Mar. 8th, 2015

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Last article: SKYWARD SWORD Pt 1

Why not?

Sometimes, in my chair, I have bad posture. I lean back and look sideways, typing with one hand from time to time. It's suitable if I was watching something. Going to just sit, look forward at the screen, and see if it helps circulation.

Sunday is miserable. So from past weeks, I had mouth sores and I think an earache (or did I say that the last time?). So, for the sores, I guess I should just lay off sodas and sweets for a good while. Try to find something else to drink along with water with lunch and dinner.

but can't shake the habit sometimes. Recently been drinking club soda.

Anyways, back to Skyward Sword. I didn't talk about the puzzles/dungeons the last time. I'm not a sharp knife, so if I get stumped somewhere, it's just a Zelda game being Zelda game. Backtracking, guesses, and revelations through exploring. I avoided checking the FAQ for the most part, and the game helped me to pay attention to detail, but there has been some times where I get upset with myself because I felt too dumb. One particular dungeon requires me to stab something (by thrusting the wii remote) so that I could carry it and propel it somewhere, and I didn't know that I had to do it. There was no hints; matter of fact, I didn't know I could do that. You don't do it often either.

A lot of the tools, and chest openings (DA DA DA DAAAA!) are...useless and uneventful, and you don't get the best/familiar items til later. Read more... ). I think maybe 70% or so chests are treasure that you can collect to upgrade your items. Also, I can't stand passive items sometimes. Why would I work so hard for such things as a main story reward? In Zelda, they can be pretty useful such as an anti-ice thing, but it only fits best with a particular dungeon theme. It's better for RPGs when facing elemental enemies various times. Not like Read more... )

As for some of the items:

Read more... ). Futhermore, I have a very limited hold inventory, and I have to buy slots. I guess it's unfair, especially with the magic medals involved.

Despite showing my disappointment, I don't want to ridicule everything, as there are a couple items unique to Skyward that are interesting, such as the Beetle and Bug Net. I think Bug hunting (and bird/tumbleweed catching) is definitely fun as each insect is unique.

Like Windwaker, Ocarina, Majora, and Twilight, I was looking for the "fear factor" of Skyward Sword, and it does exist. In my opinion; I'm just a real chicken, and the first time it wasn't good. In short, a place where you feel powerless. Read more... ).

I think what Skyward Sword misses is subsidiary time of combat. In Twilight Princess there was horseback riding. It was slightly annoying, but I was very exciting.


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