic. Game had the right feel: There was intensity, and it was frustrating, squeezing the phone like you would a controller, and it was challenging and fun enough for me to keep playing. Fun enough that I might want to pick it up for console one day. But it's me squeezing the phone while squinting at where I'm going at the same time, not entirely accurate controls (especially with stunts/drifts, which are considerably important), that just makes it annoying. Thanks to that button, I don't think I ever shot an item backwards. You also can't look behind you.

As for gameplay, it is interesting. There are invisible walls on the water and air sections, especially air! Such a shame, and it takes me right out of the flying. Sometimes my controls invert.

On the good side, aside from racing, there are a variety of missions. I dislike the restricted battle mode of Mario Kart, and SASRT's only has the advantage of using the vehicle the way it should be used: On the track, racing. However, maybe due to the quality of a mobile game, item pickup is small so it makes it easy to miss. With that said, that also makes the battle tank mode a bit difficult. I can't say I'm good at dodging projectiles. Traffic mode is a good idea.

Not sure how many stages are there on the mobile version, but I need that Sunshine Tour music. It's called Vamos A Carnaval! Se-gui-mos cantaaaaando! Se-gui-mos bailaaaaaando!

Good music in the game overall, but of course it's Sega. Not only Samba Di Amigo, but also from the Sonic series (like Sonic CD), Outrun, Panzer Dragoon, and Jet Set Radio.

Note to self, I might need to modify my tags. I added Watchlist Ramble.

I have "Doggie Week" and "Doggie World". Not sure what I was thinking. Of course, "D.Week" was supposed to cover what happened in the seven days of each week, but "World" is more universal. It's all about me, what I did, and what happened. I probably should just remove "Week". It has about three times as less tags than "World".

In fact:

#1: Doggie's World - 300+
#2: Video - 205
#3: Games - 204
#4: Entertainers - 153
#5: Fun - 150

Comedy, Health and Animation follow. I think this describes me will.


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